Ok so a little bit ago Democide, Bass21, and I decided to make a little project. Since the supposed 'end of the world' is coming up why not make a fanfic about the world ending Monster Hunter style! so here's how it works: Bass21, me, and anyone else that wants to join will all follow some guidelines, and all do a fanfic on the Monster Hunter Apocalypse from each of our POVs (point of views). We have finally made the decision to have the fanfic going in the direction of the MH monsters coming to our world by some sort of 'machine' that Democide mentioned. Remember each POV of the story starts about a few hours before the apocalypse, and make sure that it bends around real time events on the day of 12/21/12. Each of the monsters also need to be in their respective environments, for example: i live in the desert so I may be attacked by an odeiberatsuru, or a monoblos, but it's winter so maybe I may see a Stygian Zinogre. And also, only officiallly released monsters in this, and no MH4 monsters either. If you want to help out, email me your POV of the story of the first chapter. My email is and chapter one ends at the start of the apocalypse. also feel free to comment, or email me your thoughts. And specify who I'm emailing by telling me your wikia username in the email. And remember, it has to be a first person version of the story, and you have to contact other wikia members about the story if there is a part that involves them.

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