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The TOP PAGES are here to make it easier to look up some things. We have provided the most important "tools" so that we may provide you with the best experience possible.

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Every month, this wiki will try to bring some improvements along with corrections or adjustments. We will inform you about everything that is going on inside our wiki. Please note that we are would like to hear from our users' suggestions about how we can improve and other helpful comments.

As for now, the main changes are in our templates. We are going to adjust these to make them friendlier and easier to read and use.

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Do you have an Artwork, a Fan fiction or any other ideas you want to share? Then please, feel free to write it here!

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News about Fanon:

  • Revamp of old pages undergoing
  • Categories will be added to ALL pages. (Note at Users: please check your pages and add categories if they still don't have any)
News about MHX:
Monster Hunter X - Japan Announcement Trailer02:37

Monster Hunter X - Japan Announcement Trailer

News about MH4G:

June DLC
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - June DLC Pack03:13

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - June DLC Pack

News about MHO:

怪物猎人Online(Monster Hunter Online) TGC 2014 Benchmark Trailer04:02

怪物猎人Online(Monster Hunter Online) TGC 2014 Benchmark Trailer

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The Monster Hunter Wiki is a comprehensive database for the Monster Hunter video game series. The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise, such as the games, monsters, weapons, areas and more!

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