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Monster Hunter EX: Bio

Small spider like Cheliceratas that follow the orders of their queen. Alone, they are harmless, but in swarms, they are lethal! They use combined teamwork, and venomous bites to take down large prey and drag said prey to their nests to feed the hive.


Necrorak are small Cheliceratas that live in a caste system, unlike most arachnids, following the orders of the larger, more agressive queen.

They are very deadly in swarms, since they use their sheer numbers to take down larger prey including: Aptonoth, Slagtoth, Kelbi, Rhenoplos, Bullfango, Jaggis and Jaggia, Wroggis, Velociprey, Genprey, Ioprey, and the occasional Gargwa, but they are still preyed upon by larger monsters such as Volvidon, Yian kut ku,Blue Yian kut ku, Yian Garuga, Barroth, Qurupeco, Crismon Qurupeco, and other insectivorous monsters.

They have been known to attack humans when provoked, as noted when the Necrorak seem to attack Hunters when threatened, or if the queen is being targeted by the said hunters.

They are extremely adaptable, seemingly able to survive in many enviroments, except for extremely cold areas.

Nest Building

They make their nests out of silk, and making such a nest of the size required to sustain the colony requires alot of silk, so Necrorak work together to build them. Such nests can take months or even years to complete, but the resulting structures are so delicately, and precisely made in terms of reinforcement that they can whistand even the harshest winds.

The nests are often so large that they extend upwards, often looking like large domes of silk. and each "Dome" has a specific purpose in the hive. One Dome is usually the entrance, while another is used as a food storage facility, which is where they drag most of their paralyzed prey into, but among the most impressive is the center of the entire hive, which is the nesting chamber of the queen. Each of the domes are connected to another by large tubes of silk, which are again reinforced. These tubes are so large that even the queen can enter and exit the hive when she wishes.

The new area, the City of Webs is actually a very large Hive of Necrorak built over a large ruin over the years

Caste System

coming soon.....

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