This is the fan fiction page for MHEX.

Realease date

  • Started: 12/16/13
  • Finished: TBA
  • Planned # of Chapters: TBA

Links To Fan fiction

Monster Hunter EX: A new era

Characters (Metamorphs)

Dissidia (Permanent Deviljho Metamorph)​

  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Metamorph: Deviljho (permanent)


A girl who lived in the great forest after her parents were killed by the metamorph hunters. She was later captured, and would have met her end had Soulver (who she would later come to love) and his group came in to rescue her. 


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Characters (Humans)

  1. Lucifer
  2. Roan Fell
  3. Shin-Lan
  4. Captain Garkos
  5. Kryat Tarkos
  6. Metamorph Hunter Grunt
  7. Metamorph Hunter Elite
  8. Professor Gerald
  9. Gokis
  10. Rijoth
  11. Kiran


Metamorph hunters

A Group of Hunters who hate Metamorphs for who knows what reason, and hunt them down, one by one. Despite their actions, the Ultimiose Empire does nothing to help the Metamorphs, and so the Metamorph hunters always hunt them day and night.

The Rajangos tribe

A tribe of Metamorphs that take pride in themselves for the power they have. They want vey little to do with the outside world, an often live in seclusion. But with the metamorph hunters around, will they fight back?

Pirates of Ultimiose​

A band of Pirates that strike fear in every heart across the Ultimiose region. Their history is a mystery, but the secrets they hold may be even more mysterious......

The Ultimiose Empire

They ruling power over Ultimiose. The empire was once viewed as just and benevolent rulers, but with the metamorph hunters around, and the fact that the new emperor does nothing, will it be the empire's downfall?

What are Metamorphs?

Metamorphs are people whogained powers from of a monster through unknown means. They also can inherit said power through their parents, even if said parents are not metamorphs.

There are two types of Metamorphs

  1. Normal Metamorphs: Usually human in appearance, but can call the power of a Metamorph to gain powers of their respective monster. They also sometimes share similarities to said monster in terms of appearance.
  2. Permanent Metamorphs: Stuck in a form that allows them to use their power freely, these metamorphs are rarer, and share even more similarities to their respective monster than normal metamorphs.

Planned monsters so far.....

Wilolu, Deviljho, Rajang, Brachydios, Agnaktor, Rathalos, Rathian, Garara Ajara, Goa Magara, Great Jaggi, Velocidrome, Jaggi, Jaggia, Velociprey, Remobra, Nerusukyura, Floraalaga, Dark Teostra, Rathalos-Sin, Paladin Teostra,Siren*, Warlaros *, Glauxiturn *, Bruteon *, Eelekiose*, Rathling *

  • Monsters by Cottonmouth255 were chosen at his consent.

Photo Gallery (Monsters)

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Photo Gallery (characters)

Music Collection

Godzilla Vs03:52

Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah - Requiem

a very sad theme for Amauro's funeral

Bahamut's Theme - Final Fantasy 802:25

Bahamut's Theme - Final Fantasy 8

Metamorph hunter theme

The Eye of Darkness, End of the World - Combined Mix04:28

The Eye of Darkness, End of the World - Combined Mix

Final boss theme

Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories OST - Scythe of Petals (Marluxia Final Boss Theme 1)-003:17

Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories OST - Scythe of Petals (Marluxia Final Boss Theme 1)-0

Floraalaga theme

One-Winged Angel - Kingdom Hearts HD 130:11

One-Winged Angel - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - Soundtrack EXTENDED

Dark Teostra theme MHEX

One Winged Angel FF7 (Without Vocals) Orchestrated06:57

One Winged Angel FF7 (Without Vocals) Orchestrated

Wilolu Theme

Advent Children - Divinity I & II06:19

Advent Children - Divinity I & II


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