I have been drawing for a long time. So from time to time a lose my pictures, or I forget about them. Recentley I have found a big bunch of old pics I did years ago, so far I have only found 1 that is at all relevant to Monster Hunter, here it is:
Random 001

When I talk about mounts, THIS IS WHAT I MEAN!

  • I think I drew this around the time Frontier was showing off armour made form 2 different monsters, such as that funny Cephalos/Hermitaur set.
  • That spear was based off the Rajang longsword
  • Everytime I talk about mounts, this is what I mean, not some bloody massive Rathalos.

I know this aint really monster hunter related, but its just here to show you what I have done with my computer art pad, just to see what you think, I know I say this a lot, but I really mean it: HONEST OPINIONS ONLY!

File:Head general.jpg