Titles Shining Crest Lizard
Nicknames Niten
Species Pseudowyvern
Description This creature has been known to run through deserts within hours, also it is said that it can use his crest to blind prey, enemies and also hunters.
Habitats Deserted Island / Sandy Plains/ Windswept Edge
Size Medium
Relatives x
Signature Move Flashing Crest
Elements None
Ailments KO
Weaknesses Ice/Dragon
Icon (N/A)
Attacks (N/A)
Ecology (N/A)
Armor (N/A)
Weapons (N/A)
Carves Nitensiuba Carves
Gallery (N/A)
Creator Setheo

The Name Nitensiuba comes from the latin "nitens" meaning shining and "iuba" meaning crestInteresting facts:
  • The eye spots on its frill contain a lunimescent chemical.
  • It can release the chemical into the webbing of the frill to make the frill "glow".
  • It uses its glowing frill to intimidate predators and attract prey and mates.