Wyverns 1

Here is the first image of my cladograms that I'll show you. These cladograms show my ipotetic monsters' evolution, this is the first of the clade "Arcosauromorpha", that includes Wyverns (Bird Wyverns, Brute, Flying Wyverns and Piscines) and some Elder Dragons (Chamaleos, Lunastra, Kushala, Lao Shan and Alatreon). This is only a preview ;)

Here are some new previews (when I'll make all of cladograms, I'll "tidy" them :P):

Lepido 1
Squamata 1

Lepidosaurs' Base cladograms, that includes Lizards (with Fatalis and Guran Miraosu) and leviathans (withEpioth). Here on the right there is the Squamata final cladogram :P

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