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Moga Liberty Chronicles Author's Notes and Acknowledgements

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The Moga Liberty Chronicles May Be Finished, But It Would Be Loads Harder Without Some People.

  • UkantorEX-Has read MKM (Or at least part of it) And has provided his epic story, which provided some of my inspiration.
  • Cottonmouth255-Read and edited MKM and MLC, and his Central World was one of the frontiers of this fanfic. Thanks, CM255!! :D
  • Wolf girl 14-A few comments on MKM
  • Lively Jade :D-Read MKM and MLC, and continues to read. Also commented.
  • Boatfighting2-My girlfriend and the very person who I get online every night to talk to. She's great inspiration, and she inspired Nina. <3 you Alex!!
  • Pesky elderdragon-Reading the series :D



Fatalithe: Inspired by Fatalis, and Demise from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The battle was inspired by the final battle of the game.

Uingusu Hyoko: Inspired by the characters in Skyloft in TLOZ: SS

Hunting Planes: Inspired by the airships of MH

Skyrinthes: Inspired by Loftwings of TLOZ: SS

Ancient Cistern: Inspired not only by Uka's Abyss, but also TLOZ: TP and TLOZ: SS elements and locations.

May add more

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