Nocto Garu
Nicknames: Vamp
Titles: the bloodsucker
Other Info
Description: A bat like relative of Garu raptora
Species: Garudo wyverns
Habitats: The great chasm, underground cavern, bone chill mountain, black sand badlands,
Other monsters in Relation: Garu raptora, Ragar garu, Garu miasmas, Garu ravonous
Elements: Dark
Ailments: none
Weaknesses: Light
Signature move: {{{move}}}
Creator: Nrex117


They have a very similar head to other Garudo wyverns with the exception of not having a beak and they have frills that it useses to listen to sound it also has echolocation to sense its prey from afar but also has great night vision. They have very soft protofeathers covering their bodies.


  • They evolved from wyvern rex to take a similar ecological niche as khezu and gigginox
  • They skin flaps near the back of its head are mistaken as ear but in truth they are frills.
  • they have a white organ near the base of their neck that produces the dark element.
  • They are great at flying.