• A gunner set weapon
  • Can use different coatings
  • More powerful than a bow, but slower to reload.
  • Uses bolts rather than arrows, which can peirce the toughest armor with ease.

Battle gauntlets (originally from Uklanos Subspecies)

Right hand gauntlet that can be used for powerful punches and has the ability to stun monsters. An impact weapon like the Hammer, or Hunting Horn, it is capable of charged attacks.


a Greatsword like weapon with a gun attatched. (think like Squall leonheart's gunblade from final fantasy or kingdom hearts). Not only is it large and powerful at close range, but it can also be used at long range by using it's shotgun skill. However, it is slow to swing, and hard to aim.

Wrist Blades

Similar to the Battle Gauntlets, but with blades on them, and are in pairs, one per arm. Able to do quick combos like dual swords, and also able to have to different elements.  They also tend to have high sharpness. But they are no more powerful than a Battle gauntlet, in fact, they are actually slightly weaker in terms of attack power. Whereas Battle gauntlets do impact damage, wrist blades do cutting damage.

Bow Swords

Similar to dual Blades when in melee mode, but can combine to turn into a "Bow Form" to attack from range.

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