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Monster Hunter EX: Keputosu
Nicknames: Kepu
Titles: Ancestor Raptor
Other Info
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Forgotten Island
Other monsters in Relation: All Raptorial Bird Wyverns
Elements: None
Ailments: none
Weaknesses: Fire, Thunder
Signature move: Hipcheck
Creator: Gojira57

The Keputosu is a Raptorial Bird Wyvern that was thought to be extinct until it's discovery in Forgotten Island. Unlike most Raptors, there is no Alpha form (or at least, it has not been discovered yet), and it is a solitary hunter. It's Move set is a combonation of that of Yian Garuga and Great Jaggi.


Although once Widespread, it is now only found in the Forgotten Island and the Lost Jungle


  • When enraged, It will Attack more savagely and quickly.
  • It will feed on an Aptonoth or Bullfango when low on stamina
  • Sonic bombs can stun it temporarily, causing it to drop a shiny, but this only works when it is not in rage mode.
  • When fatigued, it will often trip over when it is doing it's Running Trample
  • Interestingly, It shares Yian Garuga's theme.


  • It was one of Capcom's original Concept monsters.
  • A Keputosu is planned to appear in Monster Hunter EX: A new era soon ...
  • Keputosu is bound to have a subspecies in MHEX's next update.