Moonstone Qurupeco
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Moonstone Qurupeco is a bird wyrean being the last most dangerous of the qurupeco subspeies. This qurupeco has tougher skin and feathers and has very agressive nature. And is fought before nargacuga rare subspieces suggesting because the nargacuga was being smart waiting for hunters to kill it and then take its terroitory.


Qurupeco is bigger then regular qurupeco's and is the size of a normal rathalos. has moonstone colored feathers with some silver patches on the cheek and a orange tail that turns yellow when enraged. Its beak is black and sharper like a hawks beak and its eyes are blue like a HC Rajang. and teath are evan more sharper than ofther quru's suggesting that it eats animals. Its Flintstones are now rusted and look excally like the texture of a rusted weapon.


The Moonstone quru uses strong dragon elemental attacks. Its weak spot is its head but its head is way high in the air so the qurupeco's moveset is kinda like rathalos. Qurupeco will lower its head down and change its body position to look like how a rathalos is walking. This is the way you break the beak. The flintstones are really tough and the weapons bounce off even with purple sharpness the best way to break them is using a slime weapon with a ESP skill and that should break easily. Moonstone Qurupeco can instead of shooting globs of spit will instead shoot a dragon breath attack that deals tons of heatlh. The flintstones are called Ancient Flintstones and are his second to rarest drop. When he uses them it will unleash dragon virus or dragon element. Its most powerful attack is when it's flints start glowing and will start biteing the air like gyperos. Then will cause a giant explodeion of dragon or  dragon virus element. The Moonstone qurupeco's drops are. Moonstone, moonlight feather, moonlight scale, MoonstonePecoBrainstem, Dragon sac, Dragon mucus, sharpen beak, Moonlight beak, Ancient Flintstones, And his rarest item is Moonstone pouch. Moonstone Qurupeco armor and weapons are easy to get and are good for monster encounters like hungry jho, ceadeus and ofther dragon element monsters. Also gives you good defence so its a nice armor for exploreing. Also gives you Ninja which is a better version of sneak and makes you invisiable  when a monster sees you for a short time allowing you to walk away with out the monster noticeing you. This has a time of about 15 seconds to let you get out of the area but is only when the monster sees you. If you crouch it will replenish the ninja bar which is a bar on the bottom of the sharpness or ammo shot to use the ninja for longer times. Also sneak doesn't work on ceadeus, ceadeus subspeices, guran,  bracchyios, gigginox and baleful gigginox,  and sometimes rarely nargacuga

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