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Monster Hunter Forward
Release Dates:
Systems Nintendo 3DS,PS4,WIIU,PC,and XBOX360
Generation Forward


Monsters first appearing in this game:
Zeoblaze,Icegron,Explosive Crystal Mane Ludroth,Bambini,Dark Shogun Ceanataur,Dreadrill,Unknown (Turquoise Leviathan),Karogaron,Screechel,Mercurios,Toxion,Zatiron,Vagron,Ornati,Ragoar,Gorajin,Sukandon,Kemuoni,Lunar Deviljho,Tiktaalik,Tea Agsolestea,Coruko,Shamok,Scarlet Shen Gaoren,Shovrent,Psychetrogon,Twilight Psychetrogon

,Sonic Barioth,Frost Daimyo Hermitaur,Hydrion,Hydrness,Hydrub,Manator,Razordrome,Razorprey,Kimeragon,Sleipnira,Frost Fist Blangonga


Sword and Shield,Dual Blades,Great Sword,Long Sword,Hammer,Hunting Horn,Lance,Gunlance,Switch Axe,Charge Blade,Insect Glaive,Tonfa,Sickle,Battle Gauntlet,Light Bowgun,Medium Bowgun,Heavy Bowgun,Bow

Monster Hunter Forward is a fan-game made by Dark Magala.It features everything from the frontier,1st,2nd,3rd,and 4th generations along with some from fanon games and many things unique to it.

New Supreme Skills

This game has something called "supreme skills".These skills let you borrow abilities from monsters (for example if you wear Rathalos L armor you can shoot fireballs from your arm and if you wear Blango L armor you can use your arms to throw large chunks of ice (similar to the ones Blangonga throw) and when you hunt with hunters smaller than you in age (that's right,you can choose your hunter's age in Monster Hunter Forward) they receive a boost in defense and you receive a boost of attack (this is similar to the relation between Blangongas and their younger forms which are Blangos) .


Any monster (and absolutely any monster) can be tamed and used to help you to do many things (such as hunting,farming,holding items,...).Each monster has an special way to be tamed and special conditions need to be met to tame a monster and each monster has a different condition to be tamed.You can care for you monster by grooming and cuddling them,feeding them,bathing them,...This increases your fondness level with the monster making it more willing to obey commands. There is a place called monster ranch (which is a very large field) which you keep your monsters in (it can contain any monster of any size even giants like Dara Amadyura).

New Monsters

New Weapon Type

  • Sickle:Info about it is found here.

New Monster Type

  • Lacerta.It is a new class that include reptile like creatures (Turtles,Crocodiles,Lizards...)

Monsters from other games(will appear in forward 2)


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