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Weaknesses: x
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Mowapu is an herbivore monster that lives only in the Xenos region. It resembles a Slagtoth, only without the blunt horn, and has an orange hide with purple stripes. These stripes act as a warning to predators that  it is poisonous, as it will demonstrate when threatened, as it will spit out a blob of venomous mucus from its mouth.

They live in the more wet regions of Xenos' landscape, along with the Slagtoth, their genetic relatives.

Despite being venomous, they are often preyed upon by larger monsters in Xenos that either have an immunity to the venom, or learn to find a way around it.


Low rank

Mowapu hide: 50%

Poison sac 50%

High rank

Mowapu hide+ 50%

Toxin sac 50%


Mowapu hide U 50%

Toxin sac 50%


Mowapu hide X 50%

Venom sac X 50%

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