Monster: Ghastolace
Nicknames: None
Titles: None
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Extreme climates
Other monsters in Relation: Gigginox, Baleful Gigginox, Khezu, Red Khezu
Elements: None
Ailments: Duller Saliva
Weaknesses: Unknown
Signature move: Corrode weapon
Creator: Zelda's ganon


The Ghastolace is a Flying Wyvern that inhabits Extreme Conditions areas, such as the Tundra and the Sandy Plains, along with Boulder Plateau. In Boulder City, they are renowned for their meat, which comes in large quantities on the under side of the skin. They have control over Duller Saliva, which makes whetstones a priority.


They are related to the Gigginox and Khezu, possibly being an ancestor. Unlike them, however, they live in Deserts and Tundras. Also, their skin lacks deposits of fat.


They live primarily in desert and tundra areas, deep within cave systems. At night, they prowl around wet areas so they may eat, and, in summer, mate. They need abnormal levels of water to survive, due to a lack of a Fat Layer.


They are cautious creatures, never roaring unless attacked and Enraged. However, their outer facade seems only a cover-up for their true highly psychopathic personalities, torturing victims that live longer than two minutes. This behavior oftentimes is their bane; for they often knock themselves out.


The Ghastolace is covered with blue-purple lines, thought to be be blood vessels. They are often parasitic, latching on to larger monsters, and slowly killing them. Their mouths resemble that of the Khezu. Little bigger than Gigginox, they should be noted for groing larger with age.

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