This crossover pack for Monster Hunter EX adds creatures and areas styled after the Pokemon franchise.



  • Deerling
  • Tauros
  • Donphan

Flying Wyverns

  • Noivern
  • Gabite
  • Garchomp


  • Galvantula


  • Volcorona
  • Durant

Elder Dragons

Brute Wyverns

  • Nidoking
  • Nidoqueen
  • Feraligator
  • Aggron
  • Fraxure
  • Haxorus
  • Krookodile


  • Swampert
  • Hulk Swampert


  • Armaldo


  • Zoroark
  • Magic Zoroark
  • Riolu
  • Golden Riolu
  • Lucario
  • Golden Lucario

Snake Wyverns

  • Seviper

Fanged Beasts

  • Zangoose
  • Vigoroth
  • Slaking
  • Heatmor

Bird Wyverns

  • Yvetal
  • Ho-Oh
  • Skarmory
  • Altaria
  • Beauty Altaria


  • Sceptile
  • Grove Sceptile
  • Beldum
  • Metang
  • Metagross
  • Deoxys
  • Attack Deoxys
  • Defense Deoxys
  • Speed Deoxys


  • Sky pillar
  • Terra Cave
  • Marine Cave
  • Dragonspiral Tower
  • Giant Chasm
  • Birth Island
  • Whirl Islands
  • Navel Rock

New Kinds of Monsters

Shiny Species

  • Similar to subspecies and rare species, but are so rare, not everyone beleives they exist.
  • They can be unlocked in special ways

New kinds of Quests!

Mega Evolution Quests:

  • During a Mega Evolution Quest, certain monsters will faint for a while before a purple glow will surround them, and they will suddenly wake up and glow white and change into their mega form!
  • When a "Mega Species" is either killed, repelled or captured, the hunter has a chance of receiving a "Mega stone" of that particular monster, which can be used to forge armor and weapons with.
  • First taken in High-Rank.

Primal Quests

  • Similar to a Mega Evolution Quest, but when a Monster goes through "Primal Reversion", it gains power from it's ancestors from a time when it's species was more powerful!
  • Can only be taken in X-rank.
  • When a "Primal Species" is defeated, the hunter will gain materials exclusive to that Monster in Primal form.

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