Monster Name
use either ★ or ☆ to show the strength of your monster. (max. of ★★★★★★, if more is wanted please Note the active Admins)
Titles Title of the Monster
Nicknames Nicknames for the Monster
Species What Species is your creation? ...
Description A small description. About 1-3 sentences.
Habitats Place your Monster lives in
Size {{{size}}}
Relatives Is it realated to other Monsters? If yes write them here.
Signature Move Signature move
Elements With what Element(s) does it attack?
Ailments What ailment does it have?
Weaknesses What is it weak to? Please only insert pictures of the element here.
Icon if you have an Icon, insert it here
Attacks A link to the Attack page of teh monster
Ecology Same as Attack Page
Armor Same as Attack Page
Weapons Same as Attack Page
Carves Same as Attack Page
Gallery Same as Attack Page
Creator The Name of the creator

^ leave one or two rows empty after the template from above so the Pages doesn't get croped.


Describe the monster in more detail how it looks.


Explain the behavior of your creation.


Write down all abilities it has!

Rage and Tired states

Does it rage? How can you see? what happens? write it here. Does it also get tired? How can you notice? What does it do if so?


Is it mountable? Write a bit about it? perhaps you might even have a chart to show?

Breakable Parts/ Weakness Chart

(This is only for advanced peolpe who know how to create a chart of their own monster in a picture)

Show a diagram or a Picture of the parts that can be broken, maybe also show a chart where it is weakest to and with what element you do most damage?


write some notes and facts about your monster.

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