The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun (Lyrics)03:06

The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun (Lyrics)

The Other End theme

Well, it seems the end of my little story, the Moga Knight Trilogy. I've enjoyed writing and I hope you've enjoyed reading.

Thanks to...

UkantorEX: Help with typos, inspiration, and general aid.

Autis21XT: Compliments on the story, and a reader.

Cottonmouth255: Same...

Pesky elderdragon: Devoted reader, so I've heard. :P

LyricGirl: Devoted reader. :) Also wrote a review of the fanfic.

1DTwizzlers: Another devoted reader :V

And a big thanks to all the readers.

Ending Soundtrack

MKT EndTrack Part 101:25

MKT EndTrack Part 1

MKT EndTrack Part 201:24

MKT EndTrack Part 2

MKT EndTrack Final Part02:11

MKT EndTrack Final Part

A song for this fanfic...


It's been a great time

a fun time

a grand time

the best time

of my

old life

now we

must now settle

we must have faith

in what we've done

and enjoy it

that's what we'll do...


It's ended

the journey

that we have been on

Now we will

find a way

out of all this mess

Shall we live?

Shall we die?

Shall we see the light?

Can we live

through this night

through this ethereal darkness

Will this all end someday

or will it continue

through the night and through the day

can it stop here right now

Or will we have to fight our way out

of this prison

This will hold me until I can fight or die!


End of this land!

For we, are done!

Yes, we're done!

So it is, final!

~Possible part 4~

End of this land!

For we, are done!

Yes, we're done!

So it is, final!

This has been great!

We have learned much!

And we've grown

so very much!

And we've come to a

truly grand end

to our adventures

Oh yes we have

And this is where it

will all end

and we can go back to our homes


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