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Myrially are young male and female members of the Myrially family, a Bird Wyvern species. At this stage of their lives, Myrially are mostly light grey with black foreclaws, spots, and with a blue sac on their throats. They are entirely covered in downy feathers and their colouring helps them blend into the trees.

Myrially are quite difficult to kill because of their cowardly nature so they often run out of a hunter's reach and go into hiding, they will only fight a hunter once they call either the alpha male or female to back them up. Other members of the Myrially family include the pack-leading alpha male, Grand Myrially, and the alpha female, Regal Myrially.

Unlike other dromeasaur-based Bird Wyverns, Myrially, Tsunally and Radially packs are lead by a male and female.


  • Bite
  • Headbutt


Common - Myrially Hide, Myrially Claw, Bird Wyvern Fang

Uncommon - Small Throat Sac

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