This is the new weapon class I've been thinking of. They're...well, duh, blades with guns inside. The Prototype L-1 has been created, and its picture is below:

Coated Bullets are a new ammo solely for Gunlances and Gunblades. It works off of the same principal as arrow coatings.

Prototype L-1 GunBlade

(cross section of) Prototype L-1

Snapshot 20130405

A new weapon developed with somewhat old techniques. Its power lies in the gun, not the blade.

Shot Number: 5

Shot type: Shells, Basic Bowgun

Sharpness: Green

Element: Fire 200

Affinity: 0%

Attack: (Gun) 500 (Blade) 400

Creation material:

10X Iron Ore

8X Jaggi Hide

5X Bone Husk

4X Flame Sac

Earthen Wyvern Fire

A Gunblade with the flames of an earth wyvern built in to it. Some say it was used to slay an angry dragon...

Shot Number: 6

Shot type: Shells, Coated Bullets

Sharpness: Green

Element: Fire 220

Affinity: 0%

Attack: (gun) 550 (blade) 400

Creation material:

1X Prototype L-1

6X Terropteryx Claw

4X Terropteryx Shell

2X Flintstone

1X Firestone

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