Monster: Dukkioe
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Dukkioes are very close relatives of the Qurepeco. Unlike a peco, however, a Dukkioes have three Air Pouches. These are used in the same way as a peco's, albeit w/out the third pouch, which is used to supply more air while howling. Some say it is also used to hold air while diving underwater, under sand, or under gravel. On occasion, they will fight ludroth, believing them to be fish. they are slightly larger than Rathalos, and slightly less powerful. they can breathe fire, and Paralysog, which is a watery saliva filled with paralysis inducing electtricity; however, by pounding it when it gets close enough, you can make a shock auto trap that hits the monster and paralyzes it. Interestingly, they can be tamed, and ridden through the sky.


As Relatives of the Qurepeco, they are quite interesting Bird Wyverns.

Kingdom: Animals

Phylum: Vertebrates

Class: Reptiles

Family: Wyverns

Order: Bird Wyverns

Genus/Species: Monstravias alimimus mergulus


Known to live atop Mountain Peaks and large caves. Also seen in The Qurepeco's Human Child, in remote areas, they may live in valleys as well. It is possible that hunting drove them there.


They humanely kill there prey, often knocking them out and biting their neck. When in Rage, however, they will attack as powerfully as possible, albeit blindly.

Ecological niche

Always at the top of the food chain, they are renowned for quickly and humanely killing their prey. The are also known for growing larger with age, up to the size of a Jhen Moran.


Ancient Dukk Bill

Dukk Wing

Dukk Feather

Dukky Talon

Dukk Quil

Dukk plate

Dukk Scale

Scaly Tail


Sword n Shield

King's Dagger

1× Ancient bill

2× Dukk Feather

4× Dukk Quill


2× Dukk Wing

8× Dukk Quill

5× Carbonite Ore

2× Dukk plate

1× Scaly Tail


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