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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd G
モンスターハンター 3G
Release Dates:
Systems PSP
Generation  ?
Flagship Monster Celestial Qurupeco
Monsters first appearing in this game:
White Ludroth,Glacial Uroktor,DeldromeCelestial Qurupeco,Crimson Barroth,Pyro Deviljho,Electromarine Agnaktor,Cristal Alatreon .
New Weapons None

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd G is a fan - made game created by Gunterz,Iguanoraptor123 and Lovesitos.


Areas & Villages


Yukumo Village


Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Volcano (3rd), Sandy Plains, Tundra, Misty Peaks

Special Areas

Lava Canyon, Polar Zone, Sacred Land,Great Desert, Mountain Summit.

Under Construction

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