I want to use this page to use some ideas of weapons I have of monsters (already existing, my subspecies or my monsters). Pls give feedback, tell other ideas, give a name or draw some weapons for me. I will add more if I have any idea or you give me some good one.

My Creations:

Big Bang

A very unusual Gunlance made out of ores, Sanquora and Purple Sanquora Arm Shields. Fully upgraded rarity 9 weapon.


The weapon upgraded to Big Bang. Materials used:

Karbalite Ore, Union Ore, Thrandor Tail, Sanquora Arm Shields, Purple Sanquora Arm Shields

The hilt is made of the Thrandor Tail. It has four Arm Shields building a cuboid where a thin gun pipe goes through. The armshield have pink (through the Union Ore) and purple colors (through the Purple Sanquora Arm Shields and Karbalite Ores). The grey color gets completely covered by the pink.

The special feature of this Gunlance is that it opens up to the hilt where a bigger gun lays when Wyvern Fire gets activated. The Wyvern Fire is 2,5 times stronger than the normal Wyvern Fire, but needs double as much time to reactivate and the delay is also double as long.

It has high raw damage and no element, no affinity and Long Shot Lv. 4. Rarity 7.

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