Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate
MHFOU logo
Nicknames: MHFOU, Local Frontier
Titles: MHFOU
Other Info
Description: A new game by CAPCOM. A bit like Frontier.
Species: Frontier
Habitats: PC, Wii U, 3DS
Other monsters in Relation: Monster Hunter Frontier G
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: x
Signature move: x
Creator: Imrik37
Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate is the new PC MMO Game developed by CAPCOM. It features high quality HD Graphics, 8 player multiplayer and cross system support capabilities.

New Monsters and Features

A variety of monsters return from previous games that weren't in 3 Ultimate, such as Yian Kut-Ku, Gravios and Rajang, whilst most of the monsters are brand new or return from Frontier G:

New features include:

  • Head hanging in rooms; A monster has a slight chance of having a head in the Quest Rewards. This can then be hang on one of the available slots in the room.
    • Low Rank Rooms have 3 slots, High Rank has 5 slots, G- Rank has 10 slots and Ultimate Rank has 30.
  • A new Quest Rank, Ultimate (U1, U2, U3).
  • The WARNING feature from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd also returns.
  • Many Frontier and MH4 monsters have been renamed:
    • Abiorugu: Tyranthius
    • Gaiorugu: Frozen Tyranthius
    • Kamu and Nono Orugaron: Kamorugon and Nonuragon
    • Berukyurosu and Doragyurosu: Garansharok and Bekransharok

A new element has also been introduced; Nightmare:

  • When Nightmare is inflicted, the hunter can't heal, grant buffs with a Hunting Horn or lifepowder and gradually drains health at a slow rate.
  • You also appear invisible to teamates, including your weapon and nametag.

Another new element was announced; Venom

  • Venom is an enhanced version of Poison that can be inflicted in G-Rank and Ultimate Rank.
  • It can be inflicted by all Poison-causing monsters, and Gore Magala.

3 new areas:

  • The Underground Temple is where Rukodiora and Rebidiora are found and fought, with a 2 large areas with many gathering spots.
  • The Desert Shrine only has one area, with only Sacred Alatreon and Saintly Rathalos being fought here, yet small monsters like Jaggi and Genprey appear here also.
  • The large Ancient Spiral is a replica of the spiral zones in the Tower. This is where Yama Tskunami and Gore Magala can be fought.


  • The game is split into three known Seasons.
  • The Flagship Monsters are as follows:
    • Season 1: Spectral Brachydios
    • Season 2: Telethion
    • Season 3: Great Uraggi
  • A full list of the game's introductions can be found here, including the opening and credits.
  • The monsters Ignicabra and Lilac Nibelsnarf have since been removed.

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