Monster Hunter 3 - A New Age has many Expansion Packs planned for release in the future. These expansion packs are optional, usually free, and they expand upon the game's already-included content. Some purchased expansion packs may grant access to special areas that can't be accessed any other way, while other ones may simply add to the game by installing more or better textures, a new monster, or something similar.

In Detail

Due to the nature of the client, only those monsters which are installed in your client can be seen, fought, or researched. This means that even if you find a quest hunting a monster you'd really like to see but don't have installed, you won't be able to fight it. Weapons, armor, and even certain character model changes work the exact same way.

Expansion packs

  • Jungle World
    • This pack includes ten new monsters -- four Large monsters and six Small monsters -- as well as a new area, the Open Flooded Forest. In addition, each of the four Large monsters has their own armor set. It costs $9.99, like many similar packs.
  • Clinical Trials
    • This pack includes five new monsters -- two Large monsters (Prokatik and Verbati) and three Small monsters -- as well as a new area, known as Nature's Landfill. In addition, there are several new ailments and elements introduced, and one armor set, the Med Kit.
      • NOTE: This expansion pack is required to get the talisman that grants one the "Hunter Medic" skill, or the armor with that skill. You cannot get it any other way.
  • Ghosts
    • This pack includes a "Ghost" version of every Large monster, in addition to five new Large monsters. In addition, it allows areas in single-player mode to be transformed into undead-themed areas, and allows one to participate in Halloween-themed events in October.

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