Mosurah render by Ukanlos Sub
Nicknames: Mothra, Mosu
Titles: Goddess of Beauty
Other Info
Description: x
Species: Neopteran
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: Mosurah larva, Mosurah Leo, Batsurah
Elements: varies by skill
Ailments: Varies by skill
Weaknesses: x
Signature move: x
Creator: Gojira57


Mosurah is a large, intelligent Neopteran about the size of a Desert Seltas that resembles a Butterfly or a moth. They are mainly herbivores by nature. They are always flying, only landing on the ground to rest, or to mate.

It is known as the "Goddess of Beauty" Due to its elegant grace in the air, and it's beautiful markings on it's wings.

In Monster Hunter EX, a Mosurah Larva appears in a quest similar to the one in MH3-tri/ MH3U where you have to protect Cha-Cha the Shakalaka, but in this case, due to Mosurah larva being rare, The Hunter is requested to protect the larval neopteran from a Great Wroggi. After the Quest, the Larva appears near the hunter's base and stays there for some time, even making it's cocoon there. After a few more quests, a Mosurah will appear from the cocoon, and seems to "Speak" to it's past savior using a form of telepathy, Which gets the guild's interest, and subsequently, the Mosurah becomes a companion to the hunter for the rest of the game.


  • The Mosurah can be given a name by the player using a "Collar of naming".
  • The Mosurah is the first Companion monster The Hunter gains in Monster Hunter EX.
  • The Mosurah's skills can be modified anytime in the village or city, similar to Cha Cha and Kayamba.
  • Mosurah, it's larva, and Mosurah Leo, are the only monsters of their Class that can't be hunted in Monster Hunter EX.
  • They are also the only Monsters in Monster Hunter EX to not have an entry in the Monster Encyclopedia.

Story appearances


Note: The Mosurah can have up to 4 support skills and 2 offensive skills.

Support skills

  • Healing call
  • Attack Boost
  • Defense Boost
  • Heat/Cold Cancel
  • Antidote
  • Wake up call

Offense Skills

  • Fire Dash
  • Thunder Scales
  • Water Glob
  • Dragon Scales
  • Galestorm Wind
  • Earth Dash
  • Ice Glob
  • Poison Scales
  • Sleep powder
  • stun powder
  • Blast Powder
  • Fatigue Powder



Mothra, Mosurah's namesake.

  • Render by Ukanlos Subspecies
  • Mosurah's name is the same name as Mothra's Japanese name, Mosura. Mothra comes from the Godzilla franchise by toho, but was given her own trilogy called "Rebirth of Mothra" Trilogy.
  • In fact, Mosurah was inspired by Mothra.

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