NOTICE: THIS IS NO LONGER "CANON" TO THE HURRICURSE SAGA! So this is now a relic of time. IT can be deleted if the Admins wish to, but please notify me first! Prologue: A Demonic Plot

In a dimension far from our own, there was a lone elder dragon. His scales as black as his soul, his eyes as red as blood. He is the Dark Teostra, a demonic being who lives alone in his dimension, where there is nothing but a large wasteland. Not a single flower grows, not a single insect crawls. The Sun never rises here, as it is a world of eternal night.

The only thing that shows at least some sign of a past civilization is a large castle, large enough for the Dark Teostra to move about through the halls. In the highest tower was the demonic elder dragon, looking through his crystal orb, watching events go by in another world, a world rich with life, humans and monsters alike. He does nothing but planning on how to conquer this world, and consume all the souls who live there. To the Demon’s eyes, there was nothing they could do but burn!

But there was one problem. This world had Guardians, two of them. Both were humans, sure, but they were also shapeshifters. Taka, the hero of the Central world, and Hurricurse, the lone, unforgiving wind. Together, they may be able to destroy the Dark Teostra.

But the demon planned this all out, however. He kidnapped the woman, who Hurricurse loved, and would do anything for. Love was a weakness to the eyes of the Dark Teostra, and breaking the will of others was Jaggi’s play for him. It did not take long for Hurricurse to arrive to the Dark Teostra’s realm, where the demon threatened to kill the female if Hurricurse did not do what the demon wanted.

Hurricurse could not bear the thought of his only loved one dying, and gave in.

“Name the job, demon.” said Hurricurse.

The demon’s laugh seemed to pierce the silence of the realm. Then it spoke.

“I want you to kill Taka, the shapeshifter of the central world. Do it, and your loved one will be spared.”

As a precaution, the beast lunged an orb through Hurricurse’s chest. This orb was the demon’s way of making sure that Hurricurse will do nothing but obey, or he will be tormented with pain worse than any other pain in existence.

“Now GO!”

Once Hurricurse was in the proper world, the Dark Teostra locked the female in a dungeon, and headed to the highest tower, to watch the events go by.

Chapter 1: Happiness never seems to last

Taka had just came back from a “job” at Magma Mountain. He had to get some powderstones for a blacksmith’s forge. Finding the stones was the easy part, but because they were so hot, it was torture just to pick one up. But the pay was good, so it was worth the numerous burns that he got in the process. 

He was heading back to Mediatas Village to see Relcia, who he always loved, and would do anything for her. Once he reached his and Relcia’s home, he was welcomed with a warm smile from his loved one.

There was something different about the smile though, and Taka just could not lay his finger on it. But he decided to put the thought aside until he could figure it out. He went to his bedroom and hung his Dark Claw "Demise" longsword on a weapon stand, and was about to head back to Relcia when she came right in front of him. She invited him over to her and they shared a brief kiss before Relcia put Taka’s hand to her torso, and Taka felt what felt like a kick. It surprised Taka at first, until he began to realize what Relcia had tried to tell him.

“Relcia, are you-”

But before he could finish the question, Relcia said “Yes, you are about to be a father Taka.”

Taka felt happy, this was huge.

“That is wonderful Relcia.”

But before he could say anything else, he saw Relcia run towards one of her windows.

“Taka, you have to see this!”

Taka ran, and looked out of the window and saw a large storm approaching the town, But it was not your average thunderstorm, It was unnatural, it just appeared out of nowhere, as if it just materialized out of nothingness. That is when he saw the shape of an elder dragon descend from the clouds.

It looked like a Shantiyen, but the problem with that theory was that the Shantiyen was not a native to the Central World, and even if it was, it would not attack a populated area for no reason. Taka, however, did not have time to think about it.

“I got to go, stay safe.” Relcia nodded. Taka took his Dark Claw Demise, or “Demise”, as he liked to call it, and ran towards the city center.....


Hurricurse, in the guise of a Shantiyen, was causing mayhem and destruction in Mediatas Village. He somehow knew that Taka would come to protect the village if a monster attacked, so he would might as well be the monster. Houses were being blown apart by his power over the wind, trees were being uprooted.

I know that I don’t want to do this, Hurricurse thought, but if it means keeping Kisisa safe, then like it or not, I have to do what the Dark Teostra says.

He did not have to wait for long, however, as he felt the burning pain of a fireball hit his back. Hurricurse turned to see an Azure Rathalos behind him, and it turned into a human in Qurupeco armor.

“You are Taka, aren’t you?” asked Hurricurse.

“I am.” answered Taka, unsheathing his long sword. “What is a Shantiyen doing in the Central Wor-”

But before he could finish, he saw the shanteiyen turn into a human in Fatalis Armor.

“You are a shapeshifter too!?”

“Yes.” answered Hurricurse. “I am Hurricurse, the unforgiving wind! Your existence threatens the life of my loved one Kisisa, and for her sake, I will kill you. I’m sorry, please forgive me.”


Back at the Dark Teostra’s realm, Kisisa lies alone in her dungeon, sobbing. She wanted to escape, and stop Hurricurse from being the Dark Teostra’s puppet. But how was she going to escape, there was no way out of her prison, and even if she did escape, there was no way she could get back to her proper world.

But something was about to change this forever. She felt a large tremor come from the other side of her dungeon’s wall.

Something was coming towards the wall. What it was, Kisisa could not say, but she would not have to wonder for long, as the source of the tremors came busting through the wall - a large Deviljho. Kisisa braced for an attack.

It never came. The Deviljho did come close to her, and whispered.

“No need to be afraid, I am trying to help you.”

This was a big shock coming from something as fearsome as a Deviljho.

“How do I know that you are not going to just kill me?” Kisisa asked the brute wyvern.

The Deviljho laughed. “It's ok, I understand. Why trust a Deviljho, right?”

The brute wyvern then made a big chomp in the air, scaring Kisisa, then he laughed.

“I can help you get home. I don’t like this Dark Teostra any more than you do, cause you see, I was human once, and I had the nerve to stand up against him. He cursed me with eternal life as a Deviljho. I have waited many decades for my life to end, so I could be reunited with my sister, who died in the demon’s attacks, but when I realized that I would never die, I decided to figure out what to do with my immortality.”

“Which is?” asked Kisisa.

“To find a way to stop him. I failed my people once, but I will not fail again!”

Kisisa was still a bit suspicious. “How can I know for sure that you are telling the truth?”

“Well lets put it this way. Would you rather trust me to give a quick death if you wanted it? Or would you trust the demon to do it?”

Kisisa thought about it for a bit, and came to realize that the brute wyvern was right.

“Good point, but as you can see, my leg is chained to the wall here.”

Indeed, her leg was chained to the wall where she was, and she had no means of unchaining her self.

“That won’t be a problem.” said the Deviljho. He bit into the chains, his acidic saliva breaking down the iron chains, causing them to rust, rendering them brittle enough for another chomp to break them.

“Here, Use one of my teeth to  pick the locks on what's left of the cuffs on your legs, we don’t need anything slowing us down.”

Kisisa took the best looking tooth for the job, and pulled, taking it out of the mouth, hurting the brute wyvern a bit.

“Don’t worry, I have been through worse!” said the deviljho

Yol the deviljho, an unexpected ally

Once the cuffs were unlocked, Kisisa asked the brute wyvern about his name.

“My name, is Yolturshul, but you can call me “Yol” for short.”

Chapter 2: Taka VS Hurricurse

Taka was having a hard time just keeping one step ahead of Hurricurse’s savage assaults, and the enemy shapeshifter’s control over the wind was not helping either.

“Still running Taka?” asked the unforgiving wind. “You can’t keep this up forever.”

“You are right.” said Taka. “So I will have to defend myself in some other way.”

Taka turned into a Black Tigrex and started to rush towards Hurricurse, who turned into a Silver Rathalos in response, and started to fly towards Taka. The two shapeshifters battled it out, changing forms to get the best of their respective opponent.
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Taka vs Hurricurse Theme

This battle would have probably gone on forever, they were too evenly matched. That is, until Hurricurse turned into a Deviljho, and blasted a stream of Dragon element right into Taka’s face.

Now Taka was inflicted with Dragonblight, giving Hurricurse an edge. But Taka refused to give up. He was about to be a father, and was not willing to let himself be destroyed before that happens. It was probably the only thought that kept him alive for so long against Hurricurse.

He unsheathed his Dark Claw Demise longsword and started to slash at Hurricurse’s Deviljho form’s underbelly, one of the only two weak spots on a deviljho that you will ever find.

Hurricurse roared in pain. “How dare you strike the perfect lifeform!?” He yelled, apparently still able to communicate in beast form like Taka could do. Hurricurse turned into an Akantor, and started to lunge towards Taka.

Taka evaded, barely escaping the mauling claws of Hurricurse’s rage. Then he turned into a Doragyurosu and blasted Dragon element in Hurricurse’s face. This did nothing more than enrage Hurricurse even more. He reverted and started to make a storm of wind around him. Before Taka could understand what was going on. Hurricurse made a shock wave of air, pushing Taka towards a wall.

The impact hurt Taka, even when he was in the form of a Doragyurosu.

Hurricurse has great control over the wind. Taka thought to himself. It rivals that of a Kushala Daora and that of a Shantiyen. I have never seen a person, let alone another shapeshifter, control the wind so efficiently. No wonder why he called himself the “Unforgiving Wind”.

But Taka had more pressing matters to worry about. Hurricurse was heading towards him.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Hurricurse asked. “How can the Dark Teostra want someone else to kill someone as weak as you for him? Where is the honor?”

That is when the orb on Hurricurse’s chest started to hurt. it was more painful than any other pain that you can imagine.

“Who cares about the honor of the kill?” said the Dark Teostra in Hurricurse’s mind. “Destroy the shapeshifter, and Kisisa will be spared, just as promised.”

Then the pain stopped. “It does not matter.” said Hurricurse. “For Kisisa’s sake, you must be destroyed.”

“STOP!” yelled a female’s voice.

Taka looked to see Relcia, with her old Raven Tessen Dual swords at hand.

“Relcia, your self.” urged Taka.

Hurricurse came towards Relcia.

“You are Relcia aren’t you?” asked Hurricurse. The wind seemed to be reacting with him as he stared at Relcia, and the voice of the Dark Teostra started to speak in his mind again.

“How much are you willing to bet that killing Relcia will break Taka’s will to live?” said the demon’s voice in a sinister tone. “And she is pregnant, which adds even more fun to breaking Taka. Kill her!”

Hurricurse was conflicted. No, I can’t take the innocent life of an unborn child, there is no honor in it. That, and it is a monstrous thing to do...

The orb began to hurt again. “Who cares about what happens to the unborn child?” said the demon’s voice. “The child is that of the Shapeshifter! Do you want to see Kisisa or not?”

I do! thought Hurricurse. More than anything, but I am not a murderer of unborn children! What good can come from this?

“If you want Kisisa to live, then you must do what I order you to do, Shifter!” said the demon’s voice in a commanding tone. “Kill the spare! NOW!”

The pain stopped. “I’m sorry.” said Hurricurse. “I don’t want to do this, but I must.”

“STAY AWAY FROM HER!” yelled Taka in a fierce voice.

Tigrex 1

Tigrex, the last thing you may see when you provoke a shapeshifter's fury!

Hurricurse turned to see Taka turn into a Tigrex, teeth primed for action.

Hurricurse turned into a Black Tigrex respectively, and The two shapeshifters battled out again for round two.


Kisisa and Yol were at the outskirts of the Dark Teostra’s castle, heading towards a cave system. Yol says that the Cave system was the gateway to the portal that will lead them to Kisisa’s world, where they will go to stop the war between Taka and Hurricurse.

Kisisa was not the most impressed with the bone decor of the caves.

“Relax.” said Yol in an assuring voice. “I have hunted Khezu and Velociprey here for years. I know my way around well enough to not get us lost.”

Somehow, Kisisa was still not reassured.

But that would change, when they came across a portal like object.

“This is it!” said Yol.

Kisisa felt a spark of hope. She was going to see Hurricurse again.

“Yol, thank you! I owe you my life.” She said.

“No need, now lets go before the Demon notices.”

But it was too late, The Dark Teostra was at the cave entrance.

“I don’t think so!” It yelled in a booming voice.

Kisisa was frightened. But Yol stood between her and the Demonic elder dragon.

“Yes, I think so!” He yelled back.

“Yol!” exclaimed the demon in a voice that sounded as if he knew the brute wyvern. “Still alive I see!”

“Waiting for YOU, son of a HAG WYVERN!” yelled Yol.

“Ah, but you have waited in vain, Deviljho, he who failed his sister and his people, shall always fail again!”

The demon laughed in an evil tone. Yol was angry, and snarled at him, showing he was ready to fight. He breathed a stream of dragon element onto the Dark Teostra’s eyes, temporarily blinding him long enough for Yol and Kisisa to go to the portal. By the time the Dark Teostra’s eyesight had returned, it was too late.

Kisisa and Yol had ended up in Magma Mountain. The heat was hot enough for Kisisa to confirm that she was alive, and it was not an illusion.

“Don’t celebrate yet!” exclaimed Yol. “We still have a battle to stop!”

With that said, Kisisa got onto Yol’s back and they headed towards Mediatas village, determined to put a stop in the Dark Teostra’s sinister plans, once and for all!

Chapter 3: A demon’s rise to power

Taka and Hurricurse were at each other’s throats. Both in their respective Tigrex form, It was no longer just a war for Taka, It was a battle to save his unborn child.

But Hurricurse also had incentive, he was doing this to save Kisisa, since for all he knows, she is still in the dungeon at the Dark Teostra’s realm. He was not going to give her up either.

After what felt like a few hours, Hurricurse turned into a Shanteiyen, and made a storm that blew Taka clean off his feet, and slammed him right into a stone wall. The impact did not kill him, but it did disorient him.

“Is this what a soon to be father would be willing to go through just to protect his unborn child?” asked Hurricurse in a grim voice. “I never even knew my parents, as I was never able to reclaim my memories before I had to do this. please, forgive me, but I have to do-”

Then then he was feeling the pain again, but it was a different pain all together, It was as if a parasite was trying to burrow its way into his mind. Taka saw his blue eyes turn to a blood crismon, as his fatalis armor was absorbed into his body, bat like wings erupted from his shoulders, his skin was growing a new bone armor, sinister claws erupted from his fingers, and horns erupted from his head.

Then, it stopped. A new creature was in Hurricurse’s place, as demonstrated when it spoke in a demonic voice.

“Why did I bother to let Hurricurse do an Elder Dragon’s job! I have had a change in plans, as Kisisa had escaped to here, to end this pitiful battle, so I decided to take control of this Shapeshifter’s body to show you what you're dealing with after I am done with him!”

Taka knew that this was not Hurricurse that he was facing now. It was an entirely different entity.

“Who or what are you!?” He asked in a demanding voice.

“It is I, the Dark Teostra, devourer of entire worlds, seeker of darkness! Hurricurse was nothing but a tool to me, and now, I will let him kill you in his new form."
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Kingdom Hearts Music - Vs Sephiroth

Dark Hurricurse's Theme

Then Taka saw the eyes turn from blood red to a pure white. Hurricurse was still not in control, sure, but he was aware of what was happening the whole time that the Dark teostra possessed him. It was as if a beast inside him was controlling his every move, like a puppeteer controlling a puppet.

Taka was trying to keep a safe distance from Dark Hurricurse, as he was calling him from now on. But the Dark Hurricurse just keeps on dishing out his power.

I will tire out long before he does. Taka thought to himself. But I have to stay alive. There has to be a way to turn him back to normal, there just has to be!

Then he turned his attention to a large Deviljho, with a woman on it’s back!

“HURRICURSE!” she yelled!

Dark Hurricurse turned it’s attention towards the woman. It got closer, and closer.

“It’s me, Kisisa... remember?”

The beast did not attack, it just seemed to be mesmerized, it turned its attention towards Kisisa’s ring, and looked at it’s own ring finger, and saw a ring of his own.

“You are not a monster Hurricurse, and you know this. Fight it, Fight the Dark Teostra’s power, I know you can do it!” urged Kisisa.

That was when Taka could have sworn that he saw a tear go down one of the beast’s eyes, and hit a puddle, causing a ripple.

That was when Kisisa, Taka and Relcia saw Hurricurse’s eyes produce tears.

He was crying.

Taka began to stop hating Hurricurse, and started to feel sad for him.

Hurricurse is not a monster, yet the Dark Teostra had turned him into one.

Then Taka saw the orb on Hurricurse’s chest.

Wait a minute! Taka thought. What if the Dark Teostra is controlling him with that orb?! If I can destroy it, then maybe Hurricurse will be in control again.

As simple as the plan sounded, it was easier said than done. The orb was clearly a weak point, yes, but Taka would have to be able to dodge all of Hurricurse’s attacks, but later, he found that the decision was not his, as Hurricurse started to reach for the orb in his chest, and seemed to be attempting to pull it out! It was causing him pain, tremendous pain!

But Taka could have sworn he heard Hurricurse say something unusual.

Help me....please...

Taka had no time to react, he took his Dark claw Demise, and rushed towards Hurricurse, and whacked the orb. The impact did not break it, but the Dragon element inside the blade was destroying it, peice by peice, and it shattered into dust.

Hurricurse roared as he reverted, now in control, and then, he blacked out....

A day later, Hurricurse woke up to see himself on a hospital bed. He saw Kisisa, and began to speak weakly.


Kisisa hushed him, speaking softly.

“Its alright, but you need to rest.”

But Hurricurse was not willing to sleep yet.

“Taka! Where is he? Is he-”

He did not have to finish the question to see that Taka came to his room, along with Relcia.

“Taka, you trust me, even though I tried to kill you!?”

“Of course!” answered Taka.

“But you realize why I was doing it, right?” asked Hurricurse. “The Dark Teostra threatened to kill Kisisa if I did not do what he said. He wanted me to kill you, and If I did so, Kisisa would be spared. I only did it because-”

“Because you wanted to protect her, I know.” answered Taka, as if he knew what he was going to say. “It’s no big deal, because when it really mattered, you fought against him. No one blames you for what you did. That Deviljho friend of Kisisa’s explained perfectly what the situation was.”

“Yes, but that still does not justify what I did, I feel terrible about it.”

Kisisa held his hand, and spoke in the same soft voice.

“Don’t beat yourself up. The real enemy here is Dark Teostra, not you. now get some rest, you will need it.”

Taka and Relcia left the room. But Kisisa stayed. Hurricurse was still not willing to rest now.

“If I do, I am afraid I will lose you again.” “Then I will rest with you.” answered Kisisa. “Then if Dark Teostra does come, We will be together still.”

Hurricurse felt reassured now. “Thats my girl.”

And for the whole night nothing disturbed them.

Chapter 4: Hurricurse’s Depression

A few weeks has past since the incident at Mediatas village, and Hurricurse still felt no better about himself. No matter how much he was reassured, he still felt horrible for the destruction he caused.

But he had one thing on his mind now: Revenge! He did not want to remain a victim to Dark Teostra anymore, He wanted to destroy it!

And once it is destroyed, me and Kisisa can go back to looking for my past! thought Hurricurse. And Taka and Relcia won’t have to worry about me anymore.

Ever since the incident, he would not look at anyone eye to eye, not even the village chief, or even Taka for that matter. He felt so ashamed that he was manipulated by Dark Teostra so easily.

This went on for weeks, not even Kisisa could coax him out of his misery. Kisisa was afraid that he would do something to himself, and asked Yol for his view on what she should do for Hurricurse.

“He won’t eat, he won’t sleep, or even look at anyone in the eye. I have never seen him like this. What should I do?”

Yol gave a little growl before he spoke. “You know, it has been a long time since I was still human, many decades at least. Even now, the people here are still trying to get used to the idea of a benevolent Deviljho in Mediatas Village. But, if there is anything we have that Dark Teostra does not, Its each other. Take care of him, for you will never know what you have, until it's gone forever.”

Kisisa agreed to the request. She went to see Hurricurse, who was at the outskirts, staring at the sun. The wind seemed to carry a sad sound to it, at least until he turned to see Kisisa.

“You still love me, even though I caused all of this?” Hurricurse asked.

“Yes, and stop blaming yourself, you are only going to make things worse for you if you are going to go on like this.” answered Kisisa. “Listen to yourself, you want to know who the real villain is? Dark Teostra! We need to stick with each other if we are going to stop him. I need you!"

The winds seem to get calmer after she said this. Hurricurse spoke. “Even though I caused all the destruction for a misguided reason?”

Kisisa nodded. “No one blames you for what you did, not even Relcia or Taka, and Taka would probably have done the same things as you have to save Relcia if he was to have been put through the events you have.”

Hurricurse thought about it for a while.

Now that I have thought about all this, Kisisa is right! Taka would have done the same for Relcia. He only fought me not because his village was in danger, but because Relcia and their unborn child was at risk. I fought him to keep Dark Teostra from killing Kisisa. We are both more alike than I thought we were.

Hurricurse, after that day at the outskirts,  finally found the courage to face what he did, and move on.

Chapter 5: The Nightmare

Taka and Hurricurse were both prepared to fight the Dark Teostra. They were ready for it's return. Little did they know, however, the Dark Teostra was not going to attack in a physical sense, but rather, a psychological attack instead, as they were going to find out.

One day, Hurricurse woke up to find Kisisa still asleep.

Strange. he thought to himself. She is usually awake before I am.

The situation was worse than he thought, however. Kisisa was tossing and turning violently, as if she was having a nightmare. Hurricurse was worried. He tried to wake her up, but she would not open her eyes.

Hurricurse did not know what to do, he never felt so helpless in his life. He ran to Taka’s home, and told him what was going on. Taka came to Kisisa’s bed and saw for himself what was happening.

“This has only happened today?” Taka asked.

“Yes! Normally, Kisisa is up bright and early before I am, but now she won’t wake up!”

Taka turned to Kisisa, still asleep, tossing and turning in her never ending nightmare.

“The way she is tossing and turning, I would say that she is trapped in a nightmare, but I can’t be sure if it’s natural.” said Taka in a rather grim voice. “And you tried to wake her up?”

“Yes, and I don’t know what to do!” said Hurricurse with worry, something that Taka has never heard in Hurricurse’s voice before. “I never felt so powerless in my life, and I don’t like the feeling.”

Taka thought about the situation for a bit before saying something that would give Hurricurse at least some hope.

“Lets see Yol! He may know what is going on!”

Hurricurse agreed, and took Kisisa’s thrashing body off her bed, and they went to a nearby cave, where Yol was spending his time in Mediatas village. Taka and Hurricurse explained the situation.

All Yol could do was shudder as he took a look at Kisisa's violently thrashing body.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Dark Teostra is responsible. He has the power of darkness, as well as being able to put people into an eternal nightmare. He feeds on the fear caused by the nightmare, and gets stronger from it. He is what fear is all about.”

Hurricurse started to feel hopeless again. Taka patted him on the back, trying to encourage him to keep trying.

“There must be something we can do!” Taka said.

Yol gave a growl before speaking. “You could try to find a Dream crystal.”

Hurricurse perked up. Dream crystal? he wondered to himself. Those actually exist?

Yol began to speak again. “Dream crystals are said have the power to give one the ability to travel inside a person’s dream, and be able to exit. Using that power, you could be able to fight Dark Teostra in Kisisa’s Nightmare. But they only grow on a single elder dragon known as the Dream Jhen Morhan, an elder dragon that lives in the Vast Desert in the Revalius region. Just one crystal should be sufficient.”

Hurricurse felt like he could do something for Kisisa once more. “Well what are we waiting for? Lets go!”

But before he could leave, Yol stopped him. “Now wait a minute! Do you seriously think that the Dream Jhen Morhan will give you his crystals willingly? Think about it!”

Hurricurse realized that Yol was right.The Dream Jhen Morhan would not be so easy to convince. Taka was next to speak.

“If Hurricurse is willing to go to save Kisisa, Then I will go with him!”

Hurricurse turned to face Taka.

“Why are you helping me? I tried to kill you, tried to kill Relcia, lost control because of Dark Teostra, and yet you help me anyway, despite what I have done? Why?”

“Because I would do the same things you have done if it meant saving Relcia.” Taka replied. “And also, helping is what friends do, right?”

Friends? Hurricurse wondered to himself.

“I never had friends other than Kisisa before.” said Hurricurse in a confuse voice.

“Well then, you have officially gained another.” said Taka

Hurricurse felt happy inside. He always felt lonely deep in his heart, but now that has changed. He has more friends than he ever thought he would ever have.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s get the dream crystal and defeat Dark Teostra once and for all!” He exclaimed.

Chapter 6: Dream Jhen Mohran

Hurricurse and Taka were ready to leave. Relcia was willing to “hold the fort”, as one may say, at the temporary home of Hurricurse and Kisisa, where she will keep watch of Kisisa while Taka and Hurricurse went to the Revalius region to get a dream crystal from the Dream Jhen Mohran.

Taka and Hurricurse went to the outskirts of the city to shapeshift. Taka was about to turn into a Rathalos when Hurricurse stopped him, and turned into an elder dragon that Taka has never seen before, but has heard of: the Jetorius.

“Get on!” Hurrricurse urged. “I can travel a lot faster than you can!”

Taka was not sure whether he should thank him, or feel insulted, but he got on regardless.

File:Jetorius 2.jpg
 prepared his takeoff and the shapeshifter duo flew towards the Revalius region.

A half an hour later.....

The duo had reached the Revalius region, and more specifically, without much difficulty, to the vast desert. If what Yol said was true, then The Dream Jhen Morhan would be found here.

They decided to land at a nearby oasis, where as soon as Taka got off Hurricurse, the latter reverted to his normal form, since taking the form of an elder dragon that was as strong as a Jetorius would take a toll on him if he didn't.

The duo were starting to wonder where to start looking for the Dream Jhen Morhan, as the Vast desert was so.... well, you know..... vast that the eldeer dragon could be anywhere.

But they did not have to wonder for long, when suddenly, Hurricurse found a rather unusual looking dune in the horizon. What was unusual was that it seemed to have crystals growing on it!

"Careful!" urged Taka. "We don't know if it is the Dream Jhen Morhan, or not! It could be an Akura Vashimu for all we know!"

The name of the Carrapaceon reminded Taka of the time when he, Relcia and Lauren were at the Great fronteir, when Lauren found a crystal that was actually the tail of a Akura Vashimu that was lying in wait. He shuddered at the thought of those memories.

Taking note of the warning, Hurricurse approached cautiously, and sure enough, the "Dune" did move! It was The Dream Jhen Morhan. The elder dragon sensed the two shapeshifter's presence and began to speak.

What buissness brings you humans here in the Vast desert, disturbing my sleep?

Hurricurse was a bit intimidated for once in his life. Taka, however, was amazed with the awe inspiring beast. But they both remembered why they were here in the first place.

"We need your help!" said Hurricurse.  "My friend,, you see, won't wake up! She is trapped in a never ending Nightmare! We beleive that one of your crystals can help her!"

The elder dragon sighed. I knew there was a reason why you came. Yes, the Crystals would help her, but I need to have some kind of reason to give it to you. A reason that I won't believe that you will misuse its power for your own gain. I want the truth! What reason drove you to here?

Hurricurse thought about it. He knew there was a reason why he came all the way here. What was it?

Then it popped into his head.

"The reason" Hurricurse said. "I loved Kisisa, and when she would not wake up, I was desperate. When Yol told me about the power of the Dream crystals, I came all the way here to get one, so I could see her awake again. Without her, I don't know what I would do."

The elder dragon sighed again. You speak with great determination and honesty, human. Love is a most precious thing. Very well, You shall have one of my crystals. Use it well.

The elder dragon burrowed into the earth and surfaced, using it's large jaws to hold an appropriately sized dream crystal towards Hurricurse. Hurricurse took the Dream crystal. Taka could have sworn that he heard Hurricurse say under his breath something that was a sign of renewed hope:

"Hang on Kisisa, We are on our way."  

Chapter 7: Taka and Hurricurse V.S. Dark Teostra

Once the two shapeshifters got back to Mediatas village, Hurricurse and Taka came to Kisisa’s bed. She was still tossing and turning, still trapped in her nightmare.

They asked Yol how they were to use the dream crystal.

“You must be able to harness it’s dream energy in order to use it. But that can only be done in a dream, while you two are still holding it in the real world. Luckily, a Hypnocatrice was able to help us by using her sleep inducing gas to put both of you to sleep.”

“Well what are we waiting for?” asked Hurricurse. “Let’s do this!”

“Now wait a minute!” Yol exclaimed. “You do realize that the Dark Teostra is probably trying to lure you and Taka into a trap! If it works, there is still no guarantee that you will come out of there alive! He is the nightmare!”

“I DON’T CARE!” yelled Hurricurse. “I am going to wake Kisisa up! No matter what it takes to defeat Dark Teostra!”

Yol was silent for a while until he spoke again. “Are you saying that you would die for her if it was necessary?”

“I would!” Hurricurse replied.

“If Hurricurse is going, then I will go too.” said Taka. “As long as Dark Teostra lives, the world will never be saved from his wrath.”

With that all settled. Taka and Hurricurse both held the dream crystals together. The hypnocatrice that was willing to help exhaled her sleep gas, and they both fell asleep.

But it was not going to be their own dream. Rather, it would be Kissisa’s Nightmare that they would be transported to.

Taka and Hurricurse opened their eyes to find themselves in a dark room, and a single bed with Kisisa’s body, glowing with a dark aura as she was tossing and turning. Hurricurse turned to Kisisa’s side to find a door that was glowing with a similar aura.

Don't worry Kisisa, we are here to stop this nightmare. Hurricurse thought to himself.

The two shapeshifters approached the door, and opened it. When they did, it sucked them into it’s depth’s, where they were met with a strange place. It was a large void, with only an endless expanse of obsidian colored floor to help the two Shapeshifters keep their footing, and large metal objects were floating in the air . Then they saw the Elder Dragon, The one who was causing the nightmare. The Dark Teostra.

“I see that you have managed to come here, Shifters!” said the demon in a dark booming voice. “But I will guarantee you that you two will never leave this place alive! You are in my domain now, where I am all powerful, and you two are nothing but Alatroth to me!”

“We will see who is the superior now!” Said Taka.

“YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!” yelled Hurricurse.

“Where do you think I come from?!” The demon asked before giving a demonic laugh.

Hurricurse had enough!

Mephiles Phase 102:49

Mephiles Phase 1

Dark Teostrah Final battle theme

He turned into a Kushala Daora, and commanded the wind to aid him, making wind spears to pierce the demon’s wings! Taka turned into a White Lagiacrus and used his power over the thunder element to shock the Demon with enough voltage to fry even a Deviljho in minutes.

The combined forces of the two shapeshifters was a bit more troublesome to Dark Teostra than he anticipated. But the demon would not give up the fight very easily.

He used his power over the darkness to breath a stream of Black Fire at Taka, but Hurricurse turned into an Akantor and pushed Taka out of the Dark flame’s range, and took full blast from it. Taka returned the favor by turning into a Uragaan and slammed this form’s large chin into Dark Teostra’s face.

The Dark Teostra was Angry! "How dare you strike the Soul Eater!" The demon roared in defiance. "Prepare to meet oblivion!"

The dark Teostra prepared Make a shield of black aura, before making a shockwave of Darkness that swept Taka and Hurricurse off their feet.

Taka, dazed and disoriented, was helpless as the Dark Teostra came upon him. Dark Teostra was about to make a fatal bite when Hurricurse, in the form of a Deviljho, blocked the attack, taking the worst of the attack. Taka, once he recovered, Turned into an Angolestea, a wyrm, and started to wrap around the Dark Teostra's mouth, sealing it! Hurricurse turned into a Brachydios to make an exploding punch straight into Dark teostra's underbelly!

But Then Dark Teostra made his body temperature rise, forcing Taka to let go! Then The demon started to make a familiar Draconic energy!

The Dragon element! Hurricurse thought. I must do something or else Taka will be destroyed!

Quickly, Hurricurse turned into a volvidon, and rolled into the Dark Teostra's range of fire, Taking full blast of the Dragon stream before it could reach Taka. The blast disoriented Hurricurse, giving the Demon a chance to make the kill! But before that could happen, Taka Turned into a Rathalos, and Fired a fireball right into the demon's face!

Hurricurse, after he recovered, used the distraction to turn into a Gravios, and breathed a heat beam at the Demon’s wings, to keep him from flying off before Hurricurse made his next action, an action that would risk his life!

Hurricurse turned into a Shanteiyen, and grabbed the demon, carrying him high into the air, about a few hundred miles high that is. Taka had no idea what Hurricurse was planning, but he would find out soon enough.

Hurricurse, after reaching an appropriate height, near the realm’s own Stratosphere, felt the cold.

The Time is now!

Hurricurse stopped ascending, and started to descend, letting Gravity do the rest of the job, as he turned into a gravios so that the rocky hide can help him to withstand the heat of the friction caused by his and Dark Teostra’s fall!   

Taka saw the fiery meteor that was Hurricurse and Dark Teostra. He is planning to take the demon with him! That fool! He could definitely die upon impact at worse case scenario! Even if he turned into a Gravios!

Taka could do nothing but watch. But before the impact occurred, he could have sworn that he heard Hurricurse speak into his mind.

Taka.... If I don’t make it, tell Kisisa that I loved her, and one more thing... I’m sorry.....

But before Taka could hear anymore, The Impact occurred! Obsidian dust flew everywhere, making a mushroom shaped cloud that seemed to reach many hundred miles up the sky!

Taka then saw Kisisa behind him.

Hurricurse must have defeated Dark Teostra if Kisisa is here!

But before he could say anything, Kisisa ran towards the impact site. Taka followed.

Once they came to the impact zone, they saw Hurricurse in human form, eye’s closed and not moving. There was no sign of Dark Teostra anywhere, save for the bits and pieces of flesh and bones around the site.

Kisisa came to Hurricurse’s still body, yelling in vain to wake him up! Taka knew what she was going through, he wanted to say that everything was going to be fine, and Hurricurse would wake up, but he felt powerless.

But then, Taka had an idea. He checked the body for a pulse, a sign that he is still alive.

There was a pulse.

I don’t believe it! That long fall would have killed a volvidon, and yet Hurricurse is still alive!

Taka turned into a Diablos and let out a scream!

That scream woke Hurricurse up alright! “Ow! my ears!” he exclaimed.

But Hurricurse was unprepared for what happened next. Kisisa hugged him. Hurricurse could hardly breathe, but when he remembered that it was Kisisa’s dream that they were in, he felt the courage to tell her something that she wanted to tell her for a long time.

“Kisisa.... I wanted to tell you this for a long time, but.... I love you.”

Kisisa blushed. But before things could get better, everything in every one’s eyes started to fade to black. Back in the real world......

Hurricurse, Taka, and Kisisa woke up near Yol’s cave. They were welcomed back with a hero’s welcome. But before they got excited, Hurricurse looked around. “Where is Yol?”

Relcia got up. “I don’t know. He said he was going to find his future out there, that is all I know.”

Kisisa spoke up. “Yol helped me escape the Dark Teostra’s castle, He played a real part in defeating Dark Teostra. We owe him alot.”

Taka spoke his word. “We do. But I think he wants to be alone right now.”

But that would change when they felt a chill in the air.

Then a spirit of a human came near the cave entrance.

“It’s me, Yol! if you can see me, then I have moved on. The curse was broken when Dark teostra was defeated, my soul is free!”

Kisisa felt a tear go down her eye.

“Don’t be sad Kisisa, I am free, I can now see my-”

But before he could finish, they heard a female’s voice. “Yol! where are you?”

Yol’s spirit seemed excited. “That’s my sister!”

Yol’s sister came towards him. “Yol, Where have you been all these years?”

“Well I’m sorry Sarah, I had to live for decades as a Deviljho because of dark teostra. But now I'm free!”

Hurricurse,Taka, Relcia and Kisisa saw Yol and Sarah ascend before disappearing.

Epilogue: last good byes

Hurricurse and Kisisa said their last goodbyes to Taka and Relcia before they headed out to what lies beyond.

“But why don’t you stay here?” Relcia asked. “This is as much as your home as it is ours.”

Hurricurse shook his head. “Because my past and future is waiting for me, out there. My destiny is out there somewhere. Yours and Taka’s destiny is here, in Mediatas village.”

Taka was the last to give his good byes to Hurricurse.

“Taka...” Hurricurse said. “Take care of Relcia, and I wish you the best of luck.”

“Yeah, you too Hurricurse.” Taka replied. “But where do you think you and Kisisa will do after you leave?”

Kisisa held Hurricurse’s hand. “Who knows, but as long as Hurricurse and I are together, we can accomplish anything.”

Hurricurse never felt so happy in all his life. Taka and Relcia waved their goodbyes as Hurricurse turned into a Silver Rathalos, and flew to the horizon, with Kisisa on his back.

Hurricurse was sad to leave, sure, but he knew that his future was out here somewhere. And as long as he had Kisisa, he will find it!

So long Taka Hurricurse thought to himself. My friend....

The End.....


Monster Hunter Legacy EX: Hurricurse's story 

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