ATK- Lance level

Sharpness- Med/High

Element/Status- Not often, low power/ No status effect ever

Affinity- Med-High/ High

The Enhancer Blade is a lot like the longsword, but thinner and a little faster (It hits faster, and can dodge in every direction). It doesn’t have a spirit bar, but an enhancer slot. The enhancer slot works how a Bow’s coatings work, but it different uses. The hunter selects an enhancer stone to enhance his sword with how a gunner selects their coating or ammo. They then press circle+ triangle to equip it. The R button combo uses the enhancer stone’s effect, with one item being used up on the first R button press, and the effect lasting until the R button combo is finished. If the combo is interrupted, the effect of the stone stops.

These are the various enhancer stones that can be used with the Enhancer Blade and their effects (Effects other than Whetstone are only active during the combo):

· Whetstone: sharpens sword (Max 20)

· Gunpowder: Small Barrel-bomb explosion on hit (Max 10)

· Power Stone (Whetstone + Power Seed): increase damage (Max 30)

· Affinity Stone (Whetstone + ??): +5 Affinity (Max 20)

· Sharpness Stone (Whetstone + ??): Slows sharpness decrease (Max 20)

· Fatigue Stone (Whetstone + ??): + Fatigue damage (Max 50)

· Sleep Stone (Whetstone + Sleep Herb): + Sleep status (Max 50)

· Poison Stone (Whetstone + Toadstool): + Poison status (Max 50)

· Paralysis Stone (Whetstone + Parashroom): + Paralysis status (Max 50)

· Thunder Stone (Whetstone + Thunderbug): + Thunder element (Max 40)

· Fire Stone (Whetstone + Fire Herb): + Fire element (Max 40)

· Water Stone (Whetstone + ??): + Water element (Max 40)

· Ice stone (Whetstone + ??): + Ice element (Max 40)

· Dragon Stone (Whetstone + Dragon Toadstool): + Dragon element (Max 40)

NOTE: The Whetstone needs 2 hits from the R button combo to sharpen to the next colour, if all three hits land then it will sharpen fully)

The Enhancer Blade has a unique element damage formula. The element in the weapon (not in the enhancer slot) does NOT do damage. If the monster is weak to the element, it will help to cut the monster, thus increasing the period between sharpening. If the monster is strong towards the element, the opposite occurs. * Depending on the weakness to the element and the strength of the element in the blade, the effect may be lower or higher*. **An element given to the weapon via enhancer stone acts the same as the element in a normal weapon, unless it is the same element as the Enhancer Blade, in which case it boosts the cutting power of the sword**.

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