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Necrorak (Necrorachnid Necro) are small Cheliceratas that resemble Black widow spiders in appearance. They live in groups, unlike most Cheliceratas, following the orders of their queen. They first appear in a recent Monster Hunter EX update.

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Titles: Social spiders
Other Info
Species: Chelicerata
Habitats: Ultimiose plains, Moonlight Forest, Mystery Field, Southern Desert, City of Webs, Volcanic plains, Boggy swamp
Other monsters in Relation: Queen Necrorak
Elements: none
Ailments: poison
Weaknesses: fire
Signature move: Bite
Creator: Gojira57

Monster Hunter EX: Bio

Small spider like Cheliceratas that follow the orders of their queen. Alone, they are harmless, but in swarms, they are lethal! They use combined teamwork, and venomous bites to take down large prey and drag said prey to their nests to feed the hive.


  • Getting bitten by a Necrorak will inflict poison on the hunter
  • They wont shatter when killed, unlike neopteran monsters
  • They will often travel in groups of 4 to 10 when wandering.
  • Although feirce, they are weary of fire, so bringing a torch is essential if you are going to a Necrorak hive.
  • They have their own introduction scene, where they are seen taking down a baby aptonoth with their teamwork and venomous bite, and subsequently drags the carcass to the entrance of the hive (where it is assumed that the baby aptonoth is devoured by the hive).
  • Unlike most monsters, the Necrorak attack Hunters only when threatened or if the Queen is being attacked.

Gojira57's notes

  • The teamwork between Necrorak is based on the fact that a certain species of insect, that as larvae, work together as they migrate, and often tap on tree branches, sending a sort of morse code to help those that get lost find their way to the group. I forgot which species, but I am sure you can figure it out.
  • The part where the Necrorak are living in groups mirrors the existence of Social spiders, which make a single nest together, and live together.

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