Alpha 0.2 Released!
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Legendary Tales
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Legendary Tales
Author/s: IllumZar
First Debut: 24. August 2014
Number of Chapters: 8 Quests
Current Status: Inactive

[Bug Hunt] [No Love for Ludroth] [The Perfect Panacea] [Who's the Boss] [My Lord's Errand] [Save Our Boat] [Playing with Fire]

[Reckless Bulldrome Hunter]

What is it all about?

Monster Hunter RPG "Legendary Tales"

is a non-profit fan game being made by "IllumZar". This is my way to thank the Monster Hunter Community aswell as Capcom for making these great games. Further goal of this project is to draw attention to the Monster Hunter games that didn't make it to the west (eg. MHFO/MHFG) aswell as the Monster Hunter "Clones" like the really awesome "God Eater" or "Hunter Blade" (yes it's alive!).

The idea for an MHRPG came about in late 2012 while stumbling through the internet. I found an old game created with an older RM version called "The adventures of Iron Beard".

More Details?

Just imagine a mix between Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter:

  • a Realtime-Action-Battlesystem

  • 4 Weaponclasses (Gs, SnS, Hmr, Lnc)

  • animated battlers

  • Questsystem

  • Combination- and Craftingsystem

  • 13 Minions: Jaggi, Jaggia, Aptonoth, Altaroth, Falyne, Melynx, Bullfango, Ludroth, Gargwah, Giggi, Bnahabra, Epioth, Kelbi

  • 5 Bosses: Great Jaggi, Arzuros, Royal Ludroth, Qurupeco, Bulldrome, Deviljho?

  • about 200 items and carves

  • about 15 equippable weapons

  • and lots more...

-Monster Hunter RPG- Alpha 007:19

-Monster Hunter RPG- Alpha 0.2

What Alpha 0.2 features:


- fixed some terrain issues

- fixed balance issues

- changed battlesystem options = the charge bar will no longer drop 

  when you've been hit

- changed battle speed; it's slower now

- changed monster drop rate

- changed monster hp; it's way lower now

- changed overall difficultly; it's easier now

- added monster ecologybook

- added new items eg. "Book of Combos 1", "Book of Combos 2", 

  "Book of Combos 3", "Portable Ecologybook"

- added combination mid quest is possible via combobooks

- added 2 new bosses = Qurupeco, Bulldrome

- added 1 semi boss = Deviljho

- added unique attack sounds for bossmonsters

- added 2 new quests = "Playing with Fire", "Reckless Bulldrome Hunter"

- added "Rage" status

- added fullscreen mode!

If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to ask them on my website.

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