Monster Hunter: Rikugun Shikan Gakko

Rikugun Shikan Gakko is a boarding school for aspiring hunters. Fledgling monster slayers from the ages of fifteen to eighteen can enrol for the best, most in-depth training imaginable, a Guild-devised curriculum of both theoretic and practical lessons. With hunting being the most popular profession, every teen around aspires to attend.

Monster Hunter: Rikugun Shikan Gakko follows Hajime Senshimaru, a first-year at the school, and the people he meets on his journey to becoming a true monster hunter.

(NOTE: I'm not sure how long "episodes" will be, on average. But they will be lengthy enough. I may add more if i see fit. The actual story will will be written under the synopsis when I post it.)



Hajime Senshimaru

Asami Amatsume

Izumi Ishida

Aiko Kurogane


Madoka Aoki

Suzume Imaidegawa


Kiyomi Kuroda

(More TBC)





Unknown Monster

(More TBC)

Season 1: Episodes

1: Rikugun Shikan Gakko

Synopsis: Hajime's first year at Rikugun Shikan Gakko has begun. With no friends by his side, how will he fare in the sea of strangers?_____________________________________________________________________________________

Status: In progress

2: Rage of the Rathalos

Hajime's year undertake their first practical task as newbie hunters. Will it end in disaster?_____________________________________________________________________________________

Status: Unwritten

3: Meet Kenkage

A newcomer arrives at the school. What will the students make of him?_____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

4: Romance Blossoms

Synopsis: Hajime and Asami begin to bond in the student library. Madoka realises her feelings for Akio, but is she too late? Suzume antagonises Izumi once again, and Kenkage is in turmoil after meeting a familiar - and unwelcome - face. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

5: The Battle Royale

Synopsis: With the annual Battle Royale underway, Kenkage seizes his chance to put Kibamaru in his place. Madoka decides to enter the tournament in the hope of impressing Akio, and recommends that Hajime do the same if he wants Asami's attention. Suzume plots with her cronies behind Izumi's back. Can their victim handle any more?     _____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

6: The Test

Synopsis: As the RSG students' exams creep round the corner, Madoka grows increasingly jealous of Kiyomi's relationship with Akio. Hajime decides it's time to admit to Asami how he feels, and Kenkage's rivalry with Kibamaru reaches breaking point. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

7: The Serpent's Fang pt1

Synopsis: Hajime and co. face a threat they cannot possibly match when a powerful, mysterious foe lays waste to the island. Menwhile, Kenkage and Kibamaru continue their fight. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

8: The Serpent's Fang pt2

Synopsis: As everybody fights to keep the terrfying new monster from wrecking the island, Hajime has a stroke of genius. Will he be able to save his friends in time? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

Epilogue: Whispers

Synopsis: As everybody recovers from the monster attack, something sinister stirs in the dark, and a deadly game is about to be played... _____________________________________________________________________________________ Status: Unwritten

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