Prologue: After the storm...

It was a stormy night on the coast of Revalius, but everyone slept peacefully. But what they did not realize, was that the storm had washed something up on the beach. Morning came, and someone was on the beach, barely holding on to his consciousness. The man opened his eyes.

Where am I? thought the man. I can't stay awake, drifting off....

The man blacked out.

A few miles away from the beach....

Kisisa was ready to enroll to the Hunter's guild of Revalius, along with her friends Arion and Shira. She told them that she would meet them at Remobra beach on the day before the one they enroll. When Kisisa got there, Shira and Arion were already there. They were about to set up a spot on the beach, when they saw a flock of Remobras circling in the sky.

They knew that Remobras were known to gather here during breeding season, but not this early. They must have seen something interesting. They saw one remobra land near the shore, where they saw a body of a man. Kisisa looked at Shira and Arion and they knew what to do. They ran towards the shore, and chased the Remobra's off. The remobras hissed as they were driven away, but in Revalius, they are known to be pushovers.

But the girls were not worried about that, they were worried about the man, looking about 18 in age.

"Is he dead?" Shira asked.

Arion and Kisisa checked for a pulse near the neck. There was a pulse.

"No... He is alive, just unconscious." Arion said, being the scientist of the group.

Kisisa decided to try to wake the man up.

"Hey! Are you alright? Wake up!" She yelled.

The man began to stir. He opened his eyes to see Kisisa looking at him.

He got up, still disoriented. He looked around.

"He's okay! This is great!" Kisisa exclaimed. Then she introduced herself.

"I'm Kisisa!" She then introduced Shira and Arion. "Who are you? I never seen your face around here."

The man thought about it a little, until he remembered. "I am Hurricurse, but thats all I can remember."

Kisisa looked towards Arion and Shira, it was clear that Hurricurse is suffering from amnesia. They discussed what to do, then they finally had an idea. They might take him along with them in the Hunter's Guild, and perhaps help him find his missing memories along the way. But first, they would have to enroll.

Hurricurse was confused when Kisisa and her friends told him about the plan they had so they could help him. A Hunter's Guild? Revalius Region? He did not know what any of that meant. But he had nothing to go on, nor did he have anywhere to go. He was, however, desperate to reclaim his memories, so he decided to join them.

When Hurricurse agreed to come with them, Kisisa offered to let him stay at her home in Mystic Farm, a farm that she inherited when her parents left. Hurricurse could only accept the offer, since he had nowhere to live at this point.

Arion and Shira decided to go to their respective homes as well, since it was becoming nightfall already. They headed home, and Kisisa brought Hurricurse to her farm, which was nearby. When they got there, Hurricurse took a look around the farmhouse, and looked at the photos of Kisisa and her family.

Must be nice to have a family. He thought to himself.

Kisisa made a bed for Hurricurse in the room that used to be her parent’s bedroom and then spoke to Hurricurse.

“We will leave for Central City tomorrow.” she said. “And once we are there, we will enroll to the hunter’s guild. But until then, we need to get some sleep.”

Hurricurse nodded. He was a little tired. He may also remember some of his past tomorrow after some sleep.

When he was finally asleep, he began to dream.

He was running, running away from something, or someone. He held hands with a woman about his age. They were running for some time. Running until they reached a room in a building, where they were cornered by a group of people in peculiar armor. The woman reached out for Hurricurse. Then a gunshot was heard, causing the dream to whiteout, but not before Hurricurse yelled in terror: “Liniar! NO!”

That yell was enough to wake Hurricurse up. He was breathing hard for a few minutes until he settled down. He looked outside the window. It was morning already. No sense in going back to sleep now.

When Hurricurse got out of bed, he found Kisisa already waiting for him. Kisisa looked at Hurricurse, and saw that he looked like he had a nightmare.

“Are you ok?” she asked. “You looked troubled.”

Hurricurse told Kisisa his dream, and Kisisa was a great listener. She suggested that the dream could have been a memory, or at least part of a chain of memories. Hurricurse would have liked to believe this, but why would it start so…. gruesome?

He had no idea. But he did know one thing: He needed to know his past, and he was going to recover it, one way or another.

When Hurricurse and Kisisa had some breakfast, they went to start their trek to Central City. They caught up with Arion and Shira, who were waiting for them just a few miles ahead. They were already prepared for the journey, so they were just waiting for Kisisa and Hurricurse. To get to Central City from where they were, they needed to go through Paleozoic Mountain, a large mountain that was well known for it's many fossils of monsters that used to live in Revalius a long time ago.

They would set up camp everytime the sun went down, and often had one of them keep watch through the night. Hurricurse was already wondering what suprises lied beyond the mountain, but he can't help but feel as if something was watching them.

When they reached Paleozoic mountain, that was when things got really interesting....

Chapter 1: Hurricurse's power

The group got up at the regular schedule, having breakfast, and then continuing their trek to Central City. They arrived at Paleozoic Mountain, where they started to walk through the mountain path.

The Group were ready to set up camp again after they reached halfway through the mountain, when suddenly, they heard barking sounds.

Hurricurse could not shake the feeling that they were being stalked. and he was right! A Jaggi came out of nowhere from the top of a boulder, and nearly pounces onto him. Hurricurse managed to dodge the Raptorial Bird wyvern's pounce, but then he realized the danger that he and the girls were in. another Jaggi came from the opposite direction, and they had no weapons of any sort!

Then a Jaggi pounced onto Kisisa, and made direct contact! Kisisa was struggling to push the bird wyvern off, but the Jaggi was relentless, and bit onto her leg. Kisisa screamed in pain as the bird wyvern sank its teeth in her thigh.

Hurricurse wanted to help her, and so, he took a rock and threw it at the jaggi that was on Kisisa. The Bird Wyvern, upon being hit by the rock, snarled at Hurricurse. Then it rushed towards him. Hurricurse was about to throw another rock at the Jaggi when the Bird Wyvern pounced on him, making him fall on his back.

Hurricurse was not frightened for some reason, when he should be. He began to think of what a monster would do in this situation, since if you want to beat one, you got to think like one. He started to feel some pain, as if his body was stretching and growing, and to his amazement and horror, his whole body began to change into that of a Snake wyvern, or more Specifically, a Najarala.

When the transformation was done, he began to see the Jaggis, now smaller than him. The Bird wyvern that was on him before was now barking in horror, and the other was running for cover. Hurricurse, in snake wyvern form, coiled around the remaining Jaggi and squeezed, until the bird Wyvern could breathe no more, and stopped struggling.

When Hurricurse let go of his grip, he looked towards the girls, and he realized that he may have startled Shira with this newly found power of his, but Arion was staring in amazement.

Hurricurse slithered towards Kisisa, and, apparently still able to speak the human language, spoke.

“Are You alright Kisisa?” He asked.

Kisisa nodded, she was fine, thanks to Hurricurse. But she was a bit curious about Hurricurse’s newfound power.

“Did you ever know about this shapeshifting power of yours?” She asked.

Hurricurse, still in Najarala form, shook his head. “No, I did not know anything about this. I’m sorry if I startled you all, I am not used to this. Its just not natural.”

Shira got out of her shock, and decided to speak out. “You may have startled me at least Hurricurse, but had you not done anything, Kisisa could have been killed.”

Arion spoke next. “I am curious on how you got this power in the first place. Surely this will be useful to us, and not just for hunting either. We could use this power of yours to find out more about your past.”

Hurricurse could only agree. He could use this power for hunting, and for finding his past if need be, but he did not want to stay in Najarala form forever. That was when he realized that he was shrinking, and to his relief, as he looked at his hands, he was human again.

But they would have to wait until they enroll into the Hunter’s guild if they were to try to find out about Hurricurse’s power. They helped Kisisa up to her feet, and helped her to walk. They had to get moving, since it would be nightfall soon, and they needed to get to Central City.

By the time night had descended on the group, they set up camp near a lake They all decided to call it a night, and went into their individual tents.

That was when Hurricurse started to dream again.

But it was not the same dream as before, but it was in the same setting. Hurricurse was looking out the window, alongside the woman from his earlier dream, apparently named Liniar if his dreams held true. It was night, and the night sky was beautiful.

“Hurricurse, do you ever wonder what the stars really are?” Liniar asked.

Hurricurse was a little shy at this time, but Liniar knew this. Liniar spoke again.

“They say that each star is another world like ours, but different in many ways. Hard to believe that there are that many worlds. But we may never get to know for sure, due to the war between humans and monsters. It’s rather sad.”

Indeed it was. Hurricurse could only agree. But Liniar looked towards Hurricurse.

“But we might be able end it, if we could just know what caused it in the first place.” she said. “If only…”

But before anymore could be heard, the image whited out.

Hurricurse woke up. He wondered if that dream was another memory. But he was still not getting the full picture. He shook his head, got up, and joined the others.

When everyone had breakfast, and got everything picked up, They headed towards the road to Central City. Kisisa’s leg was getting better, she was able to walk a little better, but still had a little trouble.

Hurricurse asked the girls why they wanted to enroll in the hunter’s guild. They each took a turn explaining.

Turns out each of the three friends had a different reason for enrolling. Shira was enrolling because she wanted to avenge her parents after everyone, including her parents, in her village were killed right in front of her by a Selzonshin.

Arion was enrolling because she studied the biology of many of Revalius’ monsters, and wanted to see them with her own eyes.

Kisisa was joining the war between humans and monsters because she wanted to be remembered for something worth her life, not as a farmer like her parents, but as a hunter! It was her dream to be a hunter, and she was going to fulfill it!

Hurricurse could only smile at the thought of having a dream to achieve. It gave him the motivation to try to find his past. He will become a hunter, and soon, perhaps he will find out his purpose in Revalius.

Chapter 2: The Hunter's Guild....

The group finally made it through the Paleozoic Mountains after what felt like four days. By that time, Kisisa’s leg was healing good, and they were ready for whatever trials lied ahead!

They were exiting the mountain path when they saw the gates of Central City, home of the Revalius Hunter’s Guild. The gates themselves were huge, and the city was surrounded by stone walls that were just as large, and were in turn, surrounded by a large moat. The Gates opened as the group went to go through, and they were greeted by a busy city inside the walls.

The group went to see the Hunter’s guild, so they asked around, and then eventually, after some time, they managed to find the Hunter’s Guild. The Building of the Hunter’s Guild was huge! It was easily the largest building in the entire city.

When they went inside, they saw hunters of all ranks, and Felynes working hard at hand (or paw). The group went to the guildmaster’s quarters, where they saw a man in Silver Rathalos armor talking to a Wyvernian, who was clearly the Guildmaster by the looks of his clothes. The man in Silver Rathalos Armor stopped talking, and headed out the door. The Guildmaster saw the group, and welcomed them to the Hunter’s Guild.

He gave the group their papers, which approved of their enrollment to the Guild, and required them to take the tests to see if they have what it takes. The Tests, as the Guildmaster said, are held at the arena, and are very dangerous. But this did not stop the group from signing the papers. They were prepared for whatever the guild had to offer.

They were taken to the Armory, and given their hunter equipment. Shira was given Azure Rathalos armor, and a Ravager Blade Greatsword, while Arion got Green Chameleos Armor, and a Red Rook Gunlance, Kisisa was given Pink Rathian Armor, and a Hidden bow.

Hurricurse was given a set of Fatalis armor, and an Dios Katana long sword. He was finally going to be one step closer to reclaiming his memories.

The group was then directed to the Hunter’s cabins, where they were given each their own cabin. Their training would start tomorrow morning, and they needed the rest.

Night came, and everyone was asleep, even Hurricurse. Hurricurse began to dream again.

The setting was a little different. He was near the the same building, but was not inside it, but rather, outside for once. He looked at the sunset with Liniar. It was beautiful. Liniar would come to this beach everyday just to see the sunset. Hurricurse, at this point, was a little more confident about himself. They would wonder what the other regions were doing at this time of war, but they would wonder why no one has bothered to end it.

They then saw the bushes nearby shake. Hurricurse prepared to protect Liniar, but it what came out of the bush was a Rathling, calling out for it’s mother. It was lost, lost and alone.

Hurricurse let his guard down, and felt sorry for the poor thing, as did Liniar. But what could they do? Hurricurse came closer to the Rathling. It was a little timid, but Hurricurse soothed it and for some reason, he could understand the wyvern whelp, what it was saying, what it wanted. It wanted its mother, it was scared.

Before Hurricurse could see anymore of the dream, the image whited out, but then, Hurricurse heard his own voice say “We will find your mother.”

Hurricurse woke up and looked outside his window. It was morning, so no sense of going back to sleep. He wondered if that dream he had was also a memory. If so, did he ever find that Rathling’s mother? He shook his head, he had no time to think about it. He went on to meet the others, for the first test was waiting for them in the arena.

Chapter 3: The First test

Hurricurse got his armor on, and equipped his Dios Katana (which he referred to as "Dios"), and headed to the area. When he got there, he saw that the others were waiting for him. Shira, Arion and Kisisa were so eager to do the test that they got up an hour earlier than Hurricurse, and were waiting ever since.

Hurricurse was ready for the test as well, But he was still a little nervous. He wondred what monster could possibly be waiting behind the arena gates. When the arena gates opened, he took a deep breath, and went through with the rest of the group.

The arena was even larger inside than how it looked on the outside. Then the quadrat heard one of the commentators speak.

"Welcome folks to another training day match in the Revalius Arena! We are Wally and Patty, coming to you live from the peanut gallery! Lets give an applause for our new potential hunters!"

The Crowd gave an applause, and the Second Commentator spoke.

"Today, the rookies will have to fight a Volvidon! Will They survive?"

Then the steel gates opened on the other side of the arena opened up, and a large Fanged Beast lumbered out. The Volvidon got sight of the four hunters and roared. Everyone in the Group drew their weapons.

The Volvidon started to roll across the field, and nearly runs over Shira, who barely got out of the way. Arion Decided to take shots at the volvidon when it was close enough. She rushed, and took some stabs at the fanged beast's armored back and fired some shots to break the armor.

When the armor did break, the Volvion bellowed in pain. It then turned to see Kisisa readying her bow, and she fired a shot. But the arrows bounced off of what remained of the armor, and was only ticking it off. It spat it's paralyzing fluid at her.

The Hit was direct, and Kisisa was helpless as she fell to the ground, paralyzed, and the Volvidon raised it's claws to attempt to take a swipe. Kisisa closed her eyes, preparing for the potentially fatal blow.

It never came. She opened her eyes to see Hurricurse with Dios unsheathed. Hurricurse saved her life again!

Hurricurse then took Dios and Slashed at the underbelly multiple times, giving the volvidon agonizing pain with each slice. He paused for a split second when he felt something new. He put that feeling aside and stabbed the Volvidon, the slime secreted from the blade exploding inside the body.

The Volvidon bellowed in pain and agony for a while, but then fell to the ground, and upon breathing it's last breath, died.

The Crowd cheered on, but Hurricurse did not feel like celebrating like his friends, in fact, he felt sad that he had to kill the volvidon for some reason.

It did not deserve to die like this. He thought to himself. It could have been roaming the wilds, where it could be free, but it was instead caged, tortured and made to fight until it was mercifully killed.

Hurricurse shed a tear after this thought, but he thought that he would feel no more pain like this after a few more tests.

Things would, however, not get better, only worse, in more ways than one!

Chapter 4: The Crimson Chin, and A Heart break.

The tests that came after the first were even more dangerous than the last, but the group would somehow succeed. But each kill made by the hunters to be, brought more sadness to Hurricurse's heart.

But that sadness was about to get worse, for on the fith day of training, they were assigned to hunt a Steel Uragaan in the arena. Everyone prepared for the hunt. Arion decided to swap her Red rook for a Marine fisher, since Uragaans were weak to water, and Steel Uragaan was no exception.

When they arrived, they saw that the crowd was eager to see some bloodshed. Hurricurse was not fond of hunting as he would have hoped to be, but if it meant finding his memories, he was willing to endure the sadness.

The Steel gates opened, and the Steel Uragaan came out rolling at top speed. Everyone got out of the way, and decided to get this test done and over with!

Arion went for the Steel Uragaan's underbelly, and took stabs at it. Shira went for the tail, Kisisa took shots from afar, and Hurricurse went for the tail as well.

The Steel Uragaan roared in pain and annoyance, and began to hammer it's large chin on the ground, causing the group nbear it to lose balance. Then it went to roll. Arion got her ffooting quick enough to get out of the way, Shira and Hurricurse went after the Steel Hammer Wyvern, Kisisa ran to another side of the arena, to stay as far from the brute wyvern as possible, but close enough to ensure a good hit.

The Steel Uragaan then took a look at Kisisa and came closer, and was about to swipe it's tail at her while she was applying power coatings to her arrows, but the Steel Uragaan felt pain as Hurricurse sliced the brute wyvern's tail clean off the body, with a well timed slice.

The Uragaan was now ticked, and was about to smash Hurricurse with it's large chin, when all the sudden, it fell over as an arrow stuck to it's knee. Kisisa smiled.

"I guess that is a thank you for helping me." She said.

Hurricurse smiled for once. He was starting to feel something for Kisisa, and somehow, he knew that Kisisa felt something for him. What was this strange emotion? But Hurricurse cast it aside for a minute, as he went to take slices at the Steel Uragaan's underbelly, and finally, after many gruesome minutes, the brute wyvern fell silent. This brought tears to Hurricurse's eyes. It, just like the volvidon, did not deserve to die.

After the tests, Hurricurse was wandering the halls. He was wondering about the emotion he had for Kisisa earlier. He never felt such an emotion before.

Was it love? he wondered. I never felt such a thing for anyone before. At least after I lost my memory.

He was holding a sunflower he found in the city outskirts, and decided to give it to Kisisa as a gift. But then he over heard the girls talking.

"That is so sweet." Shira said. "You were probally meant for each other!"

"I'm sure you two will be a great team, a great couple." Arion said."

But what Kisisa said afterwards would break Hurricurse's heart.

"I don't love him! I like him, but I don't love him!" She said in protest.

Naturally, Kisisa was just trying to keep the others from knowing the truth. But Hurricurse did not know this, and was crushed. He dropped the sunflower and left, but afterwards, Kisisa opened her door, and saw Hurricurse leave, and looked down to see the Sunflower. She picked it up, and Shira came out.

"I think you may have hurt his feelings." Shira said.

Kisisa, upon hearing this from a friend, felt horrible. She watched as Hurricurse left for the outside of the guild.

Chapter 5: Hurricurse Dissapears and Taka enters the Revalius region

The next morning, Kisisa decided to try to make up for last night to Hurricurse, but she found no sign of him in his cabin. She looked in the Arena, found nothing, She was feeling guilty afterwards. Shira and Arion told her that he would come back eventually. But many days past, and there was no sign. Kisisa went to her cabin one day, and cried her eyes out, especially when she found a letter from him that stated that he did feel something for her, but also felt sadnesss every time he killed a monster.

Fortunately, help was not far away, since today, the Guild was expecting a guest who would help end the war once and for all. Taka, Hero of the Central world. Taka came at Central City harbor, and went inside the Hunter's guild building. He was not normally a fan of cities, but he was willing to end the war. Donning his trademark qurupeco armor, and Dark Claw Demise longsword, he entered the lobby. He was with his wife, Relcia, who had her Rathian armor and Wolfen Tessen Dual blades with her.

Kisisa was out for a walk when she found Taka and Relcia. She decided to go for broke, and ask them to help her find Hurricurse. She told them everything about what happened. They were good listeners, suprisingly, and Taka started to realize that this whole scenario felt familiar somehow. He spoke.

"We will find Hurricurse." He said.

Kisisa's heart filled with hope. "Thank you, but you will need me to help you find him. I know my way around most of Revalius, so I might be able to help. I also want to tell Hurricurse that I'm sorry for breaking his heart, and telll him how I really feel."

Relcia under stood what she meant, and held her hand. "We will find him, you will see."

Taka began to question Kisisa. "Do you have any idea where Hurricurse could have gone?"

Kisisa tried to remember what the letter said. "He wrote in a letter that he was going deep to the center of Revalius. Only problem is that that center is Scorched Volcano, which is an extremely dangerous place because of the war."

Taka chuckled a little. "Danger is our life Kisisa, there is nothing that this world could not prepare me for."

Kisisa was unsure if this was indeed true. I hope he is right, I really do. She thought to herself.


Hurricurse was in the White Desert, and he brought everything he needed for the trip to Scorched Volcano. He wanted to keep his distance from everyone.

A monoblos was feeding on some cacti, and turned to see Hurricurse. It decided not to give chase, since it saw where he was going, and continued feeding.

Hurricurse then saw some black smoke coming from a volcanic area up ahead.

This must be Scorched Volcano. Perfect place to keep away from people.

He went to the mountanious region of Scorched Volcano, and saw quite a few monsters. But he heard a roar of pain, and decided to see what it was about. He saw a Teostra, the Flame King Dragon, in pain, as it's Right wing was pierced by a sharp rock. It was moaning and roaring in pain. Then Hurricurse saw a Pack of Ioprey come, lead by an Iodrome. The Iodrome roared in delight, as the elder dragon could keep them fed for weeks.

But they were about to be dissapointed, as Hurricurse stepped between them and the Teostra.

"Leave the Elder Dragon alone!" he yelled.

The Iodrome snarled, but somehow, Hurricurse realized he could understand the monster language.

Make me! My pack is starving because of the war! We need all the meat we can get!

Hurricurse took all his Raw meat and threw it to the ground. It was enough to feed the Iodrome and his two packmembers

"Theres enough for you and your pack. Now, I won't say it again!"

The Iodrome hissed in amazement. You are a strange human. You give us food instead of killing us, you are a wonderous specimen for your species.

The Iodprey pack took the meat, and the Ioprey followed their leader to wherever he was going.

Hurricurse turned to tend to the Teostra, and grabbed hold of the right wing. "This might hurt a little." He said.

He used all the strength he could muster, and pulled the Wing out of the rock. The Teostra roared in pain, and got up, and stared at Hurricurse. But it did not try to attack as Hurricurse expected. It just looked at him, and spoke.

Why do you help me? You wear the armor of a Fatalis, and carry a sword of a Brachydios.

Hurricurse shook his head. "I have no idea, I don't even remeber my past."

Hurricurse explained everything. His memory loss, his powers of shapeshifting, and why he is here. The Teostra was amazed when he heard the prt of Shapeshifting.

You are a shapeshifter? You know, an elder dragon, who I was a student to, and is now long dead, once told us about a Shapeshifter who would feel pity for the monsters, and go to end the war between the humans and monsters in Revalius. The war, as I heard, was ended in the central world by a shapeshifter named Taka, but I doubt he could end the war here. But you, you might just have a chance. Tell me, What is your name?

Hurricurse introduced himself. "I am Hurricurse."

The Teostra then intoduced himself. I am Ignitus. Now, I have an injured wing, so I may not be as mobile as I used to be, but perhaps you could help me fly.

Hurricurse agreed to help. It would bring him hope if he could help his new friend.

A few miles away....

Taka was in Rathalos form, with Kisisa and Relcia on his back. He landed near the opening to the area known as Scorched Volcano. When everyone was off his back, he reverted to human form. Taka shook his head.

"Finding Hurricurse in an area like this will be like finding a needle in a haystack." he said.

Turns out this would be false, because as the group walked around Scorched Volcano, they heard sounds coming from due north of their position. They went there to see Hurrcicurse, trying to help a Teostra fly.

"Come on Ignitus! That was a record for you at this time!"

The Teostra snarled.

"Oh don't say that! You will be flying in no time at this rate!"

Kisisa was shocked. Hurricurse could understand the Teostra? Has she created a monster herself? It did not matter, Hurricurse was her friend, more than a friend in fact. She was about to move when she stepped on a twig, she stood behind a rock, with Taka and Relcia.

Hurricurse heard the twig snap, and turned into a Stygian Zinogre and howled.

Taka saw this, and was shocked!

Another shapeshifter? In Revalius? Why was I not informed?

Taka asked Kisisa why she did not tell Taka about this power Hurricurse had. Kisisa simply asked if Taka would have beleived her if she said it.

Taka admited that she had a point. It did seem a bit outlandish to have a shapeshifter walking around Revalius. But despite knowing this, He was still willing to help.

Hurricurse came around the corner, to see Kisisa, Relcia and Taka. He was angry!

"YOU! You brought them to kill my friend, have you?!" He yelled.

Kisisa protested. "No Hurricurse! Just listen to me! This a misunderstanding!"

Hurricurse howled. "There is no misunderstanding! I was hurt in my heart once too many times, no... even more! I will end this war, one way or another!"

Kisisa was terrified, Relcia and Taka stepped between Hurricurse and Kisisa.

"Listen to her Hurricurse!" Taka yelled back. "I know what you are feeling right now! But you can't let rage take you over now!"

Hurricurse snarled. "Save your lies for later, either you go back or fight! And I really don't feel like killing if I don't have to, but don't think I won't!"

Ignitus roared.

"I know that Ignitus!" Hurricurse yelled back. "But I must make them pay!"

Taka knew that Hurricure must have been real angry. All the sadness he endured was now turning into rage! Taka decided to go for broke, and turned into a Furious Rajang!

Hurricurse did get a little confused for a little bit, until he realized who he was dealing with! This was Taka! But he did not let that fact scare him. He turned into a Brachydios, and attempted to pummel Taka, but Taka was quicker.

The Battle of the Shapeshifters has begun!

Chapter 6: Hurricurse's Regret

The Battle raged for what felt like hours, as the Shapeshifters changed form to get the best out of the other. Kisisa cried, she did not want any of this to happen. Relcia tried her best to comfort Kisisa in a motherly fashion. Relcia did plan on having children with Taka at some point after all.

Taka was, admittedly, unprepared for Hurricurse's power, but he did not let down. He turned into a Sulphur Brachydios, and began to punch Hurricurse, in Deviljho form.

Hurricurse roared in pain and annoyance as the slime exploded. He turned into an Azure Rathalos, and began to breathe fireballs repeatedly, rapid fire fashion.

Taka would dodge every single one, but he was unprepared for when Hurricurse landed on him in Basarios form. Hurricurse then turned into a Steel Uragaan, and was about to pummel Taka to death with his chin.
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But Ignitus had enough.

Hurricurse! Enough!

Hurricurse stopped, and looked towards Ignitus.

Let the humans speak. They speaked truth before the battle, the stupid, useless battle. I sensed it!

Hurricurse was angry, but decided to listen. He backed off from Taka.

Kisisa sensed the battle was at least temporarily over, and spoke. "Hurricurse, we need you. I need you. Please... come back to us. If I cause you all the sadness, Im sorry, but we can't help you if you become a cold blooded killer."

Hurricurse sensed the sincerity in these words, and shed a tear. He reverted, and looked at his hands. He then ran off towards further north.

"Hurricurse!" Kisisa yelled.

When Hurricurse dissapeared from sight, Ignitus came towards Kisisa, and somehow, she began to understand what he was trying to say.

I don't like this any more than you do Kisisa. The elder Dragon said. I think we should look for our friend. It looked like he was heading for the Diablos Graveyard.

Kisisa nodded. She, Relcia, Taka and Ignitus went to look for Hurricurse, again.

A few miles later....

Kisisa, Taka, Relcia and Ignitus arrived in Diablos Graveyard. Taka shivered at the sound of the name. They looked everywhere they could for a few hours, until they heard a screeching roar!

Then, they felt the earth shake, as a large creature rose from the earth, and another dove from the sky,

The larger creature, a Haukmutori, crackled.

Well, Well, Well, What do we have here dear?

It's mate, the Mutori, smaller than his mate snarled.


Ignitus was a little scared, unusual behavior for an elder dragon surely.

Mutori (right) and Haukmutori (left)

And quite by accident, let me assure you! A simple navigational error!

The Haukmutori stepped closer to Ignitus.

Wait a minute! I remember you! You are that dead elder dragon's little student! Ignitus!

Ignitus simply stepped back. 

That I am, madam.

The Mutori then circled around Kisisa, Taka and Relcia.

And that would make you three?

Kisisa was scared. Taka simply spoke boldly.

"Taka, hero of the Central World. This is Kisisa and Relcia, we want no trouble."

The Haukmutori stepped close to Taka.

Do you know what we do to humans, shapeshifter or otherwise, and monsters who enter our territory without permission?

Taka was not believing that they could do anything to him, but he realized that the Mutori pair had evey right to do what they wanted, after all, They were indeed IN the Mutori pair's land. Then Ignitus simply snarled in fright.

Oh my, look at the time, its time to go!

The Haukmutori stepped in the way.

What is the hurry folks? We would love to have you stick around for dinner! We could have a picnic here.

Taka realized what they meant. THEY were the Dinner!

The Haukmutori Screeched a battlecry, and she and her mate joined forces. They were ready to cook the group with their electrical abilities.


Hurricurse heard the roar come from south of where he was. He turned into a Nibelsnarf, and investigated, He realized that it was a roar of a Haukmutori, and by the looks of it, the Mutori was with it too! He then saw that Taka, Relcia, Kisisa and Ignitus were cornered.

Oh come on! He thought to himself. From what I heard, even a Savage Deviljho would be better than this!

He then then began to realize that it was he who put them in danger, not Kisisa, not Taka, it was no ones fault but his own! He had to do something, or they will certainly die. He had no excuse for the childish, no... Monsterous Behavior he exhibited earlier.

He then took to a hiding spot, and began to change.

Chapter 7: Hurricurse's apology

Kisisa, Taka, Relcia and Ignitus were cornered, with no way to escape. The Mutori pair were licking their chops, as they thought of tender, juicy flesh!

Ignitus stood between The Mutori pair and his human friends, and gave a roar!

But the Mutori pair were not impressed. In fact, they both gave a crackling laugh.

Is that it?! The Haukmutori asked mockingly. Go ahead... Tell me more!

Ignitus did not need to, since an even bigger roar was heard from behind the Mutori pair. The Mutori pair did get a little startled, and turned to see who, or what, was about to ruin their dinner. A Black Gravios stood there, giving a roar of challenge.

The Mutori pair charged, the Haukmutori charging in the fashion of a Tigrex, and the Mutori took to the air, charged with electricity, and dive bombed towards the Rock wyvern. The Black Gravios stood its ground, and charged a fire beam, and fired it at the Mutori, frying one of it's wings, causing it to crash into a pile of Diablos bones.

The Haukmutori was now close enough to the Black Gravios to bite it in the neck, causing it to roar in pain. But then the rock wyvern used it's tail to whack the legs of the Haukmutori, making it lose it's balance. Then the rock wyvern stepped on the female terror. As the Mutori was taking flight after being knocked out of the air earlier, and about to claw the Rock wyvern, The Black Gravios used it's tail to whack him to the ground, and pinned it with the tail.

The Mutori pair were rambling to each other, until the Black Gravios yelled in human language, much to Kisisa, Relcia, Taka and Ignitus' surprise.


The Mutori pair dared not to object. It was clear to Kisisa who the wyvern was. It was Hurricurse.

"If you dare to go near my friends ever again..."

The Mutori pair decided to play coy with Hurricurse.

These guys were your friends? The Mutori asked in a coyingly cute matter. I did not know that! Did you dear?

NO! The Haukmutori said in respose, again, in a coyingly sweet matter.

Then Hurricurse roared. "You might as well leave, otherwise it will be a trip to hell for both of you!

Then as Hurricurse got off of the Haukmutori and lifted his tail off of the Mutori, he expected to see the Mutori pair attack, but they decided to leave, screeching as they ran from Hurricurse's sight.

Then Hurricurse reverted to human form, and looked towards Kisisa. Kisisa ran towards Hurricurse, and hugged him. Hurricurse held her close.

"Hurricurse, Im sorry for hurting you." Kisisa said with tears in her eyes.

Hurricurse then spoke. "No, Im sorry. I should not have ran off, and more importantly, I should not have taken my anger out on you. There is no excuse for my monsterous behavior. I joined you so I could reclaim my memories, but I won't be able to if I act like I did before."

This moment could have gone forever, had Ignitus not interrupted.

Im sorry, is this a bad time? Because I think you have other friends waiting for you back at Central City who miss you. Don't worry about me, I will be flying eventually.

Hurricurse decided to go back to Central City, and perhaps maybe, he could end the war soon. 

Chapter 8: The Death eater approaches

It was nightfall in the Paleozoic mountains, but something was still awake, and it was hungry. A Fanged Beast was lumbering around, a Wilolu!

FOOD! I NEED FOOD! Was probally the only thing going on in it's brain, as it's hunger for flesh clawed at it like a cat on a scratching post. Remobras nearby hissed, and flew off, kelbi ran for cover, and then, the mammalian terror found, at the corner of it's eyes, not one, but multiple lights. The Wilolu was confused.

Lights in the middle of nowhere? What does that mean?

Then, a satisfying realization came upon it.

Where there is light, there is warmth! And where there is warmth, there is most definitely food!

The Wilolu went towards the light, and the monsters in the vicinity ran for their lives, screeching and roaring as if to say: The Death Eater is here! The Death Eater is here!

Indeed the Wilolu was here, and it was here to feed! It was heading straight towards Central City, where there is bound to be plenty of prey to eat!


Hurricurse and Kisisa were now back at the Hunter's guild, only this time, they now shared the same cabin, as they became very close, Kisisa was not afraid to admit that she felt something for Hurricurse anymore, and her dream of being a hunter seemed to be forgotten, she was living a dream now. Hurricurse still felt bad for what happened at Scorched Volcano, and wanted to make up for it. But they remained quite about Ignitus, lest Shira and Arion find out about the Teostra.

Arion was a little suspicious of Hurricurse, and wondered why he was gone for such a long time, but remained silent. Shira was suspicious as well, but was not as quiet about it as Arion was. Hurricurse was worried that they, especially Shira, would find out about Ignitus, and try to kill him. But he knew that they would find out sooner or later, so he would might as well tell at least Arion, since she was cool and collected about things in general, and would prefer reason over violence, unlike Shira, who was the "hit first and never bother asking questions later" kind of person.

He asked Kisisa if he should, since it was risky buisness that he was planning, Kisisa was unsure. She was also starting to question whether the war was worth being remembered for, and she was secretly wanting it to end in a peaceful matter.

Arion overheard this as she was walking the halls, and decided to listen further.

"I don't know about you, but I am going to tell Arion, since I am sure she would understand better than Shira would." Hurricurse said. "I know it's risky, but if we are to end the Monster war, we need to do so with people who we can be sure that can be trusted to help. Ignitus would want us to end the war together."

Arion understood what was going on, she knew that this war had to end at some point. But she was conflicted. She wanted to help Kisisa and Hurricurse, but if she did, Shira would, if she found out the truth, certainly tell the guild about it, and then she, Hurricurse and Kisisa would be in a real mess.

But then again, She thought. Shira is a barbarian. She does not care about ending the war anyway. As far as she is concerned, anyone who wanted to end the war was an enemy, human or monster. She would find this out in a heartbeat.

She decided that she would help Hurricurse and Kisisa. It might offer more than being a hunter would anyway.

She opened the door to the cabin where Hurricurse and Kisisa were, and looked at them.

"How much did you hear?" Kisisa asked.

Arion smiled. "Enough to make a decision for the better." She said.

Kisisa wondered what she meant, until Arion sat down on a chair. "I will help end this war. I knew something was going on since Hurricurse came back, don't think for a minute that I did not. But, you might want to steer clear of Shira then, since she might just become a snitch, and tell the guild of your plans."

Hurricurse agreed. "We should find Taka and Relcia, and tell them of our plans. Im pretty sure they are people we can trust."

Then they heard the door open. They looked to see Taka and Relcia. They knew what they were planning, and they were willing to help end the war in Revalius. The stupid, useless, and pointless war!

They discussed what to do first, since it won't be long before Shira, or someone else finds out. Hurricurse thought about it, and before he knew it, he had a thought.

"We could leave this place, and find a new base of operations, since a place like Central city is full of snitches."

Kisisa knew a few good places to go. "What about Murkwood? I hear there are ruins there that could be a good place to set up camp."

Hurricurse was confused. Murkwood? What kind of place is that?

Arion agreed. "Murkwood is remote, far from civilization, and aside from the ruins, there really is not much sign of human habitation."

Taka agreed as well. The way that Arion said its qualities made it sound like the perfect place. He also wondered what kinds of monsters would live there.

Hurricurse then spoke. "Then it is decided. We will leave as soon as possible, by next morning. Until then..."

But before Hurricurse could finish the sentence, a huge gluttorial roar was heard in the darkness. Then they heard the City's Emergency bells ring.

They saw hunters of all ranks come out of their cabins, and head towards the outskirts of th city. They decided to follow suite, since it would make them less suspicious if they did.

When they got out by the outskirts, they saw the Wilolu. The Death eater was here, and it was hungry!

Kisisa held Hurricurse's hand. "We will do this together! I know we can!"
Wilolu (2nd Render) - by Ukanlos Sub

Wilolu, The Death Eater

Hurricurse wished he could believe this. He heard of the Wilolu, and doubted that any of them would make it out alive. This was the Death Eater, and to it, they were just appetizers.

The Wilolu roared in delight as the petty humans in monster armor tried to defend their city. This would be a picnic to it! 

Taka and Hurricurse agreed to not to shapeshift at this time. They would have to lay low. Hurricurse took Dios, and began slicing at the Wilolu's tail, While Taka went for the legs with his Dark Claw Demise. The Wilolu did flinch every time the Dark Claw Demise's Dragon element hit the Fanged beast, and eventually tried to keep it's distance from Taka's Longsword.

Kisisa took a lump of meat she had that she filled with poison, paralysis and sleep inducing toxins. She was going to save it for a Deviljho hunt, but decided that she would might as well use it now!

IF there is anything a wilolu likes more than a fight, its an easy meal! She thought to herself with a rather evil grin. Although this stuff is not going to be very good for it's health.
One-Winged Angel - Kingdom Hearts HD 130:00

One-Winged Angel - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Music Extended

Wilolu Theme

She Threw the meat towards the Wilolu, and, as the Wilolu's nostrils picked up the scent, it went nuts!


Relcia grinned as Kisisa did her stunt. It reminded her of when she did the same to a Deviljho in the past. 

Hurricurse and Taka looked as the Wilolu went for the bait, as did the other hunters.

"You, my girl, are smart! Why did I not think of that myself?!" Hurricurse said with wonder.

The Wilolu took a huge chunk of the meat, and swallowed. However, when it ate every last piece of the meat (much to Taka's surprise), it began to feel sick, as the toxins started to take effect. It was also feeling tired, unnaturally tired. But the tiredness did not last as long as they hoped, as the Wilolu was now angry that it was tricked into eating tainted/drugged/poisoned meat. It's muscles started to swell up, it's eyes now masked in a mask of Draconic energy. 

Now the group and other hunters were in for it!

Shira, who was out the whole time watching, was thrilled. Now she could have a challenge! She took her Ravager Blade and began to charge.

"I GOT THIS!" She yelled.

Hurricurse reacted with fright. "No Shira! It's too dangerous!"

But she did not listen, and sliced the tail of the mammalian terror, causing it to roar in rage and pain. It swiped her with it's claws, causing her to go flying towards another hunter. The Wilolu grabbed Shira by the leg, and to her horror, the Wilolu was even scarier up close and personal. But then, The mammalian menace let go of her as an arrow stuck through it's arm.

Kisisa shot that arrow. Then Arion zigzagged, hoping to confuse the Wilolu, and then stabbed the beast in the underbelly. The Wilolu roared in pain as the Gunlance stuck deeper into the chest, and then, Arion pulled the trigger to the Wyvernfire function, and then, as the Wilolu whimpered at what it knew was going to happen, an explosion occurred, sending Wilolu flesh all over the place, and quite humorously, some of the blood splattered all over Hurricurse's face.

"YUCK!" He yelled. "Man, this stuff stinks like death!"

Taka laughed. Hurricurse glared at him. "Oh you can laugh now! But you just wait until the same happens to you, then we will see who gets the last laugh!"

Kisisa giggled. "Don't mind him, We should rest, it has been a long night."

Hurricurse agreed. Too much has happened in one night. Hurricurse and Kisisa went to Hurricurse's own cabin to sleep together, and Arion went to her's. They and Taka and Relcia would be ready for tomorrow, when they leave Central city, and regrettably, leave Shira behind.

Chapter 9: Leaving for Murkwood....

Hurricurse was dreaming again. This time, he and Liniar were in the woods, with the Rathling from the previous dream. The Rathling was named Jet, and he wanted his mother. Hurricurse felt like helping the Rathling find his mother, a Pink Rathian named Blossom. Hurricurse, Liniar and Jet looked everywhere in the woods, until they saw a large shadow circle above them. Hurricurse then looked upwards to see a large Pink Rathian divebombing towards him.

Hurricurse dodged the dive bomb, and the Pink Rathian roared. But before the pink rathian could do anything, Jet came towards her, and Chirped to her. Was this pink rathian Blossom? 

Meema! Jet said. This is a misunderstanding! These humans were helping me look for you! I got lost, and they helped me! Don't hurt them! Please!

The Pink Rathian, apparently Blossom, was confused on why a couple of humans would bother to help her child, but she seemed to sense the truth in these words. She nudged Jet. She then looked towards Hurricurse and Liniar.

Thank you! Blossom said. If it were not for you two, I would have never found Jet. I will never forget this! I was so worried!

Hurricurse smiled. "Im just glad I could help family get back together again."

Blossom came towards Hurricurse and Liniar. Can I have your names?

Hurricurse introduced himself, as did Liniar.

Thank you Hurricurse and Liniar, I will never, ever forget your kindness. Maybe when the war between humans and monsters is ever over, I can have you two come over to our den. Come on Jet, lets go home. I will help you two somehow to make up for this.

Jet climbed onto Blossom's back, and Blossom took to the air, possibly to go back to their den. Hurricurse felt a feeling of acccomplishment after this experience. He helped family get together again.

But then he noticed what looked like a Kirin looking at him. He looked away for a second, and then, when he went to see the Kirin once more, It was gone. Then the image whited out.

Hurricurse woke up to see Kisisa already with her armor on, looking at him. He got up, and got his Fatalis armor, and equipped Dios, and helped Kisisa pack everything they would need for the journey to Murkwood. They left a note for Shira, stating that they would be gone for a long while. They met up with Arion, Taka and Relcia at the City gates. They were already prepared for the journey, they were just waiting for Hurricurse and Kisisa to get here.

Hurricurse could not get the dream he had out of his head. He could confirm that he found the Rathling's mother, but was it an actual memory? Only time will tell.

The group, to get to Murkwood, would have to go to the southern end of Revalius, where they would have to go through the Haunted Forest, and through Westcliff woods. The path to Murkwood would be dangerous, but if Hurricurse was to end the war between humans and monsters, and reclaim his memories, he was willing to pay the price.

Many miles later.....

It had already been at least a few days since they left Central City, and They have just arrived in Haunted Forest. Now, Haunted forest was feared by the Revalius people for good reason. In the Haunted Forest, it is said that the souls of those who died here wander for the rest of eternity, and that a creature said to be the spawn of the devil himself was supposed to be wandering these woods.

Hurricurse was not into these superstitions. He did not believe in such things, they just seemed a bit far fetched. Although he did admit that the area itself had an unnaturally bone chilling vibe to it. The Fog here just seemed unnaturally thick, and the fact that it was nightfall did not help at all. There were wild pumpkins here, which grew to enormous size, seemingly too big to be believed. 

Kisisa held Hurricurse's hand, she did not want to be seperated from him, not after what they both went through. Taka and Relcia kept a whatchful eye for potential danger, as did Arion, which was easier said than done, due to the unusually thick fog.

After what felt like hours in the woods, They felt the ground shake. It was not an earthquake, it was just too well timed to be one. They saw a shadow rise above their heads, and turned just in time to dodge a large bladed pincer as it hit the ground.

Hurricurse loked towards the source to see what looked like a carrapaceon of some sort, wearing a large pumpkin on it's back! It was a Hallowed Ceanataur! It eyed Hurricurse and his group, and spoke (in Monster Language of course)!

For years the Humans feared me as the grim reaper! Each one that entered my domain know lies in the ashes of my fiery wrath! Now you will also scream my title of Grim Reaper, just as so many before you have! I am Jack the Ripper, but you can call me Death!

Hurricurse unsheathed Dios, Kisisa her Hidden Bow, Arion her new Dios Gunlance, Relcia her Wolfen Tessens and Taka his Dark Claw Demise, and they prepared to fight for their lives.

Jack the Hallowed Ceanataur huffed up some smoke and breathed fire out of it's mouth! Hurricurse dodged from the Carrapaceon's line of fire, and started to slice at the beastly crab's legs. Taka went for Jack's Pumpkin, as did Relcia and Arion. Kisisa shot arrows at the Beastly Shellfish, but the arrows did little more than tick him off even more.

Eventually, Jack went to charge towards Kisisa, Scythes prepared to gore her to death! Kisisa got out of the way, but then the Carrapaceon did something unexpected, he jumped onto her, and looked at her, chattering before raising a scythed pincer, preparing to gore her.

Hurricurse had no time to think, he acted upon this. He turned into an Ivory Lagiacrus, and rushed towards the Hallowed Ceanataur, biting into the pincer, breaking it! Then he proceeded to bite onto the other one. When the last pincer was broken, he backed off and said something to Jack.

"Leave her alone you ugly son of a Khezu!"

Jack was angry at Hurricurse, but simply chuckled.

As the Carrapaceon got off Kisisa and headed towards Hurricurse, he stumbled over as Taka, in Rajang form, slammed his body into the horrific crab. Jack was confused. 

Two Shapeshifters?! How can that possibly be?! It does not matter. I will carve you just like you humans do with your pumpkins on Halloween day, and make a messy masterpiece out of your bodies!

Taka fired an electrical beam at Jack, hitting it with enough voltage to stun it. As Jack lied paralyzed, and unable to move, Hurricurse charged up a high voltage, and made a shock field around the Hateful crab, shocking it with enough voltage to fry it to a crisp. Jack Screeched as the voltage fried him from the shell through to the innards, and then, after a few minutes of non stop screeching,... nothing. Thus ending the legend of the Grim Reaper of Haunted Forest.

Taka and Hurricurse both reverted to human form, and Hurricurse rushed towards Kisisa. "Are you alright?"

Kisisa nodded. "Im fine, thanks to you."

But while the group got back on track, and headed further south, they would have to face something potentially worse than a Hallowed Ceanataur.

Chapter 10: The Wereverine Dilemma

After a few miles of trekking through the Haunted Forest, the group arrived in the Westliff woods. Hurricurse, Taka and Relcia did not know what to expect here, but Arion and Kisisa did. Especially Arion, since her older brother was slashed to pieces by a pack of Wereverines here, or so she was told. Around Revalius, there was a tale of a psychopath tunred monster by a demon, who lived here, known by alledged survivors as "The Westcliff Slasher".

Legend goes that there was a man named Krok, who was one of Revalius' most accomplished killers. He killed many people in Westcliff woods over the years of his time, mostly teen women, but when the officials could not catch him, the citizens of the nearby town of Cliffwood, decided to take justice in their own hands, and finally found him, and upon outnumbering and outpowering him, they hanged him, but not before he said his last words, which were "Death is but a door, time but a window, I will be back."

And according to legend, he did come back! Krok encountered, in death, a demon, who found amusement in Krok's crimes, and offered him the chance to kill again, in monster form, for eternity. Naturally, a bloodthirsty killler like Krok accepted the offer, at the price of his soul. After all, what was the point of having a soul if you can live forever as a beast? Krok was, according to legend, the first Blooded Wereverine, an Apex species of Wereverine that lives for the kill! The Wereverines howl at his name, as if they fear him more than anything else. He is what Wereverines hope to be... A monster of a monster's nightmare!

Hurricurse did not believe in stories like this. Wereverines are one thing, but a psychopath turned Blooded Wereverine for an eternal lifespan, is completely another!

The group was losing daylight, but they decided to keep moving even at nightfall, since, because of the Wereverines that live here, nightfall is the most dangerous time of all in Westcliff woods. Then Arion noticed something staring at them from the top of a tree!

"There's one of them buggers now!" She yelled! "Brace yourselves!"

Hurricurse and the rest of the group unsheathed their weapons! They prepared for an attack!

The Wereverine eyed them, and howled! Then it jumped high off the branches, dissapearing from sight!

"Were did it go?" Relcia asked.

Taka and Hurricurse had no idea, but what they did know was that predators rarely abandon a potential meal, it will come back!

"Maybe it was afraid of us." Kisisa said, although she was clearly not convinced that this would be true.

Then, as if out of nowhere, Two, not one, Two Wereverines came from the trees above! They howled, and were definitely hungry by the looks of them.

They were speaking in monster language, but Hurricurse, Taka, Relcia and Kisisa could not possibly understand what they were saying! It was as if the Wereverines were speaking an ancient tongue of their own! Then one of the two Wereverines spoke in the monster language they were familiar with.

You two shapeshifters do not understand our ancient tongue, do you? Such arrogance! And you proclaim yourselves as one with the monsters!

Hurricurse and Taka were surprised that the Wereverines, as savage as they are, knew about them! It was as if they knew they were coming! Then the second Wereverine spoke.

We have not eaten for days! All because of the war! We, who you humans call the Wereverines, were never human before, so we have no qualms with killing you all! We fight the war because we need to, if we are to find food! We can't infect you as you humans believe, so we can't show you how our species suffered because of you humans! The Collective will definitely give us plenty of food if we kill you all! Come on Brother blood, lets gut them like fish!

The First Wereverine shook his head. What have I told you Bloodcarver? We need the shapeshifters alive if we are to end the war!

But Bloodcarver was not listening to this, he snarled at his "Brother Blood"!
MHFanon - Request (Gojira57) - Wereverine


Whitefang! You care too much about the humans, unlike the rest of our pack! I am beginning to question why I even let you in our pack! I have not eaten for days, and as far as I am concerned, Humans are the favored prey! You may be the smartest of us all, but in the end, you are just too fond of the humans!

Hurricurse was confused. The Collective? Who were they?

But he and the group knew one thing: If they stay here, they will certainly be the Wereverines' newest victims!

When Bloodfang was about to pounce onto Hurricurse, Hurricurse braced for the attack!

But it never came, as when Bloodfang was in midair, He was knocked off course by a fireball that came out of nowhere!

Hurricurse looked towards the source and found a Pink Rathian with a Rathling on her back. Why did the Pink Rathian save him?

Bloodcarver got up, and snarled. Blossom! I should have known that you would appear!

Hurricurse heard that name before! Blossom was a Pink Rathian in his dreams! Was this a coincidence, or was he missing a clue to finding his past?

Blossom roared and let lose another fireball attack! But Bloodcarver dodged the attack, and rushed head on towards Blossom! Blossom took to the air, and pinned Bloodcarver onto the ground! Blossom spoke to her Rathling.

Jet! Help these good people find their way to Murkwood! I will handle these beasts!

Hurricurse also knew the name Jet from his dreams! Jet was also a Rathling in his dreams! Jet nodded to Blossom.

Ok Meema!

Jet screeched to Hurricurse.
400px-MH4-Pink Rathian Render 001

Blossom the Pink Rathian

Hello again Hurricurse! Although I don't know if you remember me, if what Ignitus said was true.

Everyone looked at Hurricurse. He knew the Rathling? Hurricurse wondered about it for a bit.

I guess those dreams were memories after all! He thought to himself. But how do they know Ignitus?

Jet screeched again.

We got to get to Murkwood!' Meema can handle herself, she is strong!

Hurrricurse did not need any further motivation. He and the group followed Jet, while Blossom Dealt with the Wereverines! She would catch up once she drove them away, or killed them!

Chapter 11: Leaving Westcliff

Hurricurse, Kisisa, Arion, Taka and Relcia followed Jet the Rathling for what felt like hours, as they made their way out of Westcliff.

Once they were sure they were out of the Wereverines' territory, they took a rest near a lakeside area. Jet screeched to Hurricurse.

Ignitus told us that you wanted to end the war between humans and monsters Hurricurse! He also told us about you losing your memory! But while you wear the skin of a Fatalis, you have not changed much.

Hurricurse somehow felt comforted that a friend of the past was still around. But he asked Jet why he and Blossom were here. Jet shook his head.

It was because of the group of monsters called the Collective! They are bad monsters Hurricurse! They want to make the humans extinct! Me and Meema did not agree with thier idea thanks to you, but when we refused to join them, they drove us from our home, so we had to be on the move for so long. But you are here, alive and strong! That is the most important thing!

Hurricurse got his answer on who the collective were, but why would they want to render the humans extinct? Taka was also wondering why himself. The war is over in the Central world, so why did the Collective not want to end the war peacefully with humans instead of destroying them?

Whatever the reason, it was clear that if the war is to end, the Collective would have to be stopped! But they need to get to Murkwood first, and set up their base of operations.

They decided to set up camp near the lake, and set up the tents. It was a long night, and they  were tired. Jet offered to keep watch, since he could see better in the dark than the group could.

When everyone had their tents set, they decided to hit the sack. All except Hurricurse, who stayed up, and was staring at the lake. Kisisa noticed this and decided to ask him if anything was wrong.

"Hurricurse, anything bothering you?" She asked.

Hurricurse sighed. "It's just that we have been through so much, and yet I have not gotten an idea on who I am and where I came from. The only lead I ever get is in my dreams."

Kisisa smiled. "Then maybe you need to dream more. Maybe eventually, we might find out more about you. Besides, you need the sleep."

Hurricurse agreed, but Kisisa was not done yet.

"Come to my tent for a minute." She said.

Hurricurse followed her to the tent, and when they were inside, Kisisa kissed Hurricurse on the lips.

Hurricurse's mind blanked out! But his shock did not last for long, for after a few seconds, he began to embrace Kisisa. Then after what felt like an eternity, they split apart.

"Lets sleep together here, like we did back at our Guild cabins." She said.

Hurricurse accepted the offer, as he felt somewhat renewed after the experience. It was as if Kisisa meant more to him than the world itself!

When Hurricurse slept, he dreamed. But it was not the pleasant kind of dream anymore, as it would soon prove to be.

Hurricurse was with Liniar, returning to the building they called home. But they heard gunshots, and investigated. They saw, to their horror, much of the building's staff dead on the floor, and men in peculiar armor with bowguns aimed towards survivors. The men turned and saw Hurricurse and Liniar. One of them shouted.

"There he is! The one we are looking for! Get him!"

Hurricurse grabbed Liniar's hand, and they ran. Ran for what felt like hours, as they ran from their persuers. Then they came to a room where they were cornered by the men. Then the image whited out, and A gunshot was heard.

"LINIAR! NO!" Hurricurse yelled.

Hurricurse woke up when he felt Kisisa shake him.

"Hurricurse wake up!" She yelled.

Hurricurse opened his eyes, and stared at Kisisa, as if wondering if she was real or not.

Kisisa sighed. "You were tossing and turning like you were having a nightmare, so I tried to wake you up!"

Hurricurse knew that she was right. He indeed did have a nightmare, and it was like the first one he had, but in more detail.

Hurricurse thought to himself. Who were those men in the nightmare? Why were they after me? Why did they kill Liniar?

He got up and met the others outside, as they prepared to go further out of Westcliff. They found themselves in a murk, swamp like area. This was Murkwood, and the group would have to find a place to set up a base here.

Chapter 12: Murkwood's Ruins

The group (Hurricurse, Taka and Relcia notwithstanding) heard alot about the history of Murkwood. It had a very ugly history.

According to the Guild's information, It was at one point, a village by the name of Oakwood Village, and it prospered for a long time, until the monster war came about. Oakwood was in the middle of the crossfire, and was half destroyed. But perhaps the most tragic part was when a demon, in the form of a Dark Teostra burned everyone in the village to ash. The humans of Revalius abandoned Oakwood, and let nature overtake it, turning it into the swamp known as Murkwood today.

Now, there is only ruins of the once prosperous Oakwood that is left of any sign of human made structures. But it was perfect for what the group had in mind. They trekked through the swamp, and saw a few monsters here. A Yian Kut ku was seen drinking at the swamp's edge, only to be devoured by a Gobul that was waiting at the water's edge (much to Taka's surprise and fear), and a swarm of Konchu were swarming over the carcass of a Plesioth that died from, quite possibly, old age.

The group trekked for what felt like hours, until they saw a stone bridge, spanning over a a large expanse of the swamp, leading to the ruins of a large area of what used to be Oakwood.

Hurricurse went to test the bridge. If anyone was to fall due to the bridge's instability over the ages, he wanted it to be him instead of his friends. Jet the Rathling stayed at the otherside, offering to be a gaurd.

When Hurricurse decided that the bridge was indeed stable enough to cross, he signaled the group to come over. Despite the weathering of the bridge over the years, it was mostly intact.

When everyone was across (Jet notwithstanding), They decided to check out the ruins of the once great Oakwood. The Buildings, despite being subject to weathering (as they were made of stone), and Monster activity, some were intact for the most part. They came across the larger of the buildings, which was once the town hall of the village. The group decided to check it out.

The town hall's insides were mostly intact. Sure the place was now overgrown with plantlife, and filled with insects, but other than that, it was perfect for their base of operations. It would just be a fixer-upper is all.

Hurricurse and the group unpacked their equipment, and set up camp near the outside of the town hall. They would not sleep inside the building until it is fixed. They would start the renovations tomorrow, but they needed to rest, as it was getting dark.

When Hurricurse was about to hit the sack, he felt a cold wind blow towards him. It was unnatural. He felt as if something was watching him. He turned around to see a Kirin. The Kirin looked very young for it's kind, and sounded it too, when it (or rather, she) spoke.

My name is Kama. I know who you are. You are Hurricurse!

Hurricurse was shocked that a kirin would know his name. "How do you-"

But before he could finish, Kama spoke again.

I just wanted to meet you at least once. Hurricurse, do you still remember Liniar? She used to like Kirins like me before she died, and she liked you. She wanted you to keep your promise.

Hurricurse was wondering what she meant by a promise. The Kirin started to fade away.

"Wait! TELL ME MORE!" Hurricurse yelled. But Kama was gone by then, as if she was never there. But then he heard Kama's voice.

You will learn more when you dream.

Hurricurse did not have an explanation for what happened. Did he see a specter in the form of a kirin? if so, was it real. or just his imagination?

Hurricurse decided to go to sleep. It was a strange night.

When he dreamed, he found himself in the time after the people  in peculiar armor killed Liniar. He was crying. Liniar spoke her last words.

"Please, Hurricurse... end the war in Revalius... protect Revalius... forever.

Hurricurse nodded.

Then Liniar fell silent, as she died in peace, and not in despair.

"Don't make us kill you too!" one of the men said.

Hurricurse stopped crying, and now was filled with rage and hatred! He turned into a Deviljho, and roared.

"How dare you kill Liniar!?" He yelled. "She did not deserve to die like this! She did nothing wrong!"

He charged, as the Men shot at him with their Bowguns, but the bullets would only make him angrier! His vision turned blood red, and he killed the men, every single one! Then he reverted, and turned to look at Liniar's dead body. He cried again, as he realized the monster he had become in his rage, and he thought to himself.

I will keep my promise Liniar, and then I will never kill again, unless necessary.

He felt broken, as if his light was extinguished from existance. He picked up Liniar's limp body, and walked towards the outdoors. He made a burial site for her near her favorite spot on the beach, and once her body was buried, he left a cross, made of what ever materials he could find. Her took a chisel, and marked on her own tombstone, a message.

Here lies Hurricurse's light....


When he finished, he took a rose (which was Liniar's favorite flower), and placed it on the burial mound.

He cried once more. In the distance he heard a rather sad howling sound of a lone Great Jaggi. Perhaps it lost its whole pack, and felt alone in the world.

It matched Hurricurse's feelings completely.

Then the image changed, Hurricurse was sailing on a boat, he would not sleep until he got to Revalius, from the island he once called home. Then a storm came, and his ship was destroyed by an unknown force, and he blacked out. Then the image went to when he met Kisisa, Shira and Arion on Remobra beach. Then it whited out.

Hurricurse woke up. He thought to himself.

Right... A promise... a promise to Liniar. That was what Kama was talking about.

But if he was to keep that promise, he would have to end the war in Revalius.

Chapter 13: Enter Sapphire!

The group were getting ready for their renovations plan today. Since the Town hall was mostly intact, the only thing to do was to clean it up. It took over a few hours for the town hall to be fully cleaned.

Hurricurse was talking to Kisisa, when suddenly, the whole group heard a screech like roar! They did not know what made the roar, but it sure is likely that it was not friendly.

Hurricurse went to investigate, much to Kisisa's worry, and She, Taka, Relcia and Arion decided to follow. When they were near the area of the roar's source, they saw a woman in Brachydios armor, with a Nerusukyura Insect Glaive, running from a Strange wyvern like creature. It was unlike anything the group seen before, but Arion knew what it was.

A Xenoros! She thought to herself. This woman is in more trouble than she thinks!

The Woman took her Insect Glaive, and ran for cover, but then she tripped on a root.

Xenoros, the Strange Horror

The Xenoros, sensing an opportunity, rushed towards the woman, but as it was about to get her with it's inner jaw, it's attack was blocked by Arion's shield. Then Hurricurse came around, and turned into a Yian Garuga, and fired fireballs out of his beak! Each fireball hit the Xenoros with full force, and the Strange Horror began to screech in pain. It then opened it's mouth and inner jaw, and spat a green fluid at Hurricurse!

The fluid, upon impact with Hurricurse, began to sting him, it was a form of acid! Hurricurse squawked in pain as the acid stung him, and the Xenoros used this distraction to pounce onto him. The Xenoros was about to take a bite out Hurricurse with it's inner jaw, when a Rathalos knocked it off him. The Rathalos was none other than Taka, and he looked at Hurricurse.

"Well don't just sit there! Are you going to help fight or what?" Taka said.

Hurricurse needed no further goading, and got up and fired more fire balls, Taka too! The Xenoros screeched, it spoke to them.

Ok Ok! You guys win! Consider yourselves', on probation! Wait till The Collective hears about this!

Hurricurse was shocked yet again. This Xenoros was part of the Collective?

When the Xenoros left, screeching, Hurricurse came to the woman who was chased. She had her Hunting bug with her, chattering to her.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

The woman looked at him. "Yes, no thanks to the Xenoros. Who are you?"

Everyone introduced themselves, and then, the woman introduced herself. "I am Sapphire. I come from a kingdom on an island not far from the coast of Moga."

Hurricurse wondered why she would be h,ere in Revalius, so far from home. Taka was a little suspicious, as were Relcia, Arion and Kisisa, but Hurricurse was more interested in the armor she was wearing. It was similar to the armor worn by the men in his dream, the men who killed Liniar. Was this a coincidence? Or was he missing a very important clue? Either way, he asked Sapphire if she remembers the name Liniar.

Sapphire looked as if she was surprised to hear that name. She shook her head. "No. That name does not mean anything to me."

Kisisa could not help but notice that Sapphire looked as if she was hiding a grin. Was it her imagination?

Taka was curious about Hurricurse's sudden question. But as he was about to ask Hurricurse about that question, Sapphire spoke.,

"I owe you five my life. If there is anything I could do for you, please tell me!"

Hurricurse told her about what his group planned to do about the Monster War. Sapphire was willing to help, or so she says. Kisisa was not really trusting of Sapphire, her sweetness seemed too good to be true. But Hurricurse was willing to let her join the group, and they went back to the Murkwood Ruins, to set up their Base of operation.

When night came, everyone was asleep. Well, everyone except Sapphire. She stroked her Hunting Bug, Nightshade, and spoke to it.

"Don't worry Nightshade, I have not forgotten my mission. But the Shapeshifters and their group seem to be a threat to our operatio,ns. We will play along for now, but when the time is right, I will also finish what my men started! This time, Hurricurse is ours!"

Chapter 14: The Collective

In a ruins on an island not far from the coast of Revalius, There were a group of demonic entities, staring at an image on their own "Portal Viewer", a device used to spy on others. The image showed Hurricurse and his group. One of the Demons, with Azure Rathalos like features, named Hedas,  spoke with disgust.

"Those twerps took down the Hallowed Ceanataur at Haunted forest, and scared off our Xenoros, who would have thought?!"

Another demon, a demon with Najarala like features, named Anguisha, spoke in a calm, collected voice.

"Yes, but surely the group's strength is not their own."

The next demon, with Lunastra like features, named Envira, spoke.

"Why don't we turn their two shapeshifters into "Permanant Monsters"? HA! That will settle things quick enough!"

The demon with Shagaru Magala like features, named Viralix, spoke.

"And the Shapeshifters' friends are the "finest" Warriors in their respective region! Swivel me eyes! They are a bunch of Rograts by the looks of them!"

Diralix, a demon with Deviljho like features spoke to Viralix.

"Well, you are no prize yourself Viralix! Hehehe...."

Viralix was insulted by this.


Then a booming voice coming from a Demon in Dark Teostra form, named Gaiasopheles (or Gaia, as people called him), was heard.

"SILENCE! Mistress Kesena would like to speak!"

Kesena, the leader of the demons, with Fatalis like features, began her speech.

"The Shapeshifters are here to end the war between humans and monsters in Revalius, but will they succeed? Or will darkness swallow them? Either way, they could be quite useful!"

Kesena gave an evil smirk, and signaled a welcoming gesture, and a Diorekkusu came to the group.

"Thundaria!" Kesena said. "Do you still seek to wipe out most if not all humans?"

Thundaria gave a grin as she thought of the idea. "Yes mistress, I do!"

Hedas then spoke.

"Well today is your lucky day dear! Because you are being given a mission! Our intelligence report shows that the two shapeshifters and their group are camping at the place the humans call Murkwood! Your job is simple. You need to at least try to kill the Shapeshifters, see what they got. If you accept, we will give you the power you need."

Thundaria wondered what power it could be.

"The Power of the Darkness!" Kesena shouted, giving off a black aura.

Thundaria, tempted with this promise of power, accepted the mission, and Kesena uttered a spell that gave off a black enrgy mass, and that mass entered Thundaria.

"Now GO!" Gaia said.

Chapter 15: Hurricurse and Taka V.S. Thundaria

Hurricurse got up with Kisisa, and met up with the others. They had their breakfast, and Hurricurse kept a good eye on Sapphire, since he, like the others, was suspicious of her. For him, it was most likely because he knew that the men who killed Liniar wore Brachydios armor just like Sapphire.

But the suspicion would have to wait, since, after a few minutes of patrol, the group heard a roaring sound. Hurricurse went to check it out, when he saw a bolt of lightning nearly hit him. He was startled by it, as it was unnatural, there was not a cloud in the sky!

The source of the lightning strike revealed itself, as a large tigrex like creature! A Diorekkusu! The Driorekkusu spke.

You are Hurricurse aren't you!? The Collective sent me to kill you and your group! You may be tough with your group, but now you are alone! Its just as the humans say... Divide and Conquer!

Hurricurse drew Dios, prepared for battle, but then he heard a familiar voice.

"Who said Hurricurse was alone?" Taka said. He followed Hurricurse from the moment he went to investigate the Diorekkusu's roar.

The Diorekkusu gave a roar.

Taka! The Hero of the Central world, as the humans call you! Your attempts to end the war is futile, since true peace between monsters and humans can only be accomplished when the humans are extinct! I am Thundaria, the Vile Thunder, feel my Electric Wrath!

Thundaria shot a thunderbolt at Taka,  but he dodged just in time to avoid the strike, and drew his Dark Claw Demise, and started to slash at the Thunder Roaring Wyvern's legs, as Hurricurse sliced at the tail, but their weapons just bounced off the armor of Thundaria's hide.

Thundaria taunted them.

Is that the best you can do? Hah! I have seen better from a Vespoid! Sorry, but you two must die!

Thundaria began to charge up electricity, and was about to make an Energy field roar, when suddenly, an arrow hit her in the eye. She roared in pain as the arrow stuck to her eyeball, and looked, with her other eye, at the source of the arrow. It was Kisisa, she saved the shapeshifters' lives.

Thundaria snarled
400px-FrontierGen-Diorekkusu Render 001

Thundaria the Diorekkusu


How dare you blind me in the eye Human female?! I would might as well zap you into nothingness myself!

She was about to send another Thunderbolt, when Hurricurse, in the guise of a Deviljho, bit her in the arm. The bite force was enough to break through the armor, allowing Taka to slash the legs, without worrying about his Dark claw demise bouncing off.

Thundaria then used her Energy field roar to make Hurricurse back off, and then backed off herself. She snarled, and a black aura was seen around her.

I will not lose to a group of mammals! You humans are better off extinct, and I will make sure it happens!

Hurricurse, still in Deviljho form, let out a Dragon element breath, but Thundaria dodged, and let out an Energy field roar, which knocked Hurricurse on his side. As Thundaria was about to finish the job, Taka turned into a Doragyurosu and hit her with a dragon element attack!

Hurricurse took the time given to him to recover, and then attacked Thundaria, by biting her in the tail, and lifting her in the air and slamming her into the ground! Thundaria was now disoriented, and was helpless as Hurricurse bit her in the neck! But then the whole area became dark, and a large creature swooped down from the air, and knocked Hurricurse away, and twisted Thundaria's neck, killing her! It was a Gore Magala, progenitor of the Feral Wyvern Virus!

It "Eyed" Hurricurse and Taka (This term was used loosely, since Gore Magala does not have eyes), and roared. Hurricurse and Taka both reverted to human form, and drew their weapons.

Goa magara

Gore Magala!

The rest of the group came, Sapphire included, when the heard the eerie wailing roar of the Gore Magala.

The Black Eclipse Dragon snarled, and flew off, as if it did not want to  fight, which was odd, considering Gore  Magala's natural aggression. The Group sheathed their weapons, and went back to camp, unaware that the gore magala did not actually leave, since after they left, the gore magala returned to feast on Thundaria's corpse.

Chapter 16: The Collective's new plan.

The Collective was not pleased with Thundaria's failure, but were interested in that a Gore Magala would bother to attack Thundaria.

"What would have drawn the Gore Magala to her?" Anguisha asked.

Kesena shook her head. "It was Thundaria's lust for power that was the bait. But it appears the bait was too tasty for her own good."

Diralix laughed. "Yeah! She got CHOMPED instead!"

The rest of the Collective, save for Kesena, Gaia and Anguisha laughed. Anguisha shook his head and then spoke.

"Thundaria was not well prepared for the two shapeshifters' power, and a weak hearted fool like her stood no chance of controling the darkness in her. But the Shapeshifters will prove to be a problem, they must not end the war and find out of our plans to wipe out their precious humans."

Kesena remained cool and collected. "Fear not, it will take them ages to end the war between humans and monsters."

Anguisha was not really sure if that was true, but he nodded. Kesena then spoke again.

"And they are blissfully unaware of the traitor in their group."

Anguisha was really interested now. "Yes... Sapphire. The one who's kingdom plans to invade the Revalius region."

Kesena grinned. "We gave her Hurricurse's location, and sent her to him. She hopes to finish him off. But will she succeed? Or will her inner darkness swallow her? Either way, she will bring Hurricurse to ARK Island, where, if she succeeds, she will break him, but before that can happen we will have to do some... manipulating!"

The Collective's members were interested in what Kesena was saying.

"Shira is the one who we will manipulate. She is looking for her friends as we speak. I gave her some "information" that will "help" her find them. There, we will do the manipulating, and give her some "advice".

Chapter 17: Shira's motivation

Hurricurse, Kisisa, Taka, Relcia, Arion and Sapphire were on their way to Helgas village, which was a town not too far away from Murkwood bog. Before that, they met up with Jet the Rathling, who managed to reunite with his mother Blossom, who would gaurd the group's new base, while they went to go to Helgas Village to get supplies needed for the base.

But when they were halfway from the village, the met someone familiar, standing in the road.

It was Shira, and she grinned. "There you are. I have looked everywhere for you!"

Hurricurse was surprised to see Shira this far away from Central City. Shira asked Kisisa and Arion why they left without telling her, but before she could get an answer, she looked to see Taka, Relcia and Sapphire. Just looking at them seemed to make her drop the subject. Kisisa was wondering why she would not want an answer anymore, but was somehow glad that Shira dropped the subject. But before she could say anything, Shira was walking away.

They were confused. But they decided to go to Helgas Village. But while they were heading there, Shira was looking at them, and Kesena was by her side.

"See, Shira? It is exactly as I told you. When they left you, they simply found new friends when you were looking for them. Pity, As you live for the hunt, and they want to end the war."

Shira would normally not believe such things, but the darkness inside her was growing. Now she was angry at them. She would make them pay eventually.

Chapter 18: The missing girl

Helgas Village was a busy town when Hurricurse, Taka, Relcia, Kisisa, Arion and Sapphire got there. The village was full of activity. But the group was here for the carpenter shop, where they were getting supplies for the base at Murkwood bog. Kisisa knew the carpenter who worked here. The Carpenter also had a daughter named Marlene. But when they got to the shop, they saw that it was closed.

They wondered why it would be closed, until they saw the carpenter herself.

"Donna!" Kisisa yelled.

The Carpenter, Donna, looked to see Kisisa, and smiled weakly. "Kisisa."

But that smile quickly faded. She was accompanied by her daughter's friend, Jackzel, who seemed to be worried.

"Whats wrong Donna? Why is the store closed?" Kisisa asked.

Donna then told them everything.

"I was getting up this morning to open the shop, but Marlene was not in her room. At first I thought that she went to see Jackzel here, but when I saw that Marlene was not with him, I was beginning to worry. I asked everyone who knew her about Marlene's whereabouts, but they say they never seen her today. I'm closing the shop until I can find her. Jackzel agreed to help, but we can't find her anywhere in this town."

Donna was beginning to cry. Kisisa was a little worried too. But Hurricurse stepped up. "How about we help you find Marlene? The more people you have looking for her, the better your chances."

Donna gasped. "You would help me? I would be most grateful!"

Hurricurse then began to question Jackzel. "Is there anywhere nearby that she could have gone to aside from here?"

Jackzel began to think. "Well... There are two places I can think of. Breezy meadows, where we usually play, but then theres Crismon Forest.

Everyone, Hurricurse, Sapphire, Taka and Relcia notwithsanding, gasped.

"Crismon Forest?!" Arion questioned, as if in disbeleif.

Donna was now extremely worried. "You and Marlene play in a dangerous place like Black Forest?!"

Jackzel had tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry Donna. But you can usually find alot of rare things there."

Hurricurse then reached a decision.

"Well, seeing as Crismon Forest seems to be the most dangerous spot out of the two. Me, Taka, Kisisa, Relcia, Sapphire and Arion will go there. Donna, You and Jackzel can go check out Breezy meadows. Let us do the more dangerous stuff."

Donna agreed. She was no warrior, so she would not stand a chance in Crismon Forest. Hurricurse, Taka and the rest of the group went out of the Helgas Village gates, and towards the road to Crismon Forest.

A few miles later....

Crismon Forest was named for two reasons. The first was that a battle took place here, between two rival kingdoms. The second was that the leaves here turn a crismon red color, like blood, during the night. No one knows why they do this, but one thing is for certain, It was a dangerous place, due to the many predators that inhabit the woods, including Najarala, Gore Magala, Nerscylla, and the ocassional Stygian Zinogre and Yian Garuga.

Hurricurse, Taka, Relcia, Kisisa, Sapphire and Arion came here in this most unusual and dangerous forest to look for Marlene, since if she is here, she could be in grave danger.

They searched for what felt like hours, until they found what looked like  pair of footprints. Hurricurse was the first to realize that they were not the group's own footprints, they were too small. They had to be Marlene's. They realized that they were getting close.

They then found what looked like a little girl with a red bow on her hair. This had to be Marlene.

"Marlene, Is that you?" Hurricurse asked.

The girl turned. "I am."

"Come on Marlene, Your Mother is worried. This is no time for games!" Kisisa said.

Then they heard a familiar voice.

"But Kisisa, I thought you liked playing games! Or are you and Arion too "Cool" to play now that you hang out with the Amnesiac Shapeshifter?!"

It was Shira's voice.

"Shira.. What are you doing here?" Kisisa asked.

"Playing with Marlene." Shira said.

Arion then stepped up. "In a dangerous place like this?! You are crazy!"

Shira then glared at Arion. "Not as crazy as you guys for attempting to end the war. Don't think I did not know! My parents died because of the monsters!"

What they did not realize was that Marlene wandered off. That is, until she screamed.

353px-MH4-Shagaru Magara Render 001

Shagaru Magara

The turned to see a Shagaru Magala holding Marlene in one of it's arm like wings! It roared at the group.

Hurricurse was not fazed by this, as he turned into a Najarala and roared back. Taka turned into a Brachydios, while Relcia took out her Raven Tessens, and Kisisa took out her new bow, the Rapax Bow, made from materials from the Wilolu that Arion killed back at Central City. Arion took out her newer Gunlance, the Lagia burst, and Sapphire took out her Nerscylla Insect rod, and sent out Nightshade. Shira took out her Ravager Blade.

Kingdom Hearts 114:22

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Music Extended - Shrouding Dark Cloud

Crimson Forest Theme 1

"Hold on Marlene!" Kisisa yelled out.

Hurricurse, in Najarala form, shot his large scales near the Shagaru Magala, and then rattled his tail, causing a loud, Earsplitting noise that caused the Elder Dragon to drop Marlene to cover whatever part of it's head passed for ears. As Marlene fell, Taka turned into a Rajang and caught her. He set her down, and told her to stay back.

When the Shagaru Magala was back on track, it pounced onto Hurricurse, causing him to revert as he lost focus. The elder dragon eyed him, and took one of it's arms and lifted Hurricurse into the air, and threw him towards a tree, which, upon impact, knocked the wind out of Hurricurse for a moment, but by the time he caught his breath, the Shagaru Magara was already charging towards him. Taka saw this, and sent a pounced onto the elder dragon, and turned into a Furious Rajang, then he electrified his fist and punched the shagaru magara in the face, knocking one of it's teeth out.

But after the Shagaru Magala then took flight, and fired Frenzy virus blasts, Taka had to play keep away, as the elder dragon was now the one with the upper hand. Kisisa shot a few arrows at the elder dragon, but it was too quick to get a clear shot.

But when it finally landed, Shira took her Ravager Blade and sliced towards an arm, and the blade got stuck in the right wing. The Elder Dragon roared in pain as the blades got further into the arm, and Sapphire took the liberty to do a pole vault and jumped onto the Shagaru Magala's back. She took her own knife and started to slice and stab the elder dragon's back, causing it even more pain. Arion took her Lagia Burst Gunlance, and fired shots when she got close enough, while Kisisa sent Arrows towards the chest area. Relcia sliced the legs with her Raven Tessens, and Hurricurse turned into an Ivory Lagiacrus, and shot some lightning balls towards the elder dragon, while Taka, still in Furious Rajang form, forcefully opened the Shagaru Magala's mouth and charged up a lightning ball. The elder dragon whimpered as it knew what was about to happen, as the lightning ball was shot into the reptillian menace's throat, causing it to explode, decapitating the creature.

Shira took her Ravager Blade out of the now lifeless carcass, and put it away. Kisisa, Relcia, Arion and Sapphire did as well, and Hurricurse and Taka reverted to human form. When the group was about to confront Shira, she glared at them. "And another monster falls victim to justice."

Hurricurse glared back. "Justice, is it Shira? Or is it meaningless vengence and hatred?"

Kisisa held Marlene's hands, and told her to go home. Marlene went towards the path to Helgas Village, while Taka came to step in front of Shira.

"Hurricurse is right! You seem to think that all monsters are meant to be killed, and because of what? A single monster that killed your parents? That is no excuse to kill all monsters with predjudice! They are living beings with as much right to live as humans do!"

Shira  would not beleive this. "So you would rather help them? Animals that have no hearts!?"

Hurricurse shook his head. "Animal or not. They do have hearts, and also.. At least they have a concience."

Shira did not beleive what Hurricurse said. "Concience?"

Kisisa spoke next. "You may not beleive it, But Hurricurse is right. You may not be able to hear it, but right now it is loud and clear! And it's telling us that you are on the wrong side!"

Shira glared. "Then you give me no other choice."

Then a loud roar was heard. The group looked behind them to see a large Flower opening, revealing a Snake like body with a flowered head and scythe like claws. A Floraalaga!

Shira chuckled. "If you wish to help end the war, you might as well die like a monster."
Goji chloro

Floraalaga, the Floralian.

The group saw Shira dissapear in a black portal. How did she gain this power? But now they had bigger problems. The Floraalaga made a barrage of thorny vines around the area, preventing the group from escaping. Now, they had to fight!

Chapter 19: The Venomous Bloom

The Floraalaga eyed the group for a while. Taka was already in Brachydios form, and Hurricurse in Rathalos form. Arion, Sapphire, Kisisa and Relcia drew their weapons. They expected the Floraalaga to attack, and after a while of confused appearance on the Floralian's part, it attacked with it's scythe like arms! They narrowly missed Hurricurse, and Taka punched the Floraalaga's hide, releasing some explosive slime.

When the slime exploded however, it did not faze it. It seemed to laugh, as if it was merely tickled. Taka was confused for a minute, until when Hurricurse tried to fire a fireball at the Floralian, to no avail.
Thardus Battle - Metroid Prime Music Extended-130:00

Thardus Battle - Metroid Prime Music Extended-1

Floraalaga's Theme

The hide of the creature must be able to take alot of punishment. Taka thought to himself. How are we going to hurt it?!

The Floraalaga's petals on it's head started to glow, and it opened it's mouth (or what passed for a mouth anyway), and fired it's photosynthisis fireballs at the group.

They were able to dodge the attacks, but Hurricurse and Taka knew that the Floraalaga could probally outlast them if this went on any longer. They pondered about a possible weakness, since every living thing had one.

Then Arion noticed something. The roots of the Floraalaga were visible, and it looked as if the Floraalaga was trying to keep them protected as it attacked.

Then Arion made a theory. It must be trying to protect a weak zone. Arion thought. If we can somehow get to the roots, we may be able to beat it!

Arion ran towards the roots, dodging swipes from the Floraalaga's scythes. when she got to the roots, she took her hunting knife and sliced at the roots, releasing a green sap as the roots bleed.

The Floraalaga screeched in pain, and tried to take a swipe at Arion, but by the time it found her, Hurricurse and Taka took the hint, and Hurricurse, still in Rathalos,  told Arion to get out of the way. Once she was, Hurricurse let lose a fireball towards the roots, which, upon impact, Ignited the Floraalaga.

The Floralian screeched in pain and agony as it's roots were burned, and after a while, it fell to the ground, and it's eyes darkened. It was dead.

When the Floraalaga died, the Thorns surrounding the area wilted and dissapeared, allowing the group to get out of Crimson Forest.

Chapter 20: Returning to Helgas Village

When the Group returned to Helgas Village, they saw Marlene rushing towards Donna. Donna hugged her, while crying with joy that she was not harmed. But while this reunion was touching, Kisisa was clearly troubled. Hurricurse saw this, and asked Kisisa if she was alright. Kisisa glanced at Hurricurse and smiled weakly. Hurricurse somehow knew that Shira was the cause of Kisisa's troubled state. Shira did, after all, Leave the group to a Floraalaga to die.

Something, or someone, must have been manipulating Shira... But what or whom? Hurricurse thought. And it it is troubling Kisisa.

Hurricurse was getting nowhere wondering on who or what could have influenced Shira to take a rather dark path. Donna offered to give a discount to the group for their carpenting needs, which Hurricurse and the group accepted, and after they made the arrangements to get the supplies to the ruins of Murkwood, Hurricurse and Kisisa went for a stroll around the village.

They were walking near a church when a priest was hollering out something that Hurricurse found interesting.

"The Monsters are the least of our worries people! The Demons of Revalius are plotting to wipe us out! They will finish what they have started 200 years ago! One way or another! They can barely tolerate our existence, and now that we and the Monsters have waged war on each other, They will see to it that we are killed in cold blood and whoever they don't kill, they will enslave. We need to stop our useless war against Mother nature, and deal with the true problem."

Of course, no one in the village would listen to his preachings, but Hurricurse found it rather true. The war is indeed, a useless one. But Who are these Demons of Revalius?

Kisisa saw that Hurricurse was listening to the priest, and nudged him. "Are you ok? You seemed rather lost in thought."

Hurricurse nodded. "It's just that I can see truth in that Priest's words. I need to know more."

Kisisa followed, just in case things did not go very well. When Hurricurse asked the priest about who the Demons of Revalius are, the Preist looked surprised that anyone was intrested in his preaching.

"Well young lad, The Demons of Revalius are demonic beings who represent the world's darker side, seekers of darkness and destroyers of many civilizations before us. It is said that they formed a group called "The Collective", a group of Monsters that follow the demons' every order. We don't have much time left, as they will finish the job they started so many years ago! Do you understand?"

Hurricurse understood all too well. He heard the name "The Collective" many times.

The preist continued. "The Demons are lead by Kesena, A witch of a demon! She and her cult are the sole reason why Oakwood was destroyed, and the reason why so many people from there fled here to continue their lives."

Hurricurse was shocked to hear this. But not as shocked as he was when a hunting horn came calling.

Hurricurse and Kisisa met up with the rest of the Group, and saw more and more hunters rushing towards the gates. Then, the gates blew apart as a Demonic looking Fatalis roared.

640px-FrontierGen-Fatalis Render 001

G-Rank Fatalis, But guess "Who" it is?

The Hunters slashed and hacked and shot at the creature, but it did little more than irritate the Dragon, and it used the Black Flame Element to breath a ghostly blue flame out of it's mouth to burn a majority of the hunters to ash. It was unnaturally powerful, even for an elder dragon of it's size!

But things got even worse, as a Deviljho, world eater sized, a Shagaru Magala, an Azure Rathalos, a Lunastra, a Najarala, and a Dark Teostra began to swarm in, and slaughter everyone in their path!

The Group had no choice but to run, but Hurricurse could sense something in those monsters. Taka saw that Hurricurse was just standing there, with him holding his head as if his mind was being clawed at by an unseen force. Taka knew somehow that these were not genuine monsters, but he rushed in and grabbed Hurricurse.

"What are you doing?! We need to get out of here!"

But as he said this, the Fatalis looked towards Hurricurse and Taka, and walked towards them. Taka saw this, and urged Hurricurse to get moving.

Hurricurse had no need for further Goading, and followed Taka and the rest of the group.

The Fatalis seemed to make a grin which looked unnaturally like a human's and roared as the rest of the monsters in it's "Pack" burned and teared the village of Helgas Village down to the ground.

The Group managed to get to the other side of the village, where they escaped the ruins that was Helgas Village, along with many villagers who are now refugees, as the remaining hunters helped them evacuate. The Refugees were being taken to Central City.

But Hurrcicurse felt like something was wrong with the whole picture. Why would a bunch of monsters attack Helgas Village, and why now? And what was that demonic presence that he felt in those monsters. It was as if he could tell instantly that the monsters that attacked Helgas Village were actually another sort of entities in monster form.

The Group wandered away from the caravan of Refugees, and decided to head to a nearby Forest, and camp there. As the night settled in, the group were walking in a Forest known by the locals as "Wilolu Forest", which was named so because Wilolus sometimes congregate here during breeding season.

But Wilolu's were going to be the least of their worries, as a large serpentine shadow made itself known in the corner of Hurricurse's eye, and he turned to see a large Najarala appear right behind the group.

The group drew their weapons, and the Najarala seemed to laugh. It spoke in human language, something that was unexpected.

"So you are Hurricurse!" The Najarala said. "I have waited a long time for this!"

Hurricurse wondered what the Najarala meant, but then he had the sensation he had in Helgs Village, although less extreme. He realized who this Najarala was.

"You are a demon aren't you?" Hurricurse asked.

Everyone else wondered what Hurricurse meant until the Najarala laughed.

"Yes, that I am. I am Anguisha! A Demon of Revalius! I may not be the strongest of them, but I am deadly in my own right!"

Anguisha turned into a humanoid form, still having Najarala features, And summoned, with a gesture of his hand, a staff, and struck the ground with it, making a large sound, similar to a high pitched sonic bomb, which startled the group for a minute, and that sound signaled the arrival of the other Demons.

Viralix, the Shagaru Magala Demon, appeared, as did Envira the Lunastra demon, Gaia the Dark Teostra demon, Diralix the Deviljho demon, Hedas the Azure Rathalos demon and Kesens the Fatalis demon.

The Group realized that this was the Collective!

Kesena spoke to Hurricurse.

"Ah, Hurricurse, we have been expecting you! You must know who we are by now."

Hurricurse did know. "You are a bunch of murderous freaks!"

"SILENCE!" Gaiasopheles roared. "No human dares to insult the Demons of Revalius without paying with their lives!"

Kesena continued. "So sad, and here we thought we could be friends, just as Shira decided to be, once we made her submit to us!"

Kisisa and Arion could not beleive that Shira would join the Demons, but why else would she leave them to a Floraalaga?

Kesena spoke to Anguisha. "Anguisha, deal with them. Show them a taste of the power of the demons of Revalius!"

Anguisha smiled. "With pleasure, Mistress!"

The rest of the demons went through their own portals of darkness, and dissapeared. The Group will have to fight Anguisha.

Chapter 21: Anguisha's Wrath and a New Ally!

The Group prepared to fight Anguisha as they drew their weapons, But Anguisha pushed all but Hurricurse away with a push with an unseen force. Taka, after he got up, tried charging, only to knock himself onto the ground again as if he ran into an Unseen wall. Everyone tried to get through, but they could not get pass the invisible barrier. Anguisha laughed.

"Now we will see if you truly are the one to stop us! That is... If you don't die trying!" Anguisha said cackling.

Hurricurse used Dios to try to slash Anguisha in half, but the demon was fast, unnaturally fast, and dodged the blade. Then he attempted to skewer Hurricurse with a scale plate from his tail, which missed as Hurricurse dodged. Hurricurse then attempted to slash again, only to have Anguisha block the attack with his staff.

Hurricurse could not help but taunt him for some reason.

"You know.... With all the power you demons have, I would think you would hit harder, You Snake Wyvern!"

Anguisha then hissed as he started to turn into a Najarala. "Sssnake Wyvern? You have no idea how much of a Sssnake Wyvern I can be!"

Anguisha, in his Najarala form, attempted to coil around Hurricurse, but Hurricurse then jumped out of that trap, and turned into a Barioth, and attacked with a swipe of his claws from mid-air!

This attack left a scratch on Anguisha's face, and he hissed in anger!

Taka then realized that Anguisha was losing focus on his barrier that was meant to keep him and the rest of the group away, and was about to shapeshift, at least, until a strange sight got his attention towards behind Anguisha.

Anguisha was now coiling around Hurricurse, while he was still in Barioth form, but he turned as a shadow appeared next to him, and looked to see a Gore Magala, but it had Shagaru Magala like features, as if it's own transformation was interrupted somehow.

It was a Chaotic Gore Magala, and it used it's large Clawed Arm like wings to force Anguisha's grip on Hurricurse to loosen, and  Hurricurse used this opportunity to squirm out, and fly into the air and slash at Anguisha's back, as Anguisha's attention was now focused on the Chaotic Gore Magala.

The Chaotic Gore Magala then grabbed Anguisha's parrot like mouth, and forced it open, and then seemed to speak to Hurricurse.

Now Ssshapessshifter! Here'sss your opportunity'!

Hurricurse needed no further goading and turned into a Agnaktor, and Shot a heat beam towards the throat, making Anguisha's throat explode, decapitating him!

As Anguisha's head fell to the ground, the Chaotic Gore Magala let go of the carcass, and turned towards Hurricurse, now reverting to human form. The rest of the group came running towards Hurricurse.

The Chaos Gore Magala turned to step towards Hurricurse and the group, and spoke.

You owe me one Hurricurssse! The Chaotic Gore Magala said. If it were not for me, You would have ended up jusssst like many victimssss did when fighting Anguissssha!

Hurricurse did not know how the dragon even know his name.

"Who are you?" He asked the curious looking creature.

The Chaotic Gore Magala seemed to laugh. Don't you remember Hurricursssse? When you and the other Sssshapeshifter were fighting the Diorekkussssu?

Then that was when Hurricurse realized that this was the same Gore Magala that killed Thundaria!

Yessss, That wasss, me! My name is Ssshadewing! I look like thissss becausssse my transsssformation into an adult wassss "Interrupted" for ssssome reasssson that even I cannot fathom. I sssstill have trouble sssseeing the way you humanssss do in my current sssstate, but I can make out your sssshapessss. You, Hurricursssse, are the one who ussssed to live in the place the humansss call ARK Island!

The Information that Shadewing gave sounded familiar to Hurricurse.

Ark Island? That sounds familiar, but why?

Kisisa came stepping up, and asked the dragon how he came to know this.

Shadewing grumbled for a little before answering.

I came to know thisss after I firssst encountered Hurricurssse, and then came to meet Ignitusss, the Teossstra. He gave me the information I needed, and I went to find you once I grew stronger. Mosssst of the monssssterssss here are looking forward to the end of the monsssster war here in Revaliussss. Ignitusss was also the one who told me about Hurricursssse'sss memory losssss, and I went to find as much information as I could about Hurricurse as I could. But You should be wary....

Hurricurse wondered what the dragon meant. Shadewing continued.

The Collective and the Demonssss of Revaliussss know all about you now Hurricursssse, and will sssstop at nothing to sssstop you. And now that Anguissssha issss dead, they will try to avenge their fallen comrade. The Demonssss, you ssssee, are sssstrong, but not immortal. They live and die jusssst like any other living thing, give or take a few million yearssss. They live asssslong asss time allowssss, but can sssstill be sssslain. You musssst be able to stop the Collective and the Demonsss of Revaliusss before you can ssstop the war!

Hurricurse understood, and he felt like he had a responsibillity here in Revalius. If he was to end the war, he would have to stop the Collective, and the Demons of Revalius, before it is too late.

Shadewing then spoke again. Now if you will excuse me, I 'will be going. Good luck Hurricurse, for you will need it!

And with that, Shadewing flew off to who knows where. The group moved on towards the end of Wilolu Forest, and into the Pride Savannah to get to Chica Village, where they will try to find more information on "ARK Island".

Chapter 22: Battle with Hedas in the Savannahs

When the group managed to get to the edge of the forest and near an opening to Pride Savannah, the group decided to camp near the woods before moving on. Everyone was going to hit the sack, except for Hurricurse, who stared out at the Savannah's night sky. Kisisa noticed this, and decided to go to Hurricurse.

"Are you feeling alright?" Kisisa asked.

Hurricurse looked towards Kisisa, and gave a shrug.

"I don't know much about ARK Island, yet it sounds so familiar. I feel like we might be getting close to finding my origins. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. I am actually a little scared to find out. I feel like there is something there waiting for me."

Kisisa somehow knew that Hurricurse was a little nervous about this whole thing.

"Well, you won't be able to find out without being fully rested. Come on, lets go to sleep."

Hurricurse agreed, he won't get anywhere without rest. But as they were going in their tent, Sapphire snuck out of her's, and went deeper into the forest. It was there that a man in a black coat came to her. The man spoke.

"Are you sure you are going to be able to bring Hurricurse and his lackies down?"

Sapphire gave a grin. "You should know better than to underestimate me. I already have the plans set. Did you get the Special serum as requested?"

The Man gave Sapphire a syringe like object with an attatchment to it that fits into her Insect Glaive's Pheromone bullet shooter. It had a rather strange, Glowing orange liquid in it.

"Just remember, This "Primal Serum" is still experimental. There is no garuntee that it will work on a Shapeshifter of his strength." The Man warned her.

Sapphire just grinned. "Never tell me the odds. It will work, you will see. Now Go, before we are discovered."

The Man in the Black coat ran off, and Sapphire put the object with the strange liquid in her bag, and went back into her tent.

The Next morning.......

Everyone woke up as on scheduel, and headed into the Pride Savannahs. As they went through, they saw many monsters. Slagtoth were wading in the rivers, Volvidon were feeding from Altaroth nests, and a Yian Kut ku was feeding on a bunch of Konchu.

But with all this beauty, came a realization that the Group may be being watched. Hurricurse felt a familiar presence, a malevolent one, stalking them.

Everyone stopped when Hurricurse did, and they saw why he did, as a Dark portal opened right in front of them, and Hedas, the Azure Rathalos Demon, in his humanoid form, apeared in front of it as the portal dissapeared.

"OH Come on!" Relcia said. "Don't you have Better things to do?!"

Hedas gave a rather dark stare. "I heard you twerps have disposed of Anguisha. And now I will avenge him! But first, I will say one thing. You, Hurricurse, will learn your place!"

Hurricurse was not fazed by this, and drew Dios. Taka, Relcia, Arion, Sapphire and Kisisa drew their weapons as well.

"Don't worry Hurricurse, you won't have to fight him alone." Taka said.

Hedas cackled. "Actually, as a matter of fact, He WILL!"

Thats when everyone but Hurricurse were pushed away by an unseen force, and were being kept from advancing by a invisible barrier, just as was the case with Anguisha.

Hurricurse sighed. "I hate it when you pull that one off!"

Regrdless, Hurricurse focused on trying to fight Hedas. He rushed to slice at Hedas, but the demon was quicker, and blasted Hurricurse aside with a fire blast.

Hurricurse, after he got his footing, turned into a Rajang, and attempted to pummel Hedas, but again, without success. Hedas was just too quick for him to get a hit on.

Hedas laughed. "Is that the best you can do?" He said, Taunting Hurricurse. "It is sad to say, but you all have to die!"

Hedas turned into his Azure Rathalos form, and roared. Hurricurse turned into an Ivory Lagiacrus, and attempted to fry Hedas with volts and volts of Electricity, but Hedas flew out of the way. Hedas then swiped his talons at Hurricurse, knocking him over, and standing on him, he was about to fire a fireball.

But as he was about to do so, a group of blade like scales came flying out of nowhere, and hit Hedas in the side, knocking him over, giving Hurricurse a chance to get up. Everyone looked towards the direction that the scales were fired from and saw a Seregios, with a scar above it's eye.

400px-MH4U-Seregios Render 001

Scar the Seregios

Hedas realized who this Seregios was, and grinned.

"Scar! How long the days have been without you! Only problem is... I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS!"

The Seregios, apparently named Scar, gave a hissing snarl.

Listen Hedas! Kill a young chick's parents, and leave the said chick alive, you better expect company! Scar said.

Hedas grinned. "Oh how sloppy of me! I guess I should have snuffed you out as well!"

Scar snarled, and charged. This is for my parents!

Hedas charged as well, and when the two took to the air, a dogfight ensued in mid air.

Hurricurse was confused for a minute, but he was not going to stay out of the action. He turned into a Sand Barioth, and flew into the air, and joined the fight. Hurricurse swiped at Hedas's back while he was distracted, and sent him crashing to the ground.

Scar then fired his Blade Scales towards Hedas, each one peircing into the Shell of the demon. He kept doing so until one group of those scales hit the underbelly of the demon, which put Hedas into agonizing pain. So much pain, in fact, that it forced him to revert to humanoid form.

When Scar and Hurricurse landed, With Hurricurse reverting to human form, and drawing Dios, Hurricurse rushed towards Hedas and sliced at the neck, decapitating Hedas!

As Hedas' head fell to the ground, the body, head included, faded away in a black mist that slowly, but surely, dissapeared.

Scar gave a Screeching roar of victory, rattling his scales as he did. Hurricurse just had to say "Show off..." as he did.

Scar then turned to face Hurricurse, as the rest of the group came to him. Scar then spoke to Hurricurse.

Call me what you like, but I have my own reasons for fighting the Collective! Just in case you did not know, that same demon, along with another, were the ones who killed my family! And every member of the Collective that falls feels like a victory for me! At this point, I don't care about 'claiming territory, only revenge! Not that I support the war, since I think it is pointless. Anyways, I was circling this area for any sign of Collective activity when I found you, and it was when you changed into a Rajang that you caught my attention, since I never seen a human change into a monster before!

Hurricurse just shrugged. "Well get used to it, since as long as you see me, you will see alot of it! I am trying to end this war, since, like you said, it is pointless."

Scar was really intrigued at this point. He never heard of a Human wanting to end the war. Then he had an idea.

Stardust might want to see you and your group! He told me that a Teostra was going around Revalius spreading the word to every Monster that wants the war to end that a group of humans that wanted to end it also were going around Revalius!

Hurricurse asked who this "Stardust" was. Scar was glad to answer the question.

Stardust is a Monoblos who has fought countless wars between Monsters and Humans just to end them for as long as he could remember. He found and adopted me as his own, and taught me how to be a warrior like him. You could say that he became something like a, what you humans call, a "Father figure". But enough "Q " and "A"! Lets get going! I heard that Stardust met this Teostra who goes by the name Ignitus, and wants to see you for himself!

Hurricurse was excited to see Ignitus again, and decided to meet Stardust as well.

"Lead the way!" Hurricurse said.

Scar was glad to do so. We should get moving now and get as far as we can before sunset, since it is very dangerous to travel at night, thanks to the Savage Deviljho named Yaban! I will spare you the details for now, but we need to get moving!

And with that, the group followed Scar to the place where Stardust and Ignitus would be waiting. They got pretty far before the sun began to set. The group camped near a pool of water, and Scar decided to keep watch, lest they encounter Yaban the Savage Deviljho.

Chapter 23: Scar's information, and the dream that will always be remembered....

Before everyone hit the sack, they gathered around the fire to listen to Scar's own story on Yaban the savage deviljho, or at least, what he knew about him.

Apparently, Yaban was a normal Deviljho once, until he saw an oppurtunity in the monster war in Revalius. Yaban was power hungry since he hatched from his egg, even to the point where he ate his sister alive as she hatched.

He was merciless, and as he grew, he became ever more Power Hungry, He would eat any other deviljho that he came across to become a Savage Deviljho, and would then attack any creature, human or monster, that he came across, and eat them alive, regardless of their strength and size!

Monsters in Pride Savannah live in fear because of Yaban, and for good reason. He was afflicted with the Frenzy virus, from a Gore Magala that he overpowered. He overcame the Infection somehow, and got even stronger. But it is said that he did this to impress the Demons of Revalius with his willingness to accept a power at any cost, to the point where he would join the Collective.

By all sources, Scar confirmed that Yaban did indeed impress Kesena, the head of the collective, and she allowed him in the Collective, and gave him the power to never die from starvation, a weakness that plagued every deviljho, which Yaban eagerly accepted, and with that power, he was able to endure hunger without dying from it. Now, he kills just for fun, and to show his dominance and that of the Collective! No one dared to challenge him. Not even the strongest of Rajang were willing to challenge him.

Hurricurse was shocked that even a Deviljho would dare to join the Collective, or was even willing to do anything for power, even if it meant killing others! But when everyone went to hit the sack, Hurricurse was sleeping with Kisisa in their tent, and began dreaming again.

It was not like any of the other dreams though. It was the same setting, we was on the same island, but he could feel a breeze of cold air. He looked behind him to find a Kirin that looked like Kama. It was Kama!

Hurricurse, you will find your memories soon. Once you come here in ARK Island. But There is something you must know. Remember when I said that Liniar love Kirins?

Hurricurse did remember. But he was not getting the connection. Kama then began to glow, and When Hurricurse blinked, he saw a familiar girl, and heard a familiar voice.

Well? What do you think?
Kingdom Hearts II Music - Roxas' Theme01:19

Kingdom Hearts II Music - Roxas' Theme

Liniar's Theme

Hurricurse was shocked, but happy at the same time. Tears came to his eyes.

"Liniar! I thought I would never see you again!"

Liniar smiled. "Don't be silly Hurricurse. When I died, I was greeted in the afterlife by a Kirin, and it gave me the oppurtunity to live again as one. It was everything I could ever want, and I also have been looking after you the moment you lost your memory. Out of sight sure, since now, I am only a spirit, but I was always there. But there is something else you must now. I came to you now because it will be the last time I see you in your dreams."

Hurricurse wondered what she meant, until she began to turn pale. He began to shed more tears as he begged. "Don't leave me! I don't know when I will ever see you again!"

Liniar smiled. "Hurricurse, I will always be there, in your heart. As of now, I will be living as a Kirin named Kama. You might see one, but you might not know it's me, but we will see each other again, and as long as our hearts are connected, I will always be there for you."

When Liniar began to glow again, she was replaced by Kama, and she galloped off.

Hurricurse, as he began to white out, uttered the words. "So long... Liniar..."

Chapter 24: Meeting Friends, Old and new!

When Hurricurse woke up, he saw that every one was ready to go, and he got ready as quickly as possible. When everyone was ready to go, They followed Scar the Seregios to an area in Pride Savannah that had a large Cave.

Scar went into the cave for a few minutes, and when he flew out and landed in front of the group, a Familiar face to Hurricurse came in the form of a Teostra, alongside a Monoblos, apparently Stardust.

The Teostra looked to see Hurricurse, and seemed to smile. It was Ignitus! But Stardust the Monoblos was the first to speak.

So you are the group that Ignitus has told me about. If Scar trusts you, and Ignitus does, then I guess I can trust you as well. I assume you met Scar, my adopted son. He was raised by me to be a warrior like me, and I taught him everything I knew about combat. And apparently, we are not the only monsters who think alot about you.

Hurricurse wondered what he meant, until Blossom the Pink Rathian, Jet the Rathling, and Shadewing the Chaotic Gore Magala came about from different directions.

Hurricurse was amazed to see so many old faces today. Jet the Rathling was especially happy to see Hurricurse. Ignitus the Teostra was the next to speak.

We are gathering as many monsters that want to end the war as we can. However, the Collective is growing stronger and stronger, and they are becoming desperate eversince you slain two of their kind. It seems they are working towards a goal, and it involves the destruction of the human civilization. What that goal is... we do not know. But if we are to defeat them, we need to help you reclaim your memories, and to do that, we need to go to ARK Island. We know you were heading to Chica Village, but the humans know little of ARK Island, since It has been a secret among you humans for years. Not many ever have heard of it, but the monsters know all about it.

Hurricurse was willing to listen to what had to be said about ARK Island. He would not be dissapointed. Ignitus told them what he knew.

ARK Island is a land off the coast of this region that was the site of a crashed obejct that came from the sky many years ago. The object in question was not a meteor, but a ship from an alien species, unknown to our world.

The humans in Revalius kept this a secret from most of the world, and did research on it, gaining new technology, unknown to most human's own grasp of concept. We gained intelligence from a Chameleos that ARK Island may have something to do with Hurricurse's Past.

Hurricurse was willing to go to Ark Island, and find out his past, but Ignitus somehow knew that Hurricurse was thinking of going and spoke some more.

Unfortunately, the exact deails of the connection between ARK Island and Hurricurse is unclear. We could take you there, but we need to do some more things first. Pride Savannah is under the terrible influence of Yaba'n' the Savage Deviljho, If you could defeat him, you may gain the favor of the Area's own native monsters, while at the same time, crippling the Collective, since Yaba'n' acts as an enforcer of the Collective's dominance.

Hurricurse needed no further motivation. But Ignitus was not finished.

Once we deal with Yaba'n', we will head towards the Bitterchilled Tundra, where we will find a Ukanlos who taught me about the elder dragon that renounced all violence. He, however, is a great warrior, and won't help us willingly. He would have to test your strength in order to see if you are worthy of his help in stopping the war. His name is Frost, and he looks forward to stopping the Collective. But no matter. Hurricurse, you need to find Yaban, and defeat him.

Hurricurse understood, and the group would wait until sunset, since, according to Scar, thats when he hunts the most.

Chapter 25: Hurricurse V.S. Yaban

When sunset came, Hurricurse and the others went on the hunt for Yaban. They searched every cave and every patch of land, but they could not find him. It was dark out, and the group would be in a real mess if Yaban caught them off gaurd.

But Hurricurse had a plan. They would not need to find Yaban. He would simply try to lure Yaban to them, using something that Arion liked to call "Scent Spray" Which she made during her time in the hunter's guild as an experiment. The concept behind it was simply using an attractive set of chemicals that appeal to a certain species of Monster, and use the scent of the chemicals to draw the monster towards them. And what better way to lure a Savage Deviljho than to use something that smelled like rotting flesh?! Even Yaban could not possibly resist something that smelled like a free meal! The need to feed would be too heavily implanted into Yaban's instincts to even pass it up!

Arion mixed the appropriate ingredients, which composed of flesh from a dead kelbi they found near a water hole, and bits of a dead aptonoth that was killed recently, and she used some chemicals that she selected that would enhance the strength of the smell, leading to a gut wrenching stench that would be enough to make anyone with a weak stomach hurl.

Once the concoction was prepared, Arion sprayed the chemicals around an area, and then, the group waited.

After what felt like a few hours, a peculiar Deviljho did appear, It's face masked with draconic energy, and it's hide a purplish tint. Was this Yanban?

To this creature's mind, the scent was heavenly, and it began to follow the scent, until it passed by a rock where the group was hiding, and then, Hurricurse, in the guise of  a Nargacuga, sneaked behind the Deviljho, and fired from his tail, the sharp razor like scales.

The Deviljho Roared in pain as the razors dug into his flesh like shrapnel, and turned to see what could have been attacking it. The deviljho roared.

How dare you attack me, Pseudowyvern!? Do you have any Idea who I am? I am Yaban, the enforcer of the Collective!

This alone gave Hurricurse all the confirmation that he needed, and he reverted to show his true form, and drew Dios. Everyone else came out of hiding and drew their weapons as well.

Yaban was confused for a moment, but realized soon what this was all about. He grinned (or at least did something as close to a grin that a Deviljho could do).

You must be the Shapeshifter that Kesena told me all about! Oh how I have waited for this moment!

Hurricurse could not help say something to Yaban.

"Your Reign of terror is over Yaban!"

Yaban cackled. No my Naive human, YOUR time is over! I earned my power! Kesena will be pleased once I deal with you and your friends, and deliver your carcass to her!

Hurricurse knew that Yaban was not fooling around, but he remained vigilant.

"Fat Chance you oversized lizard!"

Yaban was insulted by this. You dare to compare me to a lesser reptile?! I Wield the Dragon Element, and the power of the Frenzy Virus you fool!

Hurricurse was not fazed. "Swell, I wield the power of Shapeshifting, so lets dance!"

Yaban Roared a Battle Cry, and the group attacked. Hurricurse slashed at Yaban's legs, while Taka slashed at him from the side. Relcia, Arion and Sapphire kept a safe distance, while Kisisa shot arrows at Yaban from on top the hiding place.

These attacks only angered Yaban, and he attempted to bite at Hurricurse, but he was quicker, and he shapeshifted into a Brachydios, and started punching at Yaban's face. Yaban got a bit of slime on him, which after a while, exploded, burning his face. Taka took the oppurtunity to slice Yaban's Tail off, which he succeeded at, and Kisisa shot an arrow to his right eye, blinding him in that eye!

Now Yaban was really angry! And roared. He stepped back a little, and breathed out a dragon Stream, which did hit Hurricurse and Taka. They were now afflicted with Dragonblight!

Yaban used this moment of weakness to jump onto Hurricurse, and was about to take a lethal bite out of him, until Arion rushed in and stabbed Yanban in the neck with her gunlance, Which made Yanban Stagger for a little, but gave Hurricurse enough time to escape.

He then turned back to human form and took a Nulberry out of his bag, and ate it, and Taka did the same.

But Yanban was now starting to emit some strange black fog from his mouth. Arion realized what this was!

Frenzy Virus! He is going to attempt to use it against us! Arion thought to herself.

Arion yelled this out to Hurricurse, and he then moved just in time to narrowly dodge a bite from Yanban, and counter attack with a slash with Dios to Yanban's face.

Taka then, in the form of a Dark Agsolestea, slithered in between Yanban's legs, and tripped him! This gave Hurricurse an oppurtunity to turn into a Furious Rajang, and he grabbed Yanban's mouth and forcefully opened it while saying "Open Wide!"

Hurricurse then charged some electricity, and opened his mouth, and, as Yanban whimpered as he knew what was coming, Hurricurse fired a Spark Beam, and made Yanban's throat explode, killing him!

As Yaban's body fell limp, and Hurricurse dropped the head, the group could have sworn they heard someone clapping their hands.

They turned to the source of the sound to see a man in a red cloak, with a hood covering the face, keeping it hidden from view. Hurricurse reverted to human form, as did Taka, and the man spoke.

"Hurricurse, alright! Fight Fight Fight!"

Hurricurse did not know who this person was, but he did not need to find out for long. The man spoke some more.

"You really don't remember, do you?" He asked, as he showed his face. "It's me! You know, Genecid."

This was not ringing a bell to Hurricurse, but the name sounded familiar.

"Genecid?" Hurricurse asked.

Genecid sighed and shook his head. "Man oh man, Talk about blank with a capital "B"! Not even a Yian Garuga is going to crak the shell of this Konchu!"

Then Genecid summoned into his hands what looked like spiked chakrams with fire patterns on them. Hurricurse was not understanding what his deal was.

"Wait a minute, tell me what is going on!"

Genecid simply sighed. "This place is, or at least was, Collective territory right? Which means we don't have time for a "Q" and  "A"! You are coming with me! Concious or not!"

Then everyone noticed the space around them was getting... strange. There were disortions in the air.

"Uh oh!" Genicid said, as if he knew what was going on.

Hurricurse had it!

"TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!" he yelled.

Genicid did not give a straight answer, but he did give Hurricurse what would be a hint in the future.

"Specimen Number 2: Hurricurse! The Perfect lifeform!"

Hurricurse did not get it at all, but he was angry. "THATS IT! You asked for it!"

The rest of the group did not know what was happening, but they could not do a thing, as a unseen force was keeping them from the fight!

Genecid smiled. "Now Thats more like it!"

Chapter 26: Hurricurse V.S. Genecid

Hurricurse charged at Genecid, in the form of a Brute Tigrex, but as he was about to chomp down, Genecid dodged! He was quick! Unnaturally Quick! Genecid then used his spiked chakrams to slice at Hurricurse, making multiple wounds.

Hurricurse then turned into a Deviljho, and attempted to slam onto Genecid with his body, but Genecid then dashed out of the way, and  sliced at the legs.

Hurricurse, after reverting, drew Dios, and then attempted to attack, and he managed to make a tear in Genecid's cloak near the left arm. That was when he noticed something peculiar.

Genecid's arm looked sickly, as if the skin had many black welts, and the veins were black. and the cut he made on that arm (as Dios did more than just cut through the cloak) looked as if it was bleeding a black fluid.

But the shock did not last long, as he was more focused on the fight. Genecid and Hurricurse parried eachother's attacks, and after a while of fighting, they stopped as the air around them began to look disorted again. But this time, a white shadow appeared as a Kirin seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Hurricurse realized this was Kama!

Genecid grumbled a little. "So it WAS You!"

Kama then spoke.

Genecid! Since when 'do you attack friends? Hurricurse needs to help us end this war! I don't know who gave you the orders to attack Hurricurse, but they are using you!

Genecid looked a little angry afterwards.

"Kama, spare me the speech, I came for Hurricurse, and I was merely trying to knock some sense into him! The Collective are after him! I just wanted to bring him to someplace where he can be safe!"

Hurricurse did not know what was going on, and neither did the rest of the group. But after a while of talking between Genecid and Kama, Genecid then sheathed his weapons. And the barrier that kept the rest of the group at bay had dissapeared. Genecid and Kama came towards the group.

Chapter 27: Genecid's story

Genecid apologized for the rather violent attempt to take Hurricurse, and explained that he was a friend of Hurricurse's once, in fact, they were best friends. They came from the same place, which was indeed ARK Island. However, Genecid did not bother to explain Hurricurse's past. Instead, he told them that the past would be waiting at ARK Island for Hurricurse to discover.

Genecid then explained that his arm looked they way it did because of an illness that manifested during expirements on him at ARK Island. He spared the group the details, but right now, Genecid was looking for a way to cure this illness, but with no success. The illness was a condition where his body was starting to degrade, and thus, he is getting weaker with each passing day. He did manage to find a way to treat this illness to allow his body to heal its damage, at least temporarily, but his body was degrading quicker than it can heal at this point. He thought the answer could be in Hurricurse.

Genecid then said that he would be leaving now, but as he stepped away, Hurricurse then had a thought that came with more memories.


Genecid then stopped walking, and Hurricurse then spoke more.

"Why don't you come with us? Maybe we can find a way to help you."

Everyone (Kama notwistanding) was shocked that Hurricurse would offer something like that, even after Genecid's attempt to take him.

Genecid then turned to face Hurricurse. He smiled a little. "Hurricurse, you softie! Even after you lose your memory you don't change a bit."

Genecid accepted the offer, but he did not know if the group could really help him at all.

The Group then began to head back to the area where Ignitus and the other monsters they met were waiting for news on Yaban's death, and then once they got there, they would tell Ignitus that they were ready to see Frost.

Chapter 28: The Bitterchilled Tundra

Kama did not join them to head to the cave, since she said she would head to Bitterchilled Tundra to do plan something for the future. What that could be, she did not say, but she assured Hurricurse that they would meet again. When the group came to the area where Ignitus and Stardust were waiting, they reported their success to them. Stardust spoke his mind.

Good... With Yaban gone, the monsters here can live peacefully without fear of him. You have done well.

Ignitus was the next to speak.

Now that Yaban is dead, you should head to Bitterchilled Tundra. You will need gain Frost's favor if you are to gain his help in ending the war. When you see him, tell him that I said hello.

Hurricurse understood, and he got the group ready. They would head to the Bitterchilled Tundra. Hurricurse turned into a Seregios, and with Kisisa, Arion, Genecid and Sapphire on his back, he took off. Taka turned into a Barioth, and had Relcia on his back, and followed Hurricurse.

They flew for what felt like hours until they felt a cold air. They landed into a snowy Pine forest and upon entering, they new they were here.

When everyone was ready, they headed out. They saw many monsters here, including Popo herds, Baggi packs, and a Lagombi foraging for food.

But when they found a open area with solid ice ground, they were greeted by a Blizzard. The Blizzard was so fierce, it rendered everyone's visibility to nearly zero! Yet they could make out a large shape in the distance. It looked like a Pseudowyvern of some sort, but it was hard to make out the features. At least, until they bumped into a large wyvern, a Wyvern that everyone knew as the Roaring Wyvern, and looked at it face to face!

"TIGREX!" Kisisa yelled.

Everyone drew their weapons, but the Tigrex did not move. It did not even roar.

Hurricurse took a closer look, and found it was frozen solid.

"What could do this to a Tigrex?" Arion asked.

The answer would lie in the fact that another shape was found in the distance. It was moving and alive!

When the creature in the distance roared, the blizzard seemed to clear, giving the group enough sight to see what it was! It was a Ukanlos!

Who dares to enter my domain?! The Ukanlos roared. Humans like you should know better than to enter the territory of a Ukanlos! I am Frost! But you can call me your Freezing death!

The group was suprised to find Frost so quickly, but they needed to convince him that they meant no harm.

"This is a misunderstanding! We were looking for you so we could end the war!" Hurricurse said.

Frost scoffed at this. Humans looking to end the war?! HA! I am not fooled that easily! You just want to kill me and wear my hide just like many hunters do! But I won't go without a fight!

Genecid came to Hurricurse and put his hand on Hurricurse's shoulder. "It's no use. He won't listen to us. We will have to fight. Maybe afterwards, we can convince him otherwise."

Everyone then readied their weapons, and Frost roared a roar of challenge.
Frost the Ukanlos

Frost the Ukanlos

Hurricurse rushed and slashed at the legs, as did Taka, Relcia and Genecid. Kisisa made her shots from a distance. Frost dug under the ice, leaving the group to wonder where and when Frost will resurface.

After a few seconds, Frost resurfaced from the ice, using his shovel like chin to knock Genecid into the air  and then swatted him with his tail, sending Genecid towards Hurricurse, making them both fall onto the ground hard.

Frost then took a deep breath of cold air, and then fired an Ice beam out of his mouth, towards Taka, who narrowly dodged the beam.

Then, Hurricurse had an idea. He Shapeshifted into a Glacial Agnaktor, which caused Frost to stop attacking for a while when he saw this. That was when Frost realized who this was.

Hurricurse? Is that really you? Ignitus told me that you would be coming, so why are you and your friends attacking me then?

Hurricurse sighed. "Why indeed! You attacked us first!

Frost, realizing his mistake, then calmed down. Hurricurse reverted, and everyone sheathed their weapons. Hurricurse then explained to Frost why they came to see him.

Frost grinned a little afterwards. 

Ah, You seek to end the war and to defeat the Collective! Good.... I have a score to settle with them anyways. The Demons, you see, beat me in battle before, but I refused to join them, since they always killed monsters and humans for fun, and don't practice honor in batttle like a true warrior does! I take pride in my skills as a warrior. But if you want my help, you will have to prove you are worthy of my power! I will want you, Hurricurse, to fight me alone, with no weapons, only your shapeshifting! You, being a shapeshifter, don't really need a weapon to begin with!

Hurricurse was a little nervous to accept, but he did realize that Frost did have a point. He gave Genecid his Dios Katana, and turned into an Akantor.

Frost did grin as Hurricurse chose this form.

Ah, You chose a creature of similar power! Good, I always wanted to fight someone that I can call a worthy opponet!

Hurricurse then charged, and raked at Frost with his claws. Frost then used his shovel like chin to knock the wind out of Hurricurse by slamming it into his belly.

It worked for a little, until Hurricurse caught his breath, and charged. He then decided to do something a little different. He dug into the icy soil, and dissapeared.

Frost was not prepared for this move, as he felt the ground shake below him, as it rumbeld around him. Frost took a step forwards, when the ground Below him gave way, making a large hole in the landscape that Frost fell into.

Frost got up to see Hurricurse burst out of a wall in the hole above Frost. Hurricurse then leaped out of his hole and landed right onto Frost's back, and knocked him over. Hurricurse put his claws ontop of Frost and grinned, or at least, as close to a grin a Wyvern can make.

Frost realized that he was beat, and after Hurricurse and Frost got outr of the hole, Hurricurse reverted, and Frost seemed to smile.

Well... You earned my respect as a warrior Hurricurse. I was admittedly not prepared for your own "Ptifall Trap" Tactic.  You will have my help for your battle against Kesena and the Collective, but first, You need to regain your memories. I beleive a Zeoblaze named Melandru will have your answers.

Hurricurse was confused, as was most of the group. They never heard of a monster called a Zeoblaze. Frost grinned.

Zeoblazes are a rare species of Fanged Wyvern sighted only very rarely in Revalius. The day you get to ARK Island might be your lucky day, since I heard that a Zeoblaze named Melandru was sighted by Ignitus during his flights in ARK Island. My advice, Be honest with her, but expect a fight at first, and a tough one at that. 'Melandru was not as easily tempted by the promise of power by the Collective, as she was always against them. ARK island is just north from the shore of Remobra Beach, as you humans call it.

Hurricurse needed no further motivation, and Hurricurse turned into a Seregios, and Taka into a Barioth, and had the other group members go onto their backs, as the two shapeshifters took off to where Hurricurse's Journey began.

Chapter 29: Shira and Demons in Remobra beach

When the group got to Remobra beach, they decided to set camp there before the big day, the day that Hurricurse "returns" to where his memories might be. Moreover, They would be able to see what lied in wait for them in ARK Island.

When eveyone was getting up the next morning, Hurricurse realized something was off. The group saw a familiar woman near the shore. The woman turned, and unsheathed her Ravager Blade. It was Shira! But something was wrong. Her eyes were bloodshot red now, and her Ravager Blade was a little darker in coloration than normal.

Everyone got their weapons ready, and Shira laughed a demonic laugh, something that caught everyone off gaurd.

"Well, I can't say your happy to see me again. I Heard you were going around Revalius, gathering as many monsters that would be willing to help you end this war as possible. Unfortunately, ever since that, some of the us humans were wondering if the war was worth fighting any more. But I have not forgotten. I have been granted a new power by the Collective, the power that will bring me to victory. But first, I will give you a fair warning: You have more than just me to worry about.

With that said, a Dark Portal opened and three of the Demons of Revalius came out: Viralix, Diralix and Envira. Shira went into the portal and dissapeared.

Envira was the first to speak. "Well, We heard about how you defeated Hedas in Pride Savannah. That Hot head was always weak. But now, Kesena has ordered us three to take you and your friends on ourselves, all at once. I don't know if she is getting desperate, but I will assure you, we will be ending your miserable lives. Diralix, Viralix! ATTACK!"

Viralix turned into a Shagaru Magala, and Diralix into a Deviljho. Everyone got ready, and Hurricurse turned into a Zinogre, while Taka turned into a Rajang.

As Diralix attacked Hurricurse, Hurricurse used his Zinogre form's agility to dodge each attack, he even taunted Diralix. "You are not the biggest Deviljho I tusseled with, Demon or otherwise!"

Viralix and Taka were clashing with each other as well. Taka managed to turn into a Golden Rajang, and break Viralix's horns, and use them as a weapon to stab him in the head with.

As Viralix went limp, Taka thought to himself. One Demon down, two to go.

Hurricurse used his thunder capabilities to fry Diralix to the point where his heart stopped, and Hurricurse stomped onto the demon's skull, killing him.

Envira sighed. "Well, Its like my mother used to tell me before I killed her as a demon. Sometimes if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself!"

And with that, she turned into a Lunastra, and breathed a fire breath. When the flames subsided, She found that Arion blocked it with her shield.

Hurricurse then attacked from mid air as an Azure Rathalos, and slashed her with his claws.

Envira , while enduring this pain, bit onto Hurricurse's wing, and slamed him to the ground. Envira was about to use a flamethrower attack when Taka, in the form of a Brachydios, punched her in the horns, and as the slime that stuck onto Envira exploded, her horns broke straight off.

When Envira was about to pounce onto Taka, she was knocked off course by Hurricurse, in Brute Tigrex form. Hurricurse bit onto her neck, and chomped down hard, drawing blood. Taka then turned into a Deviljho and charged.

When Hurricurse let go of his grip on Envira, he turned into a Duramboros, and smashed his tail into Envira's back, breaking her back. That was when Taka bit down on her neck and twisted, killing Envira.

When both Shapeshifters reverted to human form, they could have sworn they heard a demonic female's laugh.

The group turned to see Shira again, as she clapped her hands as if to mock the group's victory.

"Well done Shapeshifters. But don't expect Kesena and Gaiasopheles to go down as easily. They are beyond your strength. Or at least one of them are anyway. But its time I clean up a bit, starting with Hurricurse."

She then started to have a dark aura surround her, and she made a gesture with her hand, that sent everyone but Hurricurse back, and blocked their way towards him with a wall of Shadowy substance. Hurricurse looked towards Shira as she drew her weapon, but instead of her usual Ravager blade, she drew a Longsword that resembled a Black and Orange version of Hurricurse's Dios Katana. Hurricurse drew his Dios, and both Shira and Hurricurse charged.

Chapter 30: Hurricurse V.S. Shira

Kisisa, Arion, Taka, Relcia, Genecid and Sapphire could only watch as Hurricurse and Shira clashed their blades, with the sparks flying with each clash. Arion and Kisisa knew that this was not the Shira they once knew. It broke their hearts that Shira would even consider joining the Collective.

Hurricurse was on the defensive, parrying each swipe of Shira's blade. Shira was stronger than she ever was before. But he would not give up now, not while the fate of the world hanged in the balance.

Hurricurse could not help but ask one thing. "Why are you doing this Shira? And why take it out on me?"

Shira could only grin. "Why not? You and your friends left me, you pratically dumped me for a bunch of monsters! You never even said goodbye. But the Collective will not abandon me! They gave me this power, and I intend to use it!"

Hurricurse felt disgusted with this answer.

"So that's it? You thought we abandoned you for no reason at all? We only left you because you would probally never let go of your hatred for monsters due to your unfortunate incident that was caused by one! You can't judge all monsters because of one individual, just as you would never treat a person the same way as another, since everyone is different! Why would you think of us as your enemy, when we saved you from the Wilolu that was about to kill you? Enemies never do that for each other! But now, you became more of a monster than any other in the world!"

Shira was angry. She rushed to slice Hurricurse in two, but Hurricurse dodged, and turned into a Rajang, and grabbed her. He took her weapon and let her go, only to snap the blade in two.

Shira was not willing to accept anything that Hurricurse said. "No! I am not wrong!"

She then opened a dark portal and rushed into it. As the portal dissapeared, so did the shadowy walls that kept the rest of the group from getting to Hurricurse. As Hurricurse turned back to human form, he stared out to the horizon off the shore.

"Lets go to ARK Island. I need the answers."

Chapter 31: ARK Island

ARK Island was, to Hurricurse as he and Taka landed on the shore of the island, the same as before. He saw the Cross that he made for Liniar on the shore. It was, suprisingly, undisturbed, even as the days since has went by.

When Hurricurse saw this Cross, he felt a tear go down his eye. He realized that this was indeed the place where Liniar died.

But as the group headed towards a large building that looked more advanced than any other in the world, they realized that this was the area where Hurricurse lived. Hurricurse entered first, and as he did, the lights in the builing automatically turned on, much to everyone's amazement.

Hurricurse and the group did find that a few small neopterans, such as Konchu, have made the place their home, due to the lack of human intervention over time. They decided to split up to cover more ground, Taka, Relcia, Arion in one Group, Hurricurse, Kisisa and Sapphire in another, While Genecid decided to stay back for a while.

After a few moments of time, Hurricurse found a door that looked rather suspicious, as it had a sign that read as follows:

Genetic Expirementation chamber

Subjects Numbers 1-6

That was when Hurricurse recalled something about him that Genecid said.

Subject #2: Hurricurse, the Perfect Lifeform

He opened the door, and when he, Kisisa and Sapphire entered, Hurricurse's only reaction was a bit of denial and fright.

In the room were numerous large tubs with a strange liquid and human like bodies in them. The Tubes labeled Numbers 1- 4 were empty. But the other tubes had what looked like human bodies that were malformed and mutated.

Was this how he was "Born"? Was he created by a team of scientists? If so, for what purpose?

Hurricurse could not beleive it, but no more than he did when he saw a malformed person, on a test table, with tubes stuck into him. His label on his chest read "Subject #4".

Subject 4 was obviously aware of Hurricurse's Presence, and was seemingly trying to speak, but all Hurricurse could make out was a sound that semed like the Subject was trying to say "" repeatedly.

Hurricurse shed a tear, how could people do such horrific things? Taka, Relcia, and Arion were the next to come in, Arion came next to Hurricurse, and Handed him her Gunlance. Hurricurse loaded the Gunlance, and pointed towards the subject, who was obviously suffering in his malformed state. He was ready to put an end to the subject's misery, as he pulled the trigger to activate the Wyvernfire blast, and as the blast occured, the Subject was blown apart in a bloody mess.

But Hurricurse was not done yet, He pointed towards every tube in the room, and blasted them, shattering the glass. He did this until every tube was destroyed.

He handed Arion her Gunlance, and headed out of the room. Kisisa followed as did Sapphire. Genecid came running to the room, as he heard the noises. He then saw what Hurricurse did.

"What was that all about?" Genecid asked.

Taka could only shrug. "There are somethings that Humans do that should never have been done. The Monster war was one of those things, as well as the creation of these subjects. But I think Hurricurse won't forget any of this. He did what was necessary."

Genecid did not quite get it, but respected Taka's word.

Chapter 32: Betrayal

Hurricurse ran out to the shore, and fell to his knees. Kisisa rushed to him, and tried her best to try to comfort him. But Hurricurse was clearly torn.

"Why would anyone want to create such malformed creatures, and let them suffer? And Why am I different? Am I human at all?"

Kisisa was going to give her input when Hurricurse flinched as a large syringe like projectile stuck to him, and injected all of it's contents.

Kisisa looked to see that it was Sapphire that shot the projectile from her Insect Glaive. She laughed maniacly.

"No such luck Hurricurse. You are a monster, and you are about to be even more of a monster, thanks to the Primal Serum!"

Taka, Relcia, Arion, and Genecid came out of the building to see what happened, and everyone watched as Hurricurse changed shape, but this was a different kind of transformation altogether, Hurricurse was being forced to change, and it was causing him pain.

When Kisisa went to hold Hurricurse, she was pulled away by Arion.

Hurricurse was turning into a Brachydios like Creature, but he was Black, with red eyes, and orange slime, his veins were glowing orange as well.

Hurricurse was now a Primal Brachydios, easily the Size of a World eater Deviljho. He opened his eyes, and roared. Now He was Primal Hurricurse!

Sapphire jumped in excitement! "IT WORKED! IT BLOODY WORKED! What you all witnessed was the work of my Kingdom's progress to combat anyone who dares to challenge us! That was the Primal Serum! It takes the biology and Abilities of a Shapeshifter to its maximum potential! Unfortunately, most "natural Shapeshifters" die within seconds after injection, since their bodies could not handle the power of the serum. But Hurricurse was not "Born", no, He was created! He is the Perfect Shapeshifter, He can handle it! Now he is the Ultimate Weapon, much more than he was when Liniar was alive!"

Kisisa was shocked to hear this. "You knew Liniar?"

Sapphire laughed a bit more. "Yes. In fact, I managed to get away from Hurricurse when my Husband Neptune was killed by him, after he killed Liniar, since she got in the way when he fired that Stun Shot! She was killed because her body was frail, and could not handle the shot."

Kisisa was a "little" angry now. "You caused Hurricurse so much pain in his heart, and yet he saved you from the Xenoros! You waited all this time just to do this to him!"

Sapphire shrugged. "You don't understand Kisisa, he is was an expirement, he was grown in a freaking tube! He also killed my husband!"

Kisisa's rage was quickly growing. "Only because your "Husband" killed someone close to Hurricurse's heart!"

Sapphire shook her head. "You obviously have no idea who you are talking about. He was an experiment, he has no heart! But I would not bother with me right now, Because "Primal Hurricurse" looks like he means buissness!"

Sapphire took out of her pocket what looked like a Farcaster, and hit the ground with it, and vanished in a rush of green smoke.

But now the group had a bigger problem. Primal Hurricurse looked towards them, and took slow steps towards them. As he was in Primal Brachydios form, Orange slime was growing on his fists, and he let out a ear splitting roar!

Everyone drew their weapons to fight for their lives. Well, every one except Kisisa, she could not draw her bow against the one person she loved.

Chapter 33: Primal Hurricurse

Arion was the first to lead the charge towards Primal Hurricurse, as she rushed to stab him with her Gunlance. But the Gunlance just bounced right off the black shelled hide.

Primal Hurricurse then turned and swatted Arion aside with his tail, sending her towards a palm tree. As Arion hit the tree and landed on the ground, she got the wind knocked out of her.

Genecid could \not bear to see Hurricurse like this, and took his Chakrams, and rushed to slice the tail, but again, to no avail.

Primal Hurricurse's vision was Bloodshot red, and all he could see were humans that were attacking him, Humans that needed to be destroyed! He started punching the ground, making explosions with each punch. Genecid was barely Getting out of the way as he rushed.

Taka would have none of this. He turned into a Rajang, and grabbed one of Primal Hurricurse's arms.

"Hurricurse! Compose yourself!" Taka shouted.

But all Primal Hurricurse could hear were sounds that were to low to hear well, and his rage was quickly growing! He punched Taka in the chest, making an explosion that sent him flying towards the shore. As he landed, he was about to get up when he felt the weight of Primal Hurricurse's Mace like tail  landing on his back, knocking him back down again.

Relcia and Kisisa could only watch in horror as Primal Hurricurse knocked Taka sensless. Relcia never seen Taka take such a beating!

But Kisisa had enough. She rushed towards the battle, Relcia shouted at her.

"What are you doing Kisisa?!"

Kisisa turned to speak. "I am going to stop this!"

Relcia did not beleive this. "Are you crazy?! He will kill you!"

Kisisa then answered. "If I don't do anything, Hurricurse will kill Taka! I need to do this! The Hurricurse I know was not a monster, he was a being with a heart!"

She then rushed further into the battlezone, much to Relcia's attempt to stop her.

Taka was about to collapse at this point, and Primal Hurricurse knew this, and lifted one of his slime covered fists. Taka closed his eyes, bracing for the end.

But.. It never came. He opened his eyes to see Kisisa, arms outstretched, standing between him and Primal Hurricurse, whose fist stopped inches away from her.

Primal Hurricurse eyed Kisisa. He was angry, but also confused by this. Why would this woman stand between him and his opponet. Whats more, this woman was not afraid of him.

Kisisa spoke "Hurricurse! I know you are alive in there! You are not a monster, and your certaintly not a cold blooded killer. You are Hurricurse, the perfect lifeform. Well, you are perfect for me anyway. Despite what made you who you are, I won't treat you any differently than I did before. You are the only one I care about. It's hard to say even now, but I love you."

Thats when Taka, Arion, Genecid, Kisisa and Relcia saw something that they never thought would happen. Primal Hurricurse withdrew his fist, and his eyes started to water.

He was crying.

Kisisa came towards Primal Hurricurse, and stroked his face. "It's ok Hurricurse."

That was when Taka managed to regain his footing, as he reverted to human form, He was surprised and amazed that Kisisa actually managed to stop Primal Hurricurse's rage. He was not sure what helped this happen, but it did.

Hurricurse was not sure what happened when he managed to finally revert to human form. Did the Primal Serum lose it's full effect? Or was it something else, something that could not be explained by science or anything else? Was Hurricurse's bond to Kisisa so strong that the love shared among them shattered the Primal Serum's strength? Perhaps, but whatever the reason, it was enough to help him.

But the happiness was not to last. Sapphire stepped out of the bushes nearby, dissapointed.

"Such a pity. I had high hopes for you Hurricurse."

She drew her insect glaive and summoned her Kinsect, Nightshade. Hurricurse stepped forward and drew his Dios Katana.

Chapter 34: Hurricurse V.S. Sapphire

As Sapphire and Hurricurse clashed their weapons, Everyone watched as the battle took place. As the weapons clashed, the sparks flew.

Metroid Zero Mission Music - Ridley Boss Theme01:59

Metroid Zero Mission Music - Ridley Boss Theme

Sapphire's Battle Theme

Nightshade, Sapphire's Kinsect, was flying towards Hurricurse at full speed, prepared to shock him with the Thunder Element, as commanded by Sapphire. Hurricurse, however, managed to use his Dios katana to slice the Kinsect in half.

But Sapphire was far from defenseless. She pole-vaulted over Hurricurse, and took out of her pocket a small smoke-bomb, andthrew it on the ground, making a white smoke that spread all over, rendering Hurricurse's Vision to nearly zero. He then felt Sapphire whack him constantly with her Insect Glaive's blunt end. This went on for a few seconds until the Smoke cleared, and Hurricurse felt the weight of Sapphire on his back, causing him to fall over.

Hurricurse then turned into a Remobra, and flew off, and then turned back to human form, and then proceeded to turn into a Najarala and started to coil around Sapphire until he had a sure grip.

Sapphire glared at Hurricurse. "Go ahead freak! Kill me! At least it will benefit me, since I will be seeing Neptune again! But it won't bring Liniar back!"

Hurricurse glared back. "No it won't, which is why I won't kill you! But you won't go unpunished!"

Sapphire wondered for a bit what Hurricurse meant by this, until she looked down and saw what what looked like a glowing blue light coming from Hurricurse and then her body began to change.

Taka, Relcia, Kisisa, Genecid and Arion saw this glow, and wondered what it was all about, until Hurricurse turned back to human form and the group saw what looked like a black colored remobra. Hurricurse glared at the creature. "Now people will see you for what you really are, Sapphire!"

The black remobra, apparently Sapphire, seemed to weep, and flew off screeching.

Kisisa ran towards Hurricurse. "That was a bit harsh, don't you think? But regardless, I never thought you could do that."

Hurricurse shrugged. "Sapphire had it coming, and I always save the best for last. But if Frost the Ukanlos is right, we have someone to meet here."

The group almost forgot about the Zeoblaze named Melandru, and were ready to look for her, but they did not need to go far, since they heard rustling of the bushes and some twigs snapping as a large Fanged Wyvern made it's appearance.

Zeoblaze render (3) - Normal - by Ukanlos Sub

Melandru the Zeoblaze

Chapter 35: Melandru's Tale

The Zeoblaze seemed to speak softly in a feminine voice as it made its way to Hurricurse and the others.

Well, Well, Well..... Look what we have here! It's Hurricurse, the one I have been hearing about! You caused quite a stir in Pride Savannah, as the remobras there told me, by killing Yaban. Every monster in Revalius has been talking about you. 

Hurricurse realized somehow who this Zeoblaze was.

"Are you Melandru?" He asked.

The Zeoblaze gave a warm giggling laugh, something Hurricurse did not expect.

Yes I am. And I know why you are here. You seek answers about your past. Truth to be told, I was hoping to see you after the incident at the building you humans call a lab. I have the answers you seek, but first you have to do nothing but ask for them.

Hurricurse nodded. "Well, then.... can you tell me why I was.... created?

Those words he spoke seemed to tear him a bit, but Melandru spoke as softly as ever.

Well, before you know your past, first know the original idea behind your origins. There was a Scientist named Sheritzu Takama in the lab who was working on a cure for a rare disease called "Terra-stigma" by you humans, and the girl who was killed, Liniar, was his daughter. But Liniar was a patient of his as well, since she was afflicted with Terra-stigma. It made her body frail, and weak, but she still had a cheerful personality. However, an alien race from the stars beyond, who called themselves the Ssi-ruvi, came to ARK Island, and offered to give him the technology to create beings, but they wanted him to make the beings into a weapon against the human race. You were one of them, along with Genecid, who was the first, and another, who's name I have yet to learn of. The Ssi-Ruvi will return in one year from now, and when they do, they will destroy everything.

Hurricurse was torn. "So what am I supposed to be? A cure? A Weapon?"

Melandru smiled. Neither. In fact, you are something much more. A Savior. Liniar learned of the Ssi-Ruvi's plans and told her father, but he could not give up on their offer, lest he feel their wrath, so he put something into you, and you only, that the later experiments did not have. Empathy for Humans and Monsters alike. You may have the body of a Human, but you have the heart of a wyvern. You seek to end the war between Humans and Monsters, I admire you for that. But you need to defeat Kesena and Gaiasopheles in order to do so. There is no question that you aslo might want to know where to find them?

Hurricurse nodded. Melandru figured as much.

But before you learn of their location, first learn of the past.

Hurricurse prepared to listen as Melandru gave him what humans may call a "History Lesson".

Chapter 36: The Tale of Kesena and Gaiasopheles

Melandru cleared her throat and told the group what she knew about the past.

Thousands of years ago, before the war between Humans and monsters even officially began, The demons, Gaiasopheles and Kesena were created by the negative energies that was given off by the souring of the relationships between humans and monsters. They took domination as their birthright, and waged their own war against the humans, and enslaved monsters that they did not kill. Many human warriors tried to defeat the demons, but none prevailed. Until there were three special humans, Two warriors and a Priest, who dared to challenge them, but they had made a spell that they used to cripple them by making the demons understand mortality, but this was not enough. It was by using an "Ancient's Scroll", that they used to send them adrift in the sea of time.

Hurricurse was curious. "An Ancient's Scroll?"

Melandru thought about it for a bit. Hmmm.... How do I explain it so you understand? We monsters have many words for such things that you humans do not. The Ancient's Scroll is an artifact that was created outside of this timeline, it does not exist, but it has always existed. A fragment of creation, as you might say. Ancient's scrolls are holders of prophecies, yes, even the prophecy of a shapeshifter stopping the war is written as part of a Ancient's scroll. But that is just a small part of their power.

Thats when Hurricurse was starting to get the connection. "Are you saying that the people who challenged Kesena and Gaiasopheles sent them forward in time?"

Melandru nodded. Not intentionally, The hope the humans had was that the demons would be gone for good, forever lost in the sea of time. But the monsters knew better! One day, they would resurface, it was not a matter of where they appeared again but "When"!  For many years, the monsters waited, but the war between humans and monsters had started, and then, the demons returned, and saw the war as an oppurtunity to use against the world. They formed the "Collective" and tricked many monsters into their way of thinking, and turned a select few into demons themselves. You have defeated the "Lesser demons", an impressive feat! But your real challenge will be to defeat the true demons, Kesena and Gaiasopheles.

Hurricurse understood, but was not sure if this information was going to be useful. "How does any of this help us?"

Melandru smiled. You need to go to World's Throat, the largest mountain in Revalius, to find Kesena and Gaiasopheles' castle, now called "Hallow Castle" by you humans. I need not to warn you that their strength are at full power there. It is there that you will find Kesena and Gaiasopheles.

Hurricurse understood, and the group decided to head for World's Throat. Hurricurse turned into a seregios, and let Kisisa, Arion and Genecid on his back, while Taka turned into a Rathalos, and let Relcia on his, and they set off to World's Throat.

While they left, Melandru smiled as a Kirin came from the bushes. It was Kama. Kama then spoke.

Hurricurse and his friends are our only hope to end the war here in Revalius. Lets hope they succeed.

Melandru knew this. Yes I know that. But Hurricurse has also been blessed by the 'world to have friends like the ones he has now. I doubt he could defeat the demons without them.

Chapter 37: World's Throat

As Hurricurse and Taka, in their respective monster forms, found their way to World's Throat, they were stunned by it's size. They also, upon landing, found that the mountain was littered with Ruins. When everyone was off of Hurricurse and Taka's back, they turned back to human form, and began their search.

The ruins were massive, and well preserved despite nature's attemp to take control. Hurricurse and the others were heading towards a path that lead towards aeven more ruins. They eventually saw what looked like a very old, and very menacing looking Castle. It looked abandoned by history, but if what Melandru said was true, This was Hallowed Castle, where the two remaining demons resided.


Shira was inside the castle, and was looking out of a window. She saw the group head near entrance, and went to alert Kesena and Gaiasopheles, but before she made it past half of the hallway in the castle, she was stopped by Kesena who put her clawed hand on her shoulder. When Shira turned around, she saw Kesena give a sickening smile.

"I have plans for you!" Kesena said.

Shira was unaware of Kesena's true intentions, until she vanished. Shira turned around to see a spectre resembling Kesena rush into her body! Shia did not even manage to scream when Kesena entered her body, and made her body reject her armor. Gaiasopheles came in and smiled.

"Like your new body, mistress?" Gaiasopheles asked.

Shira, or rather, Kesena, spoke in a demonic voice. "Yes Gaiasopheles, I feel many thousand years younger. But we have unwanted guests coming soon! Will you be a dear and take care of them?"

Gaiasopheles grinned. "Yes my mistress! I will make sure they never see the light of day again!"

With that, Gaiasopheles vanished into a portal of shadows.

Chapter 38: Hurricurse V.S. Gaiasopheles

Hurricurse, Kisisa, Arion, Genecid, Taka and Relcia managed to get into Hallowed Castle, and the were not very fond of the castle's "Bone Decor", as there were many skeletons and loose bones lying around. Some were scorched, as if burned by a flame, while others were simply smashed into pieces.

But their nastiest surprise came when a dark portal came right in front of them, and Gaiasopheles, in the form of a Dark Teostra, came out. He grinned.

"Well I am sincerely surprised that you made it this far, and managed to defeat our lesser members. But I and Kesena are the "True Demons" of Revalius! I will show you my power!"

Everyone drew their weapons, and the battle began.

The Deep End (Big Boss Theme) - Kingdom Hearts OST-002:16

The Deep End (Big Boss Theme) - Kingdom Hearts OST-0

Gaiasopheles' theme: The Deep End

Hurricurse, Arion, Relcia, Taka and Genecid went up close to slice at Gaiasopheles, while Kisisa shot from afar with her bow. But each attack seemed to only tickle Gaiasopheles, if it was not useless, as the weapons and arrows seemed to bounce off his hide.

Gaiasopheles laughed. "You think you can defeat me?! I am Gaiasopheles, hear my voice and your despair!"

Gaiasopheles then breathed in and then breathed out a "Dragon Element Flamethrower", which Hurricurse barely dodged. Then Gaiasopheles made a "Dragon wave", which blew the rest of the group away from him.

As the group regained their footing, Hurricurse was thinking to himself. How are we going to defeat him? He seems to be beyond our strength! If only there was some sort of weakness we could exploit.

Gaiasopheles' Dark Teostra form

Gaiasopheles grinned. "Is that the best you humans can do?! I have rended many opponets' flesh, and they at least put up a show!"

Then his horns began to glow a reddish color, and he attcked with a "Dragon pulse" breath attack, Which the group barley even avoided.

That was when Hurricurse had an idea. He turned into a Deviljho, and attacked with a bite to the horns. Gaiasopheles seemed to worry when Hurricurse bit the horns. "What do you think you are doing!?"

When Hurricurse Crushed the Horns, he was blown away by a force of energy, and as he turned back to human form. he saw why Gaiasopheles was worried.

Gaiasopheles was roaring in pain, as the energy inside him was leaking out in massive ammounts! He then began to develop a glowing vein like network of red energy around his body, and was turning even blacker in color, except for his eyes. Them he roared a final roar before his body seemed to burn away into a pile of black ash, icluding what seemed to be his skeleton, until he was nothing more than the mentioned pile of black ash.

Everyone but Hurricurse wondered what Hurricurse did that caused such a reaction, but Hurricurse told them his plan that he had. He noticed that everytime Gaiasopheles attacked, his horns would glow, so the horns themselves would have to be his own power source, or maybe a means to keep his power in check so he does not destroy himself. When the horns were broken, his power levels became so high that it was causing a situation where it became out of control, and he went through a "Meltdown", and eventually destroyed himself in the process.

But while everyone was glad to have destroyed Gaiasophelses, a woman that looked like Shira came in, and looked towards the Ash pile that used to be Gaiasopheles, and spoke in a demonic voice.

"How sad. It turns out to be Gaiasopheles who was the mortal sibling among us. That and he was nothing but a tool, a means to an end."

Everyone was caught off gaurd by "Shira's" new voice. But Kisisa knew something was wrong, as did Arion.

"That voice!" Kisisa said. "You are not Shira are you!?"

The woman that looked like Shira laughed. "Shira is gone! In her place is me, so I will answer! It is I, Kesena! The True Demon of Revalius! Shira was a tool to me, and her body was right for me to take over! Now her body will be mine entirely as I deal with you meddling humans! But first, I will say this much! Because of your last battle with her, she began to question her beleifs, and wondered if her loyalty to me was worth your lives. In essence, she was starting to regret it, but now it is TOO LATE! Now you shall die, and I shall lead this world to a new age of everlasting darkness!"

Kisisa and Arion were terrified, but Hurricurse remained vigilant. He taunted Kesena. "Why don't you show your true face Witch!"

Kesena was not bothered by this. "Well, I kind of like this face! Not bad for a human body, don't you think?"

Hurricurse then drew his Dios, and spoke some more. "Let Shira go, or pay the price!"

Kesena smiled. "If only you could understand, It is you who will pay the price for meddling with me!"

Kesena then summoned in her hand a sword that resembled a Fatalis' wing, and both Hurricurse and Kesena charged towards each other, weapons in hand.

Chapter 39: Hurricurse V.S. Kesena, and a Sacrifice

Dismiss (Terra-Xehanort) ~ Kingdom Hearts HD 204:02

Dismiss (Terra-Xehanort) ~ Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Remastered OST

Kesena's battle theme

When the blades clashed, the sparks were flying everywhere, and Hurricurse was not going to give up now. Kesena was quick and powerful, and she was giving Hurricurse a run for his zenny.

After what felt like an hour of fighting, Kesena dodged a swipe from Hurricurse, jumped into the air, and made a cackling laugh.

"Is this all you humans have for me? I am Kesena, the first born demon, Die now in terror and vain!"

Hurricurse scoffed at this. "If I die today, it will not be in terror or vain!"

With this said, Hurricurse made a side swipe with Dios, and managed to make a cut, but it was not enough. Kesena, while she was in Shira's body, was still powerful enough to make most of her attacks as powerful as before. She summoned three Black flame fire balls, and sent them flying towards Hurricurse.

Hurricurse dodged two of them, but got hit by the third, and was sent towards a wall. Hurricurse was not impressed, surprisingly, in fact, he taunted Kesena.

"You know, for all the power you have, I would have expected you to hit harder."

Kesena laughed. "You are right, I could hit harder, but, as you humans say, those are your "Famous Last Words!".

But as she said this, she felt something in her body, as if her heart was pounding its way out of the ribcage.

Hurricurse was confused for a minute. Confused, that is, until Kesena's beastly eyes faded into Shira's normal looks.

"Hi guys, I suppose you are not happy to see me again."

Kisisa, who was watching the whole time, spoke. "Shira, is that really you?"

Shira had a sign of regret in her eyes. "I'm sorry for all that I have done. For all my childish, no, monsterous actions that I did against you. Kesena corrupted me, and now she is using me to kill you all."

Arion spoke next. "No. We are sorry, we were the one who left you behind. But we did it so we could end the war. You have all the right to be angry with us."

But that did not make Shira feel any better. "No, I don't. You were my friends, and I tried to kill you, Two wrongs don't make a right. Kesena told me that you abandoned me, but I realize that it was not true. But listen, Kesena will regain control, more powerful than ever, and I won't be able to stop her then unless I do something about it. It is only right that I do something to prevent it from happening."

Kisisa, Arion, Genecid, Hurricurse, Taka and Relcia wondered what she meant, until Shira took her Hunter's knife from one of her pockets, and aimed it towards her heart.

Kisisa was horrified. "Don't do it Shira! There has to be another way!"

Shira spoke softly. "I wish there was. But If I kill this body of mine, I should be able to kill Kesena as well, but if not, at least she won't use me to kill you. Be happy for me, since if I am not dammed to hell for all that I have done, I might be able to see my parents again."

She looked towards Hurricurse. "Take care of my friends for me." She said.

Hurricurse nodded. That was when Shira saw something in him. "My parents did send something for me after all, they sent you, to look over my friends."

With a smile, she closed her eyes, and thrusted the knife into her heart. and a loud shrieking scream came from inside her body, that could only be Kesena's.

Kisisa cried as Shira's body fell to the floor limp. Hurricurse did his best to comfort Kisisa. Perhaps Shira's actions have been forgiven by this one act of bravery. Perhaps Shira could see her parents again in the afterlife.

Taka could not imagine, for a long time, shedding a tear for anyone. He came to Kisisa, and told her something about bravery.

"Shira was brave for what she did. Bravery is about more than holding a weapon and facing danger. It is when you know you are done for, yet you keep fighting anyway, for your friends, for family, for everyone. Shira was probally braver than any of us."

Hurricurse agreed. He spoke to Kisisa. "Come on, lets go home. We will give Shira a proper funeral."

Epilogue: The End of the Revalius Monster War

A few days past since the battle at Hallowed Castle, and already, the war in Revalius was starting to end. Without the Demons of Revalius to terrorize them, the monsters were free to return to their normal lives.

In Central City, the funeral for Shira was attended by Kisisa, Arion, Genecid, Hurricurse, Taka and Relcia. Many other hunters attended it as well. When the funeral was over, preperations were made for ending the Revalius Region's monster war. People and Monsters in Revalius could live in harmony for once since the days before the war even began.

As Taka and Relcia said their goodbyes to Hurricurse, Kisisa, Arion and Gencecid, Hurricurse wondered if he and Taka would ever see each other again. Perhaps, but for now, Taka and Relcia had to return to Central World, to see to their homeland, and see their own friends, monster and human.

"Hurricurse, Our future is at Central World." Taka said. "Yours, however, lies here."

Hurricurse nodded. He needed to make sure he was in Revalius when the "Ssi-Ruvi" that Melandru mentioned arrived. It would only be a matter of time until they lay seige to Revalius.

But Hurricurse would not do anything in Revalius alone, not by a long shot. He had Kisisa, Genecid and Arion. They formed a team.

Team Hurricane was born that day.


In the far reaches of the sky beyond the heavens, a Starship was heading towards the planet. A "human" figure was on that ship, with his eyes glaring at the planet that he and the Ssi-Ruvi would take over, and claim as their rightful prize. But first, they needed to do one thing:

They needed to destroy Hurricurse, and all who are allinged with him.

To be continued.....

The Next Installment Below!

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