Nicknames: Mokky
Titles: Red Rod Wyvern, Element Dragon
Other Info
Description: A small-sized Flying Wyvern with 3 rods on its head.
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Tundra
Other monsters in Relation: Diablos, Bilados
Elements: All known elements
Ailments: All known ailments
Weaknesses: Thunder on Tail
Signature move: Element Beam
Creator: Imrik37
Mokarada is a new Flying Wyvern that first appears in Monster Hunter Frontier Ultimate. It's main gimmick is the three small rods on its head that can absorb elemental damage.


"A rarely seen flying wyvern with the power to absorb elements. It is completely passive unless provoked, and can unleash a great amount of destruction when enraged. Its power lies in its rods."

Mokarada bears a great resemblance to Diablos, yet far smaller and lacks the two signature horns. Instead, it has three rods on its head that absorb any elemental damage done to that area. After a certain amount of elemental damage is done, the rods will glow the same colour as the element or ailment and can use the stored power as a weapon, converting it to beams and breath attacks.

It has a slight blue tinge to its hide, and is about the same size as the average Khezu.


  • When its rods have absorbed an element, they will glow according to the element or ailment (Red for Fire, Blue for Thunder, White for Ice, Cyan for Water, Crimson for Dragon, Purple for Poison, Black for Nightmare, Voilet for Venom, Clear for Sleep and Yellow for Paralysis).
    • The rods will also glow when in caves.
  • Although it can use any element or ailment, Mokarada's weapons have no additional effects, but have high affinity.
  • Although it takes a while, Mokarada's Rods can be broken. After this, it will stop using elemental attacks.
  • It's rods glow a slight red when enraged.

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