Nicknames: Nokky
Titles: Devilish Supreme Dragon, Black Fear
Other Info
Description: A large-sized Elder Dragon with bladed limbs. Capable of using the Nightmare Element.
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Deserted Isle, Ancient Spiral
Other monsters in Relation: Nargacuga, Naveldal, Gore Magala
Elements: Fire, Thunder
Ailments: Nightmare, Paralysis, Fireblight, Thunderblight
Weaknesses: Dragon on Head
Signature move: Nightmare Roar
Creator: Imrik37
Nockturnus is a new Flying Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. It is regarded as the final online boss, yet Shanthien owns the final quest.


"Known as Supreme Dragons, Nockturnus instill fear into their prey before hacking away at them with their large wingclaws. They are quadrupedal wyverns, capable of reaching high speeds before breathing fire and using the poisonous venom in their fangs to paralyse opponents."

Nockturnus are Psuedowyverns, like Nargacuga and Tigrex, and use their high speed and stamina to their advantage whilst chasing down prey. They bear great resmblance to Nargacuga, and are often mistook for them. They only differences are their larger posture and more Gore Magala-looking head with a pair of small crests on the top. They also have small wings on their legs, allowing them to glide easily to dive at prey from the skies.


  • Nockturnus is one of the few monsters capable of inflicting the Nightmare element.
  • All monsters flee from it, even Deviljho and other Elder Dragons.
  • Its head crests, wings and legs can both be broken, its head scarred and tail severed and carved.
  • Nockturnus is one of the few monsters who never gets low on stamina.
    • Although it does attack Aptonoth, Arzuros and Rathian.
  • Its prefered prey appears to be Zinogre, and attacks them when it can.
  • The only monster that has the power to wound a Nockturnus is Saintly Rathalos, which often migrates to the Deserted Isle from the Tower.
  • Its fangs can Paralyse you, as well as its tail.
  • It can spit fire in a similar way to Teostra, and produce fireballs like Rathalos.
  • It's roars can inflict the Nightmare element if you stand to close, even with the HG Earplugs skill.

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