Monster Hunter Realms
Nicknames: MHR
Titles: N/A
Other Info
Description: A new, Open-World Monster Hunter. Oh, and it only exists in the imagination of Imrik37.
Species: Game
Habitats: PC, Wii U, 3DS
Other monsters in Relation: MHFOU, MHO
Elements: Thunder
Ailments: Paralysis
Weaknesses: Hammer
Signature move: Getting lost
Creator: Imrik37
Monster Hunter Realms is a new game being developed by CAPCOM (in Imrik37's head). It features up to 26-player multiplayer and complete hunter customisation.

New Features

  • Freehunt can now be initiated in any environment, as the game is Open-World.
    • Locations such as the Tower are split into different sections.
  • New "Lone Monsters" can be found in Freehunt. These are often significantly larger than before, and have a slight colour variation and different movesets and attacks.
    • Confirmed Lone Monsters are: Gore Magala, Tigrex, Rajang, Zinogre, Duramboros, Black Tigrex, Stygian Zinogre and Jhen Mohran.

New Monsters

New Weapon Types

  • The Broadsword weapon type is the first to use Wind Pressure. The higher the WP level on the Broadsword's stats, the more often a monster will finch or get knocked over. Pressing the R button during a combo causes the weapon to switch between dealing Cutting and Impact damage. In Impact Mode, the weapon will apply more Wind Pressure. Pressing R whilst stationary performs a strong attack that hits multiple times and deals both Cutting and Impact damage.
  • The Staffblades are a dual weapon type flitting between the Dual Swords-like weapon and a large Staff weapon when the blades are merged. The attacks are significantly slower than the Dual Swords when in Blade Mode, and the loss of the pole vault and hunting bug attacks make the Staff Mode more of a raw damage weapon type.

This game is currently in prolonged development. Updates will be slow and unfrequent. Once MHFOU and MHU are finished, I'll continue fully with this game~Imrik :)

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