Note: This is where I will post Ecology stories for MHEX, If you want to add a life story including any of my monsters, feel free to ask me first. I will answer as soon as possible.

Spinonyx life: Fishing Season Bonzai!

It is the salmon breeding season, and the Spinonyx, a Suchomimid Brute Wyvern, knows this. It waits at the waters edge, and sees a large salmon jump out of the water, followed by another, and another. The Spinonyx grabs the Fish in it's long crocidile like jaws, and starts to eat it. By the time it finishes, it was still hungry for more, and waits for another to pass by.

Later, an Arzuros, a bear like Fanged beast, comes to the water's edge, and scoops a Salmon out of the water. The Arzuros pays no attention to the Spinonyx, as it knows that Spinonyx prefer fish over red meat any day. The Spinonyx shows the same attitude towards the Arzuros and continues it's fishing.

Suddenly, A Huge red Salmon jumps out of the water, easily the biggest one yet! The Spinonyx Grabs it by the tail in it's snout, but theres a problem, The Arzuros saw it too, and grabbed the head.

The Two beasts snarled at each other, tugging and pulling, until, the Fish tears in two. The Spinonyx payed no mind to this fact, as the half it got was filling anyway, and walked away, even though the Arzuros, suprisingly enough, got the bigger half, and greedily chowed down on it's meal.

Rathalos-Sin Life: The King of Sins!

Coming soon....

Floraalaga Life: Let sleeping Floralians lie!

coming soon...

Wilolu life: Death eater's Wrath!

Coming soon...

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