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Hello guys!After a while of seeing some of the MH Ecologys(or life videos as they are called now),I decided I wanted to do afew Ecologys of my own.I'll be making afew MH Ecologies on afew monsters from the actual series but,not just on them.I'll also be doing some on afew monsters made by you guys on the Fanon Wiki.I almost forgot,you guys can also post your own ecologys down below in the comments about some monsters.If their interesting enough,I may just post them on this page,for all to see.So without farther a do here's the ecologies!

BannedLagiacrus' Ecologies

The Two Storm Dragons Of The Jungle


Shanthien,the Heavenly Flying Dragon.


Kushala Daora,the Steel Storm Dragon.

A Kushala Daora is looking for a speciel type of ore only found in the Jungle during a massive storm.It flys down into a cave,to see a huge piece of what seems to be a glowing ore.The Kushala trys grab it with it's jaw,to try to consume it.As it grabs the the glowing ore,it is shocked with lightning from the ore,but is still determined to get it.When it bites again,it is shocked again,this time harder.The Kushala Daora than grabs it,and pulls harder while being shocked.As it pulls the ore out of the cave,something begins to move as it pulls the ore.More of the glowing ore begins to fill light in the cave and,a glowing blue mane of hair begins to light up the cave.

A Shanthien,about the size of a Lagiacrus,awakens with a violent display of lightning surrounding it.It turns to face Kushala but,the Kushala quickly lets go off it,and shoots a wind blast at it's face before flying into the storm.The Kushala flys off,not noticing that Shanthien,close behind,following it.The Shanthien begins to charge a massive thunder blast that could kill the Kushala in one hit,while blocking and circling the Kushala from escaping.It begins to shoot the beam of lightning at the Kushala,and hits it dead on.The Kushala goes flying from the attack,and lands in a stream.The storm begins to leave and,sunlight hits the Jungle as the Shantiyen begins to leave back to the cave.The ecology ends with the Kushala Daora getting out off the stream with a broken back leg and,finding near the stream the rare glowing ore it was looking for before walking towards it,eating it,and standing up releasing a huge roar.

The Virus Filled Forest Of Ruins Field

425px-Goa Magara

Goa Magara


Juvenile Tigrex

A young Tigrex is following a small herd of Aptonoth,Gargwa and Kelbi,into a forest.As they enter into the forest,it climbs up a small ridge in the forest in order to follow them.The Tigrex watchs them carefully and,gets ready to choose one.As the herd slowly moves deeper into the forest,large amounts of what seems to be blackish purple scales and fur,cover both the trees and the ground making it seem darker than what it is.The Tigrex notices the black substance but,still continues to stalk them.The herd continues to travel and,starts to notice multiple glowing red eyes,about 20 of them,and hear buschs move as they move along.Then out of no where,a Great Jaggi jumps into the middle of the herd but,it's not a normal Great Jaggi.It's a Great Jaggi thats caught "Mad Dragon Virus",with glowing burning red eyes and a death look to it's skin.As it jumps out,about several Jaggi and three Jaggia also jump,also with the virus.

The herd begins to panic and,stampede through the forest.As they are running,the Tigrex begins to glide down give chase to the herd,through the forest.Not to far behind,the Jaggi pack have 2 Gargwa pinned down,to the ground bleeding to death.As the herd is stampeding and the Jaggi pack are feasting on their prize,a thunderous roar can be heard in the forest.After the roar,the forest begins to feel up with the same blackish purple substance found on the trees and,the forest floor,creating a dark fog over the area.

The Jaggi pack quickly leave the seen and,go to their underground burrows.The Tigrex finally catchs a an Aptonoth and,kills with multiple bites to the neck.The rest of the small herd finally gets out of the forest,alive.Tigrex begins to eat the Aptonoth,right before the dark fog incircles it.The Tigrex begins to breath in the fog and,starts to cough and choke on the substance.The last thing it sees is the wing claws of some type of monster grabing the Aptonoth,before it starts drag it a way.The ecology ends with Goa Magara in the background feeding on the Aptonoth and a distance away,a strange black smoke covers the Tigrex's mouth before changing it's skin to a darker tint.The Tigrex begins to rise from it's near death experience and,rears up and roars before it's eyes slowly change a devilish red.

Tide Island Rumble


Glutoons Delight!

A Bullfango herd is grazing in the forest eating plants and small animals.Nearby their leader,an old Bulldrome with a missing tusk and missing tail,is feasting and,also keeping watch for predators.All of sudden out of the forest comes another Bullfango herd,smaller but,with two younger leaders.The one of the younger leaders challenges the old male,for control over his herd by shaking it's head and kicking back dirt.The older male accepts the challenge,and the two begin to move in the open to face off against each other.

They both scream at each other before,charging at each other.Both try to push the other back to try to get an opening but,both seem to be evenly matched.Then out of nowhere,the other young Bulldrome jumps in and hits the older male head on.The hit knocks off,some off the older males hair but,doesn't mortally injure him.Seeing himself out numbered,the old male trys to lure the two to the Tide Island Caves,where it could try to use the caves to it's advantage.The male manages to trick them into following him.Both herds of Bullfango also follow,seeing their leaders leave the seen.The old Bulldrome hides behind some rocks getting ready to throw them at his rivals.The old male pushs the rocks at his enemys and,knocks one of them down with it.The rest of herd begins to enter the caves,to continue following their leaders.Unknown to them,a Supremacy Pariapuria and a HC Pariapuria are waiting outside the caves for any unaware prey to enter into them.The three continue to fight it out,as their herds watch them.As it seems the old Bulldrome will win,a loud roar is heard in the caves above them.Then out of no where,rocks begin to drop upon them.

As they run for the only exit outside the caves,the Supremacy Pariapuria jumps out shoots water containing acid down on the ground.They all turn and run,as the Supremacy and HC Pariapuria chase them down.The herd continues to run until,they all run off an edge leading to the deepest part of the Tide Island Caves.The ecology ends with the Bullfango herd,and the 3 Bulldromes dead at the bottom off the cave with the two Pariapuria,plus afew Taikun Zamuzas and afew other creatures,eating their corpses.Before the screen turns black,the Supremacy Pariapuria runs towards the screen before it roars into it,causing blood to fly into the screen,before it looks with it's bright red eyes.

The Emperor And The Empress Of The Sea

A Epioth herd are traveling to islands afew miles off Moga to,breed and give birth to their young.Unknown to them,a Aybssal Lagiacrus is watching the herd,looking for weak or sick Epioth to strike at.It spots two behind the herd and,prepares to ambush them.As it begins to charge at them,a roar can be heard in the distance.The herd hears the roar and,begins to panic.During this the Aybssal Lagiacrus quickly kills and eats one,and than grabs one,and than heads back into the abyss.Slowly coming out of the abyss,4 large horns can be seen coming out of the dark waters.The horns belong to,a Bull Male Goldbeard Ceadeus and a Female Ceadeus.As they swim up,the Epioth begin to swim past them and try to out swim them.Seeing their prey trying to escape,they begin to suck in large amounts of water and,both shoot a large beam of water at the same time,killing some of the Epioth.The ecology ends with corpses of Epioth floating in the water dead,and from a distance,a song from the two Ceadeus swimming off,back into the abyss.

Volcano In The Sea

File:Guran miraosu.jpg
In a sea near the Volcano(3rd),fishermen are doing their usual traditional hunts for a rare type of fish found only near the volcano,during breeding season.The fishermen cast out their nets to catch as many of the fish as they can,so they can bring them back to their town.As they are doing this one person keeps their eyes open for a Lagiacrus spotted near the area,hunting for the fish.Just in case it or any other monster is found near the ship,the ship has two Ballista and a Dragonator just in case the ship is attacked by any type of monster.The watcher stays close to them at all times but,has to be on the ready at all times.

As they are pulling up the last cast of the day,the watcher screams out,"Lagiacrus near the the ship!".All the fishermen drop their cast and move to the side of the ship to prepare for battle.Some grab on to spears,used for catching thick-hided fish,while others grab on to Ballista Ammo.The Lagiacrus circles the ship and surrounds it with rocks to confuse the fishermen.The fishermen throw spears and shoot shots at the Lagiacrus but,it does little to the Lagiacrus.The Lagiacrus goes back underwater and swims in front of the ship's nator.The watcher jumps to the Dragonator as the Lagiacrus prepares to charge the ship.The Lagiacrus begins to charge the ship but,right as the watcher sets off the Dragonator something unseen happens.A fireball from underwater hits the Lagiacrus and,sends it flying in the air before landing back into the water.As it lands,it makes a huge splash that makes a tidal wave.The Tidal wave pushes them to a nearby land where many ships have never comeback from.

This land is the"Tainted Sea".All of the crew awaken from the incident and find themselves on land next to another wrecked ship much older than theirs.As it seems they are safe,something begins to glow in the water.A huge legendary dragon climbs out of the water,one that was thought to be only a myth.Dire Miralis,the Smelting Black Dragon,appears out of the sea and,slowly walks towards their ship.The ecology ends with,Dire Miralis breaking open the ship and feasting on the fish in the ship as the fishermen watch in amazement before it shoots a huge fireball down on them,killing them.

Summer In The Tundra

After several long months of snow and darkness,the sun finally comes out on the Tundra.The icy plains start to melt away and,become rich fields filled with grass and other plants.Herbivore numbers start to increase and more monsters start to become more active in the area.Also during the summer,monsters native to the area start to slowly change.The Lagombi's fur start to change from a white coat to a brown coat in the summer of the Tundra.The same also goes for Barioth and afew other native monsters.

With this long summer some unusal monsters start to appear in this area.Monsters like Aptonoth,Kelbi,Mosswine,Rhenoplos,Qurupeco,Arzuros,Jaggi Packs,Pokaradon Harems,and Anourupatisu start to show up in this area for unknown reasons.Aptonoths and other herbivores seem to come to the area for a special type of plant found only in this region while Jaggi Packs follow their main prey.Arzuros come for the large production of honey by Snakebees.Qurupecos come for the breeding season of the Glutoon Tuna.The same goes the Pokaradon Harems and Anourupatsisu.

During this short summer,a female Barioth and her 3 cubs are traveling to a new layer close to a lake,not to far from sea.The female Barioth and her young stop for a drink near the lake with afew neighboring herbivores,Pohkara and their leader,Pokaradon and a Qurupeco.Unknown to them,they are being watched by something living in the lake waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.The Barioth mother begins to sense something in the water and,than quickly moves her young a safe distance away from the lake.As they begin to move,something jumps out off the water and grabs one off the young Barioth by the tail.It's a Aquamarine Tetsukabura with a broken tusk,looking for a easy meal.

The young Barioth screams in pain and,reacts by trying to bite the Tetsukabura on its eye.The mother watchs helplessly as her cub is slowly taken closer to the water.As it seems that the cubs fate is sealed something shocking happens.Out of nowhere,from the sky,an Anourupatsisu spears through the Tetsukabura's hide with a piece of ice and its mighty barbed horn.The impact from the hit causes the Tetsukabura to bite down hard on the Barioth's tail causing the cub to lose its tail.It quickly runs to its mother and its other siblings right after the hit.The young Barioth learns a painful lesson from the ambush that will follow it for its whole life.The ecology ends within afew years later during winter,the same Barioth that lost its tail,is going to the same lake where it lost its tail with its own young and,below them lies the bones of the Aquamarine Tetsukabura and in its mouth,the tail of the Barioth.

Mating Season

In the Great Forest,mating season has began for one odd Bird Wyvern.A young male Fairunokku is in seacrh of its first mate.From this being its first mating season,its important that it finds a mate as fast as possible because,once male Fairunokkus have found a mate,they will attack almost any threat to protect them from danger,especially older males.Older males are known for killing most threats that come to close to their mate.

The young male walks to a nearby stream and,begins to smell around it to see if a female is nearby.He picks up the scent of a female and,begins to call and screech for her.For a second,he doesn't get a response from her but,afew seconds later she screechs back at him.She slowly comes out of the foliage to greet the young male but,there is something odd about her.Unlike a normal Fairunokku,she has a feathery orange mane and orange mix with green feathers on her body,red eyes,and a bright pink mix with blue feathers on the rest of its body.This Fairunokku isn't a true species but,a hybird of a Hypnocatrice and Fairunokku.

The male is first confused by the look of the female but,shortly later he begins to dance and display to her,to try to attract her.Right as it seems that the male Fairunokku has the female as its mate,something unsuspected happens.A huge pack of Velociprey jump out of the brush along with 3 Velocidromes.

The Velocidromes call their pack to surround the two and prepare to pounce them all at once.The two of them begin to shake their feathers and,start to make a electrical charge that surrounds their body and,start to scream and dance around the area.The huge pack begin to attack the Fairunokku couple but,fail to get any where close to them,from them moving so fast.The Velocidromes decide to try attack themselves and,manage to jump on the hybird.As soon as the young male sees this,he becomes enraged but,than something odd happens.His feathers start to shine a bright blue and lightning begins to cover its mane,as the whole pack watchs in fear and amazement.

The young male flys up into the air and,knocks the Velocidromes off the females back.As soon as they fall to the ground,they jump right back up and try to attack the male.The male counters the attack by,producing a electrical shield around its body to shock them.He manages to kill one of the leaders with the attack and angers the rest of the pack.The rest of the pack trys to pounce him all at once but,the young male flys into the air and begins to shoot lighting balls down on the ground,at them.While doing this smoke covers the area and the smoke slowly covers the screen.The ecology ends with,the smoke slowly disappearing with dead Velociprey and Velocidromes around the area and the male Fairunokku back to its normal self as,it slowly walks to the female and tends to her.Than afew months past as it ends with,the two of them seating in their nest with their seven eggs.

Serpent Of The Mysterious Swamp

In the eerie Old Swamp,fog covers the whole area making it dark and hard to see.Sounds can be heard from every where and movement can be heard through the swamp.Somewhere close,something begins to come out of its burrow and quickly moves to a pond nearby.A forked tongue begins to drink up water from the pond and,a reflection of the beast can be seen.The beast is a huge female Kurandaorma missing afew teeth and missing one of its eyes,.

The Kurandaorma has left her burrow because,she senses a threat nearby and prepares to face of against this threat to drive it off.Usually she would stay hidden from most threats that come close to the area but,she has to come out because her eggs are going to hatch soon and she needs to keep them as hidden as possible from possible predators.The female smells around the area and picks up the scent of the predator and looks at the direction its at.While doing this,the predator jumps down from one of the trees and falls into the pond.The predator is a Emerald Congalala looking for the smell of eggs and newborn Kurandas.

The Congalala jumps out of the water looking for the eggs,not noticing the mother infront of it.She lets out a deep hiss before trying to strike the Emerald Congalala but,the Congalala reacts by throwing a mushroom in her mouth,stopping the strike.She grabs it and spits it out before,coiling up and biting again.The Congalala begins to slash with one of its claws but,the Kurandaorma grabs the Congalala by the claw and begins to coil around its neck choking the beast.The Congalala trys to bite the beast with its fangs but,fails to get a good solid grip on them.The Congalala begins to slowly fall to the ground as it submits to the females death grip.The screen begins to shift to the female as she slowly opens her mouth before striking the screen as it goes black.The ecology ends,with the newborn Kurandas surrounding their mother as she slowly shallows the Congalala.

The Odd Fox Monkey

In the forest of Ruins Field,it's the wet season in this calm forest but,is the breeding season for one particular species.In the forest,large numbers of Kunchuu gather in the forest to lay eggs inside of the trees,for their larvae.The Kunchuu begin to climb into the trees and use their powerful jaws to break into the trees,so they can lay their eggs.As they are laying their eggs,scavangers of all sizes from Altaroth to Yian Kut-Ku,gather in the forest to feast on them.

As the Kunchuu groups climb down from the trees,the Kut-Ku flocks begin to strike them down from the trees causing them to fall to the ground.The Kunchuu groups fall to the ground as the feeding frenzy begins for the scavangers.Jaggi packs grab as many as they can,Gargwa and Kut-Ku flocks peck and crush their shells and,Altaroths suck up the body fluids of the Kunchuu.As the feast goes on,something gliding above the forest lands in the trees and silently watchs the feast from above,where most other monsters can't see it.After afew minutes of watching them,it jumps and swings from tree to tree,without being noticed but,only with a brief shadow and glowing yellow eyes,as it moves through the forest.It lands in a nest on the largest tree,as it shadow is only seen in the tree as it goes to sleep.

When night falls,it wakes up and a trunk-like nose is seen as it slowly gets up and rest of its body is revealed.The strange creature is a Kechawacha that lives in the area.This Kechawacha was waiting for night time to do most of its foraging but,couldn't from all of the activity in the area going on from the breeding season.The Kechawacha begins to climb down the tree and glide through the forest without a single sound,before landing where the huge feast was at.It quickly climbs up the tree and uses its nose to smell for danger,before using its teeth to break through the bark of the tree.The Kechawacha bites the bark with its powerful teeth and uses its claw to dig and seacrh in the tree.It's doing this because,it's looking for the Kunchuu eggs to feast on while keeping an eye open for predators.It finds the juicy eggs in the tree and,begins to use its claws to pull them out and eat them.While eating the eggs,unknown to it something watchs it forage for food.As it jumps to the next tree for more eggs,it notices movement near it behind one of the trees.It stares for a moment at the tree but,turns back around to continue feeding.As it turns around,something jumps out from behind the tree and,nearly grabs the Kechawacha by the tail.It's a young Tigrex infected by Mad Dragon Virus.

The Tigrex quickly climbs the tree to follow the Kechawacha but,the Kechawacha reacts by shooting water blobs into the Tigrex's eyes to blind it before gliding away.It quickly glides back to its nest to try to hide from this threat.It makes back to the nest and,stops and sits quietly in its nest hoping for the Tigrex to not notice it.The Tigrex moves lands in the area but,fails to notice the Kechawacha above it.The ecology ends,with the Tigrex flying away from the area and in the background the Kecha sound asleep in the nest as the camara moves closer to the Kecha before heading towards its tail.On its tail,are the scales and fur of Goa Magara as it tail slowly turns to a darker tint of purple before the screen goes black.

The Master Of The Polar Sea

The Polar Sea,The Great Frozen Sea.A barren area where very few live or thrive in.The monsters that do live here are rare and unique only to this area and,seem to have special adaptations to live in this area.One of these monsters are Pokara,are a newly discovered species of Leviathan only found in this icy region.They are the most common monsters found in the Polar Sea and,right now its their birthing season so female Pokaras are quite common in the Polar Sea right now.The females haul themselves up to land and move a great deal away from the water before gathering up into huge groups.In these huge groups,they give birth to their young all at once but,during this time they are extremely vulnerable to all sorts of predators from the Giaorugu to the Anorupatisu.Luckily they have a defense from these two predators.Nearby watching over them is their leader,a young Pokaradon,the alpha male of the harem.It's his job to protect them from all threats,no matter how big or strong but,he may have to stay on land for afew hours or maybe even for a day to protect them.

After afew hours of staying on land,the females begin to give birth to their young in the daylight while the young Pokaradon peacefully sleeps away afew meters away from them.The females begin to give birth to their young and,watch their young wander around and play with each other,after doing so.While doing this,something,unknown to them,watchs them from the distance.Its a huge Giaorugu searching for a easy meal and,it seems to have its eyes on the group of Pokaras and their pups.The Giaorugu carefully watchs the group while it runs and hides behind rocks,so it can sneak up on them.As it gets ever closer it,the Giaorugu starts to drool and lick its mouth almost constantly but,as it gets into striking range something unsuspect happens.The Giaorugu falls through the ice and alerts the Pokara group and their leader,Pokaradon.The Pokaradon known that the Giaorugu was in the area so,it made traps for it circling the group afew hours in advance to trap the predator,just in cause it came,and also give its harem afew breathing holes to escape from.

Its harem and pups react by jumping through the traps and into the water,where the Giaorugu can't reach them at.The Giaorugu gets out of the ice trap and,runs at the Pokaradon head on,using its frill to knock the Pokaradon on its side.It than grabs the Pokaradon by its neck,to try to choke it but,from all the layers of fat and blubber around its neck,it makes it hard to bite through certain parts of the body.Pokaradon flips over on its back and,uses it paws to grab the Giaorugu by the neck before,rolling over to get back on its feet while knocking down the Giaorugu.The Giaorugu quickly recovers and throws three rocks at the young Pokaradon without warning but,the Pokaradon ducks and jumps up before knocking the ball in the air and,hitting the Giaorugu in the eyes.The Giaorugu roars in pain before shaking its head to get the ice of it.As the ice gets out of its eyes,the Pokaradon claps its paws together before slamming its body through the ice,causing the Giaorugu to fall through and into the sea.The Giaorugu struggles to stay above water but,slowly sinks into the water.Luckily for the Giaorugu,the waves send it to a lone iceberg where it can barely stand on.The only problem is,the iceberg is away from the rest of the land and it doesn't drift close enough to shore.The ecology ends with the young Pokaradon clapping its paws together three times before releasing a powerful roar across the land.Before the screen goes black,it shows the Giaorugu still on the lone iceberg,as it slowly melts,while circling around the iceberg and the Giaorugu,three Anorupatisu wait for it to drop into the water.

Pole Dragons

In the Great Desert's Valley,the Gorge,it has recently been going through massive thunderstorms striking the area left and right.The thunderstorms have to do with a strange ritual by a group of Elder Dragons.The Elder Dragons are Rukodiora going through their molting season.During this season,Rukodiora gather in small groups all around the Gorge to shed their old skin in the heavy rains to gain their new skin.After shedding,they are a dull white in color and have a extremely soft skin for about afew minutes.Amoug the groups is an old male going through its final stage of life.The old Rukodiora looks for a perfect to shed and finds a spot at the top of a cliff where no other Rukodioras are at.Its old skin begins to split apart as it shakes its old skin of its body.As it is shedding,lightning begins to strike him from all sides without warning before a huge roar is heard across the sky.As the Rukodiora stands up and looks around the area,huge wings begin to clear the clouds as they slowly get lower to the Rukodiora's face.A HC Berukyurosu has spotted the old male and she doesn't want him in her territory.

The Berukyurosu sticks her quills into the ground and lifts up the ground under the Rukodiora but,it counters by jumping back and shooting a beam of dragon at her.The Berukyurosu flys up to dodge the beam and slams down into the earth with all of her might nearly hitting the Rukodiora before,grabbing the Rukodiora by both wings with her claws and subduing him.While the old Rukodiora is subdued and roaring in pain,she begins to charge a massive beam to finish of the Rukodiora.As she begins to fire the beam,metal and trees begin to fly down on to her,sticking into her back.As they stick,an electrical ball begins to form on her back before exploding with surging dragon and covering her body in a mysterious blue and red lightning but,as it seems its all over something strange happens.Gold dust begins to surround her body and it begins to pull her into the air.She trys to fly away but,her movements pull her into the dust much faster.The Berukyurosu soon sees herself in the middle of the thunderstorm but,with a strange shadow in the storm covered in the gold dust.The shadow is Rebidiora,the final stage of life for Rukodiora.

The Rebidiora pulls the Berukyurosu towards it before,surrounding itself with large amounts of rocks and other objects while roaring at the Berukyrosu.The Rebidiora begins to fire the objects at the Berukyurosu but,while doing this loses control of the Berukyurosu's movements.Right as it seems the Berukyurosu is going to escape with its life,the old Rukodiora comes out of the storm with its new skin as a Rebidiora and uses its magnetism to stop the Berukyurosu at its track.The other Rebidiora than launchs all of the objects at the female Berukyurosu all of them hitting vital organs,killing her as she falls to the ground before going black.The ecology ends,with the Rebidioras and Rukodioras leaving the Gorge with their new skin,after the thunderstorms and heading their separate ways while in a nearby cavaran,five Berukyurosu chicks prepare to fly off into the sunset to start their new lives as solitary predators but,fail to notice below them their dead mother being eating by a Genprey Pack.

Wolf Mutation

During the night in the swamp,howls and roars can be heard through out the area as two shadowy objects fight.Two young Kamu Orugaron are fighting each other over a Nono Orugaron and,neither of them aren't giving up easily.One of them named "Scar" and the other named "Ecco".This two are both brothers but,since the Nono came into the picture,they want to kill each other for her.Scar begins to shoot wind blasts at Ecco but,fails to hit him.Ecco runs around Scar and bites him on both sides of his body,leaving scars on them.Ecco than jumps up and shoots spikes from his back on to the Scar,leaving wounds on him.Scar howls in pain as each spike hits his body but,right as it seems its all over,Ecco slices Scar's face with his powerful claws before knocking Scar back with a huge roar,that causes a echo across the Swamp.After all the hits,Scar begins to back up from Ecco and limp away as his brother roars in victory before Scar looks back briefly and moves on.

The ecology then skips to a week later,as we see Scar wandering the Swamp alone trying to survive by himself.His scars have began to heal and he has taken the spikes out of his body but,his front paw is still injured from the fight.From this he won't be able to capture prey as effectively as he would usually would but,now he will have to come up with another way to take down prey.Now he has to live life on his own and he has to learn how to live without another of his kind.

While wondering,he comes across a nest filled with eggs belonging to a Abiorugu mother,who left to hunt.Scar takes his chance and slowly walks up to the nest,looking around the area for any signs of the mother,before he begins to feast on the eggs but,as soon as he begins something bursts out of the ground next to him.The female Abiorugu breaks through the earth,with a thunderous roar and quickly comes out of the ground.The first thing she looks at when she comes out,is her eggs.As soon as she sees her eggs destoryed,her plates turn a deep red and she roars in rage.She then turns to Scar,kicks up dirt,and charges with all her might at him.Scar dashs to the side but,she quickly turns around and charges again before nearly hitting him.The mother than swipes her tail before slamming it down into the ground.When she slams it into the ground,her tail gets stuck in the ground and she trys to pry it out but,she can't.Scar than trys to take this as a chance to leave but,his instincts tells him to stay and fight and,to kill the Abiorugu for food.Scar decides to follow his instincts and takes advantage of the situation and grabs the Abiorugu by the neck.The Abiorugu roars in pain and trys to pry her tail out even faster while trying to knock the Kamu off of her.Right as it seems she's going to get out free,Scar lets go of her and jumps back before jumping up shooting spikes on her.When the spikes are shot down,the Abiorugu quickly shoots her fiery breath to stop them but,some hit on her underbelly.When they impact her underbelly,two of them hits her lungs while one hits heart.After the two major hits,the Abiorugu mother begins to fall to the ground in pain and roars loudly.Scar begins to slowly walk up to her,to give the final blow but,as soon as he gets close to her,she shoots her last powerful fiery breath at him before he grabs her by the neck.After the grab,she dies a painful death and fails to protect her young.Scar breaths heavily before he begins to howl in victory but,something happens while he's howling.A strange barrier of wind surrounds him as he howls and his eyes slightly turn red with rage and anger.After howling,he begins to feed on the Abiorugu before the screen fades to black.

The ecology than skips to three months later,as now we see Scar in better health than he was before and now living close to the Volcano.We also see that from Scar not grooming very well his fur on his face,mohawk,and legs have grown much thicker,longer,and wilder than it was before but,now his previous wounds and scars have healed.Another strange thing about Scar is recently,he has started to eat Firestones and other ore around the area and,from him recently moving in the area,he has developed strange white stripes on his body.For right now,it's unknown why he is eating ore and why he's even living close to the Volcano.

Scar begins to walk towards the edge of the forest to hunt for a small herd of Bullfango.Once he's at the edge of the forest,he looks through some plants to see if there are any old,sick,or young individuals.He spots a sick old female that can barely stand up and prepares to ambush the old female but,as he begins to charge her,something strikes the herd from the sky with a glob of poison.A Yian Garuga rain downs a barrage of poisonous fireballs down on the herd while Scar trys to dodge each blast.The Yian Garuga flys down and grabs one of the young Bullfango before flying away.Right as Scar begins to leave the area after the assault,something rams him on his side.A HC Bulldrome comes from underground and,charges him with a large amount of force,causing Scar to hit a tree.Scar howls in pain,as he hits the tree.The Bulldrome is attacking him because,he thinks that Scar attacked and killed the young Bullfango.The Bulldrome back ups and charges again but,this time Scar climbs up the tree and jumps over him.The old male hits the tree and ends up losing one of his tusk.The Bulldrome looks at Scar with anger and prepares to throw a boulder at him.As the Bulldrome throws the boulder,Scar does something that few Kamu learn to do.Strange orange sparks appear around him as he jumps into the air and begins to shoot huge fireballs at the Bulldrome.Each fireball hits the Bulldrome and causes it to try to run.As it runs,Scar seemly teleports in front of him and,shoots fire into the screen.

The ecology than skips to a year later,where we see Scar now not a Kamu Orugaron but,a Midogaron,a mutation of a lone Kamu Orugaron,wandering through the old territory he shared with his brother before seeing Ecco,with the Nono.The ecology than finally ends with,Scar jumping between Ecco and the Nono before breathing a fireball into Ecco's face before,it fades to black.

Hissing Mist

It's the night in the Primeval Forest.During this time,most monsters in the area are sleeping peacefully but,not all monsters are sleeping.In the dense dark fog of the forest,something slithers in the forest with glowing yellow eyes and with a shadowy presences.A Garara Ajara is searching for a easy meal,in the misty night.

It uses its forked tongue to pick up the particles of it possible prey but,so far it doesn't smell anything.It than goes to a small pond to drink but,constantly looks and smells around the area for anything that it could overpower.As it drinks for a thrid time,its tongue starts to pick up something not to far away.The Garara Ajara sees foot prints belonging to some type of monster and decides to follow it.As it follows the tracks,it sees a shadow with huge ears.A Yian Kut-Ku is seacrhing for grubs in the ground and,is unaware of the Garara Ajara watching it.

The Garara Ajara quietly slithers up a tree while the Yian Kut-Ku searchs for grubs.As it is climbing up the tree,the fog rolls in the area and covers the area.The Yian Kut-Ku looks around trying to see but,all of sudden it finds itself fighting for its life.The Garara Ajara grabs it by the wing,wraps around its body,and constricts it to death.The Yian Kut-Ku fights for its life but,the Garara Ajara squeezes harder and harder,the more Kut-Ku fights.After about five minutes,the Kut-Ku begins to die and slowly falls face first to the ground,as the Garara Ajara lets go of it.The screen than goes black as,the Garara Ajara strikes its head.The ecology ends,with the Garara Ajara sleeping in a giant skull with a huge belly and in the background a black purple claw surrounded by a strange fog waiting for Garara Ajara to come out of the skull.

Sentry Of The Highland

Its a calm peaceful day in the Highlands with a small herd of Erupe and Burukku but,in the small herd something is sleeping in the middle of them.As the sun shines on its eyes,it awakens and looks around the area.It turns out to be a an old male Gurenzeburu.The huge wyvern yawns and walks past the herbivores but,does something shocking,after he's a distance away from them..He begins to graze on the plants in the area and,also eat the insects and Neopterons in the area.It turns out that Gurenzeburus are omnivores mostly feeding on plants,ore and insects in the area.Not only that but,also living with or around the herbivores in the Highland.From this the herbivores depend on Gurens for protection against most predators.

After eating the plants and insects,he begins to look around the area for any signs of predators.He than walks to a nearby lake and begins to drink water from it.The other herbivores follow him and begin to drink as well.Unknown to them,they are being watched from both above and below.In the lake,a Kuarusepusu watchs and prepares to ambush them from below.In the air,a Hyujikiki lands to the ground sliently,to chase down its prey.The old Gurenzeburu senses both monsters nearby with its feet and,releases a warning roar to the herd,to warn them.As it does this,the Kuarusepusu burst out of the water and,nearly grabs a Erupe before digging into the ground and chasing the herd.As the herd stampedes,the Hyujikiki jumps out of the rocks and gives chase to the herd.While the Hyujikiki and Kuarusepusu are chasing the herd,the Gurenzeburu follows them from the air.

The Hyujikiki chases down a Burukku but,as the Hyujikiki trys to jump on it,Kuarusepusu comes out of the ground and knocks the Burukku in the air,killing it instantly.As the Kuarusepusu lands,the Hyujikiki jumps on its back and,shoots needles and spikes on the Kuarusepusu back but,to little effect.The Hyujikiki than jumps off its back and,shoots tornados at the beast but,still doing little to it.The Kuarusepusu counters this by reflecting sunlight with its crystals,making a flash effect,blinding the Hyujikiki.After being blinded,the Hyujikiki flys into the air and,rain downs spikes randomly all over the area before,falling to the ground.As it gets up,the Kuarusepusu trys to constrict it like a snake but,the Hyujikiki reacts by balling up into a ball and,releasing its spikes on the Kuarusepusu's underbelly.The Kuarusepusu roars in pain and,releases its coils.In a strange act,the Kuarusepusu digs back into the ground and,heads back into the lake but,grabs a Erupe while doing so.The Hyujikiki than heads to the Burukku to get its prize.Right as it does something hits it with a large amount of force from the sky.The old Gurenzeburu hits  the Hyujikiki with its huge horn and,knocks it on its back before releasing a powerful roarAs it roars,it begins to rain and,a strange aura of water appears around the Guren.While this is going on,an aura of Poison,Sleep,and Paralysis appears around the Hyujikiki as it gets up.The Gurenzeburu and Hyujikiki than roar at each and,charge each other before it fades to black.The ecology ends with,Gurenzeburu with a bloody horn and spikes all over its body eating the dead Burukku and next to it,the Hyujikiki dead with a huge hole in its tail and back,and around the Guren and Hyujikiki,the small herd of Herbivores grazing peacefully in the sunlight.

Gold And Silver Couples Of The Tower

It is a quiet night in the Towers.Seating on the edge of the Towers,a Silver Rathalos is looking for a potential mate but,so far doesn't sense or smell any potential females.After about a minute he hears the roar of a Gold Rathian and,quickly flys towards the Gold Rathian.When he makes it to the area with the Gold Rathian,he begins to fly down and search for her but,he doesn't see anything because,of a thick fog covering the area.The Silver Rathalos looks around trying to see the Gold Rathian,with no luck so far.He than decides to fly up and use his wings to clear the fog so it can see.As it does this,something Gold jumps towards him but,misses the Rathalos by mere inches.At first,the Silver Los thinks its the Rathian but,he doesn't see anything in the area.What he does see is a huge hole leading to underground right under him.

After what happened,he continues to push the fog off the area but,also keeps his senses on high alert,knowing that he could potentially be in danger.After pushing the fog he sees the Gold Rathian he heard,shooting fireballs towards the ground in an aggressive posture.He is confused about her but,slowly and carefully walks up to her.As he walks up to her,the Rathian turns towards him and shoots a huge fireball at him.The Silver Los reacts by jumping to the side and roaring telling her "He isn't a threat".The Rathian reacts by shooting a fireball at him again but,he dodges it again.As the Rathalos dodges again,he gets his foot stuck in a hole and struggles to get out.While he trys to get his foot out,the Rathian charges towards the Rathalos and stops mysteriously.As she stops,something breaks through the floor of the Tower and reveals itself.A huge Goruganosu with a bright golden hide,reveals itself and roars at the pair.

As it comes towards them,the Rathian helps the Rathalos get out of the hole and,both prepare to fight the huge Piscine Wyvern.The Rathalos flys up prepares to shoot fireballs and the Rathian begins to shoot do her Wyvernfire but,as the two fire their fireballs,something unsuspect happens.Something comes from underground and,knocks the Goruganosu towards the Rathalos.The Goruganosu's mate,Aruganosu,throws its mate towards the Rathalos,to knock him out of the sky.

The Goruganosu grabs the Rathalos by the tail before throwing him down on the ground,knocking him out,and going back underground.The Goruganosu than trys get the Rathian but,the Rathian hits it with a fireball to the back,causing it to flee underground.Out of nowhere,the Aruganosu shoots five balls of ice at the Rathian.She dodges the balls but,as she smells the air,a toxin enters into her system and paralyzes her.She roars in pain,waking the Rathalos.The Rathalos wakes up with blurry vision and slowly gets up and,sees Aruganosu and Gorganosu walking towards the Rathian,from different sides.The Piscine Wyverns begin to signal each other by roaring at each other and,begin to run in a complete circle before sliding on their bellys.As they are doing this both make huge tornados and both tornados combine together cause lightning and ice to hit and cover the Rathian.Both than go underground and head towards the Rathalos.The Rathalos shakes its head and gets up but,doesn't know where they are at or what happened.It notices the Rathian dead on the ground frozen.The Rathalos than roars in pain and sorrow and.looks for the two wyverns in anger.The ecology ends with the Goruganosu knocking the Los in the air and the Aruganosu jumping in the air grabbing him by his back before going back underground.The two than jump out of the ground and make a huge tornado before the screen goes black.

Land Sharks Of The Frozen Sea

It is a peaceful day in the Frozen Sea,where we see a lone Popo traveling looking for a herd.

After endless hours of wandering it decides to stop by the watering hole to drink.Nearby,a Lagombi with its three cubs are foraging for food and grazing on plants nearby.The Popo begins to drink the water but,something strange happens.Something slimy swims past the Popos mouth and the Popo looks around confused about what just happened.

Unknown to the Popo,the same creature is waiting to ambush the Popo from underwater but,it isn't alone.Ten others are waiting to strike the Popo as well but,are waiting for the perfect chance to.One of them jumps on land and,growls at the Popo.The Popo looks at it confused and trys to attack but,as soon as the Lagombi family see it,they run for their lives.As the Popo,prepares to stomp the creature,it is swarmed by the rest of them and screams in pain.

The small creatures are the shark-like amphibians called Sukuagirus.The Sukuagirus jump on to the Popo and begin to suck out its body fluids/blood.As this is going on,they slowly increase in size as they suck up its body fluids.As it seems the Popo is good for dead,the Sukuagiru pack jump off the Popo and begin to roar and groan.While they are doing this,they begin to develop limbs and jump back into the water.At first,it seems calm but,than the water begins to shake and rumble but,before the Popo could look up again,a huge fin is seen in the water and the last thing the Popo sees is a huge mouth swallowing it whole.The ecology ends,with the Popo inside the belly of a huge Zaboazagiru,as the huge shark-like amphibian trys to gulp it down and swallow it.

The Ancient Predators

It is a dark night in the Deserted Island,where we see a Jaggi pack sleeping in there den peacefully and in the center of them their leader,Great Jaggi,keeps watch over them,in this quiet night while seating on eggs.While seating on the eggs,he begins to groom himself but,as he does this he hears the cry of a Kelbi herd and goes to investigate whats going on.Before he leaves,he wakes up the pack by roaring in the air and tells them "to be on the alert and ready to fight any type of danger".

When he makes it to the scene,he sees the Kelbi herd everywhere on the ground from legs to other ripped of parts with blood and organs on the ground.The Great Jaggi looks at this in complete shock before it trys to smell the ground to try to figure out what did this.He picks up the scent of something and carefully follows the scent.As it follows the scent,it finds a huge spike in the ground with electricity surging from it and sees a blood trail on the ground with the horn of a Kelbi on the trail.

Right as he begins to follow the blood trail,he starts to hear a rattling sound in the Forest and sees something run past the branches and buschs near it.The Great Jaggi than sees glowing orange eyes looking at him through some trees and notices an adut male Kelbi in its mouth dead as it tears the head off the Kelbi with its jaws before throwing it at the Great Jaggi.The beast than drops the Kelbi and roars at the Great Jaggi with tremendous force,causing him to run for his life.The creature than drops from the tree and follows the Great Jaggi slowly.When the Great Jaggi gets out of the forest,it looks back to see if it was followed but,doesn't know that he's being followed by the creature.As it seems its all over,he begins to hear the calls of his pack calling for him but,also hears the roar of something else in the area.After hearing them,he runs back to his den as quickly as possible,unknown about what's going on.

The Great Jaggi makes it back to its den but,finds his entire pack massacred and the eggs destroyed.The camera switchs to its eye which has a tear in it and he begins to call for them to see if any of them are still alive.As he calls for them for the third time,he hears what seems like one of his pack calling to him and rushs to their aid.As he follows the calls,he notices a shadowy figure in the corner of a rock formation and,begins to walk towards it,carefully.As he walks towards it,it turns around and looks at him but,doesn't come any closer towards him.He gets closer and closer until,something knocks him on his side.As he gets up,he sees two shadows but,this time both come out in the light of the moon reveal themselves.The two creatures are the Palezoic Great Jaggi,an ancient breed of the Great Jaggi.

They both begin to surge with eletricity and roar at the Great Jaggi.The Great Jaggi than trys to get up but,finds a problem.It finds two huge spikes in its leg and can barely get up.Righty as he gets up,the huge male steps on the Great Jaggi's leg and uses its foot claw to pin him down on the ground.The female than grabs the Great Jaggi with her foot claw before grabbing and slashing him up with her claws to the belly.The Great Jaggi than roars in pain but,no one can hear him scream.The Palezoic couple than begins to repeat this process as the camera begins to zoom out before looking at up at the moon,while in the background we hear the Great Jaggi roaring in pain as the screen fades to black,ending the ecology.

Garara Ajara Has Caught The Virus

A day has passed since the Garara Ajara has eaten the Yian Kut-Ku and,now it is done digusting and decides to leave the shelter of the huge skull,to look for new hunting grounds.

It comes out during the daylight and uses its plates to absorb sunlight before heading into the Primeval Forest.It wanders through the swamp,slithering across the forest floor and into plants.Garara Ajara than slithers towards a river to drink but,finds something unsuspecting in it.In the water,a Slagtoth floating dead in the water with a purple glowing substance on its body and wounds.The Garara Ajara looks at the body and trys to smell it,to see what killed it but,doesn't recongnize the scent.As it smells the body,something walks into the water on the other side of the river and begins to drink water from the river while staying in the shadows.The Garara Ajara looks to the other side of the river and sees it drinking before using its tongue to smell it.After smelling it,the Garara Ajara looks at it with its eyes to try to intimidate it but,it looks back at the Garara Ajara and releases a thunderous roar causing the Garara Ajara to flee.

As the Garara Ajara flees,the creature jumps over the river and chases the Garara Ajara through the Swamp.The Garara Ajara ahead,digs into the earth with only its head exposed and waits the creature to pass to ambush it.After afew minutes of waiting,the creature passes and the Garara Ajara pounces out of the ground and grabs it by the wing.The creature roars in pain and uses its claws to hook into the Garara Ajara's back before it uses its other wing to slash out the Garara Ajara's eye.The Garara Ajara than lets go of the creature before shaking its plates and hissing in pain.The Garara Ajara coils up into a striking a position hissing at its attacker.Its attacker walks towards it and in the sunlight it is revealed to be Goa Magara,the Carrier Wyvern.The Goa Magara shoots down four balls of Mad Dragon Virus and each ball is shoot towards the Snake Dragon.Garara Ajara reacts by diving underground and trys to ambush the Goa Magara from underground.The Goa Magara looks around in anger before its wings pick up vibrations from the ground and dodges the Garara Ajara's attack.Quickly after the attack,the Garara Ajara trys to use its tail to hit the Goa Magara but,dodges each swipe with the tail.

The Goa Magara than prepares to jump on the Garara Ajara'ss neck to finish it off but,something happens.The venom in its jaws paralysis the Goa Magara,making it harder for it to move.The Goa Magara trys despartely to move with no prevail but,the Garara Ajara decides to try to constrict the Goa Magara.The Garara Ajara wraps around the Goa Magara and begins to squeeze it to death but,right as it begins a large amount of Goa's hairs and scales begins to fly around in the air hitting and sting the Garara Ajara's skin.Garara Ajara begins to release its coils during this but,as this happens Goa Magara grabs the Snake Dragon by the neck before shooting those hairs in its mouth.After doing so,the Garara Ajara seemly dies and the Goa Magara flys up into the sky.After about afew hours,the Garara Ajara is seen wandering the forest but,this time with a dark look and glowing red eyes before rattling and biting the screen.

Monster Shark vs. Steel Dragon

It is a harsh day in the Frozen Sea,where a herd of Popo travel across the ice covered sea in search of new areas to graze while a massive snow storm hits the sea.The Popo herd walk through the storm while shaking ice of their body.As they are walking over the ice,something under the ice looks at them before swimming passed them.As it swims pass them,a large number of small shadows follow right behind it.

As this happens,the storm begins to clear and the Popo begin to look at the sun but,as they do so a large amount of snow is blown towards them and a huge tornado flys towards them,killing three of them.The tornado than lands on the ground and two huge wings come out of the tornado,as a medium-sized Elder Dragon reveals itself.The Elder Dragon is a Kushala Daora with multiple scars on its body,with a shiny steel armor.The Kushala Daora roars into the air and begins to walk towards the herd,with multiple tornadoes surrounding it as it walks.The Popo herd begin to walk backwards and run the other way with fear,as the Kushala Daora begins to cover itself with its wind barrier and chase them down.Unknown to the Kushala Daora,something behind it comes out of the water and takes the three Popo its killed back to the water.

The Popo herd run across the Frozen Sea and find themselves trapped between the sea and the Kushala Daora.The herd have to choose between holding of against the Kushala Daora or swimming across the sea to the other side.Only half of the herd decide to swim across while the rest stand and fight against the Kushala Daora.The Kushala Daora flys towards the herd on land before it begins to shoot blast of wind on them.After shooting the wind blast,the Kushala Daora lands on to the ground and runs towards them.As it seems its over for them,a large number of shark-like monsters jump on the Popo,Sukuagiru,knocking them into the water.The rest of the Popo swimming across are soon caught by the Sukuagiru swarm.The Kushala Daora looks watchs the masscure but,soon the Sukuagiru notice the Kushala Daora and begin to swarm together,to try to take it down.

The Kushala Daora stands on its hind legs and begins to flap its wings,making an huge tornado around it.As it flaps its wings,the Sukuagiru try to attack the Kushala Daora but,end up being taken away by the tornado and flown up into the air.More Sukugiru try to attack the Kushala but,with no prevail.As it seems the Sukuagiru are giving up,something calls them back in the water with a massive bellowing roar,causing the Sukuagiru to retreat back in the water and back to feeding on the Popo.Kushala Daora looks in confession and begins to walk away but,as it walks away,a huge fin appears behind it and swims through the ice before lunging at the Kushala Daora.It reacts by jumping to its left and shooting a wind blast on the monsters side,ripping its skin and causing it to bleed.

The monster is a Zaboazagiru,an adult Sukuagiru and the Monster Shark of the Frozen Sea.The Zaboazagiru turns around and faces the Kushala Daora before roaring in the air at it.The Kushala Daora looks at the Zaboazagiru,growls at it,and shoots a large beam of wind at the Zaboazagiru.The Zaboazagiru reacts by shooting a large beam of water at the Kushala Daora,blocking the wind beam and hitting the Elder Dragon.The Kushala Daora is knocked back and overwhelmed by the water before the Zaboazagiru jumps into the water.The Kushala Daora gets up and coughs up water before looking around for the Zaboazagiru.The Zaboazagiru jumps from under the ice and grabs the Kushala Daora by the tail.The Kushala Daora screechs in pain but,jumps out of its mouth,losing its tail,before jumping on the Zaboazagiru's back.It slashs the shark with its powerful claws and bites on its head.The Zaboazagiru pays really no attention to the Kushala Daora while its tail but,after it finishs eating its tail,it begins to produce a strange fluid on its body before it begins to freeze in the cold air.As it freezes,a huge frozen spear pops up on its head and it roars in glory.The fluid gets the Kushala Daora stuck on its back and the Zaboazagiru decides to take the Kushala Daora for a swim.

It dives in the cold water,with the Kushala Daora stuck on its back,and begins to knock it against rocks,ice and other objects before jumping back on land.The Kushala Daora breaths heavily after the ordeal but,slowly stops moving and dies.The Zaboazagiru's armor begins to disappear and the Elder Dragon's body falls to the ground.The Zaboazagiru walks slowly to the Kushala and prepares to shallow it hold but,as it walks to it,the Kushala's body begins to move and than out of no where something shocking happens.The Kushala Daora rises and small tornadoes begin to surround it as it roars in pure anger.The camara than switchs to the water as a huge eye is seen opening up underwater.The Kushala Daora surrounds itself in ice,snow,and wind and flys towards the Zaboazagiru.Zaboazagiru begins inflate itself but,leaves its belly open for an attack.Right as its about to jump,the Kushala Daora flys clean through the Zaboazagiru's body and the Zaboazagiru falls to its back and,begins to bleed out.The Zaboazagiru gasps for air but,the last thing it sees is the Kushala Daora shooting multiple wind blast down on its body,killing it.The Kushala Daora flys into a massive storm and leaves the seen.

The ecology ends,with the Sukuagiru pack eating the Zaboazagiru's body and,soon after a huge vortex is soon produced underwater,sucking up everything in the water near it.After the vortex is produced,an unknown roar is heard and a huge body surfaces from the water.

The Volcanic Eruption

It is a calm night in the Underground Caves, where most of the monsters in the area are awake. In the background of the Underground Caves, the three volcanoes smoke intensely and bats fly through the screen into the night sky.

Inside the caves, a small group of Congas gather near the hot springs and, seat in them to kill some fleas and ticks in their fur while grooming each other. One of the Congas go to the edge of the hot spring before farting in it than out of nowhere, a Tetsukabura grabs it,shallows it hole, and than jumps back into the water with its eggs.

Not to far away, a herd of Kelbi are grazing on the plants in the area.Nearby, a Gypceros is digging in the ground seacrhing for grubs while a Kechawacha sleeps on a nest.

Near a huge spiderweb, two rival Genprey gangs fight each other over territory but, their rivalry shortly ends after a Nerusukyura webs five of them in its web and prepares for a midnight snack.

This than cuts to inside a dark cave, where we see a small herd of Rhenoplos grazing on the rough ferns, unaware that they are being watched. We than see a Khezu above them slowly moving its head towards them before trying to grab one. As it is about to grab a Rhenoplos, the ground begins to shake and rocks begin to fall.

It than switches to outside, where we see a countless number of monsters begin to look around in confusion and panic. After afew seconds the shaking begins to stop but, right when everything seems peaceful again, a huge explosion is heard in the background and we than see the three volcanoes erupting at the same time.

The volcanoes release a mighty roar as they erupt and, volcanic ash and volcanic rock begin to hit the area. While this goes on outside, lava begins to pour into the caves and change the caves into a volcanic land.

As the volcanoes erupt, we see all the monsters of the area run for their lives. The Gypceros we saw earlier, charges through the Kelbi while screeching on the top of its lungs while above it the Kechawacha glides through the crowds.

The Nerusukyura lifts up its web so it can avoid the lava and adds extra support to it by sticking some of the web to the walls of the cave.

The mother Tetsukabura scoops up some of the eggs in her mouth and hops away to higher ground.

In the mist of this, some strange monsters begin to appear in the Underground Caves. As the Kechawacha glides through the caves, something jumps on its back, causing it to fall to the ground. As it trys to get up and something with yellow eyes grabs before it to fades to black.

It than cuts to Nerusukyura's web, as we see from something elses point of view, as it climbs up and walks straight into Nerusukyura's web before it slowly walks up towards Nerusukyura and quickly rushs forward before the Nerusukyura turns and screechs. After that it fades to black again.

It than shows the herd of herbivores running through the caves with lava right on their tails with afew monsters in the background getting caught by the lava. Right as it seems they'll get out run the flames, they stop at their tracks as they see a huge armored wyvern slowly walk out of the lava, before its mouth begins to burn with fire. It than ends with it shooting a huge fiery beam at the monsters as fire covers the screen.

The fire than begins to clear as we see the sky covered in smoke and fire as bats fly out the Underground Caves which is now an "Underground Volcano".

We see on the ground bodys of multiple monster species that couldn't get out the caves in time, dead on the scorched earth. We than see Ioprey and Remobra gathered in the area feeding on their bodys. One of the bodys are a Kechawacha with multiple wounds while around it an Iodrome and its pack feast on it.

It than switches to the Nerusukyura's web, where we see it dead in the arms of an unknown Chelicerata as it sucks the body fluids out of the Nerusukyura.

The camera than switches to the armored wyvern feeding on the corpses of the dead herbivores. Where we see the armored beast release a powerful roar.

The ecology finally ends, by showing the monsters that survived the eruption in the Unknown Sea of Trees enjoying their new lives in the area, with the Tetsukabura mother guarding the last of her eggs,the Congas and the Congalala sleeping on the ground, and herbivore herds grazing in the rich fields.

Cottonmouth255's Ecologies

Peak Performers

It's another peaceful morning in the Misty Peaks region. Near a lake dominated with a roaring waterfall, a huge tree topples, its trunk smashed through. A huge Duramboros lumbers out from the woods (no pun intended) and bites down with its beak-like jaws, crushing the wood to splinters. The Brute Wyvern is so enamored with its meal that it does not notice the commotion going on behind it.

On the other side of the lake, a young Nargacuga frantically chases a herd of Kelbi. Going after the slowest of the Herbivores, she leaps upon it. But her timing is off, and the Kelbi puts on a sudden burst of speed, avoiding the Nargacuga's claws. Dejectedly, the Nargacuga abandons the hunt, looking for better prey.

Her eyes flick up to the sound of the Duramboros crunching the tree's remains on the other side. She slips into the waist-deep water, stealthily moving closer to the oblivious vegetarian. When she becomes close enough, she pounces on the Duramboros, instinctively aiming for the fleshy humps on its back.

The Duramboros roars in pain at the Pseudowyvern's teeth and claws cutting into its vulnerable back. Desperately, it rams itself into the nearby grove in an attempt to shake the predator off. With a shriek, the Nargacuga tumbles to the ground. Angry at having been disturbed, the Duramboros brings its tail down with all the force it can muster.

The young Nargacuga is fast enough to avoid the tail. She circles warily, looking for an opening. Suddenly, she leaps again, aiming for the legs and hoping to topple its prey. The Duramboros snorts and stomps its feet angrily, discouraging her from attacking. She runs back a safe distance and tries again, but every attempt is foiled by its horns or tail.

Finally, the hungry predator slinks away, expressing her anger and frustration with a bloodcurdling yowl. The Duramboros chases her off with a roar and a pound of its tail, and the ecology video ends with the Nargacuga disappearing into the foliage.

Desert Rumble

Night-time in the Sandy Plains. A herd of Rhenoplos peacefully wander the sands, grazing on the sparse vegetation that grows there. Their tranquility is shattered by the sounds of a commotion off in the distance. A few of the Rhenoplos lift their heads and gaze at the fight rapidly coming to a boil.

Two male Nibelsnarfs are squaring off, hissing and squealing at each other. Are they fighting over food or territory? No, as a third Nibelsnarf surfaces on the sidelines to watch the duel. The two males start off by stretching their jaws wide in an attempt to intimidate each other, huffing sand from their gills threateningly. Then they surface, rearing up and flashing their colored underbellies at each other. Neither male backs down.

The larger of the two creeps forward, then suddenly lunges. He clamps his jaws around his rival's snout. A squeal of pain issues from the smaller male's mouth as he shakes his head free. With a growl, he disappears under the sand.

The larger male opens his jaws and squeals triumphantly. Just as he is about to approach the female, his squeal becomes one of agony. The younger male burrows up from underneath him and bites down forcefully on his vulnerable belly. The injured one moans, then allows himself to be dragged under the sand.

The smaller Nibelsnarf then emerges, huffing sand from his gills and displaying his bloodstained teeth in triumph. The female swims over to nuzzle her new mate, and then the two silently swim off, toward the watching herd of Rhenoplos, hunger in their eyes.

The Rhenoplos realize their danger too late, and begin to scatter. The male Nibelsnarf approaches from below, butting it into the air with his snout. The female makes a perfect catch, chewing it up in her huge mouth, bones and all. The ecology scene ends with the male approaching her with another Rhenoplos in his mouth, and the two begin their dinner with the moon shining high above them.

Cavern Cannabalism

Hesitantly, a young male Nerusukyura picks its way across the rocky terrain outside the Underground Cave. Instinct has commanded it to search out this spot, and it subconsciously knows what might happen if it doesn't succeed.

Entering the cooling darkness of the cave, the Nerusukyura crawls down into the subterranean caves. Soon, it enters a huge cavern covered from floor to ceiling in sticky webbing. Trembling slightly, the male reaches up with a leg and begins to pluck at the nearest strand, signalling the web's inhabitant.

A huge female Nerusukyura crawls out, already expecting what she might see. The male hangs back timidly, waiting for the female's reaction. It pushes the carcass of a Neopteron forward as an offering.

The female eyes the Neopteron, then descends from the web, plucking it from the ground in holding it in her claws as she feeds. With her attention diverted, the male slips around to the back of her and quickly mates with her. She doesn't seem to notice.

Quickly, the two of them finish with their respective activities, and the male rapidly scuttles away. But in his haste to get away, he accidentally tangles himself in a few stray strands of the female's web. Sensing the vibrations, she instinctively rushes forward and paralyzes the male, ending his struggles.

The screen fades out, and then cuts to a scene of hundreds of Nerusukyura eggs hatching, with the young swarming over their paralyzed father and recently-deceased mother.

Chain of Prey in the Barrens

It's a normal day in the Desert. Scattered across the barren sands are hardy shrubs, the only plants that could possibly survive in such a wasteland. Feasting on the tough shrubbery is a herd of Apceros, contentedly chewing up the stems and branches in their powerful beaks.

But suddenly, a shrill scream splits the midday air. A pack of Genprey that had been sneaking up on the herd suddenly is given the signal to attack by their leader. Led by the Gendrome, the raptors scatter in all directions toward the Apceros, looking to surround them and pick out a sick or weak individual.

The herbivores panic and run frantically away as fast as their stubby legs can carry them. One older Apceros stumbles and falls, immediately targeted by the Gendrome's pack. She tries to hunker down and protect her weak underbelly, but the pack is relentless. Eventually, she falls with a dose of the Gendrome's paralyzing venom to the neck.

But before they can feast on the dead Herbivore, there's an insectoid screech that disturbs them. From behind the leader rises an Akura Vashimu, sand pouring from its exoskeleton. It instantly strikes with its crystalline tail, smashing the Gendrome and killing it with a blow to its head.

The pack scatters in fear as the powerful scorpion begins to eat. But a huge tremor shakes the ground, and the Akura Vashimu stops eating and looks around for the source of the disturbance.

Then the sand below it erupts, and the Akura is flung, hissing with terror, into the air. It falls straight into the jaws of the emerging Odeibatorasu, which crunches down on it with its shell-shattering teeth. Growling with pleasure, the giant Pseudowyvern walks across the desert sands to find a shady spot to rest in, chewing up its meal without a care in the world.

A Match Made in Hell

It's a sunny afternoon in the Forested Spring, and a harem of Ludroth bask on the shores of the immense lake that gives the Forested Spring its name. A Royal Ludroth rests in the middle of the pack, sleeping off an earlier meal of delicious Molids.

Unbeknownst to them, in the forest near the lake, a spectacular scene is taking place in a sunlit clearing.

A fair time ago, a female Agsolestea was sleeping peacefully in the sunlight, creamy scales gleaming as the light cast over them. But a movement in the shadowy forest has disturbed her. The Wyrm uncoils to her full impressive length and hisses ferociously at the intruder.

Shyly, a handsome young Dark Agsolestea slithers into the light, its dark purple scales glittering. It hesitantly drops a small Kelbi corpse in front of her as an offering. The Agsolestea flicks her forked tongue over the dead Herbivore, taking in its scent. No longer annoyed, she becomes curious of the Dark Agsolestea, slithering around him and flicking her tongue.

The Dark Agsolestea's frills flare out impressively as he tries to impress her. The female responds by flaring out her own frills as if saying, You'll have to do better. He subsequently rears up to his full height and hisses at top volume, sending a startled flock of birds flapping into the air. She responds by letting out a shriek, frills glowing as they absorb the sunlight.

The Dark Agsolestea's frills glow as well, as he had absorbed a bit of darkness earlier for this very task. He shrieks even louder, a sky-shattering screech that rattles the trees. He fires a bolt of darkness from his mouth, and it explodes over them in a shower of dark sparks.
Dark Agsolestea

Interested now, the female Agsolestea hisses gently, suddenly submissive. She fires a bolt of light into the sky, and it explodes as well in a shower of sparks. The white sparks and purple sparks combine to surround the two with glitter. The Agsolestea wraps herself around the Dark Agsolestea, accepting him as her mate.

By now, the Ludroth have woken up and are growling and roaring as they stretch out their reptilian bodies. The Agsolestea pair in the forest notice and go to investigate. They suddenly realize how hungry they are when they see the pack of Ludroth.

Together, they lunge out of the forest, startling the Ludroth. They each fire a beam of light and shadow, strafing the beach with their beams and killing any Ludroth they touch. The Royal Ludroth plunges into the lake, eager to get away.

When the beach is littered with Ludroth corpses, the ecology ends with the Agsolestea and Dark Agsolestea twining around each other and nuzzling each other lovingly.

Cat Versus Bird!

All is silent in the Wet Rainforest, until a agonized squeak rings out into the night. A pitch-black figure has successfully brought down a Kelbi, and the Herbivore falls to the ground and kicks out feebly as death claims it.

The figure slinks elegantly into the moonlight, and its scales begin to shine with a silvery light. The Nargacuga licks its chops as it dips its head down and begins to feed on its meagre meal.

In minutes, the deer is gone, bones and all. The Nargacuga, hunger far from satisfied, spies a large grey rodent scurrying across the rainforest clearing, twice as large as the Kelbi. It's a Rograt, a species of Fanged Beast that infests this particular region. Eyes narrowing at the sight of the oblivious Rograt, the Nargacuga crouches low to the ground and begins to stalk it.

When it gets near enough, the Nargacuga pounces with its claws poised to snatch the rodent, but the Rograt is much too fast. Again and again, the Pseudowyvern attempts and fails to catch the agile Fanged Beast. It lets out a chittering laugh as it dashes out into the trees.

Suddenly, a huge Pseudowyvern jumps out and makes a flawless catch with its beak, shaking the unfortunate Rograt until its spine snaps. The monster flings the rodent into the air and swallows it whole, headfirst. The Glauxiturn hoots mockingly at the Nargacuga, ruffling its feathers casually.

It turns its back, ignoring the cat-like wyvern. Enraged, it pounces on the Glauxiturn, but it makes too much noise. It dodges, then flaps up into the air, totally silent. Throwing out its talons, it strikes, opening a wound in the Nargacuga's flank. It screeches, then whips its tail out, slashing the Glauxiturn across the face with its tail spikes. The Pseudowyvern's eyes glow with rage, and its pupils shrink down to nothing.

Now totally blind, the Glauxiturn relies on its hearing to track down its foe, slashing out with its talons. The Nargacuga manages to miss, then snaps its tail, sending its tail spikes flying. One manages to avoid the detection of the Glauxiturn until it is too late. It buries itself in the wyvern's chest, skewering it.

Now it's the Nargacuga's turn to laugh, letting loose a triumphant yowl. But the noise alerts the dying Glauxiturn, allowing it to accurately guess where its foe is. It lashes out, and its talons rake the Nargacuga's head right off.

The Pseudowyverns both slump to the ground. The Glauxiturn's eyes go back to normal, and its eyelids drop down and close. A solitary Rograt dashes by before vanishing into the forest again as the two enemies' lives slip away and fade.

The Wyvern Warlord

A Deviljho stomps through the artificial canyons of the Military Bastion, looking for an easy meal. It is night-time, and the hungry Brute Wyvern goes unopposed as it travels. The Bastion's hunters are all asleep, and are thus unaware of the invader.

The Deviljho sniffs the air, smelling prey nearby. It rounds a bend in the man-made canyon and finds a herd of Aptonoth penned up in a clearing. Licking its reptilian lips, the Deviljho growls as it advances on the terrified Herbivores, trapped and with nowhere to go.

The Brute Wyvern lunges, aiming for a particularly plump Aptonoth. It bellows in terror as the carnivore's jaws open wide and get ready to deliver the fatal bite. Its comrades can only bellow with it and hope they aren't next.

But suddenly, an eerie, howling screech echoes through the canyons. The Deviljho stops and looks around for the source of the noise. The screech comes again, and a dim memory struggles to resurface from the wyvern's tiny brain. It has heard this noise before, and seen the creature that produced it. The long, jagged scar on its back twinges painfully at the memory.

And then, a sudden shadow falls across the ground. The Deviljho and the Aptonoth look up at the top of the highest building to see a huge, winged figure silhouetted against the full moon. It spreads its wings, revealing large rips and gashes in them. Despite its mangled wings, it has no trouble soaring down to the ground to meet the Deviljho.

The Warlaros lands in the midst of the Aptonoth herd, scaring them out of their wits. They moan in fear and gallop to the other side of the pen as the two monsters face off. The Warlaros hisses a warning to the Deviljho, telling it to leave with its life.

But the Deviljho is angry from having its meal unceremoniously disturbed. It gives a guttural roar that shakes the cliffs, but the Warlaros is unintimidated. It screeches, and lunges for the Deviljho's exposed belly.

The Brute Wyvern never stands a chance. The Wyvern Warlord's great horn slices right through the vulnerable flesh, piercing deeply and even injuring several vital organs. A muffled explosion occurs as its horn spikes detonate inside the Deviljho's body, obliterating said organs. Blood flies from the Brute Wyvern's mouth, and it roars in agony.

The Warlaros retreats, freeing its horn and allowing the Deviljho to slump pathetically to the ground, blood rushing from its mouth and gaping belly wound. The Wyvern Warlord suddenly hisses suspiciously at the sound of shouting and running footsteps.

Several hunters carrying torches appear, having heard the Deviljho's roar and already expecting the worst. But they stop dead at the demonic Flying Wyvern with its foot on the dead Brute's flank, flaring its wings and having the moonlight shine through the scars in them.

It raises its head and screeches, before charging straight at the screen as the ecology ends.

Dashing through the Desert! Here Comes Dustidra!

The Dry Expanses region is tranquil today. Neopterons are buzzing around the cactus flowers, Piscene Wyverns are smoothly swimming through the sand... all is perfect.

Just then, a loud crowing sound occurs, louder than a dozen cockerels. A blur zips by, throwing up huge amounts of sand and dust as the Bird Wyvern dashes across the dunes. Just before it passes the cactus, the Bird Wyvern jumps and catches a startled Neopteron on the wing.

Gulping it down, the Bird Wyvern slows down and then stops. It's a roadrunner-like wyvern called Dustidra! It lets loose with another loud crow, unwittingly attracting four hunters to its location.

Beep beep! Here comes the Dustidra!

The hunters leap out from behind a huge boulder, running right at the Dustidra. It squawks and jumps right over them with its powerful legs, earning their shock. They are unused to such speed and agility, and it might just be the death of them.

The Dustidra exhales a powerful fireball, which is rapidly blocked by the Lance-wielder's shield. He stabs with his spear, but the Dustidra is much too fast. It leaps backwards, and then charges straight forward, bowling the hunter over. It stops and squawks mockingly at the hunters, taunting them and flashing its bright red crest.

Angry, one of the hunters charges forward with a yell, but is rapidly put in his place by a kick from the Dustidra. It belts out a loud cry and begins to literally run circles around the hunters. A huge cloud of dust rises into the air, making it look as if the hunters are trapped in a dust devil.

With a final screech, it lunges out of the thick cloud of sand and smashes into the hunters, scattering them. Not even slowing down, it dashes back into the desert, leaving only a cloud of dust behind. The hunters pick themselves up, and the sand settles back to the ground - it was as if the Dustidra was never there.

Dracosaurian's Ecologies

Drake Supremacy

In the black smoke filled skies of the Volcano(3rd) a fearsome roar is heard as an Azure Rathalos and Common Rathalos are locked in combat. The two wyverns snap at eachother with their jaws, while locking their deadly talons together. Admist the battle a large shape quicky flies over the wyverns, yet they fail to notice as they are too enthralled with their territorial battle. The Common Rathalos prepares to shoot a fireball at his azure nemisis, when suddenly three large icicles slam into his body !!!  Roaring in pain the red wyvern plummets to the volcanic ground and dies a swift death. Completely caught off guard by the unknown attack the Azure Rathalos hears a bone-chilling roar and is soon face to face with an Alatreon !!!  The drake flies toward the wyvern with murderous intent and shoots another volley of large icicles !!  The azure wyvern barely dodges the attack and quickly flees from the area, terrified of the aggressive drake. Not missing a beat the Alatreon pursues the wyvern into a forested area and catches up with little effort. The dragon ascends higher and higher into the sky above the Rathalos and suddenly divebombs with extreme speed at its target !! The azure wyvern suddenly looks up to see the Alatreon, but is to late to properly react when the dragon strikes its wings with the deadly Dragon Element. Screeching in pain the fire wyvern begins to descend and on the way down crashes into a multitude of trees before slamming into the ground !!!  Seeing its prey mortally wounded the drake slowly hovers down and walks toward the incapacitated fire wyvern. Looking up at the Alatreon the azure wyvern tries to become airborne but due to his broken wings is completely and uterlly helpless. The Alatreon suddenly rears up and slams down on the wyvern's neck !!! The snapping and crunching of bones is heard as the fearsome multi elemental drake releases a roar of triumph, followed by a stream of fire !!!  Seeing that the Azure Rathalos is dead the Alatreon takes to the air, leaving the broken and crippled body of the wyvern behind.

Gimme That!!! I Saw It First!!!  

It is a beautiful and sunny day in the Forest and Hills. Herds of Aptonoth, Bullfango, and Kelbi graze on the vast exspanse of green grass peacefully. Using their tusks the Bullfango dig up the earth searching for tubers and truffles hidden deep beneath the ground. While doing this the wild boars unintentionally dig up grubs and other larvae, thus leaving them exposed for multiple birds and other insectivores. Amongst them is a Blue Yian Kut-Ku gorging itself on the grub buffet, readily taking advantage of the easy meal. Suddenly the bird wyvern spots a very large grub about the size of an Hornetaur trying to burrow its way back into the dirt !!  Saliva dripping from its mouth the bird wyvern quickly rushes toward the fat juicy grub and uses its shovel-like beak to scoop up the delectable larva from the soil. Stepping on its midsection the blue bird wyvern prepares to take a bite, when suddenly a long pronged beak snatches the head of the grub and pulls it from underneath the Yian Kut-Ku's feet !!! Using quick reflexes the blue kut-ku bites on the lower half of the grub to prevent escape, where it then looks into the eyes of a Hypnocatrice !!!  The two bird wyverns begin to hiss at eachother, yet never relinquish their hold on the grub. When intimidation fails the bird wyverns then begin to pull with all their might in hopes of getting the fat and juicy prize, yet the grub is surprisingly very strechy and neither bird wyvern gains an advantage in their tug of war. Just when it seems as though this struggle will never end both the Hypnocatrice and Blue Yian Kut-Ku give a little slack to their holds causing the grub to slip free of their beaks with a loud "slap" and rolls down a hill !! Squawking in shock the two avian wyverns chase after the grub as fast as they can, startling a small group of resting Velociprey in their comedic race for the grub. Finally coming to a stop the grub lies by a flowing stream as the bird wyverns reach their target. Turning towards eachother the two wyverns hiss and squawk their rage and prepare for combat. While threat displaying eachother the Blue Yian Kut-Ku and Hypnocatrice fail to notice the Purple Gypceros that arrives on the scene !!  Tilting its head to the side in curious manner the Purple Gypceros watches the two other bird wyverns threaten eachother, when it suddenly notices the large grub that the other two avian wyverns are fighting over. Without a second thought the Gypceros grabs the grub and bites down causing a crunching pop sound that catches the two combatants' attention !!  Seeing their prize in the beak of another the Blue Yian Kut-Ku prepares to shoot a fireball, while the Hypnocatrice's beak begins to mist over with the tell-tale sleeping fumes also preparing to shoot. Seeing not one but two acts of aggression the purple bird wyvern utilizing its specailized head crest flashes a large blinding light !!!  The other two bird wyverns shriek in surprise and pain as the blinding light overwhelms them. When their sight properly returns the first thing they see is the Purple Gypceros flying off and gulping down their precious grub in a single bite.

Night of Love

It is a beautiful night in the Misty Peaks as crickets chirp, owls hoot, and fireflies along with Thunderbugs light up the night. Music is heard as a festival goes on in the Yukumo Village, sounds of laughter and cheers fill the air as the festivities continue on. A young couple wanders off from village for privacy and walk toward an opening to a small valley. The young man grabs a few flowers from the ground and gives them to his female companion, blushing the girl takes them and kisses him. When the boy responds to the kiss a powerful howl startles the couple !! They both look to see a Zinogre emerge from the forest walking towards the center of the valley. As the couple look on astonished another howling roar is heard as a second Zinogre appears from the opposite side of the valley !!! This Zinogre has more prominent cranial horns than the first signifying that this one is a male and the one that appeared before it a female. Fearing for their saftey the teenage boy pulls his female companion's arm, but instead of running she stays entranced at the sight of the two fanged monsters. The male Zinogre roars at the female and begins to "charge up", a mass of Thunderbugs surround him while he continues to roar at the female. Tilting her head the female Zinogre also begins summoning Thunderbugs and slowly but surely walks toward the howling male. The teenage couple suddenly find themselves sitting as they watch the powerful beasts, hypnotized by the vivid blue-green elcetricity surrounding the fanged wyverns. The female Zinogre finally reaches the male as they become only mere inches apart, when suddenly they both jump backwards !!!  The two fanged wyverns howl in the night air as they become fully charged. The male Zinogre rushes toward the female and she begins to run in circles with the male in pursuit. Laughing at the somewhat comical scene the teenage couple watches on as the female fanged wyvern plays hard to get. After a few minutes or so of running the female suddenly stops and lowers her body to the ground. Seeing this the male walks toward her and growls soothingly to her, while puffing out his chest showing off his very muscular forelimbs, neck, and chest in a posing manner. Imitating the male fanged wyvern is the young teenage male flexing his arms and chest, while the girl laughs and blushes profusely. Finally giving in to the male Zinogre's advances the female rises from the ground and licks the male's muzzle and he responds in turn while growling softly. With a relaxed sigh the boy turns to his female companion and kisses her passionately and she responds deepening the kiss, while the two fanged wyverns nuzzle eachother. Both couples continue their acts of passion under the light of the beautiful golden full moon. 

Beastly Showdown

It is miday in the Gorge, as small herds of Apceros and Mosswine look for food. The combined herd reaches a river and begin to drink, when a Rajang jumps down from a ledge and begins scent marking its territory. Seeing the large beast the herd flees, but the Rajang pays them no mind as food is not its main focus. The horned beast continues to patrol its territory, but is stopped when a shreiking squeal is heard !! Focusing in on the distress call the Rajang begins to climb up a rocky wall and reaches the top to see a trail of blood leading to a creature it has never seen before. Huddling over a dead mosswine is a strange blue-furred creature with with patches of black and white hair on its arms with some on its legs as well. The creature looks up, blood covering its maw and gives a menacing growl at the intruder disturbing its meal. Tilting its head to the side the Rajang appears to be confused, it has never seen this type of creature before !?!  The beast the Rajang has encountered is a Ray Gougarufu and it continues to snarl at the horned pelagus that has disturbed it. Seeing the threatning display the Rajang snaps out of its reverie and begins to pound its fists on the ground while giving a deep roar, this beast intruded on its territory and it would pay. The two mammalian monsters leap at eachother and collide in mid air in a mass of snarls and growls as they roll around. Freeing itself the Ray Gougarufu charges the Rajang ,but is met with a fist to the face !!! The Rajang prepares to shoot its electrical beam, but is suddenly tackled by another creature and is sent rolling to the ground !!!  Enraged the horned beast turns to its new attacker and sees a creature with bright red fur and the same black and white patches on its arms like the blue-furred beast !?!  The Rajang now gazes upon a Loro Gougarufu the partner of the Ray Gougarufu !! Seeing its partner recuperating the red-furred beast runs to its side and stands tall. Angered even more the Rajang fires an electric beam at the duo, only for them to easily dodge it. The Loro grabs a mid-sized rock and hurls it at the horned pelagus but misses by inches. However the Ray connects with a punch in the Rajang's ribs and a sickening crack is heard. Falling to the ground and coughing up blood the Rajang looks up to see the Loro charging. Acting quickly the horned beast dodges its charging adversary and then connects by goring the Loro in the midsection with its right horn. Screaming in pain the Loro falls while clutching its bleeding wound and is slow to get up. Sensing an advantage the Rajang grabs a large boulder and prepares to throw, but is tackled by the Ray at the last second. Angered by seeing its partner in pain the Ray bites the Rajang's right arm, blood flowing from the wound. Grimacing in pain the Rajang responds with a headbutt that causes the Ray Gougarufu to release. Blood dripping from its head the Ray is then hoisted up and thrown into the Loro !!!  Both creatures lay motionless on the ground as the Rajang roars in victory. Turning to leave the Rajang walks away with a slight limp, however it fails to notice the aura of red and blue energy surrounding the two beasts.   To be continued......

Beastly Showdown Part 2

After deafeating the beastly duo, the Rajang walks down a herbivore trail path. Still limping and coughing up blood the horned pelagus stops to take a rest in hopes of regaining its strength. A pack of Genprey arrives and sees the wounded beast and begin to move in closer. Seeing the raptors the Rajang gives a mighty roar that sends the smaller predators fleeing !! After displaying his dominance the beast continues resting, but stays alert. Thunder is heard off in the distance and rain clouds begin to form quickly, as animals both large and small flee to find cover. Sensing the arriving storm the Rajang gets up and continues onward in search of shelter. Suddenly a howling roar is heard and the Rajang turns to see the Ray Gougarufu !!! Seeing a patch of dried blood on its head the Rajang immediately recognizes the blue-furred beast and begins to get into a attack position. With an aura of blue energy surrounding it the Ray charges its adversary with deadly intent. Seeing this the horned pelagus fires an electric beam, but the Ray dodges and tackles its enemy at full force !!! Driven by pure rage the Ray pounds the Rajang with its fists repeatedly, but is caught by a quick uppercut to the jaw and is thrown off by the electric beast. No sooner than the Rajang gets up it is tackled down once again, this time by the Loro Gougarufu !! The red beast bites its enemy right in the middle of the chest, earning a roar of pain from its horned nemesis. Blood flows as the Loro continues to bite, but then releases its hold and howls in pain as the Rajang returns the favor by using its own canines to gnaw on the Loro's left hand !! Enraged the loro kicks the Rajang right in the solar plexus, causing it to let go. Leaping backwards the Rajang glows golden and a powerful electrical aura surrounds it and fires another beam. The Loro manages to dodge but the end of its tail gets hit and is singed black !! Sensing its partner's distress the Ray rushes to the Loro's side and a black and somewhat electrical energy begins to form around them !?! Not waiting for a counter attack the Rajang charges them but is stopped cold by the black energy and thrown back. Taking advantage of the situation the Ray jumps up and its legs are caught by the Loro, then spinning in circles the Loro throws its partner right at the Rajang !??! When getting to its feet the Rajang sees the Ray, but is too late to react and is tackled once more. The sheer force drives the two beasts towards the edge of a cliff as they continue to punch, bite, claw, and snarl at eachother. Rain starts heavily falling as the storm arrives, lightning and heavy winds batter the Gorge as the rivers swell and form powerful currents dragging any unfortunate creatures to their deaths. Running to its partner's aid the Loro Gougarufu charges into the two combatants, but its momentum knocks all three off the cliff !!! The beastly trio slam into multiple rocks and ledges on their way down into a rising river !!!  The large bodies form a large splash as they hit the white rapids and none resurface. The storm soon ends and the flow of the once rising rivers slows. In one particular river the body of the Rajang rises and is lifeless, however following it are the bodies of the Loro and Ray Gougarufu they too lifeless. The bodies slowly float their way down the river as several swimming Pariapuria follow them.

Shake Your Money Maker !!!

It is a bright and sunny day at the Deserted Island and the air is filled with the beating of drums. The source is a group of Felynes, Cha-Cha, and Kayamba playing instruments consisting of drums, flutes, and banjos. The Lynians dance fervently as their music fills the area surrounding their campsite while their five Aptonoth sit near their wagon. Uknown to the group is a figure watching from behind some bushes attracted to the sounds. The figure suddenly jumps in amongst the musical lynians and is revealed to be a Qurupeco !?! Jumping up and down the bird wyvern makes itself known as the lynians stop playing. Giving off a squawk the bird wyvern repeatedly jumps up and down, confused to why the music has stopped ?? A felyne with a banjo walks toward the Qurupeco and starts strumming the strings, instantly the bird wyvern begins squawking excitedly and jumps up and down as the felyne continues playing !! Seeing this turn of events the rest of the lynian band resumes playing their instruments and dancing with their newest member. Invigorated by the now playing drums and flutes the Qurupeco begins waggling its hips and opens up its fan-like tail, showing off the beautiful bright red coloration !!!  Three felynes and a kayamba join the creature's dancing fest by gyrating their hips and bottoms as well. The band and the Qurupeco continue on their fun, but a short distance away a large sleeping figure growls in annoyance as the music fills its ears. A large red eye opens as the music continues on, growling the large creature rises and travels toward the campsite. Gyrating its hips even further the Qurupeco begins squawking adding its own tune to the music of the lynian band. Meanwhile the band's five aptonoth that pull their wagon begin to groan and bellow in distress, sensing something approaching. Suddenly a kayamba playing drums stops and shouts as the bellowing of the aptonoth gets louder. Stopping their musical extravaganza the band and the Qurupeco turn to see a Deviljho running towards them !!! Shreiking in fear the Qurupeco takes to the air while the lynians gather up all their instruments and supplies. Three cha-cha and a kayamba throw flashbombs at the massive therapod effectively stopping it in its tracks. Roaring in pain and anger the Deviljho shakes its head trying to regain its sight, by the time its sight returns the lynian band is far up ahead retreating in their wagon. Seeing that the dangerous predator is far behind them the band resumes playing as they are followed by the Qurupeco flying in the air, while it adds its own tweets and squawks to the band's tune. The band and the bird wyvern move off into the sunset while continuing their musical extravaganza.

When pigs Fly

It is early morning in the Misty Peaks and a Duramboros lumbers along in search of food. The behemoth comes across an open area filled with mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. Salivating at the sight of the buffet the mega-herbivore begins to feast. Meanwhile numerous squealing and shrieking is heard as a large herd of Bullfango charge through the forest trampling any and everything in their way. Leading the herd is a large Bulldrome with numerous scars all over its body from past battles. The herd of wild boar head toward the very same area the Duramboros is feeding. Still munching on the mushroom buffet the herbivorous theropod is oblivious to the approaching herd and continues to feed even when the wild boars arrive. Startled by the sight of the behemoth in his feeding grounds the Bulldrome gives an enraged shriek and stomps its feet !!  Hearing the shriek the Duramboros finally notices the enraged Bulldrome and its herd standing behind it. The leader of the boar continues to threaten the horned giant by stomping its feet and sharpening its tusks on stones nearby. Looking on in a bored manner while chewing the green behemoth simply turns around and continues to eat. Angered even more by the intruder blatanly ignoring its threats the huge wild boar turns and screeches at the herd. Five bullfango move forward and prepare to charge with their leader. Once again the Duramboros turns and is completely unfased, but this time slams its huge clubbed-tail and tilts its body to the side. Giving a final war shriek the Bulldrome and its five lackeys charge at full speed toward the green intruder !!!  When the marauding boars get close enough the green giant swings its massive tail and connects sending the wild pigs flying through the air !!!!!!  The bulldrome flies so far that it lands in a Jaggi raptor den !!!  Caught by suprise by the sudden air delivery a Great Jaggi and its pack members look around in sheer utter confusion. The large alpha raptor nudges the Bulldrome and after a few seconds pounces and tears into its breakfast and is soon joined by the other raptors !!!  After seeing their leader flying through the air the rest of the herd is stunned by fear. Annoyed by their prescence the Duramboros once again slams its tail and this time gives a deep bellowing roar. The remaing boar scatter leaving the green giant to once again feed in peace.

JackNewbie's Ecologies

A Day in the Desert

The Desert. A scorching hot habitat during daytime with bonechilling temperature at night. It is indeed a harsh environment for creatures to survive here and an even harsher environment for them to thrive. And yet, some creatures have manages to archive this and call this seemingly inhospitable place home. This is the story of a normal day in the Desert for the creatures that live there ...

As the sun rises over the Desert, the ray of light mark the beginning of the day and most creatures begin to awake from their slumber. In one of the numerous cave around the Desert, a pack of Genpreys begin to stir up from their slumber. The pack consists of 12 members, 7 of which are mature Genpreys and 3 Genprey cubs. The remaining 2 are the pack leaders, a male and female Gendrome. As the female Gendrome tend to the cubs, the male howl and instantly 4 of the pack members respond to his call. Gathering by his side, the male Gendrome and the 5 pack members set out to hunt while the female Gendrome and the remaining pack members stay behind to look after the cubs. As the male Gendrome step out of the cave, he sniffs the air and scan the surrounding for any prey animals. Seeing none, he decides to head to a location where prey animals is more likely to be ; the oasis.

The oasis, a sanctuary for the creatures of the Desert. Here, food is plentiful and the harsh temperature is more forgiving here. Not to mention the most important source of life for all the creatures of the Desert is found here ; water. The oasis is also free from the risk of ambush from the fearsome Plesioth, who can only prowl in the river and the waterway of the underground caves further inland. By the time the male Gendrome and the pack arrives at the oasis, the place is already packed. Hermitaurs are a common sight here as well as Felyne and Melynx. The Hermitaur spends most of their time picking through the sand with their pincers to find scrap of food. Today, they are joined by their mature form, a Daimyo Hermitaur. The Daimyo Hermitaur is a female, with a sacs of immature eggs on her abdomen. Once the eggs have fully matured, she will head to the Jungles or Tide Island to distribute the eggs in the ocean. When old enough, the offspring will return to land, feasting on the huge amount of food available at the Jungles and Tide Island. Once they have matured enough, the Hermitaurs will return to the Desert to find their own Monoblos or Diablos skull to claim for themselves and the life cycle will continue.

As the male Gendrome see that there is no suitable prey animals around, he decides to have a drink before heading out to hunt again. As he and his pack heads toward the pool of the oasis, they felt a rumbling earthquake beneath them.  As they stop in their track and scan their surrounding for the source of the earthquake, the sand in front of them suddenly erupted upward. As the cloud of sand begin to settle, the male Gendrome spot the creature that was causing the earthquake. It is one of the deadliest creature to roam the Desert, a fully grown male Monoblos. The male Monoblos heads toward a patch of cacti, completely ignoring the pack while the Gendrome and his pack slowly and wisely back off. Even though the Monoblos is a peaceful herbivore most of the time, if provoked or threatened, the Monoblos can quickly become a creature of unparalled rage and carnage. Its single long horn can easily impale the male Gendrome while its spiked tail can fractures a Genprey's spine with ease. As the male Monoblos slowly begins to feed on the patch of cacti, its sharp beak and its rough, almost sand-paper like tongue making short work of the cacti, the male Gendrome heard a commotion from a distance. Howling to his pack, they left the oasis to investigate the commotion.

As the pack arrives at the Desert plain, their bird-like feets greatly help to maintain their grip on the soft, loose sand and enable them to run across the plain with both balance and speed. The source of the commotion is revealed to be a stampeding herd of Apceros. These herbivores are mostly found further inland, preferring to stick to the cooler part of the Desert and where their food is more abundant. On the Desert plain, their study pillar-like legs are not adapted to the loose sand and easily sink into the sand, further driving the herd into panic. As the male Gendrome and his pack look on, they saw the reason for the stampede. The sand seems to be moving, as if something is swimming in the sand. Suddenly, something jumped out of the sand and just as quickly dived back into the sand. It is a pack of Cephalos that are hunting the herd of Apceros. They are driving the herd out into the open plain where they have more room to maneuver around, trying to get to the vulnerable calves of the herd. However, the calves are being protected by the herd despite the herd panicking. The calves are in the center of the herd, the hardest place to be reached and attacked. As the herd continue to stampede, several of the Cephalos are firing, or to be precise spitting, sand at the herd. This is achieved by the Cephalos gathering a mouthful of sand and then using its saliva to glue the sand together, forming a solid mass of sand that can be shot at high speed when the Cephalos exhale forcefully. One of the Cephalos manages to hit a Apceros in the face with the sand attack. Shocked and blinded, the Apceros panicked and in its confusion run off from the herd. By the time the Acperos regain its eyesight again, it find itself surrounded by the Cephalos pack from all direction.

Despite being separated from the herd, the lone Apceros is still a tough opponent to be brought down by the Cephalos pack. Swinging its spiked club tail around, the Apceros will not go down without a fight. The pack of Cephalos are taking their time, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Several minutes pass by when one of the Cephalos, a juvenile, grew impatient and attack. It swim towards the Apceros and bite down on its right front leg. As the Apceros writhe in pain, several more Cephalos join in the assault. Despite biting on the exposed legs and belly of the Apceros, the Cephalos did not manages to severely injure it. Overcoming the pain with anger, the Apceros swing its spiked tail around in an effort to hit one of the Cephalos pack. However, the pack quickly dive back beneath the sand, avoiding the tail swing. Bleeding from the multiple bite wounds, the Apceros is about to try to make a run for it when it felt a rumbling beneath it feets. Suddenly, something huge burst out of the sand beneath the Apceros, knocking it down to its side. As the Apceros flail around helplessly on its side, the huge creature land back on the ground and is revealed to be a Cephadrome, the leader of the Cephalos pack. Turning to the Apceros, the Cephadrome slide toward it and bite down on its neck. The Apceros struggles for a while before it finally stop moving. Releasing its bite, the Cephadrome signal to its pack to feed. As the Cephalos pack members slowly begin to jump out of the sand one by one, they did not realise that they were being watched. While the battle were going on, the male Gendrome and his pack were watching the battle the whole time. Now that the Apceros is dead, the time is now right. With a howl, they charged toward the Cephadrome and the Cephalos pack. Little do they know, the male Gendrome and his pack are actually being watched themselves by something else ...

While the Cephadrome and the Cephalos pack are busy feeding on the Apceros, the male Gendrome and his pack are getting closer to them, hoping to catch them off suprise. However, one of the Cephalos spotted them and alert the Cephadrome and the Cephalos pack. While most of the Cephalos dived back into the sand, the Cephadrome stand its ground and roared toward the male Gendrome and his pack.

To be continued and reviewed by you guys ...

FatumCorvus's Ecologies

Sharq Attack

It is very early in the morning in the Deserted Island. A few Epioth are swimming about, eating the seaweed and coral on the ocean floor. A young male Lagiacrus is resting in an underwater cave, before he wakes up, his beady red eyes scanning his surroundings. However, the Epioth begin to leave, as a small group of Sharqs enter the area. They spread out in the place, searching for food with their keen sense of smell. The Lagiacrus swims out of his cave, investigating why the Sharqs are here. He swims to the surface for some oxygen. However, he has made a grave mistake.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a large female Megalosharq makes her attack, slamming her jaws into the Leviathan's soft underbelly. Her sharp teeth pierce through the scales as if they were wet tissue paper, a few teeth even coming off in the Lagiacrus. The young sea wyvern lets out a painful groan before thrashing about in the water, his stomach already flowing with blood. The Megalosharq swims away for a moment before charging at him again, her jaws open. However, the Lagiacrus surrounded himself with thunder, stunning his attacker. Sharqs begin to surround the young Leviathan. The Megalosharq recovers and bites onto the right hind leg of her target. She then begins to thrash, attempting to rip the limb off. The Lagiacrus groans and snarls, before whacking the Megalosharq in the face with his paddle-like tail. He is bleeding at an alarming rate. The Leviathan begins to swim away, Sharqs following him not too far behind.

Almost to the shore, the Lagiacrus is swimming with a slight limp. He looks back. The ecology ends with the Megalosharq swimming into the screen with her jaws open, and a gruesome crunch after the screen goes black.

A Total Cat-Tastrophe

A caravan is moving through the Sandy Plains on a hot day. Several packs of items such as ore, pickaxes, potions, and other things are strapped onto the backs and sides of the pack Aptonoth, which are coping with the heat. Several merchants and guards are following or riding the Herbivores as well. The Delex know that the guards could make short work of them with their swords, and are thus ignoring the caravan. However, they are not the only creatures in the area.

Suddenly, meowing from several different directions can be heard. A single Melynx comes out from behind a large rock before looking from his left to his right. He then meows and points at the caravan. A horde of about 30 or more Melynx come dashing out from different sorts of places, rushing the caravan and stealing many items off of the now startled Aptonoth. A disgruntled guard readies his sword at a Melynx, only for it to get stolen right out of his hand by another one. Dust is getting kicked into the air, making it hard to see for a moment. Meowing fills the air along with the groans of the spooked Aptonoth and the shouts of the merchants and guards, attempting to recover whatever they could get back.

The dust clears with the Melynx running off, carrying a large variety of items, ranging from just herbs to large and bulky crates and barrels. The ecology ends with the people looking at each other in surprise and confusion.

The Thundering Wyverns

A Khezu lurks through the caves of the Swamp, crawling on the ceiling. It sniffs its surroundings, relying on its scent due to its very poor eyesight. It then hops down from the cavern roof, landing on its feet and wings. It then sniffs around some more. The room of the cave that is in is empty, minus a few Hornetaurs walking about. Before it can hop back onto the ceiling, it catches the smell of something... different. It's not one of the creatures it usually could smell, like a Congalala or a Shogun Ceanataur.

The thing that the Khezu is smelling is a wandering Zinogre, surrounded by Thunderbugs. It howls at the Khezu and leaps at the Flying Wyvern, slamming its paw into the ground. The Khezu detects the Zinogre right on time, moving its flexible body away before leaping onto the wall. The Fanged Wyvern launching some Thunderbugs at the leech-like wyvern. In response, the Khezu charges up a trio of thunder orbs and fires them towards the Zinogre. The thunder attacks met each other before creating a large electrical discharge, lightning zapping throughout the room. After this, the Zinogre charges towards the Khezu, its horns stabbing into the Khezu's squishy hide. The Flying Wyvern screeches in pain.

The Zinogre backs away from the shrill noise. The Thunder Wolf Wyvern's ears are ringing. The Khezu, finding a chance to attack, stretches its neck and bites onto the Zinogre's face. The wolf howls and snarls, thrashing its head around in order to get the ivory wyvern off. However, this only makes the gashes worse, blood starting to drip from its face. The Khezu charges with thunder, a giant coat of lightning surrounding it. It then releases the power, zapping the Zinogre, giving it some second degree burns along with burning some of its fur. Finally being able to get free, the wolf staggers back, its face bleeding and burnt. The Khezu jumps onto the ceiling and drops some of its corrosive saliva onto the Zinogre's head as well, adding to the pain. The Zinogre stomps away, not taking any more risks.

The ecology ends with the Khezu screeching in victory as the screen fades to black.

Battle of the Behemoths

It is a cold day in the Tundra. A few Popo dig in the snow with their tusks, searching for mountain herbs and other plants buried in the snow. A pair of male Anteka are squaring off. The clacks of their antlers and their grunts of frustration along with the wind blowing are the only sounds that are heard. Suddenly, a Deviljho roars and enters the area. The Popo and the Anteka both leave, the males now forgetting about their fight. Before the Deviljho can follow them, a rare sight appears to its left. A large Rajang bellows at the Jho, beating its chest with its fists and standing upright for a moment. The Brute Wyvern turns to face the Rajang and growls, scraping its foot claws through the snow and shaking its body, trying to intimidate the intruder away. The Rajang snorts and shakes its head, punching the ground once.

The Deviljho makes the first move. It lunges at the Rajang with its sharp teeth and gets a grip on the beast's arm, only to be socked in the face. The Jho growls in anger, now with a bloody nose. The Rajang's arm is also bleeding, but that doesn't stop it from swinging its fist at its attacker. The punch misses by inches, which leaves the Pelagus open for a moment. Taking the chance, the Deviljho bites onto the Rajang's horn with force. The Rajang roars with rage, trying to shake off the Jho. The Deviljho twists its neck at an angle and breaks off the beast's horn, and then throws it onto the ground. The Rajang snarls and socks the Jho in the face again, causing it to stagger backwards. The Jho tenses up and its wounds begin to show. Just as the Rajang begins to work up another punch, the Deviljho flings a giant ball of ice into its face. The Rajang snarls and tries to shake it off, but the Deviljho slams its tail into the Rajang's face, which not only knocks over the Rajang, but breaks the ice off of its face as well. The Rajang stands back up, and just on time; the Deviljho came rushing at it with its jaws open. The Pelagus held the Brute Wyvern's jaws open with its hands, growling. Suddenly, the Rajang begins to charge something up in its mouth. The Deviljho can see a bright light, before it whimpers slightly.

The Rajang lets go a giant beam of thunder into the Deviljho's mouth, frying its face and leaving burns. The Deviljho roars as it falls to the ground, its face smoking. The Rajang begins to walk away. It cuts to a scene that's on the Deviljho's eye. The ecology ends with the Deviljho opening its eye, which resembles that of a Savage Deviljho.

Brute Wyvern Bloodshed

It is mating season in the Snowy Mountains for the Polar Ryunouksas. A female Polar Ryu lies down in the snow next to a grizzled old male, which bears many scars from his previous encounters, be it other monsters or another male. The old male sniffs the dry air, catching the scent of another male. The younger male walks into the area as he growls at his elder. The old one growls back and flashes his crest a few times. The Ryunouksas Subspecies snarl and grunt at each other before flashing their crests at one another, attempting to be intimidating or distracting, either of the two. The young one roars and charges with his head down like a Diablos. The old male roars back and grabs onto the youngster's neck with his jaws, before he throws him into the ground. Snow is flying everywhere as the female watches on. The young male slams his tail into the old male's side. The two sparring males are dangerously close to a cliffside.

The old male staggers a little, barely missing the chance of falling off the cliff. The young male begins to charge, only to be rammed by the old one's head. The youngster looses his footing and slips off the edge. It appears that he has fallen to his doom, but he is in fact holding onto the side of the cliff with his apposable foot claws. As the old male walks back to the female, the young male bites onto his tail and pulls him off of the cliff, causing him to plummet to his death. The young male then walks to the female and nuzzles her face, the two grumbling to each other.

The screen cuts to a scene with the old male's corpse on the bottom of the cliff. The ecology ends with a pack of Giaprey scavenging on his carcass.

Serpent Showdown

A peaceful day in the Idyllic Ocean. An Agsolestea rests on the shore, coiled up and sunbathing. Her scales shine in the sunlight. As she rests on the beach, she does not know that she is being watched by another serpentine wyvern. A Goravior eyes her in the foliage nearby, its intents being to drive the Agsolestea away. The Serpent moves towards the Wyrm slowly; although its burnt red color blends in with the volcano better than a jungle or beach such as the Idyllic Ocean and it is as tall as a Lagiacrus and nearly a third longer, it can still hunt quite well. The Agsolestea already senses danger in the area, and she starts to let out a low hiss. Suddenly, the Goravior strikes, biting the Agsolestea in her neck in the blink of an eye. The Wyrm screeches and coils around the fiery viper, beginning to constrict. However, the Goravior has another tactic to pull off.

The red snake snarls and lets go of the Agsolestea before it slams its somewhat axe-like tail crest into her side, leaving a gash in her scales. The Agsolestea releases the Goravior and wails in pain, before slithering back away from her opponent. The two snakes both release a glob of poison at each other, which proves to be not very effective, the globs slapping into each other and splattering onto the ground. The two wyverns begin to absorb power from the sun, as they have very similar ways of getting their power. The Goravior releases a large beam of flame at the Agsolestea, which counters with a light beam. For a few seconds, they are locked in the beam attack. The two then stagger backwards, as the energy proves too powerful for them both to handle. The Goravior begins to charge up another beam, but then the Agsolestea fires a ball of light into the viper's eyes. This blinds the Serpent wyvern, which then aimlessly thrashes around, trying to land a hit. The Agsolestea slams her body into the Goravior, knocking it over. The Serpent regains its sight after it falls over, and looks at the Agsolestea. She hisses at it and strikes at the screen, which goes black.

The ecology ends with the Goravior lying on the ground with several puncture wounds in its head, and the Agsolestea continuing to sunbathe.

A Primal Ritual

In the Great Forest, it is mating season for the Arzatoros, an aggressive Herbivore best recalled for its horns. A small group of females (which have slightly shorter horns than the males) look on as the males around them fight to mate. A single male walks to the females and begins to rush blood into his frill. He is trying to impress at least one of them into mating with him, and it seems to be working with one of them. A male standing a few yards away bellows and grunts in a challenging sort of tone as he scrapes his foot on the ground, like a bull getting ready to charge. The two males snort and rush blood into their frills to look intimidating. They walk closer and closer to each other until finally...

The males charge into each other, locking horns in fierce competition. The two Arzatoros growl, snort, and push forwards in a desperate attempt to over power their foe. The battle gets rougher by the second; in fact, they are standing on their hind legs while their horns are locked. However, they get back on all fours as they bellow and growl at one another. With the thrash of his head, the first male unlocks their horns and seperates himself from the second male. The second male backs away a bit before charging quickly at his target, but he has made a mistake that will pay a grim toll. The first male swings his spiked tail into the charging monster's head, which snaps off one of his horns. Sadly, Arzatoros horns take several years to grow back, and the challenger will not be able to fight for the next mating season to come.

The ecology ends with the first male turning back to the females as the second male skulks away.

The Raging Rattler

It is a cool night in the Sunscorched Dunes. A curious Copper Blangonga is foraging for food. Flipping over a large boulder, he finds a few grubs, but not enough to satisfy his hunger. The Pelagus eats some Altaroth, but his search for food brings him to a giant burrow. He walks to the burrow and begins to look inside. It's very shady, and the interior is pitch black due to the night's darkness. Suddenly, a pair of yellow eyes glare at the Copper Blangonga before a rattle is heard. The rattle is fast-paced, but non-stopping. Just as the Copper Blangonga begin to look deeper, a Zirolan hisses and lunges out of the burrow, its fangs missing the Blangonga by inches. The Pelagus roars and throws a punch at the Serpent. The Zirolan responds with a bite on his forearm. It begins to inject its venom before it slithers back into the depths of the burrow.

Later, the Copper Blangonga is suffering from ataxia. He is walking as if he is tired, and his muscles are growing weak. Little to his knowledge, the Zirolan is following him, waiting for him to grow weak enough to collapse. The Blangonga groans as he drags himself to an oasis. He begins to drink, attempting to restore power in his arms and legs. However, he is trembling while he stands. The Copper Blangonga looks over its shoulder. It sees the eyes of the Zirolan glaring in the night. The Blangonga readies for combat, but when he tries to charge, he falls over, flat onto his chest. The Zirolan hisses at the Blangonga before it starts to move towards it. The Blangonga growls in defeat as the Zirolan looms over its head.

The ecology ends with the Zirolan swallowing the now unconscious Blangonga alive.

Night of the Bat

Another day has passed, and the Prehistoric Cavern is now quite dark. A Gigginox walks into one of the rooms of the cave to rest. It has been laying eggs for most of the day, and needs to sleep. However, it will be its last slumber. A bunch of red, beady eyes glare at the Gigginox. These are the eyes of a horde of Vambari, bat-like Pelagus that are known to feast on the blood of unwary creatures. Although they are only about the size of a Vespoid, they are very dangerous in large numbers. A few Vambari drop from the cave ceiling and take flight, hovering around the Gigginox. One holds onto the left wing with its wings and foot claws before it sinks its teeth into the Gigginox. The feast has begun.

The Gigginox wails as several more Vambari start feasting. The wyvern manages to whack a few out of the air and kill them, but there is just too many. More Vambari keep dropping from the top of the cave, as if they were infinite in numbers. A Vambari screeches and latches onto the Gigginox's face. The poisonous creature tries to escape the bats by flipping onto its back. This crushes a few of them, but only leaves the Gigginox open, and more Vambari attack its stomach. The Gigginox is starting to lose color at this point. It falls onto the floor. The wyvern is now dying.

The next morning, the Vambari are gone, minus a few fluttering around. The ecology ends when the camera cuts to the slain Gigginox, which is now almost colorless. Many bite marks coat the creature's hide.

Fighting by Tooth and Claw

In a rolling grassland not too far away from the Deserted Island, a herd of several species of Herbivores graze upon the grass and shrubs in the lowland plains. A large male Aptonoth keeps watch over the entire population, looking out for any predators or other danger. What he doesn't see is a pack of Velociprey hiding in the tall grass; the pack hasn't had anything to eat for almost a week by now, and they need to seize the opportunity of an ambush. The Velocidrome lets out a bark as a signal to attack. A horde of the Bird Wyverns come out of the grass and chase down the herbivores. The Velocidrome follows. He and a pair of his pack members flank an Aptonoth calf, which has been left behind in the panicking stampede. One of the Velociprey jump onto the side of the Herbivore, knocking it over and causing it to tumble to a halt. It struggles to get the wyverns off of it and run free. This proves useless; the Velocidrome walks over and delivers a swift swipe of his sickle claw to its neck, killing it instantly.

Just when the pack starts to feast, they hear growling coming from every direction. Leocougria make their attack to steal the food, some of them focused more on killing the Velociprey than grabbing the kill and running. Three Velociprey leap onto a Leocougria, ripping and tearing at the Pelagus with their claws. Another pride member comes to the rescue, but is too late. Another Leocougria knocks over a Velociprey with the swipe of her paw. The Velocidrome barks at his opponents, grabbing a Leocougria and throwing her into another. He then kicks an approaching Pelagus, the force of impact plus his claws packing a serious punch. He sees rustling in the bushes and hears growling; deeper than that of the Leocougria that are attacking. He barks at the approaching challenger, as if to size them down.

Out of the tall grass comes a large Leocougrius, who towers over the Velocidrome by at least 2 feet. The Bird Wyvern screams and pounces at the Leocougrius, who in return slams his paw into his attacker's stomach and pins him. The Velocidrome screeches and barks for help, but is interrupted when the Leocougrius sinks his teeth into his neck, cutting the back-up call off crudely. The Velociprey begin to retreat as the Leocougrius throws their leader's corpse down and roars in triumph.

The ecology ends with the Leocougria eating the Aptonoth calf and the Leocougrius taking the Velocidrome for himself.

The Mossy Vigilante

In the Old Jungle, a Mekaroa youngster explores the tropical forest. He finds a termite mound and sits down, picking up a nearby twig and gathering termites, which he then eats. Despite being a male, he hasn't developed the bright colors on his face yet, and he is just recently growing his fangs. The small Pelagus hears a rustle in the bushes, and then a clicking growl. He looks around, now somewhat paranoid about his surroundings. Just as he turns back to the mound of termites, a pair of Iodromes, one male and one female, walk out of the bushes and look at each other, preparing their attack. The youngster screams in fear before he throws the twig at the female and runs. They growl and give chase after their prey. They are lead under logs and over rocks, and through the dense jungle.

The Mekaroa child jumps over a sleeping Duramboros, followed by the Iodromes, who leap over it as well. The Duramboros looks at the three, and then at the screen with a confused look, before going back to sleep. The ape finally reaches a dead end, a large boulder near a landslide from years ago. The Iodromes creep towards the youth, flashing their poisonous fangs at their meal, growling and snarling. The child screams loudly into the jungle, which echoes. Just as the male Iodrome prepares a killing bite, the scream is replied with a loud, angry roar. Birds fly away from the sound, and the Iodromes look at each other with a look as if to say Uh oh.

The mother Mekaroa leaps from the foliage as her child climbs a nearby tree. The Iodromes try to run away, but the female is unlucky. The mother grabs her by her tail and slams her into the ground, instantly breaking the Bird Wyvern's spine. The male jumps onto the mother's back, but is easily taken off. The Mekaroa mom holds down the male against the boulder and throws moss onto him. The Iodrome starts to run off, but is weighed down by the fast-growing moss. It eventually covers his entire body, and he is unable to move.

The ecology ends with the mother snuggling her child in her arms, and the camera panning to the Iodrome male's head starting to grow moss.

Tower Wyvern's Duel

It's a moonlit evening in the Tower. A Vizilarox is watching the world below from the top of the Tower, the moonlight reflecting off of its red spikes and green shell. The wyvern looks around, suddenly sensing the presence of another monster. It is a Silver Rathalos, whom is not too pleased with a Vizilarox in his territory. He roars at the other wyvern, which in return roars back.

The Silver Rathalos almost instantly jumps into the air and makes a swipe with his claws, slashing across the Vizilarox's face. The Vizilarox groans in pain, and chomps onto the Silver Rath's tail before it starts to pull downwards in an attempt to bring the Flying Wyvern down. The Vizilarox's teeth are burrowing through the thick shell, and almost meeting the tailbones.

With a final yank, the Rathalos falls onto the ground, his tail now bleeding and somewhat mangled. The Vizilarox jumps into the air, and attempts to land on his foe's head. The Rathalos dodges and swings his tail into the Vizilarox's face, knocking it back. Now enraged, the green wyvern snarls and charges, but the Silver Rathalos counters by using its head as a launch pad. The Silver Rath is now in the air, hovering again. The Vizilarox roars in anger and walks around the place, waiting for the Rath to make his move.

The Silver Rathalos screams and lunges towards the Vizilarox, but is hit in the chest with a devastating blow from the beast's spiked tail. This knocks the wind out of the Rath, and knocks him back-first onto the ground. The Vizilarox growls and walks towards the Silver Rathalos, but is easily kicked away. Much to its surprise, the grey-scaled wyvern has recovered quite quickly, although his left lung has been damaged a little. He breathes with a low whistle in his nostrils.

The two wyverns glare at each other from each side of the towertop. The Silver Rathalos takes flight again, and the Vizilarox readies for another counterattack. The Silver Rathalos soars upwards by about 200 feet, before he divebombs for the green wyvern. The Vizilarox spins its tail around like a batter getting ready to make a hit, and with a loud THUD, the tail of the wyvern meets the Rath's wing, knocking him sideways out of the air and finally off the Tower.

The ecology ends with the Vizilarox roaring in victory.

Viper's Vengeance

The Agsolestea from Serpent Showdown slithers through the Idyllic Ocean's coastal jungles, searching for food. A day has passed since she had battled the Goravior, and her wounds are starting to heal. She locks her focus upon a lone Kuranda, which is resting on a log. The Kuranda suddenly looks up, and is swiftly taken away by something. The sickening sounds of bones crushing fills the air.

Another Goravior growls at the Agsolestea. Unlike the previous Goravior, this one is a HC Goravior, and the front of its crests are serated with hook-shaped barbs. Rather than having two extra crests on its neck, this one has them running all the way down its back. Its eyes are the same color as a raging fire, and its fangs drip with venom. The Agsolestea screeches loudly, and makes her move.

The Goravior only had to swing its tail into the Wyrm's side, which leaves a bloody cut on her back and knocks her away. The Agsolestea screams in pain and chomps into the back of the Goravior's neck. She thrashes around, leaving gashes in its hide, and throws him to the ground. The Goravior tries to recover but is slapped with the Agsolestea's tail. She prepares a light beam, but is burned with a swift fireball to the neck. She wails, and can hear a noise similar to wind blowing. The Goravior is charging a fire beam.

She charges her own light beam, and the two both fire at the same time. Like the last time, their beams lock. The red viper's beam starts to overpower the Wyrm's. She tries to add power to her beam, but it's no use. The Goravior's beam fries the Agsolestea's face, burning her badly. She falls to the forest floor.

The Goravior prepares to finish her off, but something stops it. A Dark Agsolestea screeches and fires a darkness beam at the snake. The Goravior snarls and growls, and shoots a fireball at the Dark Agsolestea. This distracts him from the beam. While he's focusing on his burn, the Goravior slithers towards the Agsolestea on the ground, and readies a swift bite to the neck.

The Dark Agsolestea recovers, and sees the Goravior holding the limp female in its mouth. The red snake drops his new kill. Now enraged, the Dark Agsolestea fires a HUGE dark beam into its face, causing the Goravior to burn to a crisp. It falls onto the ground. The Dark Agsolestea quickly slithers to the female Agsolestea. She's dead, but he makes sure by nudging her head with his own softly.

The ecology ends with the Dark Agsolestea roaring in angst.

KarnivoreKiller's Ecologies

Dedicated Desert Mother

A hot day in the desert…a pack of cephalos pick at a bare Apceros corpse. Suddenly, the sand begins to rise and head towards the pack. The Cephalos do not run or try to escape; they simply allow the large animal to come between them. The sand explodes and the creature reveals itself…a Cephadrome, twice the size of the Cephalos it inspects the unembellished corpse. Unsatisfied, the alpha of the pack screeches; however, mid-screech the Cephadrome smells prey, it abruptly stops screaming and dives into the sand. The Cephalos instinctively follow; confused by the sudden change in behaviour.

The smell of food brings the pack to a large cave. The sand is shallow so the wyverns risk having to walk towards the cave on foot. A pair of eyes appears from the inside of the cave…the pack silently lower themselves, camouflaging with the sand. A young Diablos stumbles out of the cave, trying to find its footing.  The Cephadrome cannot believe its luck; the mother is nowhere to be seen, the offspring cannot even walk properly without tripping over itself and the pack could easily over power the Aptonoth sized baby.

An over excited Cephalos leaps from cover and charges the Diablos baby. The young wyvern screeches for help as it stands there helplessly. Another Cephalos breaks its cover and goes for the kill. The first Cephalos reaches the baby and distracts it by spitting sand/saliva at its eyes. The blinded child screeches and tries to run but, being almost new-born, trips. The second Cephalos bites into the baby’s leg and shakes furiously.

Suddenly, the first Cephalos is flung through the air and smashes into a boulder, two massive flesh wounds located in its side. The rest of the pack roar and screech in alarm as they face the threat. A huge, black diablos mother leans over the piscine wyvern that bit into its baby’s leg. The mother has its colour returning but most of its back and its entire head is still as black as night. She shakes her head and screams loud enough to be heard for miles around. The Cephalos freezes; immobilized by the extreme sound blasting its eardrums. The mother leaps and crushes the sand-fish with her 9 ton body. The Cephadrome recovered from the scream leaps at the enraged wyvern and sinks its teeth into her back, the mother cries in pain and smashes her tail randomly, the lethal club smashing an observing Cephalos in the face, crushing its skull. The Jet-black diablos rolls, crushing the Cephadrome and furthermore pinning it to the ground by its immense weight. When the Cephadrome manages to pull itself out of rock and sand it rapidly scans the area. No diablos. No Cephalos pack. Just bodies of the unfortunate sand wyverns. The Cephadrome begins to walk out into deep sand…BAM! The black diablos bursts out of the sand; skewering the sand wyvern...the screen darkens.

The ecology ends with the diablos sleeping together in the cave peacefully.

Battle in the lava

At the base of the volcano…parched, unfertile soil borders a lake of magma flowing from the flaming peak. A cavern is located at the side of the area leading to the centre of the volcano. Ceanataurs forage for any food around the area. These bizarre creatures resemble hermit crabs but their dirt covered carapace is azure and are surprisingly the size of a sofa. Even though their long sharp pincers look capable of dissecting a fully grown man (which they could…if they wanted to), they are used to picking meat from carcasses and foraging for any plants and shrubs they can find in the barren wasteland in which they live in. They gather and take cover by a huge, intimidating creature, the shogun Ceanataur.

Slowly, a pair of eyes submerges from the lava…watching the group of Crab like creatures. Suddenly, a shrill roar pierces the air and a laser of lava blasts across the riverbank, roasting several Ceanataurs. The shogun Ceanataur turns to face the threat...nothing. Silence. All of a sudden, a crack forms under the large crab and begins to spill lava. The shogun rapidly crawls forward…CRUNCH! A large, magma covered animal spirals out of the ground and takes off half of the shoguns skull-shell. The large Ceanataur crumples to the ground, blood seeping out of its now exposed abdomen. The intruder is revealed, an Agnaktor. This bizarre creature has the body of a lizard, an elongated neck and a long, sharp beak used to burrow under solid rock. Its tail is long and ends with a shark-like fin; lava covers its entire body but doesn’t scold the leviathan because of its tough, plated scales. The Agnaktor doesn’t risk coming too close to the Shogun; even though it is wounded, its claws could pierce even the Agnaktor’s rock hard armour. The large leviathan turns away from the Shogun and begins to feast on the dead Ceanataurs.

Minutes later, the Agnaktor’s lava has cooled and hardened into a thick layer of rock. It senses movement and begins to look left. Too late. The wounded shogun Ceanataur shoves its elongated claws into the leviathan’s rock hard armour. The Agnaktor yelps and shakes, trying to free it from the crab’s vicious embrace. The Shogun climbs onto the large reptiles back, pulls his blood covered claws out of the Agnaktor and raises them. Just before it can shove them into the leviathans back, the Agnaktor rolls on its side and knocks the Shogun off its rear.  The leviathan grabs the Shogun by the leg and twists its head and body (similar to crocodiles) and snaps the leg, making it useless and spill more blood across the ground. The large Ceanataur shrieks and smashes its skull/shell into the Agnaktor’s face, stunning it. The crab swivels round and slices the reptile across the face several times. The Agnaktor shrieks and rolls to the side, it then moves towards the lava and swims off. The battle is over but the Shogun isn’t celebrating. It too is mortally injured and is noticeable when it walks. The elder Ceanataur begins to limp, blood draining from its wounds, towards a safer area…although it may not survive the night.

Master Ceadeus 27's Ecologies

A Dark Demon In The Mists



A Deviljho stirs, deep in a rocky wood. He doesn't care about the scenery, no. He cares only about the instinctive pounding in his head of "FOOD...FOOD...FOOD..." And he intends on eating. The Brute Wyvern knows not of any danger, only of eating. Finally, he bursts through the woods, and on to a huge Aptonoth. The mighty herbivore, large as it is, cannot withstand the crushing blow. The Deviljho rips chunks of the mighty beast's flesh apart, devouring it as if it were nothing.

Meanwhile, a hasty Alatreon flew, fleeing from a group of hunters in the Volcano. It brought its characteristic storm with it, striking fear and a sense of foreboding and anxiety to the beasts and birds and bugs that walk the earth. Thunder shook the trees. Lightning smote the winds. A fell beast approaches.

The great flying Elder Dragon spots the famished Deviljho feeding off of the Aptonoth carcass. As she is very, very hungry, the Alatreon dives in for a challenge to the Deviljho. She instantly claws at his spine, causing ripples of dragonic pain to coarse through him. He turns around, spitting dragon element at the Alatreon-she falls, but not to her doom. She uses her legendary Ice Storm, combined with a leap and tailspin into the air, to freeze and stun the Deviljho. She ends the Brute Wyvern's miserable life with a deadly claw strike, before succumbing to her own wounds and lying down for rest.

The ecology ends with the Alatreon sleeping, one wing stretched over its well-earned prey.

Venom Meets Stinger



Deep in the heart of Moga, in the deep caves of the Deserted Island, a dark wyvern stirs. It grips the sides of a cave as it deposits an egg sac on the side. The venomous beast crawls slowly to the top of the cave and launches through a hole in the top, flinging itself into the first level of caves. It then begins to fly, fly far out of the caves. But little does it know it has a visitor waiting on the brink of its precious cave.

A Rathian guards her eggs high upon the clifftop of the Deserted Island. She looks angry, as if the mere sight of something would kill it. The flying wyvern gets up and peers over the side, deciding her eggs would be safe enough to go find some food and find where her mate had flown off to-Rathalos are not known to fly far from their nests when they have Rath-children. She lands on a plain down below. Nothing is moving. She searches carefully for her mate; just as she spots his shadow approaching the cave, a gravelly, venomous voice comes from the darkness behind her.

Out jumps Gigginox, the venomous darkness. The great wyvern, staying deep within the dark which had settled (as it was dusk), lunged to meet the Rathian. The creature launches several poison balls at the wyvern, moving around positions each time. Finally, the creature latches on to Rathian, bringing her briefly to the ground. The great venomous leech begins to suck blood as the Rathian gets up; as she does, Rathalos flies down and unlatches the Gigginox. The wyvern blasts the wing-leech with fireballs, causing it to reel in the burning fire and newfound heat and light, making it lose its prey.

The Rathian charges, stabbing the Gigginox with a talon. The Gigginox slinks back into the darkness, trailing blood, while the Rathalos blasts it again. The Ecology ends with Gigginox gone and the Raths flying back to their nest.

Gojira57's Ecologies

Floraalaga life: Let Sleeping Floalians lie

It is a peaceful morning in the Oceaneon Ruins. Desert dwelling creatures came out of their slumber, coming from the cracks and holes in the walls and buildings of the ruins. Kunchuu were foraging for food, when suddenly, they come across a large flower bud like structure.

The the insects roll up into a ball as a Yian kut ku comes by, flying down with a screech. It grabs a kunchuu in it's beak, and crunches down, unaware that the flower bud behind it was opening.

The Yian kut ku finds that a huge shadow is decending on it. It turns around, and squaks in terror as a Floraalaga raises it's scythe and slices at the Yian kut ku. The Yian kut ku barely gets away, and flies off, but is shot down by a fire ball coming from the floraalaga.
Goji chloro

Heeeeere's FLORAALAGA!

The Yian kut ku lands in front of a large root, and then, out of nowhere, the roots from the floraalaga start pulling the bird wyvern  towards the Floralian. It learned a little too late that you should let sleeping beasts lie, as the Floraalaga Slices the Yian kut ku in two.

After that, the ecology ends as the Floraalaga goes back into it's flower bud to rest.

Dark Magala's Ecologies

Hermit Brute of the Desert

It is night in the desert and it is the breeding season for the Akura Vashimus.A rumble is heard from a ferocious battle nearby.

An Odibatorasu is fighting an very large male Akura Vashimu.The Akura shoots an crystal beam at the hand of the Odibatorasu's hand and shortly after explodes but does few damage to the Odibatorasu.The Odibatorasu shoots a sand beam at the Akura knocking it off its feet it.Quickly,the Odibatorasu grabs the Akura with its mouth and crushes it killing it.The Odibatorasu carries its trophy to an nearby secluded cliff.The Odibatorasu hears an loud roar nearby.It belongs to an Karogaron willing to steal the Akura's corpse.The Odibatorasu stands up and unleashes a powerful roar while the Karogaron taunts unimpressed.The Karogaron quickly jumps on the Odibatorasu's's back and shoots water in its cannon like structure harming the Odibatorasu and making it unable to shoot sand from the cannon.The Odibatorasu shakes powerfully knocking the Karogaron off its back and the Odibatorasu shoots a sand cannon at the Karogaron.The Brute Wyvern swiftly and easily evades and counters the Odibatorau by shooting water directly in the Odibatorasu's mouth while he is still shooting sand.This turns the sand into mud and stops the attack and lets the Odibatorasu suffocates leaving it open for attacks.The karogaron quickly takes the advantge and uses its large mouth to attack the Odibatorasu's ribs and crunching sound is heard.The Odibatorasu quickly turns enraged and starts charging at the Karogaron.The Karogaron (which is intelligent unlike other Brute Wyverns) takes advantge of this and stands near the cliff's edge.The Odibatorasu,blinded by rage,keeps charging at the Karogaron and accidentally falls from the cliff.The Karogaron watches the Bulky Wyvern as it falls and roars powerfully proving itself as the ruler of the desert and goes to feed on the Akura's corps.The screen turns black and then we see the Odibatorasu still alive with a broken leg and with scars all over its head.It finds an Akura's nest filled with near infinite eggs enough to keep the Odibatorasu fed for days and the screen goes black again.

Frozen Emperor of Hell

An Crimson Fatalis (Conquest War) is flying while also carrying a Large Black Gravios Corpse.Once it reached the Deep Crater it puts the Black Gravios corpse and starts catching its breath.It starts hearing a load roar and looks behind it.When it turns back again the Black Gravios corpse is gone.The ground starts shaking.

An Magma Raviente rises from the ground while chewing the Black Gravios corpse.It then swallows it and roars at the Crimson Fatalis.The Crimson Fatalis also roars at the Magma Raviente and the battle begins.The Magma Raviente shoots an frozen breath at the Crimson Fatalis but the Crimson Fatalis evades and almost got hit by the attack and then he fires an fire beam at the Magma Raviente but due to the Magma Raviente's resistance to fire it does little damage to him.Then the Magma Raviente digs underground while the Crimson Fatalis takes flight and prepares to escape (this is ironic because of the aggressive nature of the Crimson Fatalis and this one Crimson Fatalis seems to know what will happen to him if this attack worked on him.)The Magma Raviente quickly burst from the ground and catches the escaping Crimson Fatalis by its mouth and drops the Crimson Fatalis.Then the Raviente quickly starts constricting the Crimson Fatalis.The screen turns turn black then we see the Magma Raviente swallowing the lifeless Crimson Fatalis and the screen turns black again.
G Crimson Fatalis

MHAdvent's Ecologies

Tyrannicus Ecology/The Mother's Watch

It is summertime in the Ancestral Steppe. Rathalos and Rathian are watching their children hatch, and Great Jaggi are terrorizing grazing Aptonoth, with Alligius also joining in the hunts. Atop a small cliff, a female Tyrannicus watches the scenery. Her 3 eggs are very close to hatching, and after weeks of egg-guarding vigil, she is somewhat tired; however, she will continue her duty until her eggs are hatched. Soon, she loses her ability to resist sleep, and she falls completely still, dozing off. A pack of Maccau come to steal the eggs, but their shrieks wake her up, and she roars at the Raptors, scaring them off.

When the sun sets, she starts to doze. Her sleep is peaceful, however, in the middle of the night, a Tigrex and a Deviljho hunt near the cliff, suddenly waking her up. She stands up and roars angrily; however, this draws the attention of the 2 hunters, and they start to prowl near the nest. The mother Tyrannicus becomes furious, a cloud of draconic energy forms around her neck and body, and she charges at the intruders. The surprised Tigrex tail-whips, roars, and swipes its arms in defense, but she continues her stomping and biting at the Wyvern. The Deviljho gets attracted towards the fight, body-slamming the Tyrannicus. She gets knocked down, and as soon as the 2 intruders are preparing to bite her, she gets up, charges up a ball of draconic energy, and flings it down on the ground, nearly obliterating the unwelcome Tigrex and Deviljho.

The sun rises, and the mother Tyrannicus is bruised and exhausted. Trying to recover, she limps away from the nest and continues her interrupted slumber. While she is sleeping, the eggs hatch, and 3 baby Tyrannicus come out, chirping for their mother. Soon, a shadow is cast upon them, as a Seltas flies over to her nest. The hungry male Neopteron has found a delicious hatchling meal, and he about to jab one of the babies with his jagged arms. The buzzing and clacking wakes the mother Brute Wyvern up, and she sees yet another unwelcome visitor at her nest. In a burst of rage, she runs up to the Neopteron, destroying it with a tailwhip and a headbutt. She then looks down at her babies, who are chirping delightfully. Happy with what she has done, she begins to snooze once again.

After a day passes, the mother Tyrannicus is well-rested. She sets off to ambush a herd of Aptonoth. She waits for the perfect moment to strike, and once the Aptonoth get close, she lunges at one of them, bites its sail, and shakes it to death, leaving the rest of the herd to run away. She then proceeds to eat half of the carcass, right before bringing the other half to her hungry offspring. Once the half-eaten carcass is delivered, the babies start to gorge themselves delightfully, as the mother happily watches them.

Spinex Ecology/Invasion in the Seas

On the shores of the Deserted Island, a foot smashes on the ground, and a Spinex surveys the beach for food. There is nothing to see on land, however, the huge Brute Wyvern catches the sight of a fin protruding from the water. It then proceeds to enter the water, and as it swims closer, it sees that there are a shiver of Sharqs hunting a big school of Perciformes. Attracted, it swims towards the Sharqs and proceeds to eat them, paying no heed to the panicked Perciformes. Its great feast is interrupted when an Acquolloth and Thallarex swim forward to eat all of the fish. Annoyed, the Spinex roars at them; however, the 2 Leviathans roar back. They then start circling around the Brute Wyvern, taking turns at biting it. After getting bitten enough times, the Spinex slaps the Acquolloth (incapacitating it), and wrestles with the Thallarex when it comes to bite it. While holding the lizard-like Leviathan's jaws open, it bites it in the body, and starts shaking it around. While the Thallarex is getting bruised, the Acquolloth wakes up, swims right up to the Spinex, and bites its sail. The Brute Wyvern roars in pain, and bites the long-necked Leviathan's neck and starts shaking it around before letting go. Soon, both the Acquolloth and the Thallarex surround the Spinex, preparing to brutally wound it; however, as soon as they rush for the Brute Wyvern, it smashes its claws together, producing a discharge field that incapacitates them both.

Having taken care of its rivals, the Spinex then continues after the Sharqs. It zooms around the school of Perciformes before dashing right through it, knocking out and eating any fish in the way. It becomes mostly satisfied, but when it is about to go after the last Sharq, a large shape passes by it, startling it. Seconds after, a Lagiacrus eats the Sharq and scares off the Spinex.

A male Dermactylos lands near a female of its kind, and starts impressively showing off as an attempt to commence courtship. As soon as the female carefully approaches, the tip of a large fin protrudes from the water, and swims up to the courting wyverns. The female soon turns away, but just before the male could get back to her, a crocodile-like head shoots out of the water and grabs him, proceeding to shake him to death. It is revealed that the Spinex had killed this wyvern, and it gobbles him up before sitting down on the sand and watching the sea.

Mortarachnis Ecology/Battle of the Bloodsuckers

It is a cloudy autumn night at the Ancestral Steppe. The leaves on the trees have turned red, yellow, and orange, and the nights are longer than usual. In this season, Yian Garuga and Savage Deviljho run rampant, terrorizing anything in their way. Seeking safety from this great danger, a young Rathian has flown away from the great plains and into a small cave. However, she does not realize that there is a large crack on the ceiling of the cliff. Soon, she hears a rattling noise, and a large Temnoceran slips through the crack, landing on the female Wyvern, biting her, and killing her.

The Temnoceran, revealed to be a Mortarachnis, sticks its jaws into the Rathian's body and drags her away. As soon as it travels 200 meters, a bloodcurdling shriek sounds through the sky. Soon, a Desmodor flies up from the cliff near the cave, and starts harassing the Mortarachnis by biting it and striking it with its claws. In defense, the Temnoceran starts biting back, joined by some kicking with its forelegs. Soon, the two bloodsucking beasts start to circle each other and assume intimidating displays. After a bit of time, the Desmodor starts to gallop at the Mortarachnis, but it rears up just in time to shoot a large web at the Fanged Wyvern and entrap it, going back to dragging its fresh Rathian kill back to its burrow.

The Mortarachnis successfully drags the wyvern carcass over a distance of 400 meters, but soon, the clouds disperse to reveal a full moon, and the Desmodor descends into a rage state and breaks free of the web. It then flies up into the air, spreads its wings, lets out an ear-splitting shriek, and dives onto the Temnoceran, causing the two to tumble a few meters together. After they fall over, the Fanged Wyvern gets up, flies into the air, picks up the Mortarachnis, and throws it against a wall, stunning it for a few seconds. After that, the Desmodor flies up to the edge of the cliff and shrieks victoriously. However, this moment of victory is short-lived, as the Temnoceran gets back up, rushes toward the edge of the cliff, and leaps at the Fanged Wyvern, tackling it, stabbing its jaws into its heart, and causing it to plummet to its death.

After the Desmodor's death, the Mortarachnis starts sucking the blood of its most recent kill. However, this meal is interrupted, as a pack of Jaggi (lead by a Great Jaggi) comes to start harassing the Temnoceran. In response, it turns around, rears back, and shoots a stream of blood at the Great Jaggi, incapacitating it and scaring off its lackeys. It then steps on top of the Desmodor carcass and lets out a horrible, rattling screech.

Cryomonstrum Ecology/A Watery Grave

It is a foggy winter night in the Polar Sea. A harem of Pokara, led by a Pokaradon, are seeking safety from the harsh weather, as well as possible predators like Anorupathisu, Giaorugu, Brachydios, Barioth, or Ventepinnis. After traveling a few hectometers, they finally find a nice cave to live in. When they get in the cave, they notice what happens to be a large stone situated near the wall of the cave. Two of the Poka pups jump on it and play on it; however, steam erupts from the top of the stone, and it slowly sinks, scaring the Poka back to their parents, and eventually leaving a hole in the cave.

A few seconds later, a loud bellow shakes the cave, scaring the Pokara out of it, and leaving the Pokaradon to defend its harem. All of a sudden, a large, whale-like Leviathan jumps out of the ice, catching the Pokaradon on its head and leaving the cave in shambles. The Leviathan, revealed to be a Cryomonstrum, turns towards one of the Pokara with its jaws wide open, throwing off the stunned Pokaradon. It catches the female sea mammal in its jaws and smashes through the ice once again, killing her.

The Pokara harem are now more alert after one of their members had just been eaten, and the Pokaradon prepares to deal with its attacker. Soon, a large fin protrudes from the water, and starts heading towards the male sea mammal. Soon, the Cryomonstrum jumps out of the ocean with its jaws wide open roaring. The Pokaradon tries to stun the Leviathan by clapping its front paws, but this does nothing to it. Instead, it catches the male sea mammal with its jaws, pushes itself back into the ocean, crushes him to death, and eats him.

Chaoarren's Ecologies (MHTF) period

Obsidian Deviljho Ecology/Burnt stomach

From the trees in the Sherin peak's area 1 an aptonoth runs out trying to avoid something. With snap a deviljho bursts from the trees clearly the herbivores predator. The aptonoth finds its self at the edge of the cliff, with the deviljho ready for the kill. To be continued

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