Monster Hunter Portable Glorified is FatumCorvus's fanmade game. Many of the monsters from previous generations return, along with several new monsters being introduced, plus a new class of monsters known as Serpents, snake-like monsters with no limbs whatsoever. With this comes new areas, weapons, armor, items, and statuses. The flagship monster of the game is Goravior, a large Serpent that is said to be ancient.

The game takes place in Ukori Village, a coastal village that is near an area called the Tropical Riverside. The village people are being disturbed by a mysterious monster, and it is the hunter's job to stop it. There are many monsters that could possibly be causing this, but what? After completing several ranks of village quests, the chief finally finds out that a large Goravior is to blame...

New Monsters

Goravior, Marakilon, Zirolan , Kuranda, KurandaormaRyunouksas, Polar Ryunouksas, Leocougrius, Leocougria, Frozen Leocougrius, Frozen Leocougria, Megalosharq, Arzatoros, Red Arzatoros, Toukaris, Zorulidos, Mekaroa, Vambari, Zubora

Felyne and Shakalaka Comrades

In MHPG, you can have a Shakalaka and a Felyne to aid you in battle. Both of the Lynians have customizable features when they are first hired, which are...

Felyne Comrade

  • Fur Color
  • Weapon Type (Strike or Slash)
  • Bomb Usage (If the Felyne uses bombs or not)
  • Personality
  • Name


  • Mask Color
  • Weapon Type (Strike or Slash)
  • Bomb Usage (If the Shakalaka uses bombs or not)
  • Personality
  • Name

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