We walked slowly upon the hard rocky plains. The ground was black and smoky with little plants. The entire area was truly an amazing place, however; life stirred in small crevices and creatures flew over head, things like Bnahabra and Vespoid. As it rolled on, however, the land began to switch to a greener landscape, a grassy plain. A few trees stood in places.

A stony array began to appear in our sight. This was an old fortress from the looks of it. We got to see it better as we approached its massive doors and kicked at them.

The fortress was massively cavernous. Built entirely out of stone, the fort complex contained many rooms that interconnected with few halls and many tunnels and arch bridges over some parts. The entire fortress had a tall dome over the middle, with similar domes n the corner towers. Each doorway was built with an arch, with a truss structure on the doorway sides. The main room was expansive, and had an intricate tunnel opening and western doorway towards the opposite side. Weapons were hanging from the walls and over the doors; and there was no shortage of armor either.

Most of the armor and weapons here seemed to be made from Terropteryx parts. There was traditional Terropteryx+ Gunner Armor on the walls to our right; to the left was Terropteryx+ Blademaster armor. We looked at the ancient armors sitting there before we noticed the armored skeleton sitting kneeled down at a back wall with a large rumpled paper strewn upon the wall, with bloody letters scrawled on it.


"Kokode wa kodai bushi, Indiana senshi wa, kare no saigo no nokori no bubun ni ichi shite imasu. Kono nōto wa watashi no chi de kaka rete imasu. Anata wa, yoroi ga shin'en kyanion o ikinokoru tame ni wa koko ni tokushoku ni, matawa sukunakutomo on'nanoko, teirā wa, ishi ga hitsuyō ni narimasu. Kanojo wa dekirudakehayaku anata ga chūō no sekai ni tōtatsu suru to, sugu ni shussan suru yō ni unmei dzuke rarete iru. Watashi wa, kanojo wa sore ga ōkiku naru to, kanojo no karada ni shinshuku suru kono yoroi o, kenshutsu shitai to omoudeshou shite imasu. Hijō ni yoku... Kibō o motte iru...- ... Here lies the ancient samurai, Indiana Senshi, in his final rest. This note is written in my blood. You will need the armor featured here to survive the Abyssal Canyon, or at least the girl, Tayler, will. She is destined to give birth soon, as soon as you reach the central world. I am detecting she will want this armor, which expands and contracts with her body as it grows. Very well...Have Hope......" Jonathan read aloud.

We got Tayler the best looking suit of armor we could find for her size. It was a great fit. She walked around in it and smiled.

"So...should we sleep here for the night? Seems like a mighty fine place to make a fire and get the hell out of this hellhole tomorrow. And I don't mean the Abyssal Canyon. I mean the Doragokuni region as a whole." Jonathan muttered angrily.

"Yeah, ley's sleep here...I'm tired..........." Tayler said with a groggy voice.

We built a fire in the northeast corner. We burned several old logs already in the fireplace, and gathered some from the outside that weren't. We all slept together by the fire (The couples had their own blankets, naturally.) While we were still awake, we cooked a small bit of meat for us. We ate slowly and enjoyed the meat. I looked at Tayler; she was visibly half over her pregnancy. I began to think to myself about how we would have to hurry to get her in a place where she could give birth. I kept thinking about the Military Bastion; simply to the northeast of our position, luckily. There was apparently hunter training courses there, and we could certainly use some, along with some true hunter's equipment.

After everyone else fell asleep, I lay awake, occasionally stretching my head to look at the direction of a noise. I would also occasionally put wood in the fire, stirring it then and again. Eventually, I was asleep with my thoughts.

The next day was an early one; we awoke and packed, and set out again. We traversed the massive fortress, occasionally batting away a Jaddiprey or Baggi. Other than that, however, we were safe from monsters.

Eventually we came to a massive arch bridge. On the sides were walls of stone and wood; on the floor of the bridge were bones, but the true floor was solid stone. We walked across and out the other side. We looked behind us: The fortress was still just as majestic, but now seemed...darker, so to speak, from the back. We turned back around and walked towards the next bridge.

It was much more advanced and decorated, and had guard towers and gaurdhouses at both ends. The underside had three arches, whil the top sloped upwards, but with straight sides, used for horse only and person only travel primarily. The guard tower to the eastern side towards us was crumbled and roofless, but explorable nonetheless. We began to walk across the bridge.

All of the sudden, several dark black and red stake ripped through the sky and into the earth, and a red and black wall appeared between them, and connected to the walls of the bridge. The middle of the bridge was zapped with dark energy and disappeared in to a portal above.

From the portal jumped Anobon, twirling his sword in his hand. He cackled gleefully, looking psychotically at Tayler.

"So! Little lady bitch is all pregnant? Aww, look at that! Ha! Certainly unexpected. In all fairness, I really didn't expect you to live long enough to give birth OR get pregnant! I was wrong. How funny. As for you, John......You're not being a good boy....After all, you are getting in my way quite a bit lately. I must punish you! But...first........I want to make you look at something.....Look at your little Loc Lac now........." Anobon said, twirling the sword in a circle, opening a portal-like scrying window. He showed us Loc Lac Castle, now created in place of Loc Lac.

He closed it and began to cackle wildly as he began to battle us.

Anobon first striked at Tayler, narrowly missing her thanks to a heavy downslash from my Barrosheller Long Sword. She fell back and raised her gun, using it like a shield. Nina took out her dual swords, the Abyssal Darkness blades, and slashed around Anobon with them. He batted her away quickly with the flat of his sword. Chishiki kicked several times at him, throwing him to his side. Faedin used a rare Rath Warrior move, the Blazing Bolt, and shocked him into spasms. He teleported away and grabbed Faedin.

"MOVE AND SHE DIES!" Anobon yelled angrily, but psychotically.

Chishiki teleported, unbeknownst to Anobon, to his back, and stabbed Anobon in the left gut. Anobon released Faedin, and she turned and threw fire in Anobon's face. He was kneeling on one knee, panting.

"You wretched brats have grown since I last saw you. But I must alert you, Jonathan, of something...Hmph! You are not a Warrior of Fatalis. You are able to draw power from the Ancient Cistern. That makes you the Abyssal Lightbringer. Good bye." Anobon said, gasping. He left and the barriers left, and the bridge was restored. We crossed over, and looked in the guard tower.

The guard tower contained little more than an old treasure chest with a Central World map in it; we took this and stasdhed it away before heading on, into the central world for real. After all this time, we were at the Central World's Eastern Border.

Central World

The Central World

TO BE CONTINUED IN........Moga Liberty Chronicles 7:The Central World

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