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This is the complete compilation of Moga Knight Memoirs.

So, this is my new wiki project. Basically, MH Legends inspired me, but mine is totally different in every way. For one, it's written in first person. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword - Main Theme (Extended, No Sound Effects)(20:34) 0 viewsThe new Main ThemeAdded by Ceadeuslayer27==Ch. 1: In the Beginning...Edit==

Month 5, 250 A.E.Edit

I was bored. In fact, I was beyond bored. However, the knowledge that tomorrow I would be leaving to work at Loc Lac's Prison Fortress kept me going. By nightfall, I was thoroughly diminished, and eager to eat. My meal was plain Epioth steak, along with some fried Monster Guts. I eventually managed to fall asleep after eating, and was glad for it. Being raised on Moga Island gave you three things: Stamina, Cunning, and Agility. Not relief from weariness.

The next day, I awoke to find the first Sandskiff already gone. I realized that I was left with no choice but to run on the three-mile-long concrete walk to the water. Luckily, a speeding wagon offered me temporary relief from my sprint. I got there ten minutes after the Skiff, but I blacked out as soon as I boarded the ferry. After two hours and twenty minutes, I first caught glimpse of my new workplace. I was thoroughly terrified.

The prison was built upon an enormous, jagged, solid bedrock isle in between two smaller spires. On the corners, jagged edges and rocky spires were left untouched to discourage escapees and ships, and what edges were dulled were protected by one Dragonator on each side. These specialized Dragonators could be aimed, and could even switch function. Along the top row of the building, eight Ballistas were placed along each side. Bowmen's and Gunner's holes lined the wall below this. Upon closer view, there appeared to be an Agnaktron on the top arch in the front. On the bottom, a long catwalk that led around the island was placed, with doors so the staff could get around easily. Looking further inland, five towers were placed: these held the worst offenders to the hunting profession, and of them was Deathan Colorde, a man who attempted to murder the Rathaforce fighter.

The Rathalos Warrior was, like the other three main wyvern`s warriors, a mighty warrior that had a soul connection with their wyvern. They could actually ride a Rathalos or Rathian without any trouble. However, recently The Hunter`s Guild had became ever so slowly corrupt...

They had secretly wished of this man, Deathan, to capture or even kill this mighty fighter for their strength. They planned on making a whole new technology, knowing everything about these wyverns. However, the main head wasn't so corrupt; he instantly had him arrested on terms of corruption, attempted murder, assault, and vulgarity in the hearing of

  • done by Myartisbad

1 of 3Add photoan untested female. The court asked him why he said that; the Guildmaster claimed that he swore so loudly when he was caught, that the even city girl at the register inside the bank on the other side of town likely heard him. So he was sent to Loc Lac city Prison Fortress.

In just a few minutes, we had arrived at the loading dock. I noticed one ballista pointed towards the boat dock. We slowly disembarked, leaving the boat in the dock. Heading up the ramp, we came out of the tunnel-like structure right under the main arena yard. We heard thundering steps above, and we knew that we would see our first arena fight.

I climbed up the ladder at the end, and arrived in thhe central tower. We were told to follow our guide to the arena seats above the arena yard. When we got there, we noticed the creature. It was large and sandy colored, with two enormous horns on its head. Its tail looked similar to a large C, with barbs all over it. It had two wings, but didn`t fly.

"Reckon what it is?" said a guard beside us.

"Well, judging from what I'm seeing, I believe it to be a Diablos," I said.

"Hmm! I've never really seen much in Moga... I`m from Minegarde, by the way, and my name is Ranoldo."

"Well, welcome here. How long have you been working here?"

"Well, I believe it`s been my job for a year now, and I haven't had time to go see other places."

"Oh. Alright then, let`s watch."

The warriors were actually prisoners, and their term was the bet. Money was occasionally involved, but hunters that knew the prisoners betted on their terms. Say, sommeone sentenced to ten years could have a bet placed on them to shorten it to, say, five years, or lengthen it to fifteen years. The armor was personal sets, what they were wearing when they were sentenced. The weapons were exactly the same thing.

The Arena they fought in was large and ovular, in the shape of a bean. There were a few boulders and a large rusty mechanism scattered in the arena to aid in the inmates' protection, but nothing else. On the left was a huge, cast iron gate which contained the beasts after and before the fight. The gate had to be maintained regularly for proper safety.

I noticed the man who was leading the fighters in. He looked regretful of his choice of work, for he didn't seem to enjoy leading these people into the arena. As he left, I made a note to talk to him after the fight. I asked a nearby guard what the man's name was.

"Levon", he responded.

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The competitors walked into the enormous battlefield. The monster had been restrained so they could momentarily heal, but was nonetheless there still. The Diablos trudged angrily around a large cactus. It took a nibble and raised its head... It had almost noticed them. They slowly walked around the fence, almost right into the beast. It knew exactly what to do.

"Bwah ha ha...They shall feel my family's wrath. I shall destroy these evil beings and rule over their corpses."

My stomach flipped as I watched what happened. The Diablos reared it's huge skull back and let out ear-peircing roar after ear-peircing roar. Their light earplugs only helped slightly. They both fell back, and the Diablos charged them. The one who was not known to me was thrown so far it would have murdered him had it not been for his large armor set. The guard next to me said, "That's the supposed 'Barroth Warrior', Jonathan Pawachikyuu. He violently wounded the other two Brute Warriors... Even the Deviljho Warrior couldn't withstand his assault."

My mind momentariy locked. The name. Similar to mine, in fact, nearly the same....John Linbort. I had been told to find the things in an ancient poem....

"Sky Kings. Ocean Emperors. Land Rulers.

All in one, all for one, one for everyone.

Each is a king to the domain of Dragons.

All have warriors of the human race.

Each is an example of the great forces.

When the three greatest Coalesce.

The world of wyverns will be born anew."

That's how it was read. Not easily interpreted, to be sure, but it basically stated that there were three great dragon warriors who would come together to change the world. The Barroth Warrior was one.

Paying attention to the fight yet again, he noticed what Jonathan was doing. He had readied his Greatsword, Berserker, a large Deviljho sword, into a small hole, its handle down. He pushed his body weight against it with his buddy behind him. The Diablos attempted to break its quarry's guard, but failed horribly. As the beast stumbled back, Jonathan grabbed the blade of his sword and pulled, running back. The Diablos stumbled, and Jonathan ran over and cut its chest. He threw the blade at its tail, breaking the frail body part like a twig. His friend broke the horns with his Hammer. The Diablos' life force slowly ebbed away, and it died.

The hunters were called out as soon as the fight was over.

"I'd like to talk to you, Jonathan."

He looked aged beyond usual. I remembered that prison usually made you look older. He walked over with his bloody Greatsword on his back.

"Aye? What do ya need?"

"I want to offer something to you."

"And what's that?"

"A way out."

"What? You're lying..."

"No, I'm not. All you need to do is wait... I'm working for a division of the Guild who wants you. If we can get you out, I can get your sentence lifted. But you have to wait for two months. Then, I can get you out, because I have an official pass out."

He was taken back to his cell, and I left for the guard tower. It was my job to ascertain that no-one passed without an official blue-and-green flag. My post was one of the more dangerous, for I would need to go down, operate the gate and make sure people were legitimately coming to the fort. I left the battlefield, leaving behind a special item; a flare. It would be activated when I pressed a button. It would tell the base that I was here.

At the tower, I noticed something. Along the skyline came a burning, flying creature. A small shriek resonated through the chilly night air. It shook my very bones, and I fell to my knees. I proceeded to get up and put a coat on.

Suddenly, a boat approached. I hit a button and my spotlight flared on. I looked for the flag, but instead of seeing the flag, I saw a glowing black banner with ten Fatalis and ten Alatreon talons lining the top and bottom, respectively. I looked closer, and saw ten more ships behind it. The sail read "The Dragon's Soul Armada". My attention changed to the huge bell hanging over the fort's front. My hand grappled the rope, and I pulled. BOM! BOM! BOM!

"Get Up! We're Under Attack!!!"

To be continued in Moga Knight Memoirs Chapter 3


The Fatalis-flag ships sailed up. A large weapon on the front shot out, and the gate cracked. By now, everyone in the fortress had gotten up, and most prisoners had been outfitted in armors and let out to fight.

The fleet's apparent captain, called Anobon, leered viciously at our weak attempts to thwart him. Suddenly, Ballista Shots rang through the air, and Cannonballs blasted from the massive walls. The sails of the ship were getting only slightly damaged, and the hull was the same way. I ran down and grabbed the Dragonator aiming tool. I aimed it at the weapon, and pulled with all my being.

All of the sudden, a cry rang out. The weapon was half destroyed, but they shot it again. Though the aim was horribly off, the gate cracked massively again. Another sound rang out also...the same shriek I heard earlier. The beast came around again, but this time, fire rained down at the armada. The beast came rocketing at the main ship, and the captain teleported away. He arrived on another boat as the main sunk. The rest of the ships had surrounded the Fortress. The captain came to the gate, and teleported through.

"What on the green earth is so important that you need to destroy this place?" I demanded.

"Welll...let's just say we have something valuable. And it can only survive here...."

I threw my Lance at him in my anger. I didn't want to be bothered with evil poachers while earning money and finishing an important mission. He simply snapped his fingers and was right by my side.

"You shouldn't do that...Barroth Warrior."

He suddenly attempted to punch me. I slammed my shield on his head, and he grabbed it in pain.

All of a sudden, a man in black and red came in. He threw me a sword, and suddenly hit Anobon with fierce magic. He teleported inside the blade, and I suddenly felt ten times stronger. I hit again and again, never letting up. I jumped back surprisingly far, and charged. He jumped as I got close, and I lost balance.

I rolled away, and he teleported onto another ship. That ship glided back, and it sailed into a small cave. A small airship came over and sailed over us. I noticed, and remembered my flare. I pressed the button, and the flare made them go off balance. They fell out of their flight grace, and landed harshly. We battled for about ten minutes, and I landed as many hits as I could get.

They flew away, and the boats left as well. However each one left a huge gas bomb. They expelled a smelly fog, and we could no longer see. we knew that they just wanted to irritate us. The fog cleared and I seethed at the shadows receding.

Later in the night, my boss came to the tower.

"John, you must come at once. There is a meeting at hand," my superior stated.

"Alright, well, let's go," I sighed.

Back at the base of the tower, we veered sharply into a hall. It dipped through a carved dirt tunnel, and onto an elaborate machine. It was designed to transport goods up to the innards of the fortress, and to let people in and out. We walked through the large metal doorway, and arrived in a well-designed board room.

"I would like to bring this meeting to order. The Dragon's Soul Armada has attacked. A select number of you are people who are working to get them to justice..." my boss said.

"Aye...I know. It be a hauntin' time we be a-livin in now..." the Barroth Warrior, Jonathan, said.

"Quite. In the fight, I managed to gain a visual of that "valuable Item" Anobon mentioned. It is a large Golden Alatreon Egg."

"*Gasp* I thought they be extinct!? Are ya shittin' me!?"

"Erm, no. I am totally serious."

"Hmmph. I think that they need a horribly protected area for an Elder Dragon Egg, so let's just...make certain that Egg never hatches," I stated.

"Well, I think that if they can't find sheter, they will just hold it till it hatches."

The meeting ended about five minutes later. Our council decided that as soon as I was done with my work, I should go with a team to go gather the large eggs. I made my way to my room on the tower, and I laid down. I looked up at the stars for a while, and I saw blade's spirit flew up, and transformed into the beast I had seen earlier. I smiled as the realization that I carried an unstoppable force in blade came over me.

The next morning, Iwoke and began to pick my team. I knew automatically that Jonathan was on the team, for he was the main goal here. I also asked a guard that I knew, named Levon.

I also stuck with a familiar friend from home: Callie, a beautiful huntress whom I had known for years. I called her up on the telegraph as soon as I got to it. The letter is below:

Callie Cagle

I am asking of you to aid me in a massive mission, involving some of our friends. Because

I've known you for so long, it seems fitting to ask you. The mission will make us venture

away from our normal activities, and will require careful planning. Please accept my gracious


John Limbort.

I slowly checked my work, and allowed the others to use it. Afterwards, I just went about my usual chores. My life went this way for the rest of the two months.

To be continued in: Moga Knight Memoirs Chapter 4


I wiped a bead of sweat from my eyebrows as I loaded the suitcase up with my things. It was finally here, the day we could leave to start our long journey. We loaded a large tent pack, and we looked for the food parcel.

"John, where did ya see off this little adventure?" Said Jonathan.

"Erm...I was only a cog in this machine, but it's been organized since two years ago." I responded.

"So...your sure you can go on without trouble?"

"Yes, my friend."

We had developed quite a friendship in the last few months. As it turned out, he took after the Barroth's mentality more than I did: he acted like he had a rough-n-tough exterior, but really he had a heart of gold. He was always watching out for me, just as I looked after him. He never talked about his past, though he did tell me once that he had a wife and a son once, but it was a gone time. Whenever we talked about it, he constantly would say things and instantly take them back-the telltale sign of a person trying to hide something.

We walked out of the tower. I turned around one last time, and looked up at the mighty tower's exterior. Ever since the Fatalis Armada had invaded, a bright red and blue gem sat atop the middle tower. This was a gift from the spirit within my blade, Fyrulosor Zweihander. The blade was the sword granted to me during the battle by the mighty Fyrulosor. It was strangely light and could be used to ways: either as a GreatSword, or as a LongSword. Both were powerful. The gem on the tower was designed to ward off the bad luck and evil powers caused by a Fatalis Dragon Egg or a Golden Alatreon Egg. It was called a Fataleus Gem, meaning, DestinyGod Gem. It also was a "Power source" for those who could use the good powers of the Monster Warriors. I smiled at the sight, and lifted my left hand. A small glare of light pointed our way, and I formed a small sphere of light in my hands.

"Destiny God, Fyrulosor, grant me light and safety on this journey," I said.

"As you wish, Child of Fate." Came from my blade.

I walked casually up the gangplank as I started back to the boat. We looked at each other, realizing our first goal was complete. The ship's horn sounded as the anchor was lifted and the plank drawn. Prison Fortress faded from view as I sat down in a chair made of monster bone. It no longer looked as terrifying as I thought, though the spires were still there.

"Have you ever felt like you were...a "Sealed power" so to speak?" I began.

"Aye. Whenever I looked at that stone a-sittin atop the tower, something awakened within me, it felt like. I never dared question my instincts before this though, me lad, and I ain't now. I can feel that some kinda force is gonna be needed soon." Jonathan replied.

And he was right. A few hours later, we arrived in murky territory, near the Flooded Forest. But there was a problem: this part of the sea surrounding the Flooded Forest was infamous for a gang of pirates known as simply The Dark Ones. Their description almost matched the Fatalis Armada. so naturally the team was worried. All of the sudden, there came two ships around them. I readied my Zweihander, Jonathan pulled out his Huracan Hammer, and Levon loaded his Custom Jhen Cannon with Crag S Level 3.

Their attack came swiftly, and it turns out that the Fatalis Armada was responsible. Anobon clearly was not obliged to join in in the fun and had stayed back. Levon's Crag S kept exploding in their faces, yet they just jumped back or jumped through them. My Zweihander was even having a hard time with their speed. Eventually, Jonathan's Hammer sent one flying off the ship, and I used the distraction to jump to the seat of the problem. A general called Ardros was leading them.

"Ha. Foolish child, you dare challenge me!? You are nothing but mere scum on the top of swanpwater. You must surely be a retard." Said Ardros.


I began a flurry of fast attacks. He repeatedly stabbed at me with a strange lance, each hit barely making it's mark. I unleashed a large slash, and the hook of my blade was caught behind my foe. In my rage, I jerked back with mh entire might, instantly paralyzing him from the mid-back down. I approached his still slightly shaking body, and examined his wound. It couldn't ever be healed.

"Ppplease....have...mmercy...on me......" He croaked out.

"Hmph. I am not going to kill you..instead, you may live the rest of your life in pain and in a wheelchair." I said, carefully removing my blade. I sheathed it, and turned him over.

"Hm, I've not seen a weapon like this in ages," I said, examining his weapon. It was a rather small silver Gunlance.

"Take had mercy on my life." He drawled.

"Ha! No, I so not use lances of any kind." I said, rolling the weapon back. I declared the battle to be done with as I jumped back upon my ship. They glared at us as we sailed away.

We started seeing the horizon approaching. The large and squat trees loomed around the lagoon and towards the water. A large metallic dock extended from a crevice in a cave. The ship carefully navigated within the lagoon, and beside the dock. The rickety metal crunched and cracked under our feet. We stepped onto the stone and looked around. This began our trek through the Flooded Forest.

Moga Knight Memoirs:Chapter 5


We trudged into the cave. It was quite cold, and so we got out Hot Drinks. There was a foot of water standing in every floor level crevice we saw. We tried to look around the cave, but we couldn't see more than four feet ahead.

"Don't one of you lot have a lantern handy?" Jonathan said.

"Uh, no. I didn't think I would need one....." I stated.

"Aye, I can understand. Well, I brought mine just in case."

Bringing a large lantern from his pack, he started to walk slower to adjust the lantern. As it turned out, the small lantern increased our visibility by a good ten feet. A small branch of the cave seemed to lead away from the water, which had taken a ghastly smell on. The small tunnel got larger as we crawled under an underpinning of roots in the tunnel. We took out our mats, and rolled them out.

"Soo....when do we get to the end of this here cave, lad?" Jonathan asked.

"Probably tomorrow." I said, grabbing out my cooking supplies from my pack.

The small grilling spit was perfect for making tonight's dinner: Grilled Kelbi and Aptonoth steak. The meat was still fresh, and had gotten chilled whilst on the trip. I slowly turned the meat and listened closely. I heard a few Giggi sloshing and squeezing through the cave system, but other than that the cave was still. Some vespoid flewthroughout the cave, and I realized something: new monsters in this area meant that there were either poachers or terrorists here intent on destroying the ecosystem. I passed out the dinner slices and i began eating my slice of meat. It was tender and juicy, typical of these monsters' meats.

As i passed out our servings, I sat back and olistened to the gentle squishing of the creatures in the cave. From the northern end, I heard Giggi. From the eastern, I could hear buzzing Vespoid and Bnahabra. They were probably settling down for the night, for all the creatures were daytime creatures.

"Say.....I thought this was an actual cave?" Callie said.

" is, right? Why do you say it's not?" I responded.

"Well, because most caves come out like a hole or ravine.........not under a large rock shelf."

I stepped out and walked toward the exit. We saw what she said: there was a large rock mesa above us stretching several feet out.

"Huh. Guess we will be out sooner, Jonathan!" I said to my friend.

"Well, that's good then, don't make me get up at the butt crack a-dawn then." He said, sleepily.

I came back to the cave and laid down, pleased that I could sleep in peace. Suddenly a thought raced into my head.

"Jonathan, what is the Flying Wyvern Warrior's name, anyway?" I said.

"There are several lad, one female and one male." He responded, clearly eager to sleep.

"But wait........I was told there was only one!"

Well then, the male or female must have taken over. Get to sleep, lad. Please.

"One last question." I started.

He sat up, irritated. "What!?" He said.

"What about the Lagiacrus warrior? What's her/his name?" I questioned.

"Geez, it's Tayler, If i remember correctly." He wearily respnded.

We finally laid down, and I was satisfied with the answer i had gotten.

The next morning, we began to pick up our equipment and head out. The rock cliff was actually fairly dry underneath, and the walk to the village was no trouble. Once arriving, we were greeted by several people, dressed in various Leviathan and Rathian armors. One in general stepped out of the crowd and introduced himself as Nagaru. He wore a beautifully crafted set of Lagiacrus+ Armor, and wielded a Wyvernblade "Flare".

"So, you are the ones who come in search of the monster warriors?" He said in a strange language that we somehow understood.

"Yessir, we come to seek the Lagiacrus and Rathalos or Rathian Warrior." I said back in the strange language.

" come to the right place. I am the guide to the Lagiacrus warrior, the name of which I cannot say in public lest untrustworthy ears hear me."

"That's plenty alright, we already know her name. So when do we set out?"

"Hmm... we must gather the proper supplies."

We walked toward the small shops that lined the nearby alcove situated under a rock mesa. One shop sold many different mediceines, commonly made and used by hunters to survive wounds where there weren't any places to rest. One shop sold hundreds of different materials for making near anything.Yet another sold rare traded mateeerials, such as Machalite and Carbalite ore. We approached the first shop with our hands in our pockets, digging out our money. We each purchased ten potions and ten whetstones before turning around and strinding toward the Armory, where we were going to get some repairs and cleanupo done on our armor and weapons.

"So, all you need are reapairs and cleanup? Well, for all of ya, it'll be about 2,000 Z." The armorer said.

"Alright, here ya go..." Jonathan said, handing him the two large coins.

We sat down on wooden benchesinside the guild hall, waiting for our order to be finished. The Guild Hall was a large building constructed from lage matted and woven roots. Despite how frail it looked, the inside was reinforced with lare beams that were held together by Deviljho Hide and Bathycite Ore, both of which were easuy to obtain in the Flooded Forest. The benches were surprisingly soft, and we didn't slide on them either, adding to our comfort. To our left was a bar where food and drink were served to hunters. Across from us, on the right side of the guild hall, were Weapon Locks, special racks which stored a hunter's extra weapons if they carried extra. On the far end was the area where Quests could be initiated or joined, and next to it a quest board.

"When is our equipment gonna be ready, lad!?" Jonathan said to me.

"how would I know, he only told us wait till he came out and called." I responded.

He opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it and shut it. The blacksmith came out with our equipment and called our names. We jogged to the armory to collect the armors and weapons. We quickly reeqipped ourselves and walked out of the main center to call our guide. He stood waiting at the gate. We continued waliing through the underbrush without a word.

" ya'll feel something?" Said Nagaru.

"Hm, I do, lad!" Said Jonathan.

":Erm...............what is that little mound, and why is it moving toward us?!?!" Callie shrieked.

"Dear god.....a Gobul." I said.

The leviathan lurched from the ground, and snapped it's mighty jaws at Levon, who began to load his Jhen Cannon with Flaming S. I pulled out my sword, King's Zweihander, and lurched forward at the demonic leviathan, causing a scar to burn its way into its hide. Callie readied her Bow and aimed it perfectly at the Gobul's maw. The creature fell back in pain and growled in rage.I began to feel intensifying anger from the back of my head, sensing danger. I turned around and swung my blade at the figure i sensed behind me with blinding speed.

"Ha! I've found you yet again, children of fate!! You have rendered my top general useless, so I simply must repay you for that......." The figure said.

" isn't happening.....this CAN'T Be happening..." I muttered.

It was Anobon, the horrible Deomon with the blade of Fatalis. He lurched upwards and snapped his fingers. The Gobul sped away with a near frightening speed. As Anobon landed he drew his long katana, a dark energy emenating from it. He swung it around in one hand in large elipses, making me wonder what i had gotten myself into.we began dueling. I swung my swsord in an arc infront of me, ending nit with a forward thrust. He gauded perfectly and charged. I dodged and swung, the small strike hitting him in the side. He proceeded to jump back and strike me on my arm, the strike scratching my armor that had just been repaired. Seeing this constant little ping-pong display of false fighting made me very angry.

"You're getting in over your head....I recommend you get the hell away now, while i spare you." The blade mumured.

The spirit in y blade cam out and stood in his human form. He drew energy in his hands, and reapeted himself. Anobon stood as if he were bored.

"Must you get in my way, you sorry excuse for an Elder Dragon?" Anobon said.

"You dare insult me!? Remember your place, Anobon Fata. I am superior, and you are a rebel. We must destroy you. You can spare your own life while i still lety you." Fyrulosor said.

So they battled. This time there were several different injuries. Eventually, Anobon jumped back and transformed. Seeing the first Fatalis in my life, I marveled at its deadly beauty. However, I beganto grow angrier with every second. I grew so angry, I roared at the Fatalis and transformed, my skin taking an earthy brown and growing larder and scaly. I roared my challenge and charged, as did Jonathan. Three dragon's fighting one Fatalis. Anobon transformed back, and teleported to the treetops. He yelled. saomething at us.

"You may have driven me away...but the Fatalis Armada shall rise!!!" He screamed.

We continued, after drinking some potions. The forest continued to be an unforgiving habitat. The Bnahabra kept buzzing around us, and every few steps some kind of disgusting slime would fall from a tree. After about five hours, we started to arrive at a large meadow, a welcome change from the forest. We walke past the meadow ontot more rocks like the one's at our first stop at the Flooded Forest. We proceed into another cave. After walking about forty-five minutes, we arrived out. We walked onto a large dock where several boats awaited. We stepped onto the one designated for us.

"And..heave the anchor!!" Jonathan said. we sailed away, starting on our next adventure, across the seas near the Wyvern Boneyard.

Moga Knight Memoirs:Chapter 6


We watched as the horizon slowly disappeared from sight, the treeline receding into oblivion. The blue ocean that surrounded our boat had a color of a beautiful creature that I knew as Lagiacrus. As we looked about for signs of danger, we would see a different sight every fewminutes: A harem of Ludroth on some rocks, a nest of a Lagiacrus, ad we thought we saw a Gobul sunning itself once. As soon as I mentioned this, Jonathan grunted and muttered some words under his breath.

"I've had plenty 'nuff a those critters. Don't let 'em see ya." He muttered irritatedly.

"Heh heh heh....Yeah, I won't. Besides, Gobul have bad eyesight-why do you think it waits beneath the sand and only attacks when right next to it's prey?" I replied.

He sat back in thought, realiing that I was indeed correct. As I sat down, I rummaged through my pack, looking for my lyre. Just as i found it, the captain noticed what I was doing.

"Gonna play a little music, aye?" He grunted.

"Uh-huh. On this little instrument that I made from Ceadeus parts. I calll it the Sea-God's Lyre." I said.

"Well, get to playing if you are, lad."

I started playing the relatively short tune. The very ocean seemed to calm and the boat stopped the churning. They looked at the blue harp like instrument dumbfoundedly. As I finished, I looked up and smiled.

"how...............Did you do that? Jonathan said.

"It's a mystical instrument. I don't know why it does that."

About an hour and a half into our trip, a heavy fog began to set. It got so bad that we couldn't see even with our lights on full power. I began to play, and still we had no mercy. We floated straight into a cavern where there was no fog, and the walls were lined with white gold torches.

"Greetings, children of fate.....I am the guide for your adventure into the skies, through the mountains, and withiin the ocean.. I speak to you through your minds, but you all hear me as a great voice...." A voice from the cave said.

"What do you want, bringing us into this dangerous cavern!?!?" Jonathan and me said.

"I am exactly what I said. I am bringing you to my lair right now, as we speak. I will board, and we may set off."

"Dare yuo try to board my ship without my permission!?!?!?" The Captain, our guide to the Lagiacrus Warrior said.

"Where are my manners....May I come aboard?" The voice asked.

"If you're a help, then certainly." He said.

We pulled into a dock where the boat stopped. A light of pure white began to emanenate from a hall. A great being stepped from the threshold. He was magnificent.

He wore a long golden robe ove his other robes. It was almost a gold thread lace, and streched to his feet. A long blue robe showed underneath, as a total clothing. On his chest was a plate of a green gem, and a silver thread. His can was of a brilliant silver, with the carved figurehead of a Fyrulosor.

"I am the voice of Fyrulosor. I am a great sorcerer. My name is Sylvyr. In my younger days, I was indeed the Fyrulosor Warrior, and a great gaurdian of the Stonesharp Spires, now called the Stony Spires. I was sent to ai you in finding several things, such as the Great City of the Flying Warriors. This city is hard to get to without a magnificent power, which only I wield. I also must guide you to the Riders of Tremrho, who made a promise years ago to help the Monster Warriors once they were united." Sylvyr said.

"You are.........The Legend of Fyrulosor himself aren't you!??!?!" I said excitedly.

"Yes." He replied.

So....why the cave?" I asked.

"It is charmed. For the fog, and as a hidden island which only certain eyes can see, thus hiding me. I have awaited here for years...."

"How old are you?" Jonathan asked.

"Nearly two hundred and thirty. Our kind are blessed with long life. My life expectancy is five hundred years, as is yours. And you might also wonder why I am not still te Fyrulosor Warrior. I was chosen from the three Elder Dragon Warriors to become the Great Counselor of The Warriors. Anobon was next in line and for this it is one of his mottives to destroy this world. One legend we keep dear is the Legend of The Dragon Counsel. We were appointed in a lost time ago to counsel the races in a mighty war that was foreshadowed and prophecized about. I came riginally as A Spirit, and a grat hunter. Ages ago, when the Counsel chose me to lead it, these forms combined into this one, taking my ability to hunt away forever." Sylvyr Said in his near melodic voice.

"Ahh....So can we leave now...?" I said somewhat impatiently.

"Let's go then! I've bee eager to get on the sea again myself!" Our captain said.

We pulled away from the cave back to the ocean. Now that we could see, we surveyed our surroundings. The cave was surrunded by small islands, very small, that had tiny plants of beautiful build on them. They had obviously been planted recently, in order to welcome us. We turned to the north, nto where the Lagiacrus Warrior's hideaway awaited. according to rumor and belief, it was a large stone island with many plants and some good earht around it. The home in itself was somewhat small with lots of storage for the Lagiacrus Warrior's many Thunder Weapons, made from both Khezu and Lagiacrus parts. The true house, in reality, was supoosedly a mixture of stone, wood, and reeds, making up a quite cozy and withstanding home.

On the horizon, we saw several spires of pure stony spiraling peaks stretching out of the water. They were a sign that The Warrior was close at hand. We looked into the telescope and saw another boat sailing close to the spires. A young woman, possibly even a young girl, dived from the boat, which had arrived near a collection of larger spires. She resurfaced and swam towards our boat.

"Ready your weapons, men....." Nagaru said.

"No. This is the Lagiacrus Warrior i think." I replied.

"Alright then, get a ladder ready." He said back.

"No need.....I can jump on to the boat, I think." The Lagiacrus Warrior said in her young feminine voice.

"Alright then...." Jonathan said as he lowered the side-gate to adequate height.

She was beautiful. Her armor was near form fitting, save for the chestpeice, helm, and part of the waistlet. It was an excellent LagiaThundros+* set, built for often swimming and being charged harshly with electricity. It reavealed her body shape and facial features perfectly, however. She looked about seventeen, my age (At this given moment, I'm eighteen. One year difference matters not.) and she had a lovely voice, a voice not borne of the sea but borne of the midwestern plains of Moga; this was indeed both a beautiful country to originate from and a beautiful accent to have. She was from the sea of course, but it was obviously her family was not solely of the Sea-People. Her swimming was elegant and reminded me of Lagicrus itself. It was shimmer of blue, and the glow of the ocean. It was true love, at first sight.

She jumped in and began telling us where the house was. She pointed one beautiful blue armored hand towards the stones across the spires of where we were. We sailed ever closer, and looked at the humble abode. It was large for an island house, and was built atop a frame of wood and stone. We boarded a floating mini-harbor and walked up to the house. I was in awe at the inside. Beautifully carved candles carved from sea-coral stood round, giving off differing shades of light. We walked slowly in towards the hallways.

"Sit, sit, you guys!" She said in her youthful voice, with her youth's words—not that I could brag.

We sat down and she lifted the Heaven's Thunder LongSword from her back. She placed it on a rack with several other thunder weapons: a Vortecal Hammer, the High Thundacrus Lance, the Volt Axe, the Lagia Sword, and the Lagiacrus Great Sword. Every Thunder weapon from Moga, at her hands. The very house seemed to flow with thunderous bursts of electricity.

She ventured into the hall, and turned a corner. We heard her rummaing through some papers. At last we saw her come out. This time she wore nothing except for her waistlet, basic chestplate, and underclothes, and carried a small faded scroll. She came in and sat down, her face gleeful at the people who were in front of her. She started unrolling the ancient writing.

"This scroll contains the Thunder Warrior Prophecy.. It is an anncient tale told by my people to the next generatioon of chosen warriors. It goes like this:

Thunder cracks and lighting flashes;

A wyvern's life's begun;

The great blue dragon, its teeth it mashes;

From Fire we shall run;

But for Thunder we shall bow!" She said in a great voice.

"Wow, that's interesting. Sounds a bit like my own Barroth Warrior Prophecy, which I will not indulge." I said.

After some time, we had disbanded, to go about our own devices. I personally knew I wanted to catch Tayler, to ask her to go sailing. She had walked off around the house, and near the small wooded area. I walked slowly and watched. A creature swam towards the area, leaving a blue trail behind it. It sparked the water and it slowly crawled up.

"Hello, Eledrion....." Tayler sighed.

"Greetings, Child." Eledrion stated.

"I need guidance...." She said.

"Heheheh...My child, you need not word from Dragon or Man. Your heart shall guide you, on this journey. I also feel one of the ancient Warriors feels greeat feeling for you." He responded.

She looked up at the beast. Her face was wet with tears. She was troubled, very much. She dried her face and began talking.

"Really? Okay, then, I'll try to find him then." She said, happier.

"Good.....but, the next female to meet will not likely ignore your differences. I speak of the Rathian Warrior. That is my advice....." He trailed off.

"The one of your fate approaches. Good-bye, my Child." He quickly said and swam away.

I approached her and I leaned down. She glanced up and began to speak.

"Hi.....I was just...Ummm..." She began.

"It's alright. I saw you. I used to talk to Barontremor many a time. He was a bit rougher. to be certain..but he had a big heart, and he told me relatively the same thing." I responded.

" are you here?" She said.

"Well.. I was wondering.....would you like to....Go sailing around the islands with me? You know as" I said sheepishly.

"Yeah! Sure, just let me get my prettty armor on!" She said with a gleeful smile and a wink.

She walked back to the house and told me to wait outside. I went to get the boat ready. I chose a small sailer canoe built for three people. I was packing a bit of food into the canoe when Tayler came out. She looked dazzling in her new armor: It was a beautiful dress-like armor set, blue with green highlights. The waistlet and shestplate bent with her body, while her helm was actually more like a tiara. Her leggings were thin and blue, like her arm guards. She was beautiful, all in all.

" I look presentable?" She murmered.

"Yes! You llook beautiful." I said, stunned by her beauty.

We got in the canoe. I held her hand like a gentleman as she stepped in and sat down. I got in and turnned on the sails to the wind. We would be sailing slowly around the island for some minutes. We began talking as soon as we got settled.

"So where are you from?" She asked.

"I'm from a land that was lost once, the Ancient Plains. No one knew it existed till 20 years ago, when an explorer found a tribe of people who migrated from the mountain plains to a land near them. He investigated and found our tribe, and our ancient land. At our request, the Guild rarely sends in hunters, except for when something like a Calamitos is seen circling near. Our land lies close to the Ancient canyon, needless to say Calamitos venture there quite often." I said.

"i'm from around here. I've never seen Loc Lac, and i've never seen the Fatalis Armada. But i've seen the Flooded Forest...I was born on a landmass near the Wyvern Boneyard. It has no name. It sunk 11 years ago during an earthquake. A Lagiacrus Elder named Eledrion rescued me from the depths of the ocean and my despair. He raised me because he knew i was the Lagiacrus Warrior. I assume my mom and dad are dead, probably killed, by the Rathalos and Rathian warriors....." She said.

"What's wrong with them?" I responded.

"They are evil in their hatred. They refused to return theoceans of the Volcano to us, and we warred. They won. And they hate us. I can't stand being around a Rathian or Rathalos. I wish we didn'ty have to get that damned Rathalos Warrior..." She said angrily.

"Don't be mad! It's ok. I understand. I'm not a fan of them either; they don't appreciate what we do for them and they never appreciate the fact that we are the ones who keep their positions secret. The Barroth as a species has always disliked them, so don't feel bad." I responded.

"So, when did you start training?" She asked.

"Uhhh......I want to say when i was 8. But my weapons i didn't fully aqcuire till i was 10. So there." I said.

"I began training at 9. I wasn't very powerful and electricity frightened me. So I eventually got over it and learned to cope with being charged. I secretly help the good hunters on Water Quests by delivering supplies far out in the boonies of the ocean. But about a year ago, I began to stay home a lot more often, waiting for you guys. Never thought I would meet someone like you though...." She said.

"Really? You didn't? Well, this IS the journey of the warriors....." I stated. By this time we had gotten to where we were somewhat comfortable with each other's presence in the boat.

"Hey! You know what I meant!" She said while pushing me away flirtatiously. She was an interesting character, that was most certain.

"What if I didn't?" I said back.

She rolled her eyes, smiling all the while.

She seemed to be an epitome of emotion. She was happy sometimes and angry others, but not a horrible imbalance. I smiled a little as I realized, for the first time in years, I had met someone who could make me happy with their very presence. This was great. She saw my smile and smiled herself. We talked for another half hour before going back to shore.

As soon as we were ashore, we went to our sleeping quarters—though-interestingly Tayler allowed me to sleep in her room, albeit on the floor. She clearly trusted me and was feeling our fate connection. This truly was an enlightening thought: No more loneliness, no more kept in thoughts, none of that. Now I had someone besides Jonathan i could share my feelings with. I smiled as I laid down my blanket by her bed. I kneeled, said a short prayer to Fyrulosor, my guardian spirit, and went to sleep.

The next morning was a short one. I woke up to find Tayler already awake and in the kitchen. As it turned out, she was quite the cook, and we had a wyvern egg fried, some Gobul meat, and some fried pataetes*. She prepared them with a beautiful set of herbs and spices that tasted delicious. As we ate Nagaru began the preparations to set out. I was to share a cabin with Tayler, much to my liking. We went into the cabin after breakfast. I looked at my bed set: It was clean enough for me, but I noticed Tayler looked a little taken aback at the sight, so I took them to the top deck for cleaning. I got out a different set and pulled the bed out a little, big enough for me and Tayler to both sleep comfortably on. I turned out the lantern as we went above.

The entire crew was on their feet getting ready. As we all got on and braced for setout, Jonathan rang the bell for lift the anchor. The boat slowly pulled away from shore as we adjusted the sails and two of us pulled on the oars. We spent twenty minutes rowing around the old rocks and getting out. The entire time, Tayler stood watching the house she had built for herself disappear in the fog. I saw some tears run down her cheek. I gae her a hug, telling her that it was alright, when we settle down, we'll both build a house together for us. She smiled and wiped her eyes before giving me a long hug. We watched the house for another twenty minutes until it disappeared completely. Finally we were on the final Warrior trip.

  • Pataetes are the Moga equivalent of potatoes. They are very long and banana like and fry very easily.

To be continued in: Moga Knight Memoirs:Chapter 7


The crew meandered aimlessly around, looking to the horizon every now and again. No one was exactly happy we were on the sea again. This time however, our journey was much more dealdly than before; for this time we were venturing into the Wyvern Boneyard. Supposedly before the Rathalos Warrior died, he had left the key to his people to be found by us there. His ghost also supposedly haunted the forlorn place. It was located to the very north 0of our current position, and this trip would be just like the Flooded Forest journey: a quick venture in to find what we need, then going back out somewhat the way we came though likely on a different boat. This was because each time we got off to go in to somewhere like this, we had a different goal going out. This time we would need something to go from the Boneyard to te Blazing Mountains. We thought it very likely that the key would be a new boat like such.

Our journey through the sea was incredibly simple. We only encountered one monster: A baby Guran Mirousu. We had repelled it with several shots of Crag Level 3 Ammo shot from Levon's Jhen Cannon. The Guran was surprisingly weak. After that, we had avoided all trouble.

In me and Tayler's first night in the same bed, it turned out in a surprising way. It also garunteed our feelings for each other. Not many could honestly say that they fell in love with someone and got this well in a relationship within the course of two days, but I can.

I will retel the nights events the best I can. We had finally decided to get in bed after a log day at sea. We took our armors off and placed them sturdilly on the rack. Our armors together looked truly wonderful. Tayler then proceeded to pull off her under-armor clothing, which keeps hunters safe from the weather when they're only wearing light armors or such. She was dressed only in her nderclothes. She slowly crawled in bed and waved for me to lay down.

Hey, I have to get my under armor off to!" I said with a wink and smile.

She rolled her eyes with an entertained smile. I took my under armor clothes off and crawled into bed next to her. We started talking about what we wanted to do when our journeys were over.

"Well....they should be done with in just a few months, right?" She inquired.

"Yep." I replied with a smile.

"Ok..well....did I tell that I want to start a family when w're done?" She said sheepishly.

" do too." I said slowly.

"So, why don't we try?" She said, suggestively moving towards me with a smile and wink.

"Sure!" I quickly said.

That was that. We laid there for ten minutes making love. It was the most brilliant feeling i have ever felt.

When we were done, we laid for the rest of the night in each other's embrace.

" was that..." She cooed in a low sweet voice.

I simply looked at her and smiled and giggled a bit. We laid the same way for the rest of the night.


The next morning, we got up rather tired and worn out from last nights activities. But we loved each othe all the more. Our crew looked at us like they knew exactly what we had done.

"Lad, when next ye make love with yer lass, I recommend bein' a little bit quiter...." Jonathan said to us.

"What! We did not..........Ok maybe we might have...." Tayler said sheepishly.

"Aye, I know! Like i said, mates, be a little quiter and we won't know!" He said with a hunter's laugh. He still had his spirit.

That was the interesting thing: Many hunters lost their spirit of the hunt when they came Jonathan's age and went somewhere on a long trip. Jonathan hadn't. He was still an adept hunter who loved a good laugh. He could find a thing to have fun about anywhere. he laughed at our situation and how we were doing in it, he laughed at our good natures, and he even laughed at what we did when we denied having intercourse. He was by far the most entertaining old hunter I had ever met.

" old are you, Jonathan?" I said.

"Ha! make a guess, lad! I'll give ya a hint: it's more than 50, and less than 100." He responded.

"hmm.....60?" I said.

"Nope. I'm 97." he said with a hearty laugh.

"One of the Ancient Warriors.........just like Sylvyr..........." i said in wonder.

"Yup! You guessed it!"" he laughed.

I walked away with a scattered mind. He had too many ways of making me this waay.

Our boat began to approach the horizon again. Hopefully this was one of the last times I shall write this. The horizon was grey and bleak, like a dead plain. No greenery could be seen anywhere. It was black, white, and gray no matter which way you looked. The dock that we approached was little more than a metal projection with monster shell put on as flooring. We anchored our vessel and crawled out. Tayler, taking after her raising, lept in the water and swam for shore and began loking for danger. We watched her in amazement. we saw something behind her approaching quickly. It was large and yellowish, possibly a large piece of algae. We started motioning to turn around to her. All of the sudden she spun with all of her might while drawing her blade and slashing. The yellow thing turned out to be a Royal Ludroth. It shot backward into a rock and sunk. She dived towards it. Around five minutes later, she rturned with its corpse.

"Look what we get for dinner!!" She said with a vibrant smile.

"How did you do that....?" I asked in amazement.

"Careful skills and training." She said with a wink.

" does royal ludroth taste then?" I said.

"Amazing of course!" She said.

She swam back quickly. as soon as we were all accounted for, we instantly started looking for a goood place to cam. Tayler and me found a cave extremely good for living in, sooner than anyone else. It had two chambers, one lower than the other slightly. Me and Tayler convinced the others to let us use our own cave side, while they slept within the other side. We enjoyed our night with food and drink. We had rotisserie style Royal Ludroth roast and even some Dukkioe wings, and we washed it all down with a wine made from fermented Hydroberries. It was an acquired taste that was reminiscent of honey on herbs and a delicous berry found only near Alatreon nests, but this certain berry was found underwater at amazing places. We were talking of many stories when I spoke up.

"Hey you guys.....what exactly are your plans after this ordeal?" i started.

"Hmmm.....I don't rightly know, lad. I've always been a hunter, traveling back and forth from different places. I suppose if I wanted to, i could settle down....but we can't all haqve a beautiful Warrior to have as a wife! Anyone I married not of this people, the Monster Warriors, would surely die before i did. I have two hundred and thirty years left at most, but i want a woman my age. I wish not to have a girl who is just approaching her maturity." He said with a recripocating tone.

You know......I've heard that the Rathian Warrior has a sister that is from the same Ancient People that you do. I would bet she's your kind of girl. She is known as Faedin. Her monster is the Ancient Rathian." I said.

"Aye you may be right. But our kind is very volatile....not all of us are trustwortyhy and not all of us have equal and opposite destiny as some may wish." He continued.

"Anyone else?" I questioned.

"well....I want to become a captain in the Guild Army. I want to lead the gun troop, and become an exceptional marksman for Ballista Gunning." Levon said.

"Really? No wonder you use the Jhen Cannon then. It's as close to a portable ballista as you'll ever get." I replied.

"Yes, indeed. I worked hard to obtain this gun also. So I wish for it to be kept for long ages...." He finished.

"So what about you, Callie?" I asked.

"Huh? oh me. I'm....not really thinking about it right nw.....never thought about it. I guess i'll become a huntress....but what I really want to do now is.....well........I want to become the first female artisan. I have noticed a lot of different things around this world, and I want to make things better for our hunters and huntresses. Maybe even I could become an explorer though....I used to explore all the time, when we were innocent.......Not so innocent anymore though, huh John?" She said with a wink.

"Nope!" Me and Tayler said at the same time.

We laid down soon after. I was very much tired. We much enjoyed our night, but not like we had last night—that had proven that we weren't quite active enough, or were to tired, for activity of that nature. Though we still slept right next to each other, in one another's embrace if wanted.

The next morning was a short one. We ate breakfast, the leftovers of the Ludroth warmed up by Tayler. She was the one who woke me up, eventually heating up the end of her longsword and touching it to my belt to get me on my feet. When asked why she did that, she responded with a giggle and "Next time, get up when i ask and I won't have to." She was entertainiing, to say the least.

"What would you do without me..." She said flirtatiously.

"Well, I wouldn't be having near as much "Bodily fun" as I do now." I said in the same way.

"Besides the obvious, ha." She replied.

We set out across the bony plateau. There were immense skeletons from everywhere. There was even the remains of an ancient Jhen Mohran, and possibly a cave grown from Calamitos bones. It was a dreary place, and we could tell why the Rathalos Warrior died here. Anyone who tried to stay here was surely doomed. Over the horizon, no houses sat, but the more we looked we saw a large stone emerging from the ground. We drew our weapos as we approached the large rectangular stone monument. We stared in awe at the black stone.

"It is a tomb, I think!, lad shall we get that lid off!?" Said Jonathan.

"why do we need to?" I asked.

"Because, look at the plate on it. It says "In this tomb lies secrets of ancients." In the Ancient Tongue." Jonathan said.

"" i stammered.

"Hey! I have an idea! Callie said.

She went over to a skeleton nearby and grabbed a large bone. It was the collarbone of an Alatreon, that normally streched from the wing connections to the chest. It was just the right shape for a lever. We placed it under the lip of the lid and sat down. The massive stone stone slid off and over some bones in armor. The Rathalos Warrior had crawled out of his tomb in his last moments. It was a horrid sight even for someone who didn't particularly like them. We looked in the tomb; it turned out to be a stairway. We began to walk down it.

The tomb was extensive, with rats and Giggi everywhere. The many staircases eventually opened into a large floor far underneath the ground. The floor had one sole thing in the middle: A large bowl, with several strings in it. We looked in the bowl: On the strings sat a scroll, binded with the leather of Jhen Mohran and Rathalos. It was written on thick paper. We slowly drew the strings inwards, grabbing the scroll. We began to read it.

Ancient people of the Sky....

From steeds of winds we ride high...

Childrem of the heavens, now coalesce...

The winds we ride make us more from the earth's less..."

The Skyland floats where human's can't see....

Take flight with my wings, and fly with glee!

That's what the poem read. It was the clue to the location of the island. The back of the scrol was a map with the volcano area displayed in detail, with a red shading over the crater. In faded letters, the words were written: スカイランド. Sky Land. It was clear: To the volcano is our next location.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of stone upon stone, and the light was shut out. A black glowing emerged from the vent above our heads: It resembled a large chandelier with no lights, but was black with dust and darkness. The glowing slowly embodied.

"Heh heh heh.........I have got you in my grasp...." A voice resonated. Anobon.

"You! Why do you continually follow us!?" I yelled. Tayler drew her weapon but stepped behind me, fear in her eyes.

"I see I darken the heart of the weak one......Does she feel my darkness....DOES SHE!?" The psychopath screamed.

Tayler jumped and slashed, contrary to Anobon's guess of her. Her attack landed square on his back, knocking him over. He was not himself this time: He took a darker form, with black flame and shadow emerging from his body. He began to transform. With a few guttural sounds, his brand new form was reaveled: a large, spider like form, with the word ヒットトライホーの on its abdomen: Hitrithos. It was a demon known to be an embodiment of an extremely powerful creature, naturally, Anobon. He jumped on to the roof and began to circle us. We began battling.

I jumped out at the spider-demon, and slammed my blade into his side. Jonathan began to swing his large blade, the Barrosheller*, at the creature, hitting its legs reapetedly. Levon blasted many Poison Shot into the demon, making it focus on Levon. It tried to lash him with its stinger, coming one third of an inch to succeeding. I used this opportunity to dodge and let Callie slam her Reaver "Disaster"* into its abdomen-back. It fell from the ceiling, landing hard. It began to squirm around. I jumped with the King's Zweihander in my arms. I stabbed through the monster's abdomen, inciting a long screech. It began to glow with otherwordly light. It exploded into the shape of Anobon again, though made only from darkness particles. The particles let out a screech and blasted out of the cavern through the vent.

We sheathed our weapons and walked towards a chest. In the chest were 7 talismans: Engraved into each was a different name: テイラー (Tayler), ジョナサン (Jonathan), ジョン (John), シルバー (Sylvyr), 呼び出しと私は (Callie), キャリア行く (Nagaru), レヴォン (Levon). These were written in Ancient Tongue. They were in the shape of a wing, with soft golden feathers. We put them on, and we suddenly felt extremely light. I jumped, in pure experiment, and I jumped right out of the cavern! They were magical talismans that allowed for flight. I watched as the rest of them popped out one by one. Tayler shot past us and into the air, before crashing down and landing hard on her backside.

"Owww.......Don't try that..." She said sheepishly.

We began to venture away from the tomb. Before we did, we crouched by the skeleton of the Ancient Rathalos Warrior King. We gave our respects, and walked away. Two hours later, we finally reached our boat. We climbed in, and looked at the Wyvern Boneyard.....It was an imbodiment of what we were fighting. I muttered a short prayer....


You are free, free to life, free to death, free to destiny.


We were floating for about four hours before we saw land. We had a short meal of fish before Jonathan noticed land.

"Land ho!!" He shouted.

We bagan to rush around and begin to land. The boat was accustomed to the very tedious rocks, but this was a whole new level; for it was shallow and full of rocks. We pulled into harbor with due haste. We climbed out, sick of the ocean beyond recognition—al except for Tayler, who loved the ocean still. As soon as we saw muddy land, me and Jonathan jumped out and sat down near the grassy area. We rested for some minutes, grilling some Aptonoth meat from our supply.

The Vocano was a blazingly hot place, fittingly. Everywhere we looked was assembled from lava, and we began to see Deviljho and Agnaktor as we looked carefully. The area was black and red, with yellow and orange highlights. The area where the Skyland was supposed to be was a dreary color of gray. We felt inprisoned in this place. The heat got to us quickly, and we took our Cold Drinks quickly.

We started up the path to the crater. There were holes and pits everywhere from ancient pools of lava settling around. We tripped and fell across the area. As we continued up the path, rivers of lava became in abundance, and we had to walk around carefully.

We heard a load explosion and a huge monster jumped out of the lava. It was about the size of the legendary Akantor; but it was gray and rather Rhenoplos like. It was Terralos.

The immense monster shook several times, slinging fiery earth across the terrain. We carefully walked around, and Callie tripped.

"Dammit!" She said.

The dragon turned extremely swiftly around, looking her in the eye. She backed up. It stammped its feet and began to tread towards us. We drew our weapons wile Levon took a Hunter's Note of the creature. We carefully walked around when the Terralos jumped at us.. We barely missed a hit. We began to slash and hack at ti's legs, while Clust Shot was being blasted at the creature from Levon's weapon. Callie's weapon sliced right through the immense dragon, slicing some of the leg armor off. The creature toppled over, wounded. We unleashed a flurry of attacks on the creature's stomach area. He got up and slammed his immense body into us. Tayler fell dangerouusly close to the fire, and I dived to catch her. She got up and slung her large Long Sword into its hide. The wyvern began to leak blood everywhere. Sylvyr produced an immense ball of white and gold energy, and threw it at its head. The creature fell and squirmed before exploding in light. We carved the monster, what we could of it, and headed farther.

We were finally at the peak. Now all that was left do was walk down into the crater, and find the platform which we can jump to the heavens from. As we went into it, the temperature rose. We slowly walked over to an immense metal structure. We got prepared and jumped, each of us.

The Skyland was much more beautiful than the surface. The shops were designed with intricate walls and ceilings, and each road we saw was pure soil with little cobbling, in fact so little that it was barely a foot-path for any person. \There circled hundreds of dragons, near and far, both Ratian and Rathalos and even the more rare subspecies could be found. Soe people jumped off the island and would emerge with one under them riding it. As we walked around, the guide walked up to us and shook our hand. He was dressed in traditional Rathalos Blademaster armor, and had a rather large stature.

"Welcome, Monster Warriors! Welcome to the ancient Skyland. This is the place where for hundreds of years mighty dragons have lived well in peace." He began.

"Hello, Blazescale Deuce." Tayler said in a rather impatient tone, as if he made her very skin burn with anger.

" it not.....Tayler Raye, the Lagiacrus Warrior?" He said in an inquisitive tone.

"No shit, sherlock..." She responded.

"Enough! There isn't need of a fight between two great forces! We come ere dawn for counsel and alliance, not a dead war of which has been won!" Said Sylvyr.

"Yes, yes very well then. Do you come seeking the Rathalos Warrior? Said Blazescale.

"Yes. Do you know of him?" Nagaru said.

"Indeed! I am he! But I must show you around the city." He said.

We began to walk down the path. He showed us some of the large buildings with rods through them; these were stables for the Rathian and Rathalos breeds kept here, known as Skyrinthes. The buildings elsewhere had many different uses: There were a blacksmith's hut, a large "battalion" used for storing the weapons and equipment of the Skyrinthian Riders of Wind. Along the northern wall was a huge statue: It had two enormous wings, with a long coiling tail reaching to the bottom and past of the island. It was reptilian and had a head like a rathalos and Alatreon both combined. Around the island were scattered many homes and small shops. We began to approach one very large home structure half under the island. The part that was up had a large patio in the front made from grand cobblestone.

" this our night's stay? Seems like we sleep in fashion, aye lads?!" Jonathan said.

"Yes, this is where you sleep tonight. It is a large hotel fit for your liking." He said, and turned to Tayler, fire in his eyes.

"For the Water dragon, there is a small pond of water." He said.

"Ugh...just shut the hell up...." She responded.

We enetered the hotel. It was very large and it seemed to descend much into the ground. On the bottom levels, we could see through the windows placed there: Riders trained with their Skyrinthes, flying speedily, agily, and everything in between, in graceful flight. Some random things could be seen being thrown and shot through the air.

Our bedrooms were arranged well. I was to sleep with Tayler and Jonathan, much to my liking, with separate bunks for me and her and a bed for Jonathan. Nagaru and Callie slept in the same room, along with Levon. Sylvyr requested a small room to himself. Before going to bed, we were each told to find our Skrinthe.

Tayler's Skyrinthe was a large Blue Rathian; this was extremely strange since they were thoght to be extinct many years ago. My Skrinthe was a large Woody Rathalos, similar to Tayler's in rarity but different colored and lived naturally in the woods. Jonathan's was the same kind as mine. Callie's was a moderate sized Rathian, perfect for her nature. Levon's was amoderate sized Rathalos, also good for him; however this creature had more spirit to him than most, and had not yet been tamed. Levon tamed him as if he had done this his entire life. Nagaru's waas an Azure Rathalos....not really special but fitting of his armor and place of origin. Sylvyr's Skrinthe, naturally was a large Silver Rathalos. It had not the spirit as thought, but was very powerful and fast and could be called with one short blast of a whistle.

I began training instantly. I was quite unfiited for this; I continually fell off and had to re-call my Skyrinthe. Eventually, I got the hang of it, and went to fetch my weapon for flying. It was a special blade known as a Skrinthe Windsword. It could perform wide, lance like swings, and could stab easily. It came with no shield, and was light on the arms. My equipme nt was a small sadly, a helm for me and my Skyrinthe, and a tailccasing for the creature to use as counterweight if needed.

Jonathan did the same before nightfall, but had first went to seek the Black Rathian Warrior. He eventually found her; she was more than a match for him, in both persoanlity and fighting ability. They had instantly began to date, against what i perceived as Jonathan's nature. They were great for each other.

It was dusk when Jonathan returned. He rode his Skyrinthe along another, black wyvern, with a dark armored rider. She was the Ancient Rathian Warrior. They swooped down towards us and landed softly. They were talking about subjects far beyond my knowledge in a language most strange to the ears. What I could understand of it told me they were talking about coming war, foretold in a distant past.

We had went to bed not shortly after our dinner. We were delighted to be served a good meal of fresh bird, strange Skyrinthian herbs and vegetables, and some meats from lands they traded with. We had many different wines and whiskeys and nectars for our drink, delicously prepared. We talked of many things, and we each introduced ourselves.

"There is to be held a meeting on the morrow, in the tenth morn-hour. I expect all of the Monster Warriors to be present for we are to talk of many things and offer an alliance." the chief, Ignies, said in a high voice.

"Yes. Very well. Wake us early." Jonathan said.

We wnet to bed, very tired and worn from the day's work. I spent long hours before i slept staring out through the windows, watching near loc lac. I remembered something I had been given when i got the King's Zweihander; the aility to watch the world through the blade's power. It was known to the layman as scrying, but with the Elder Blades, one who possessed one was as a spirit. They had a differing appearance, changing on the wielder. My spirit appearance, i cam to find, was a large gray thunderhead, with an eye shape made with what appeared as an electric current on the bottom. I went to get my blade. I sat it up on its side on a table, and said a short phrase: 、火、土龍の偉大なブレードを目覚めさせる!. I picked the blade up and swung it in a half circle in front of me. I could now see through what appeared to be a portal.

I looked towards loc lac city, and past it; I was looking for Anobon's hideaway, known as the Dark Tower of Moruus. It was beyond loc lac city and the great desert in a mountain range full of volcanic activity and death. I saw it. Above the peak, a massive fire burned: from this came a whitish blue globular eye, muirroring what it saw. It captured my glance, and stared at me, into my very soul. I picked up my blade, and showed it to the Dark Eye. The demon inflamed and turned. It roared back and i sliced the portal. He distorted and i was unable to continue watching.

The next morning, i went straight to the meetingroom. We took seats and began talking. Eventually Chief Ignies cam in and called the room to order.

"I call order! Now, i would like to ask if anyone has any osbervations or hypothesis on our current situation. He said in a commanding voice.

"Yes, Cheiftain of Wind, I do." I said.

"Speak then, Warrior of Earth!" he replied.

".......War is on our treshold. Anobon and the Fatalis Armada have gathered huge masses of demons and creatures most foul, and are turned towards Loc Lac in their attention. They wish to take it over and usurp the throne to await us in response, where they can take the Spirit Gems. I think we need a bigger army." I said in a srawn out breath.

"Tthat is my other order of business. I know now that war is closer than first beleived, and shall be more of a punching fist than at first believed. I ask you this: Would you ally with the Skyrinthian Riders of The Wind, and have both air and land on your side?" Ignies said.

"Yes. That would be very helpful. Rally your besty riders and whoever is able. Get ready for true war!" Jonathan and I said.

We departed from the meeting after many other things were discussed. I headed for my items, and Jonathan and Noctoude, the Ancient Rathian Warriror, went for their room for the same reason. Tayler went instantly to the bathroom, coming out as beautiful as ever, with her armor built for air pressure that had been made in our time in the Sky. We walked out side together, looking aqt our plan of movement. We called our wyverns, and began preparations to ventrue to the Great Plains. There we were to meeet te Great Plains Riders, also known as the Tremrho. They were also to help us.

Finally, with a last glance backwards, the Dragon Warriors of Nine set off from the Skyland.

TO BE CONTINUED IN: Moga Knight Memoirs:Chapter 8

  • Barrosheller: A Barroth Long Sword not known to Moga people, or Minegarde, for that matter. It was made in the Great Plain, where barroth weapons are still respected among the people.
  • Reaver "Disaster": An Upgrade to the Reaver "Calamity" Found only in the village from which Nagaru and Callie are native from—though Callie has no recollection of living there, accept for in her subconscious.
  • Ignies is pronounced Ig-Nee-Us. Not Ignees.


We began flying straight towards the great plains. It was a huge land full of nice places where the Barroth and the Tremrho Tribe loved. It was really an immense grassland that horses and wyverns both loved.

We flew at a high speed, looking everywhere at the same time, looking for the pass in the mountains that we could fly through to get to the Great Plains. Eventually, we saw the hole in the clouds indicating the pass. Our Skyrinthes dove at a frightening speed towards it, but landed on the ground in the pass and would not continue no matter how we urged. I drew my blade and said to myself, "Something isn't right..." I looked around and noticed. Not only was a light pointed right at us from a good distance away, maybe 100 leagues at most, but the temperature and look of the area had shifted; now the area was bleak, white and snowy, and freezing cold, as opposed to the mild temperature and black stone of the earlier time. We crouched down and watched the eye sweep around us. I drew my sword and swung it in front of me, challenging Anobon from his dark crevice. He turned and swept the valley. We got back on our Skyrinthes and took off.

We began to approach the plains. They looked like a green, brown, and blue mass of earth. We could see many hundreds of riders herding Aptonoth and other cattle around the land. As we got near the village, all of the people save for the Chief ran away in horror. The chief looked up at us and slowly let his jaw drop.

"Is that......Jonathan the Barroth warrior!?" The Chief, Domhan, said in a proud voice.

"Aye! It be the Barroth Warrior indeed!!" He said in a giddy tone.

He jumped down from his saddle and ran to him. They were instantly talking. I walked over to them, asking what they were talking about.

"What do you seek with the Tremrho tribe? Is it aid in coming war?" Domhan said.

"Yes. We seek aid from the Riders of The Tremrho. Would you show uis around the village, however?" I replied.

"Certainly! I wil show you our home. He said, walking towards the dusty village.

Zelda Twilight Princess Music - Kakariko Village(04:04) 0 viewsTremrho Village ThemeAdded by Ceadeuslayer27 It was full of small houses and paths beaten hard by horses. There were stables around every corner also, and weapon holds in many areas. A blacksmith's shop sat in the middle of town, built in a wall. Black smoke billowed out of its chimney, as with the Inn. Within the northern end of town sat beaten an Inn, for guests to the town. We approached it and opened the door. Inside sat five tables, each with some bottles on them. At the other side was a bar, where drinks could be served. The kitchen was to the left.

"Now, I don't recommend you try the whiskeys, beers, and such until you're accustomed to Behoisce's brews. It's much stronger than the typical brew from diffferent lands. Of course i say this primarily to the people not from around here, not Jonathan or maybe even.....the Barroth Warrior, young, John." He said.

We laughed and started up the stairs to our rooms. They were each about the size of a very large closet, save for two rooms, which me and Tayler and Joanthan and the Black Rathian Warrior took. We proceeded to walk back down the steps to get a drink when five drunk bandits bashed in. We ran down, I drew my sword, Tayler drew hers, and the rest did the same except for two; Levon and Sylvyr. Levon pulled out a small gun* made from Jhen Mohran, and Sylvyrfocused energy in his staff. We jumped down the bottom stair and stood with blades and guns pointed at them. They had taken several different drinks in a sack, along with a week's supply of meat. I nudged Tayler to the sack of meat hanging from one of their hands, and she cut it from the gauntlet grasping it. She then hooked it with the blade and drug it toward her, without any meat spilling out. They pulled a gun and shot Tayler three times. I instantly swung my sword with all my might into the chest of the one who did so; he fell with a thud and blood began to pool. Tayler was breathing heavily and saying something; blood was also beginning to come from the wounds. However, I noticed they were not near as bad as they appeared; they merely were bleeding a good bit. It was mostly a bruise, but the drunkard had still caused her massive pain and an injury near fatal.

I suddenly stepped up and walked towards the rest of them, staring in shock at their fallen comrade. I had shocked them sober. I took out my Hunting Whip and slashed it in front of me, scaring them out of the room. I picked up the fallen man and took him outside. We drenched him with water several times, and he slowly came back. He had lost much blood and was taken in to the hospital, where he would also undergo trial for his multiple crimes.

We ate and began to walk around the village in our own path. We walked towards the horse stables where we were to pick out a horse for our next journey, when we could not use Skyrinthes, The stables were large and wooden, with dirt paths all around leading from one slot to the next. I walked up to a dark browm horse with a black mane and tail. I motioned Domhan over to look at it.

"This is the one, if you're willing to give it." I said.

"Ha! Take it.That horse doesn't seem to like the traditional Tremrho riders. Maybe you can mellow him." He said laughing.

I took the horse from his stable and lead him to the equipment. It was a large Tremrho Riding Spike with a built on saddle. I placed it on him, and aligned the cables correctly.They were heavy on the animal and he struggled trying to get them off. I made some adjustments and that stopped.

We began preparations to set out for our journey to the city of Loc Lac, where we would defend it from Anobon. Our saddles sat well on our horses, and we went into the tavern to get the drinks and food required for our journey. We looked at each other as Domhan brought a large horn from his house on a cliff above and behind us, connected to the ground level by botha stairway and a building. The horn was apparently made from a huge Diablos horn, with the end made from a Barroth's head. He lifted it high, put his mouth on the mouthpiece, and blew. A resonating roaring tone filled the air for three seconds. Domhan blew it three times and began to ride in front of us, guiding our horses to the field outside of the canyon in which the village was situated. He stopped us as we looked out to the valley ahead. He blew the horn again as he began to ride in a line in front of us, speaking in a load voice.

"Alright, Men of Tremrho and Dragon Warriors! Tonight you ride for your own fate, and the fate of your home! Hold back not for enemy nor friend, defend the City Of Loc Lac and Tremrho Village both! Protect the Great Plains! Protect the Central Sea! Protect the Blazing Mountain! Protect the Wyvern Boneyard! Protect your friends! Protect your family! I will remind you, blood WILL be shed in our battle. Lives will be lost. But we WILL protect our ancient lands from the Fate of Death!!" He shouted to the thousands of men and women (Those who were able to fight, which was all.) sitting on their steeds.

"TO WAR!!" Came a collective shout.

We charged forward down the valley. It would be a four day trip to Loc Lac if our steeds stayed at best health. Th

The things we saw here were nothing like Moga monsters. There was a nest of Dukkioe in a large cliff we caught sight of. There was a tribe of Jaddiprey and a Jaddidrome chasing an Antrhoplos into a mesa, where they could kill it easily. There were even some wil Skyrinthes, and I almost got full sight of an Ancient Rathalos. And on the cave that we arrived at right before dusk, there was even an ancient Terralos skin. We slept at the cave for the night. As usual, me and Tayler and Jonathan and Faedin (Black Rathian Warrior) found small parts to ourselves, where we could sleep and our horses could stay in sight.

The next morning was another rushing one, with no breakfast and only a small piece of fried meat left over from yesterday's meal as sustenance. We boarded our horses again and set off.

The valley continued for several hours, but we stopped every so often for a bite and drink. Eventually the earth changed from the grassy weeded area to rocky terrain, thick with ancient holes to boot. We were approaching a pass where we would turn and head towards Loc Lac. As we approached thje uneven piece of land, we saw a black mist settle and begin to form. I drew my blade and motioned the horses far back, enough to where a swing of a blade wouldn't hit them. The figure was Anobon, naturally. We figured this out as soon as his figure coalesced from the black smokle into a collection of crystals, and finally into him.

"Heeeelllllllllllloooooooooo, kids. Guess why I'm he-"He started before he was interrupted.

"Just shut the fuck up. Now. I am in no mood to deal with your shit today. I am going to murder you if you make one move towards me." I said angrily, irritated at the demon who repeatedly made interruptions of his own battle.

"Oooh, someone's not happy. Would you like a lollipop, kiddo?" Anobon said in a sarcastic voice.

"He said shut the fuck up. You clearly don't know how, do you." Nagaru said, swinging and drawing his blade at the same time. It looked as if it had hit Anobon straight into the chest, but he had jumped up and away in a flurry of diamonds and black smoke. Just then, Nagaru shouted a guttural sound, like a Deviljho tail falling off of its beast. A black blade emerged through his left side, right below his liver. He grew a sicly pale and grabbed the blade. Then i saw something that i'll never see before; he grabbed the blade implaling him, tore it through himself, and swung it in a huge ark to his back, slamming into Anobon. His side grew a dark blade where the blade hit him, and he looked at Nagaru, angrily. He kicked him in the face, making him drop the blade. He fell and began to die, slowly losing blood. Anobon warped away right after that little ordeal, eager that his odds were lowered.

" here...please...."Nagaru said in waning voice.

"....What is it?" She said, voice full of shock.

"I recall you sayin g sometime......that you never....knew your parents........well....i need to did.....and you watched your father.......die." He said, breathing heavy.

"Who!? Who was it?! Who is he!?" She stammered.

".....Me. I am your father. your mother was slain by the Uragaan Warrior...when he invaded, orr.......rather invade the Flooded Forest.....your mother was raped, murdered, and buried within a huge tree.....And i was forced to witness it all." He said sadly.

"....Have hope, haave good luck..............and.....I love you, my child. Please forgive my ignorance in not telling yuou earlier..." He said, in his dying breath.

Callie crouched and sat back. She was clearly crying as memories flooded her mind. Precious memories, that could never be made anew. She looked back at us, and got up.

"......Let's kill him. Now." She said in allow voice.

We continued on, knowing we had no time to take a rest.


The next day, we were approaching Loc Lac city.We could see Anobon's army an equal distance awy from the city. We marched ever closer, finally stopping. We prepared ourselves and wathced as the Skrinthian Riders Of The Wind landed bhind us. Domhan began to ride afront us, speaking to us again in his mighty voice.

"Today, you shall fight to death! You shall fight to victory! I will tell you, blood of horse and man shall be spilt tonight! We shan't back away! We will die or win!" He shouted to us. And thus began the Battle For Loc Lac.

TO BE CONTINUED IN Moga Knight Memoirs:Chapter 9/Battle of Loc Lac


The entire force of the Tremrho and Skyrinthians rushed forward. There was a clash of blades and ringing of metal everywhere. The multitudes of monsters infront of us were crushed beneath our beast's feet. Anobon and his armies shouted and yelled as we traampled through, watching cannon fire from some of the Skyrinthes.

We began to note the soldier's look; it was human at a distance, but up close they looked almost like humanoid lizards. Their entire body, save for the legs and head. The legs were almost insectoid, and the heads were covered with a helm for the most part. They had reddish skin covered in scales on their body and arms, with a chainmail suit on them with tringular links instead of circular ones. They all wielded large blades of metal modeled after the Fatalis Spirit Blade. However, higher ranks were using an imatation dark version and mockery of the King's Zweihander.

Our horses were strong animals, running straight through the creatures with their mighty spears. all blades were pointed towards the head of the problems. Anobon stood tall on a huge throne made seemingly from diamond shaped pieces of magical force, which was exactly what they were.

About thirty minutes into the battle, most of our men were afoot, instead of on horses, for most of our horses had been slain from beneath us, leaving many of the men to die suffocated by their own horses. The ones still able to ride rode with lightened loads and with both a Spikershoot* and a Tremrho Riding Sword. We quickly began to approach Anobon's tower, which had grown to a castle by now.


We finally ended the battle primarily. We got off of our horses, each of the dragon Warriors, and walked up to Anobon's Tower.

"Aww, man, the kids killed my little friends! How sad! I'll just have to avenge them, huh. But.....I promise not to murder you outright, as is fitting of your actions......but rather....I have a grand bit planned.....I will beat you all within an inch of your life.......and then....Whilst you are suspended in midair on my castle platforms.....I shall knock you onto this horrid ground, and plunge my blade through your heart! Your broken bodies will make fine sustenance for my Demon King, the true Fatalis! Yes...I am simply his blade. I'm like Fyrlosor.....except, I wasn't so worried and weak as to seal myself into a Blade. My Demon King was forced into my blade..........and until the blood of the Dragon Warriors is spilt, he cannot revive. So die you must." Anobon said.

"You dare challenge us.....even as you are, rebellous servant of the demon-king? You are a mere blotch on the Elder Dragon existence!"Fyrulosor said as he emerged from my sword. He revealed his true form while doing so.

His true form was a very light skinned form, but clearly whithered. His hair was a dark grayish black and white, with his boots and armgaurds a light blue color. His robe was dark red, with blue highlights and black trim. He looked at me when he transformed into this; until then I had believed a different form was his true.

" be careful. I'm using a different sword now. I won't be with you but you'll still ha ve your powers you had when i was." He said with a tone of discomfort and yet happiness in his voie.

We climbed onto the stairs. and were instantly joined by Anobon on a platform.

"Soo......You decided to come out to play, huh?" He said laughing.

He instantly engaged us. I slammed my blade towards him, resulting in nothing more than a push backwards. Jonathan and Fyrulosor and evenn Sylvyr were trying their hardest to knock him down. I finally realized something; we were not hitting his sword. We were hitting him. And he wasn't getting hurt. Instead, our swords were bouncing off like we were hitting a brick wall. He also looked a good deal different, metallic now with almost plasticine hair. An idea came to me: if we couldn't knock him down for some hits, we would have to knock him downwards—as in straight off his platform. [1] Anobon's true form, a less humanoid one. Also this is Ghirahim part two. I don't own the pic.[2] Anobon's Human for,--also Ghirahim's main form. Don't own the pic.Added by Ceadeuslayer27

We all began to push as forcefully as we could with our blades with each hit. He came extremely near the edge. Sylvyr had been charging up something for the last few minutes; he released this, which was a golden ball of light, into Anobon, and he fell off of the platform. He made another before getting to far away, but landed on his back. Callie and Tayler and Faedin launched off at the same time; Calli couldn't do any real damage, but she wanted Anobon to feel pain for his deeds with Nagaru. Their blades pierced his chest, causing a multitude of crystals to explode outwards. We followed our procedure again, this time with a twist; he began summoning blades and throwing them at us. When we jumped again, me, Jonathan, and Levon jumped, but Levon was simply jumping because he secretly had come to love Callie, and was willing to make him feel pain for her emotion.

Finally, the last time we reapeted this, Fyrulosor, Sylvyr, and Blazescale launched into him. he fell and was on the gorund silent.

"Ugh.....YOU WRETCHED BRATS!!!! I'll have you know you stand before a demon! Or should i say....a WEAPON WITHOUT MERCY!" Anobon said angrily.

We began dueling hand to hand. Eventually, he kicked me away. But he had gottn injured; I knew he wasn't going to last long. Finally, him and Fyrulosor dueled. The fight was too bright and fast for me to see, but I could tell the anguish in it. Eventually, Fyrulosor settled down, blade to the ground, and Anobon with a massive hole where his chest diamond should've been; it had been all but removed and shattered.

" think you've won.......but all this King has been feeding off of the Ancient Dragon Tusk in Loc Lac city.....for I left my blade here, and my soldiers carried it there..........Loc Lac is now ours.............OURS.....ME AND MY MASTER'S, FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!" Anobon said with glee. Just as he did, his body dissssolved into a large black blade with bloody letters scrawled on it. The true form of Fatlis ememerged from the castle's inner sanctem, where an altar had been assembled. We knew Loc Lac was taken over, for they had done that while we fought, so obviously the altar was solely for his human form's resurrection. The creature, calling himself The Fatalithe, grabbed up the blade and swung it.

"Oh no......all hope is lost.....the prophecy.............has failed!! Fatalithe shall rule! His very ressurection is proof! Go! Go back! Escape, all of you!" Sylvyr said. As he did, Loc Lac city turned a dismal black color and smoke emerged. We backed away as Sylvyr distracted Fatalithe.

As we loked back, Sylvyr was already waning. With a last blast of light, he was gone, and Fatalithe was returning to Loc Lac, to truly begin his invasion.

3 Weeks after the Invasion.

We looked around at our new home. It was a village built where the Prison Fortress used to stand. Now the fortress was destroyed and the materials used to make an fugitive village. The houses were small and wooden, with metal supports on the bottom. All of the weapons scavenged from the fort were re-equipped in case of emergency, but they only had about half of their original strength.

Zelda Twilight Princess Music - Ordon Theme04:26

Zelda Twilight Princess Music - Ordon Theme

The Prison Village Theme

Me and Tayler walked into our house with our stuff. We sat it down and streched. I began to notice a change with her, in both her looks and physical activity; she now was excersizing less, and fighting only when needed. We folded our clothes and put them away, along with our remaining equipment. We walked out of the house to take a walk down the road, a dirt drive that ran through town and ran the length of the island.

"Sooo......John......You know how we wanted kids and all.......welll....." She began.

"wait......are you about to say......" I began in response.

"Yup.....I'm pregnant." She said slowly.

We hugged and looked at each other. We walked through the village slowly, talking about our new home.

For some reason, the Fort Village had been untouched by the long reaching, dark hand of Fatalithe. We still had clear skies and kind grass. Though some of our pleasures were sacrificed, we had our basic needs and some pleasures along the way.

We knew we weren't able to stay here forever; we were destined Togo on another great journey, this time to gain the strength needed to fight back into Loc Lac and save Moga. This time, we were faced with much greater challenge, for this was a trip that only me, Jonathan, Tayler, Fyrulosor, and Blazescale could go on. It would bne much harder without Syvlvyr or Levon or Callie, but since Callie and Levon had went into hiding together, and Sylvyr had been killed to preserve our lives, we had to. This was our destiny.

Our destiny to fight.

Our destiny to adventure.

And our destiny for Liberty of The Moga.

The Hunter's Mark - Monster Hunter 3U ~ performed by Erutan (katethegreat19)03:31

The Hunter's Mark - Monster Hunter 3U ~ performed by Erutan (katethegreat19)

Main Theme

Zelda Twilight Princess Music - Ordon Theme04:26

Zelda Twilight Princess Music - Ordon Theme

Village theme

I sat down on the balcony of the Fortress northern wall. It looked out to Loc Lac's direction, to the place where Fatalithe had invaded. Black smoke always rose from that dreaded place now. It was nothing but fear and hate. I thought about how the world had been so long ago; nothing was like it was now.

My old home, Tremrho Village, was destroyed save for some minor houses. The Central Sea had massive ships full of nasty things from other places, poisoning the water. The Flooded Forest had begun to rot and decay and drain, with no hope of survival. I wished so badly to take a nice walk through the woods...but that would never happen in this time.

A reporter ran to me on a horse, carrying a message. He said slowly, in gasping, exasperated breath, what the message read. I was to be at a meeting right at that moment.\


As I sat down in my leather backed chair, Domhan, weathered with age, and Blazescale The First walked into the meeting room. They sat with heavy hearts and saddened faces.

"...It is time to plan our journey, yet again. This time, we aren't fighting for a simple victory.....we must fight through dark lands and try to find a way through the land. There is one way, only.......we have to sail many leagues to gain entry to the back-door, so te speak, of the Volcano. We must stay hidden and gain three sacred items back; the Thunder Heart, also known as the Vodelektrina Gem, the Earthen Stone, also known as the Terralos Diamond, and finally the Fire's Soul, also known as the Skyrinthe Ruby." Domhan said slowly.

"Well........that, and we must venture through a horribly deadly world..." Began Blazescale the first.

"What is this land, if I may ask?" I said.

"Welll.....We have to go far north..., to the Central World area. There, we can easily venture around the Wyvern Boneyard. Hopefully we won't encountr trouble there." Blazescale said.

"Well, then, let's stop saying "Well" and get going!!" Jonathan said.

"We have to prepare first, silly!" Faedin said.

"Fine..I guess yer right." He replied.

We walked out of the boardroom, eager to begin preparations. Me and Tayler headed for our house. Jonathan and Faedin walked to theirs.

As we got home, we began to look for our blades; Tayler's Heaven's Thunder Longsword and my King's Zweihander and Barrosheller, given to me by Jonathan. He now possessed a Brute EarthBlade, a Barroth Mech Blade, the weapon and weapon type he had invented himself. Tayler looked at me slowly.

"I have to train for gunning......err...train better." She said sheepishly.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well.It's dangerous for me to use a blade in my condition, being pregnant and all....But I'm somewhat trained for gun already!" She said.

"Alright, do you have a gun ready?" I said.

"Yup!" She replied, pulling out a moderately long Thundacrus Rex Bowgun

We began packing, planning to leave in three weeks.

When we were done packing, Tayler walked out to the shooting range, ready to start training with an old friend; Eledrion. He had gained a human form, in order to help us. Fyrulosor did also; he actually looked almost like a normal hunter or scholar in his human form.

Fyrulosor walked up to me, holding out his hand.

Zelda Skyward Sword - Fi's Piano Lament Fi's Theme03:32

Zelda Skyward Sword - Fi's Piano Lament Fi's Theme


"Master John............Since we depart on another quest, one in which i have a human form, I request you drive the King's Zweihander into the ground before me, and end our nesecarry partnership. You are now the Barroth Warrior. I am the Fyrulosor. If I so die, you shall weild this blade again. But no sooner." Fyrulosor said, a tiny bit of sadness in his voice.

".....Alright. If it will help our cause." I said, picking up my sword.

I plunged it hard in the ground, deep enough to where it would take Fyrulosor's spirit away from my hand and into his own. I sniffed with sadness as the strength I had felt sapped.....

But then, it came back as thoughts of Tayler flooded my mind. I also noticed Fyrulosor's hand was on my shoulder.

"どんなに私たちが一部......私はいつも聖霊中のあなたとされなければならない........私が最初に会ったときと判断した。No matter how we part......I shall always be with you in Spirit........I determined that when I first met you. Those were the words uttered by my creator, in ancient, bygone times.............My creator was.............Poterenea, Goddess of The Dragons. She created this part of the world.................And appointed me in times past to rule in her place. Anobon-er, Fatalithe, wants to usurp the throne for his own purposes, because he wanted it, and we all could tell, so he wasn't chosen. In our haste, we banished him to prevent further damage and an Ancient Hero captured him inside of the Fatalite Blade." He said slowly.

I stood in shock.I looked around with detachment. I felt like the world had just explained itself.

Picture for FYrulosor

Fyrulosor's Human Form :D


3 Weeks later

Me and Tayler walked out with our bags. As we walked towards the airship, as we were delighted to have, the Artisan struggled over to us with a wheelbarrow. He heaved the instrument on it out. He looked at Tayler, telling her about it; it was a gun.

"...And this is for me?" Tayler asked, holding the masive gun in her hands. It was easy to hold, but heavy.

"Yup! And it can kill the Great Jaggi in three head shots!" The artisan said happi8ly.

She took the gun, they talked, and I loaded the airship with our items. She thanked him and came aboard in just a few moments., Faedin and Jonathan soon followed. We borded the airship, eager to set oput for the Vocano.

Our journey was well planned; we were first to venture to the Volcano, and then to the Vodelektrina's lair, and then to the land of Skyrinthe again, and finally, to the Central World, where we would bypass all the nasty armies in the Wyvern Boneyard. After that, we would go back into moga and get the Terralos Diamond in the (Mogron) Northern Mountains. Finally, we would go to the Blazig Mountain once again, where we would smelt our swords with our gems in a sacred process, thus allowing us to slay Fatalithe and Anobon.

The airship's build was a very new one; it was equipped with Ballista Guns, Blademaster Platforms, and a weapon sharpening station. It also had an on board supply box. Atop the sail was a large rudder. Our seats were lined up on the left and right sides, so we could hop out when we got to our destination.

As we got off of the ground, some people backed away into the insides of the Airship. I simply stood at the side, watching the horizon disappear. It was dusk by the time we approached the volcano ( close enough to see its flames.)

To be continued in...........The Moga Liberty Chronicles 2:Mountain Of Fire

We approached the Volcano, eager to land. Tayler had vomited several times, complaining about Eledrion not coming in his Lagiacrus form with us, for his healing abilities. The Volcano was a truly scary and massive place; flares shot up all around, and an eery orange light. From our view, I could see magma exploding and flowing at some points. It was really a terrifyingf place.

I looked closely at our surroundings; in the air, there was an strane silence, a storm was brewing, and there were no birds. The blackness of the night seemed never ending, save for the Volcano's steady light. We heard the steady beating of massive wings from behind and below us. We loaded the ballista guns with care and quiet, not wanting to alert whatever flew behind us. We looked over the back end after we were ready for any battle; what we saw shocked us.

A Yamiokami, Black Beast. No one had ever seen one here in Moga. We knew what they were, though. I watched as it jumped higher, letting out an ear peircing roar towards us. It swooped onto the airship, careful not to poke the sail. It flew off and leaped towards us; as it did so, I pulled out my weapon with the rest of the crew and Tayler took out her massive gun. I began to lift my arms up along with my blade, trying to summon some hard lava from the Volcano. This was the first time I tried to use my powers in battle. A huge chunk of rock came from the Volcano's direction and slammed into the Yamiokami. The rest of the crew noticed this; they all concentrated hard and lifted their weapons, all except Tayler, who put her gun down and pulled out to small knives, the size of slightly small pair of Dual Swords. She raised them high, saying a short phrase in her native tongue. All of the sudden the swords began to glow with blue light, and we heard rushing water. Behind us, a massive wall of water came up and surrounded the airship. Tayler guided it to the Yamiokami's chest, and swungher blades backwards. The creature screamed and fell back into the darkness, not returning.

But that was far from the worst we saw; we saw yet another creature never seen in Moga, a Jade Alatreon. Clearly some monsters were migrating, and needed food. Apparently, we were that such food. It began to screech at our airship., fully intending to disorient us and send us to our death. The creature stopped screching briefly and rushed far above us. Suddenly a great force was felt upon ujs as we began to rise and fall around at the mercy of the breeze.

"Fuck! The Jade Altreon's Anti gravity power!" Fyrulosor said. "Shit, how the hell do we reverse it?!" Jonthan cried out in real worry.

We slowly lost the hindrance as we stood still for some time.

The creature raced back down, spitting ice at us from reat angles. Ballistas rang through the air, barely piercing the Alatreon's tough scales. The creature holed as two hit its softer head, and flew around the airship. Suddenly, I remembered something; Blazescale ll possessed control over fire. I shouted for him to blast the creature as it began to fly faster. The area lit up with blazes, and the Jade Alatreon fell out of the sky like a shot bird.

As we approached the Volcano, we saw several people waiting; they weren't drssed as escorts. They had on ninja like hunter armor, and wielded large Alatreon Long Swords. As we landed, they began conversation. They slowly taked to us as though we were in secret. Suddenly, they muttered their true reason of being there as they drew their Long Swords at out Airship. We jumped down and began to slice at them, each one turning out faster than the others by a longshot, it seemed.

One came straight towards me, with angst in his black hair and death in his soul. He slashed with his longsword, leaving a hole in a stone right beside us; I would've been killed if it weren't for that rock. I let my blade slip from its pose to the ninja's head, and he fell to his knees blood spurting out from the cranial wound. I slashed again in front of me, hitting another and sending him into a wall. He then tore part of the bedrock behind him from its resting place and hurled it at me. It was about then I realized they were pirates of the Alatreon Revolt.

The Alatreon Revolt was a band of thieves and pirates that had split from the Fatalis Armada when Fatalithe invaded, under his rule and suggestion. They plundered unwary ships and airships with bloodily ready blades and ancient magical techniques. They survived with what they could find on these things. They were one thing that inhabited the Wyvern Boneyard that made us not want to stay there.

These people had a Fortress, known as Alatoun Fort, in the Wyvern Boneyard. It was a rather strange place built with rectangles and squares that, when put together backwards, revealed a message in the Ancient Tongues; but no one had ever bothered to decipher it. We weren't going to either.

Finally, Tayler and Eledrion had enough. They suddenly raised their Thunder Blades high and pointed them to the group of thieves, before sweeping outward. A tidal wave of water rushed forward, taking them out with haste. They stepped back, and Tayler fell to her knees; this was the most magic she had done in years. We walked away, me holding Tayler asleep in my arms.

The next event was a slow and anticipated one; from the sky came a person all in black. However, we knew instantly that they weren't intent on harming us. He snapped his fingers, transporting us instantly to some sort of ethereal alternate world.

The ground was stony and earthen. Water covered the ground in some places. It smelled like tea, almost-yes,

The White Star

This is currently the best I can get to look like Lunavian. I know who it is also, but I can't post my version of the artwrok up yet. :/

earthy tea. It was extremely cool, but not cold, and was perfect for our armors. The water was warm and sweet. In front of us, about twenty feet, stood a great wyvern, white with a red gem on his chest. He began murmuring a message.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword- Dragon Theme Extended13:49

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword- Dragon Theme Extended

The Three Dragons Themes-Warrior Dragons Themes

"I am Lanavian, Goddess of the Skies of Moga. I see you come seeking the Gem of The Skyrinthes............." He said in a low termed voice.

"Yes, we come seeking said gem." Said Fyrulosor.

"Very well................But you don't look the part of Hero anymore, Fyrulosor. Why you gave up all your power to assume a human form is beyond me..............You are, after all, the Chosen Cheif Of The Great Wyverns. It pains us to see you give up your stature for one so..............tiny......................" He muttered.

Suddenly, Fyrulosor utteredd a bright flash of light and transformed again into his main form.

"How am I............NOW??"Fyrulosor said loudly. T

"Very good! Prove your might however...........Call your Skyrinthes, Warriors, and you, Fyrulosor, summon your power in your wings. We shall race to the Skyland for this Gem!!" The massive dragon said as it began to flap its huge wings.

We called our massive Flying Wyverns and took off.

The race started on a cliffside. We jumped off onto our Skyrinthes quickly, flapping upwards at a great pace. The supposedly dead Yamiokami began to give chase, but when I let one of my razor sharp knives down into its face, it turned back and towards the continent that it comes from. We sped past cliffsides and eventually got near the c louds, Suddenly, a large landmass seemed to just jump at us; the Skyland. We circled around the masssive place, and I finally got ahead of Lunavian. We landed speedily, Lunavian now in third, We jumped off our Skyrinthes and down into the tunnel to finish the race. Suddenlly, the end appeared; it was a dead drop into the clouds. We jumped and flew again, flying through a cirlce of cloouds.

I was first.

Fyrulosor was Second.

Jonathan was Third..

Nayru's Wisdom - The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword01:29

Nayru's Wisdom - The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

End of the race

And Lunavian was Fourth.

Lunaivan perched afront us and began speaking.

"Fyrulosor...........Even you flew better than I remember.............Ah, good times. I like this. We should do it again. Someday........."Lunavian said.

"Well, perhaps...........after all this." Fyrulosor said with dismay, now retransformed into a human.

Lunavian flew into the cave and emerged a few minutes later, carrying a massive gemstone that shrunk in size as it passed to us.

"This is the Skyrinthe Gem. It hasn't been touched in years..........say, let that girl wear it around her neck. It will restore her power quickly." The Giant Wyrm said.

I did so, and Tayler opened her eyes and began to squirm. She stopped as she realized she was in my arms.

" you........." Tayler said in her cool voice.

Zelda Skyward Sword - Ballad of the Goddess - Trailer on Piano01:38

Zelda Skyward Sword - Ballad of the Goddess - Trailer on Piano

John and Tayler-Theme of Love

I sat her down. She got up, messing with her hair to get it back right again. We began to walk away, and jumped on to our Skyrinthes as Lunavian waved to us. The wyvern, we noticed, really was aged; his face had the remains of horns atop it, shining and yet dulled slightly. The surrounding red spines were slowly dulling over the many hundreds of years. He was at least a thousand years old.

Our journey back was uneventful till the lowest cliff. As soon as we got up, we began to hear sounds of heavy breathing. We all though, The Yamiokami is back! Run!. But none of us ran; we stood siting there. All of the sudden, a Ghastolace jumped from a cave and glided over us with its spidery, spindly, Gigginox-like wings, that provided surprising strength in flight. The leech like creature landed right in fornt of us, terrifying our Skyrinthes. I drew my Earth's Might Blade, the classic Barroth Warrior blade, and began to swing and thrust at the massive pale pseudowyvern. Eventually, I hit the mark, in between the right shoulder blade and the joint. The wyvern screamed in pain and flailed on its back, the blade turning thesurrounding area on the wyvern into stone. After about five minutes of constant attack, the creature fell silent. We quickly carved it and fried some of the meat.

Sitting around the campfire, we could really accurately tell each other's growth. Tayler was larger; Jonathan now sported a long, grey, hunter's beard; I was beginning to show mmy age even. and Fyrulosor was just the same. Our meat was really delicious; it had a hint of herbs and frying within it.

we looked up to the east; in the skyline flew a Helioroth. This was the supposed "Link Between The Wyverns" Who could speak our language and the Ancient Language. He also lived like a monster though. However, in this instance, the Helioroth was in danger however. For it was being chased by the Hellion Birds.

Moga Liberty Chronicles 3:Attack of The Hellions


The Hellion Birds, the very creatures of assassination sent from hell itself. They gave hearty chase to the massive Elder Dragon, in expectance to slay him and ruin our chance. They were large, black, and looked exactly like ravens or crows; they had dark, shadowy horns with a shadowed fog running from them, however. We looked at each other, thinking the same thing; "SERIOUSLY?! NOW, OF ALL TIMES?!" We thought. We called our Skyrinthes, and jumped on the creatures to give chase.

The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Music Death Mountain & Skull Woods01:46

The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Music Death Mountain & Skull Woods

Attck of the Hellion-Birds

The Hell-Ravens were more resilient than they looked. They swatted our attacks away with sharp claws from above and below; our Skyrinthes were even getting annoyed at this. Tayler pulled out her gun from the sheath, and aimed it at the apparent Alfa. She fired a blast of WyvernFire (Slug) Level 3 at the dark creature. It flailed into thte clouds with a screech. It didn't reappear. Tayler continued to blast as Fyrulosor positioned his black and gold creature (Not a Skyrinthe, strangely; a Terropteryx.) above, and let his hands fall to the sides, and point downwards with his fists. Flames poured from the wings of the large pseudowyvern. The remaining Hellion Ravens fell from the sky.

The Helioroth looked behind him, with a look of curiosity.

"Why dost thou save me fromst the Hellions? Art thou truly the Dragon Warriors?" The massive dragon answered, his head-light gleaming.

"We are indeed. We come to ask of your counsel. We have heard the legend of the Vodelektrina's Heart, and we wish of you to guide us there. To her lair." I said slowly.

"Hmph! And why, do you need my counsel? I know not where She remains. I have heard the Legend Of The Vodelektrina as well. I beleive it fully. But I do not believe I can guide you; for her lair is in the water and I am simply an Avian." The Helioroth said with dismay.

"Well, we have simply heard this. Now, is it true?" I said again.

"Verily....Yes, I know Vodelektrina...or I did. I can lead you to her old lair.

We began to fly downwards, eventually landing on the ground. Helioroth stooped down low and lowered a wing, telling us to get on quicly. We climbed atop the wyvern and took off. After a few forced beats, he layed down.

"I am sorry, friend. I am old and weary. It takes much strength of me to fly now. And that chase was the most I have done in many moons. Please forgive me." He said lowly.

"It is fine. Use your might well, and fly far!" Fyrulosor stated.

Helioroth began to glow. He eventualluy lifted off after many beats of his wings, and we soared through the sky. As we flew, a faint glow began to start dancing far afront of us. We knew not what it was; it didn't resemble Helioroth's horns, which emit bright flares of light when provoked to blind an enemy, and glowed when not in use. They almost resembled a symmetrical sphere distorted with water. I Looked under us; indeed, we were above water.

"How far out are we?!" I asked.

"Hm? Oh, we grow close. I shan't fly much farther. By the way...if you wish to decend, I will not land. I will not land nonetheless, actually. It is far to tiring to try flying again. I shall drop you and you shall swim to Vodelektrina's lair, when you are closer." Helioroth said.

I then realized what I had seen; it was another rare Central World monster, a Lumidusa. The jellyfish like creature was following us, from far beneath. EVentually however, as we neared the well known Vodelektrina's lair, we began to shake with fear. We had no idea why; we feared not for our lives here, from past experiences we had. It was the very power of Vodelektrina that made us quiver in fear. We were thoroughly terrified. If this was its power, wehad reason to be also.

We jumped from Helioroth's back. Vodelektrinas Lair was right under us; above us was a black sky thick with fog.

A blueish black figure emerged from the depths. We readied our weapons. It was indeed Vodelektrina. She came up, making the water stir. As soon as she arrived, she began to glow. We prepared for a fight, sharpening weapons, loading guns.

Vodelektrina let out a roar as we began to battle. I sped towards the left, aiming on crippling its left fin. I was swatted away weightlessly. Tayler continued to blast huge Wyvern's Fire Slugs at it, blasting its skul apart. It let a stream of electricity at her and she fell limp. I screamed in agony as it circled to me, before I recovered and yelled in anger and angst at the Elder Dragon. grabbed Tayler, slipped her a ThunderBlock Seed and a potion, and she revived, although slowly. Fyrulosor was letting his Blazing Fury Switch Axe do his work, practically; the Fyrulosor-made Axe was slicing through the Vodelektrina's hinde like butter.

Jonathan also joined in with his Mech Blade; the Barroth sword was slamming into and right through the creature at most points. He was eventually received, and batted away with a jet of electric water. He yelled in frustration, grabbing a massive boulder and slamming it into Vodelektrina's head, exploding the already broken skull like a ballon under a greatsword.The Vodelektrina continued to s1quirm and jiggle as it's brain ebbed out into the water and its blood fell into thick fog in front of it. The rest of the body was being cut up and sliced about as it thrashed around against the blade-like rocks. FInally, the heart shot out of it, an old organ with a gem encrusted within it that we could see.

From the gem, a mighty dragon came. The surrounding are dried except for parts at the bottom and we floated down. The dragon smiled.

"You have done very well to aid me.......You have slain the beast form I was sealed in. Now, I trust you come seeking the Vodelektrina heart, no?" The Ancient Thunder Dragon said.

"Yes, we do indeed..............Vodaspirito...." Eledrion said.

"ELEDRION!? IS THAT YOU!?" Vodaspirito said with glee.

"Yes, it is indeed. I have missed you verily. It is time you meet your child. Tayler, it is time to meet your true mom and dad. I am you father, and Vodaspirito is your mother. We were in human forms as the Lagiacrus Warriors until the Island we hail from was destroyed. We then parted and lived in beast forms, I took over you." Eledrion Said.

"Wow............" Is all that Tayler could muster.

Vodaspirito gave us the heart, and we floated back up in a mist of bright blue water.

When we arrived at the top, Helioroth was approaching us, a large winged platform in tow.

"Come aboard the S.S> Skyliner!! Enjoy this whilst I have the energy!" Helioroth said.

"How...? How did you get so much energy?!" I said in amazement.

"My boy, I am very old, but dost not think of myself as useless! Sometimes, I get the urge to try new things! Now I have the urge to fly well and far, you should take advantage!!" He bellowed with glee.


When we finally got near the edge of the Ancient Glacier, Helioroth set us down and lifted up and away. We began to walk forward, and our surroundings changed from alarge plain covered in ice to a surreal watery rock plain. Fyrulosor stood in a black and red hunter's armor called Fyrus X, a perfect armor for the Wyvern Samurai; covered in red scales, held together with a black hide. The helm was covered in large fin like structures running the length of the headpieve to the back. The chestplate bore Fyrulosor Heart, an ancient Gem bestowed onto Fyrulosor.

"Welcome into the Surreal Realm, again. I have come to a relization in the past few battles; very few of you know how to fight. So I will teach you." Fyrulosor began.

Continued in Moga Liberty Chronicles 4:Learning The Art Of War In The Surreal Realm

"First, I would like the two that can fight to show themselves. you know who you are...." Fyrulosor said, looking at Jonathan and Faedin with glaring eyes.

"Do you want me to tell them how I learned the art of war?" Faedin said.

"Yes, indeed, madame of the Sky-Wyverns." Fyrulosor said.

"Well, I was appointed when the Rathian Warrior and I were younger to be her Gaurdian. I learned quick the art of batlle. I remember my trainer; an ancient lad with good skill in magic but expert skill in agile combat. I was truly able to do what I chose with my physique." The Ancient Rathian Warrior said.

"I was originally a great Sensei of the Tremrho and a great hunter, I was. I travelled long and far, and once, the Deviljho Warrior and Uragaan Warrior tried to capture or kill me; I slayed them and burned them, but they found out, and I was sent to Loc Lac Prison Fortress where I sharpened my skills even further." Jonathan said quickly.

"Very good! Now, you know well how to fight. You will aid in these youngster's training." Fyrulosor said.

He grabbed a long sword from a sheath on his back.

"First, you must learn how to properly swing your blades with the strength of a mountain and the speed of a lion." Fyrulosor began, raising the blade in an arc and going down, making the air whistle.

"Repeat the manuever!" Fyrulosor bellowed.

We raised our sword in the way he had, but we all swung in a circular downward arc like Moga Hunters were used to; Fyrulosor quickly chastised us with a sharp kick to the stomachs. We fell back on our butt, thoroughly winded. All except for Jonathan and Faedin, who had sat there watching.

"Wrong! It must be straight and powerful, with great momentum!!" Fyrulosor said.

We tried again, getting it right this time.

"Good! Now, finish the combo!" He said.

We began to perform our own combos: I did a Spirit roundslash with mine. Fyrulosor looked at us proudly.

"You've learned the first basic training step." Fyrulosor said.

He turned to the direction of a stone behind him and threw the longsword at the structure; he then threw large plates to us.

"To your right, represents strength. To your left, represents courage. You need them both o obtain the Long Sword." Fyrulosor said.

"Wow, tough guy, eh?" Blazescale said under his breath.

Fyrulosor turned to him and handed the plates to him.

Mulan - I'll make a man out of you lyrics03:18

Mulan - I'll make a man out of you lyrics

The Training Theme

"Thank you for volunteering, Blazescale.

Fyrulosor placed the huge plates on him and lifted Blazescale's arms, showing the weight of the plates.

"This, is how I grew to be the fighter I am! You must remember; you learn from the best now!" Fyrulosor said loudly before pushing Blazescale towards the massive rock spire. Blazescale jumped and tried at the pole to no avail; he thought he tried everything.

After ten minutes of the sad charade, Fyrulosor kicked the pole for him to come down all the way. He took the plates and laid them across his arm.

"Time for the next activity! EVeryone grab their sword!" Fyrulosor said.

Tayler began to reach for hers; as she did, Fyrulosor pointed to the gun instead.

"Now! Get your blade through the tree and that should conclude today's training......." Fyrulosor said.

We threw and launched our blades to no avail. Eventually, we fell back into reality; it was black night and the night-creatures were about. We went to bed, but Fyrulosor did something; he left the plates on a stone near the beds. I grabbed them and put them on as soon as everyone was asleep.

I began to climb the pole; the first few tries, I fell harshly down. the third try, I realized why the plates represented different things, and I saw characters on them. 勇気 on the Left Plate; 強さ on the Right Plate. I lept at the pole and intertwined the two plates with each other, forming a hard-to-break link between them. I used them as leverage to pull myself up.

As soon as I got the Long Sword, I tossed it down; it was already daytime. Fyrulosor sat up from his bed and looked at me with pride.

Over the next day, each of us got a chance to go up the pole again; we all succeeded.

Fyrulosor was truly impressed; he looked with amazement at us. As we finished, we began to walk towards the Ancient Glacier, Fyrulosor beginning to talk.

"You have done very well indeed to do what you did. That was amazingly quick training." Fyrulosor said. He repeated it in several different ways to us and himself, and we continued to walk.

Moga Liberty Chronicles 5:The Ancient Glacier

The Ancient Glacier; a great valley and mountain combination to the east (North In Most Moga Maps) of Doragokuni. It was seemingly endless, and little life seemed to stir there whilst we walked. But if we slowed down and listened, we could hear the sharp glrowls and barks of Raptorial Wyverns such as the Blue Jaddidrome, large guttural screeches from the maws of Gigginox, and unerthen howls from mighty beasts like Deviljho and Baritoh. Each one was far off in the distance of our human ears, however.

As we began to walk, Jonathan began to speak.

"....I have something to confess. I..........I am not solely who ye think I am........Because....Asides from being the Earthen Warrior...I also contain a small part of the Spirit of Fatalis. I discovered this when we killed the Vodelektrina; I had, in my rage and anger, created that "Boulder".........But..........It wasn't only stone. It was composed of Dragon Energy and small pebbles. And it had summoned the Black Lighting of Dragon. I wish I had known earlier.....But I have been thinking......and I remembered something told to me; "You possess a Dragonic Spirit within you. But you have the Earth Spirit also within you and this dominates the Dragonic Spirit. So you control Earth....but, perhaps someday if your heart is truly pure, you can harvest the rest..." Someone once said that to me...I don't remember who, but they were quite official as I saw 'em! This is also why my armor is colored so." Jonathan drew out.

".....Really? Are you sure?" I said in amazement. He garunteed himself with a nod.

"I do not detect any kind of Dark Spirit within you. But, I'll go along for now. But I refuse to believe that is the only answer." Fyrulosor said.

We walked on in awe, thoroughly mind blown. This was great news, that he could muster that such power.


Anobon stood still in a tower in the town of Kurai, deep within the Abyssal Canyon. He looked down intently on the sphere in front of him. In it he saw several figures; one in darkish Barroth Armor, mostly Black with some brown plates, one dressed in Lagiacrus+ Armor of some sort, with strange gauntlets that covered her arms and had knuckles tipped with spiral thunderbolt like shapes, one with a Skyrinthian Combat Suit donned, one who wore no hunter armor but had a good deal of a gray beard with gray hair, one with tpyical Barroth Armor with much more decoration, and finally, one in some strange Vodelektrina-Lagiacrus armor. This was the Dragon Warriors. He looked at the one in dark armor and listened to what he said. Anobon grew a sickly pale upon realizing something; either this oaf possessed the Spirit of Fatalis, or he was able to draw something from the Abyssal Cistern (A misleading name, since it was in fact a massive well for magic and dark power; Fatalithe built it to gather dark energy and release it at his will, hence why he has so much power at any time. All of his magic is powered by this Cistern.) This would be a truly bad thing for Anobon and Fatalithe, because that means he could use their power against them and possiblky more powerfully. They would have to try very vehemently to protect themselves from the onsloughts of the Warriors.

As he turned to look at the Abyssal Cistern, there appeared to be glowing light emitted from it. The light only emitted when one was using it's power. Anobon gritted his teeth with hatred.


As we trudged through the Ancient Glacier, we began to feel colder and colder, the earth's mighty frost snapping through our bones. Suddenly a black and white and blue robed figure descended in a jump.

Sheiks theme EXTENDED ocarina of time10:00

Sheiks theme EXTENDED ocarina of time

Nina's Theme-The Shadow Light Warrior.

"Hello/! I'm the Shadow Light Warrior...I presume you're the Dragon Warriors?" The figure said.

We quickly dfrew our weapons and muttered, "We want a name.......we're tired of these kinds of introductions."

"Oh yeah! And....if it isn't too bad, I'll be talking like myself usually, unless I'm trying to be really serious. Let me introduce myself. I'm Nina Kaikatsuna. I'm the Shadow Light Warrior, descended from both Fatalis and Helioroth. Hence my clothes." She said, moving around flauntatiously at the last few words, showing us her clothing. She was fairly tall at about 5'6", with aqua eyes and curly brown hair. She had a pretty face and seemed to always have a smile on. I found her intruging instantly.

"My family used to live in Kurai, gaurding the Abyssal Cistern from Fatalthe's monsters. But we were forced out through many wars and battles and have little hope left.....but despite this some of us still live there, in secret, attempting to keep the Abyssal Cistern sealed from Fatalithe. But........we aren't succeeding well. Lately, we've found that the Abyssal Cistern can give it's power when called for, though because of its seal, it isn't near as much power is normally released......Well, in a way. The power can still be used at its fullest might; but, its effects don't go in a spllash like they would if the Seal was removed. But enough of that! I was sent here to help you. AND I broguht a friend!! She said.

A different person jumped down, though he landed on all fours. The man was very tall, darly tanned,with a large build and a warrior atheltic fitness about him. His eyes were a dark mysterious green and from the way his mouth was set he was a determined and protective man. And the way he stood near Nina showed they were together or he cared for her greatly. He got up and dusted himself off, and began speaking.

"My name is Chishiki. I am not exactly a "Warrior" per se....But I am the most knwledgable of people about Warriors and the Wyverns." Chishiki said with a wise old voice.

"We're here to help with this little adventure. We have been through the Central World; there is a place called the Military Bastion where we can stay a few nights. But it is a deadly place with brand-spanking new monsters. So we're gonna guide you through!!" She said, beaming.

We introduced ourselves with nods. As soon as the introductions were over we continued to walk.

The Ancient Glacier was a good deal more barren than sounds would suggest. We began to see the shadows lengthen and eventually they faded to exist, but the eery moon and glistening snow made the Ancient Glacier filled with light. As we walked on a breathing began to follow our every move. We looked behind us but saw nothing. All of the sudden an Ice Ghastolace pounced on us, it's leach and beak mouth piercing around the snow in front of us. We screeched to a halt, and drew our weapons.

The blue creature had a truly distrubing appearance. It was framed with spiky bone all across it. The spikes ran down its back and came to a point on its tail. The wyvern lunged rapidly at us, slobber dribbing off of its beak. It grabbed Tayler immediately. I screamed in angst, raising my Traditional Earth Blade high and slamming it hard into the back of the creature. It screamed in agony and Tayler's face whent white. All of the sudden, a kick shown itself; Jonathan was fiercely slamming his boot into the creature, and Tayler was near to passing out. I took her away from the creaturee, both of us panting unbelievably hard. The creature was now squirming on its back, angered that it was losing its battle.

Faedin began to throw in some fight herself. She began slicing at the tail, bits of hide chippinf and peeling from the creature. After a massively powerful Spirit Strike, the tail came off. It began to squirt blood like a hose, and the creature moaned and howled with the feeling of slow death coursing through it. Blazescale walked up and drove his giant sword into the neck of the crerature. We carved iit and stored the meat.

We continued to walk forward. A cave began to loom at us. We casually strolled into the rock structure. Less howls emenated from here, though it was a great deal scarier because of the many Gigginox Eggs. A Giggi followed us every so often, but other than that, we remained untouched or unnoticed by the local flora and fauna.

Suddenly, from the cave floor emerged a Chikyusuneku, the Burrowing Earth Serpent, and it coiled itself around the hole it had made. It hissed angrily at us; we had interrupted its sleep. We backed up and drew our weapons, prepared to fight this creature. It began to fight with a weathered hiss.

It slashed its tail left and right in an effort to slam us into the wall, to no avail. We hacked at the massive body with all our strength, scales ripping off and blood flying through the air at every turn. The creature growled in frustration. It swung its jaws at us, biting into a wall. Tayler began to blast rounds at the head and neck. Nina drew two long katana, each one with a different colored blade and hilt. She began to lash out with them in rapid succession, the blades cutting deeply into the underbelly.

By this time, the creature had regained its balance and was attacking again. Nina, again empowered with her swords, slashed downwards and then performed an Abyssal Uppercut maneuver, a powerful move used to jab upwards and slash at something both. The wyvern roared as it fell on its back; I bursted into action, swinging my sword up over my back and into the creature forcefully. It cried out and fell back. We left it sitting there, willing to distract a few more predators away from us.

We walked out of the cave and onto an ice plain which we could visibly see ended some hundred meters in front of us. It ended in a plain of rocky structures and truly desert like area. We looked behind us; we had actually climbed a mountain, little to our knowledge.

We all ran towards the stony plains, clearly willing to distance ourselves and the Ancient Glacier. We were now on our way, slwoly but surely, to the Abyssal Canyon, and thence to the Central World.

TO BE CONTINUED IN.........Moga Liberty Chronicles 6:Discovery And Crossing of The Abyssal Canyon

We walked slowly upon the hard rocky plains. The ground was black and smoky with little plants. The entire area was truly an amazing place, however; life stirred in small crevices and creatures flew over head, things like Bnahabra and Vespoid. As it rolled on, however, the land began to switch to a greener landscape, a grassy plain. A few trees stood in places.

A stony array began to appear in our sight. This was an old fortress from the looks of it. We got to see it better as we approached its massive doors and kicked at them.

The fortress was massively cavernous. Built entirely out of stone, the fort complex contained many rooms that interconnected with few halls and many tunnels and arch bridges over some parts. The entire fortress had a tall dome over the middle, with similar domes n the corner towers. Each doorway was built with an arch, with a truss structure on the doorway sides. The main room was expansive, and had an intricate tunnel opening and western doorway towards the opposite side. Weapons were hanging from the walls and over the doors; and there was no shortage of armor either.

Most of the armor and weapons here seemed to be made from Terropteryx parts. There was traditional Terropteryx+ Gunner Armor on the walls to our right; to the left was Terropteryx+ Blademaster armor. We looked at the ancient armors sitting there before we noticed the armored skeleton sitting kneeled down at a back wall with a large rumpled paper strewn upon the wall, with bloody letters scrawled on it.


dai bushi, Indiana senshi wa, kare no saigo no nokori no bubun ni ichi shite imasu. Kono nōto wa watashi no chi de kaka rete imasu. Anata wa, yoroi ga shin'en kyanion o ikinokoru tame ni wa koko ni tokushoku ni, matawa sukunakutomo on'nanoko, teirā wa, ishi ga hitsuyō ni narimasu. Kanojo wa dekirudakehayaku anata ga chūō no sekai ni tōtatsu suru to, sugu ni shussan suru yō ni unmei dzuke rarete iru. Watashi wa, kanojo wa sore ga ōkiku naru to, kanojo no karada ni shinshuku suru kono yoroi o, kenshutsu shitai to omoudeshou shite imasu. Hijō ni yoku... Kibō o motte iru...- ... Here lies the ancient samurai, Indiana Senshi, in his final rest. This note is written in my blood. You will need the armor featured here to survive the Abyssal Canyon, or at least the girl, Tayler, will. She is destined to give birth soon, as soon as you reach the central world. I am detecting she will want this armor, which expands and contracts with her body as it grows. Very well...Have Hope......" Jonathan read aloud.

We got Tayler the best looking suit of armor we could find for her size. It was a great fit. She walked around in it and smiled.

"So...should we sleep here for the night? Seems like a mighty fine place to make a fire and get the hell out of this hellhole tomorrow. And I don't mean the Abyssal Canyon. I mean the Doragokuni region as a whole." Jonathan muttered angrily.

"Yeah, ley's sleep here...I'm tired..........." Tayler said with a groggy voice.

We built a fire in the northeast corner. We burned several old logs already in the fireplace, and gathered some from the outside that weren't. We all slept together by the fire (The couples had their own blankets, naturally.) While we were still awake, we cooked a small bit of meat for us. We ate slowly and enjoyed the meat. I looked at Tayler; she was visibly half over her pregnancy. I began to think to myself about how we would have to hurry to get her in a place where she could give birth. I kept thinking about the Military Bastion; simply to the northeast of our position, luckily. There was apparently hunter training courses there, and we could certainly use some, along with some true hunter's equipment.

After everyone else fell asleep, I lay awake, occasionally stretching my head to look at the direction of a noise. I would also occasionally put wood in the fire, stirring it then and again. Eventually, I was asleep with my thoughts.

The next day was an early one; we awoke and packed, and set out again. We traversed the massive fortress, occasionally batting away a Jaddiprey or Baggi. Other than that, however, we were safe from monsters.

Eventually we came to a massive arch bridge. On the sides were walls of stone and wood; on the floor of the bridge were bones, but the true floor was solid stone. We walked across and out the other side. We looked behind us: The fortress was still just as majestic, but now seemed...darker, so to speak, from the back. We turned back around and walked towards the next bridge.

It was much more advanced and decorated, and had guard towers and gaurdhouses at both ends. The underside had three arches, whil the top sloped upwards, but with straight sides, used for horse only and person only travel primarily. The guard tower to the eastern side towards us was crumbled and roofless, but explorable nonetheless. We began to walk across the bridge.

All of the sudden, several dark black and red stake ripped through the sky and into the earth, and a red and black wall appeared between them, and connected to the walls of the bridge. The middle of the bridge was zapped with dark energy and disappeared in to a portal above.

From the portal jumped Anobon, twirling his sword in his hand. He cackled gleefully, looking psychotically at Tayler.

"So! Little lady bitch is all pregnant? Aww, look at that! Ha! Certainly unexpected. In all fairness, I really didn't expect you to live long enough to give birth OR get pregnant! I was wrong. How funny. As for you, John......You're not being a good boy....After all, you are getting in my way quite a bit lately. I must punish you! But...first........I want to make you look at something.....Look at your little Loc Lac now........." Anobon said, twirling the sword in a circle, opening a portal-like scrying window. He showed us Loc Lac Castle, now created in place of Loc Lac.

He closed it and began to cackle wildly as he began to battle us.

Anobon first striked at Tayler, narrowly missing her thanks to a heavy downslash from my Barrosheller Long Sword. She fell back and raised her gun, using it like a shield. Nina took out her dual swords, the Abyssal Darkness blades, and slashed around Anobon with them. He batted her away quickly with the flat of his sword. Chishiki kicked several times at him, throwing him to his side. Faedin used a rare Rath Warrior move, the Blazing Bolt, and shocked him into spasms. He teleported away and grabbed Faedin.

"MOVE AND SHE DIES!" Anobon yelled angrily, but psychotically.</span>

Chishiki teleported, unbeknownst to Anobon, to his back, and stabbed Anobon in the left gut. Anobon released Faedin, and she turned and threw fire in Anobon's face. He was kneeling on one knee, panting.

"You wretched brats have grown since I last saw you. But I must alert you, Jonathan, of something...Hmph! You are not a Warrior of Fatalis. You are able to draw power from the Ancient Cistern. That makes you the Abyssal Lightbringer. Good bye." Anobon said, gasping. He left and the barriers left, and the bridge was restored. We crossed over, and looked in the guard tower.

The guard tower contained little more than an old treasure chest with a Central World map in it; we took this and stasdhed it away before heading on, into the central world for real. After all this time, we were at the Central World's Eastern Border.

Central World

The Central World

TO BE CONTINUED IN........Moga Liberty Chronicles 7:The Central World

The Central World; a brand new land with brand new monsters, and new legends told or heard of everywhere. Nina leaned down and touched the grass with her hands. I smelled the new smells, enhoyed the new sights, and looked back but once. The great iron fence that stood was being just as strong as ever, keeping those monsters which do not need to be in Doragokuni Region out.

Our first destination in this land was the Wet Rainforest. Nina and Chikishi said that we would have to fly over the Radiation Field to get to it, however, if we chose to fly. We debated it amongst ourselves and decided it was best if we crossed the place on foot.

After some half hour of walking, we came across it. A dismal place with few plants, we decided it was best to wear our specialized hunter's masks to avoid the gasses. As we wlked, several plants died simply from the gases being passed around. We walked slowly upon mor dismal area, seeing practically nothing except for the rather disgusting looking ground. Eventually, Fyrulosor transformed and let us ride on his back.

The ride was especially boring, with nothing much happening except for some minor wyvern fights below. When we approached the Wet Rainforest, we hopped from Fyrulosor and on to the ground, landing with a thud on the soft wet marshy ground.

In front of us lie the Wet Rainforest, a massive jungle enclosed with trees. Many examples of flora and fauna roamed about. There were strange plants all around us. We carefully stepped through bushes and weeds and besides trees to get through.

As we walked, a strange quiet began to fill the air. We listened intently and looked around. Suddenly, out of nowhere, came a huge owl. It pounced on Blazescale like a Nargacuga on a kelbi. It had a round face, with disk like ears. It was some sort of pseudowyvern. We watched as it turned towards us and made a loud noise. We jumped into action.

It was a Glauturna. A Central World only monster that resembles an owl with legs. The creature made several squawks and hoots at us before attacking.

I was first in line, apparently. I dodged one attack, landing a hit with the Barrosheller on its right wing, but I was hit ful force with a tail whip. It briefly turned towards Tayler, but it saw the massive gun she wielded and the Armor she wore; the Glauturna had seen it on a previous creature. The Terropteryx that occasionally journeyed, when old, to the Central World.

"These humans......They come from Doragokuni or Moga......Hmph.....They don't know how different the world is here.....It was started here, in fact......Heh, these puny creatures likely do not even know what they're really fighting." The Glauturna said to herself.

Blazescale was lying on the ground dazed. Faedin helped him up and they jumped into action, utilizing their Fire Warrior abilities in conjunction with their great sword and long sword. Blazescale slashed madly at its head with his Great Sword, with surprising spead, The creature squawked and turned, at just the wrong time; Fyrulosor's Great Sword came plunging into its neck. It was thoroughly wounded; but it still tried to flap away. Nina readied her Abyssal Light dual swords, and used their strange power to change into a whip to latch on and attack the Glauturna. The creature fell ungracefully to the ground.

"Stop! Stop!! I BEG OF YOU HUMANS STOP!" The creature howled.

We briefly stopped upon realizing we heard the thought—err, Fyrulosor did. The creature looked at him gratefully before flying off.

We looked at each other in awe. Had we truly heard and seen what we thought we had? Fyrulosor quickly confirmed our suspicions with a nod and a repition of what we thought we heard. Our journey continued.

The Wet Rainforest was truly irritating. Vespoids were stinging and prodding us. EVentually, however, I got angry at some particular hives buzzing around me. For the first time in almost a year, I transformed again into a Barroth.

I swung my massive tail at the hive of wasp like Neoptarons. I chomped my teeth at them, watching the fear in their thousands of eyelets. I hip checked the tree the hive hung from and ate it, enjoying every bit. My vision went back to normal, but I remained in Barroth form for a while, till the insectile taste went from my mouth. It was a little awkward, them walking with a massive Barroth, but we managed. EVentually, I transformed back, and we were close to the end.

"So.........This is the Central World we have to get used to? Wow. I've not been shown much yet, not to be rude." Jonathan said.

"Yes, it is. Get used to it fast or get lost, Jonathan...." Nina said bitterly. She was clearly a girl who had lived here for a long time-possibly her entire life.

The soild began to harden as we walked on and the trees cleared. We had sveral destinations to go, however. We still had the Magma Mountain and Barren Desert to cross.

TO BE CONTINUED IN............Moga Liberty Chronicles 8:Entering the Magma Mountain

We stepped on to the low branches in the last reaches of the Wet Rainforest. As we walked over them, some Furogi and a Dosufurogi ran past towards Magma Mountain. It took no notice of us. We considered giving chase, for we were running low on food, but we decided against it. We walked slowly out of the brush. Finally, we were out of the horribly humid and deadly place.

The Magma Mountain loomed ahead; a massive peak of fire and lava. Many dark creatures roamed and lived here. We were going to be invaders on their territory. We would have to be extra careful.

As the mountain of fire grew only a few feet ahead of us with our continued walking, we began to slow. We drew our special Terropteryx Gauntlet spikes, trying to prepare for any short and sweet fights we might have.

As we walked through the black rock structures that made up the lower parts, we saw many different species of lower level flora and fauna on the ground, like Herculedromes and Hot Peppers. The area was quite thick with oxygen, in reality. But nonetheless, we put on our masks in fear of suffocation.

We heard some noises on the side of the cavern we had entered. We stumbled across the littered area, filled with bones, rotting flesh, blood, feces, and a stench most foul. As we left the cave, we saw what was making all the noise down below us; it was the Dosufurogi pack, right under a wounded Rathalos. We stepped down off of our ledge and made our way around the scenario. We could hear a voice and a running from far behind us, but didn't want to risk anything..

As we stepped out of the area of the scene, we were engulfed in a blast of hot air. The surrounding area was filled with lava; we had no choice but to walk carefully and surely around each tiny puddle.

From out of nowhere came a roar. We looked behind us and shuddered; it was a Bracchidios. The blue wyvern looked at us and roared again, and we launched into battle.

I started by slashing at its underbelly in an effort to distract it. Nina, putting her great skills to use, launched herself on to the monster's massive horn, and began to slash wildly at it, her black and white cape flowing in the wind behind her. Chishiki was behind me, aiming his Long Sword at the creature's tail. Jonathan wasa taking his position by utilizing a weapon I had not seen before; it was a strange Sword like item, but with a barrel and a blade, that had a whip attached to the end that coiled back around the barrel while not in use. He slashed and hit and cut the dragon with it, unmercifully slashing its right eye in two. The creature turned and tried to run away; but with a shot of Tayler's gun and favorite ammo, Wyvern Fire Slug Lvl.3, it fell on the ground. It did get back up, however, and limp away, much to our dismay.

Jonathan revealed what the weapon was after the battle. It was a Hunting Whip. Apparently, this was a weapon he had inherited from Domhan, and an ancient weapon limited to the Barroth Warriors was what it was. I liked the design; very intracate and well designed, and visibly powerful. He told us all about its history, specifics, and everything else about the weapon.

As we stepped away from the site of the battle, we noticed a large cave that appeared empty. It had many different mini-caverns within it, so we decided to stay there for the night.

When we set up the grill area and beds, we brought out the last of our meat to cook. We also began to decide who got which caverns; me and Tayler got the one to the far east, Jonathan and Faedin got the one sort of beside us, with the grilling area between us, Nina and Chishiki got the cavern to the far west, upon their request, and Blazescale took one to the back end. Fyrulosor transformed into his pseudowyvern form and slept in the middle of the cavern, allowing the relatively radiant fiery red to glow the cavern and keep it warm.

"Hmm.........Someone needs to go get us some meat, we ain't gonna survive long if ya don't!!" Jonathan said roughly

"Yeah...I know. I'll go get us some." I said with a grunt, getting up.

When I stepped out, I began to look for a source of good meat. I didn't really see anything except for some Rhenoplos walking around, so I went to where they were.

There were many of the small herbivores; I picked out the healthiest, meatiest one, and allowed myself to use my Earth Warrior powers to slay itl. I made giant rock spikes appear all around it, and I jumped in to the ring and slammed my fist into the head of the creature. It cried out in pain. I coalesced the rocks in to on massive spike and I forcefully drove it through the creature, which I came to call the Rhenoplodrome, and drew back out. The creature charged me with its last breath, and was still. I dragged it back to camp, tired and ready for food.

The food was truly delicious. Meat along with herbs comprised most of the meal, but there were other ingredients as well.


The next day, we awoke with fresh minds, having had a great sleep. Granted, a piece of our meat was stolen, but we weren't too upset. Now we only had one more thing to cros and we would be at the Military Bastion.

I began to notice something with Tayler. She was much larger and didn't move near as fast in battle as you would think. She was indeed close to giving birth.

TO BE CONTINUED IN,...........Moga Liberty Chronicles 9:Barren Desert, Deadly Wyverns

The Barren Desert; a massive sand plain of little life and few creatures—or so it would seem. There were many monsters and plants that filled this area, but some chose to hide or stay underneath the sand. Such creatures would be things like the Sand Plesioth; a subspecies of Plesioth that somehow made its home in the blazing sands of the Central World.

As we walked on, we noticed several things moving around in the sand around us; Delex. We weren't especially concerned about them per se, but they did come as a signal on occasion. Such as when a Jhen Mohran or other creature is near.

"...Could this mean there is a Jhen around here?!" I cried out at the massive number of Delex.

"No.....Elder Dragons are extinct here. Jhen Mohran hasn't roamed in over twenty years, so they say." Chishiki said.

"And besides, guys, a Jhen Mohran would have impaled us by now, I would think. Of course, I wouldn't know that well, because I have never seen one. I'm Central World born and bred." Nina said, glancing around.

In my sheer anger of the now loud creatures, I drew my sword and began to cut them apart like a Sushifish chef. They tried to hold me back, knowing that surely something would find it strange that a human was swinging a mighty blade around out here. Fyrulosor jumped, to our surprise, to a cliff high above us and watched.

"LOOK OUT!! SAND PLESIOTH!!!!!" Fyrulosor said with a scream.

Within seconds, a massive yellowish body burst from the sand around us, taking several Delx, and my sword, in its great mouth. We jumped back and I ripped my sword, with a little elbow grease, from the mouth that held it captive. The mouth began to bleeed sharp red blood and the Plesioth began to battle us.

It began by fiercely hip checking us, with all its body pushed toward knocking us across the desert. I jumped backwards and grabbed Tayler as I jumped, dodging it. However, Nina and Chishiki, who were closest to the creature, were not so lucky. Nina was pushed across the desert, many feet behind us, like a leaf blwon by a stiff breeze. She tried to get up, and fell to her knees again.

Let's Listen Ocarina Of Time - Final Battle With Ganon (Extended)12:27

Let's Listen Ocarina Of Time - Final Battle With Ganon (Extended)

Theme of Nina and Chishiki-Darkness Beast forms

"NINA!!!!!!!!" Chishiki cried, growing angry with the creature.

Chishiki turned around, a rage in his eyes. He allowed himself to bew engulfed in a massive wall or bubble, so to speak, of dark black and gleaming white energy. The energy blasted the Plesioth with all of its might, leaving the great wyvern to be left squirming on the ground. The energy then circled up and above the Plesioth, and then blasted it with all its might, killing it near instantly. Chishiki's form stepped away and looked up.

"...Sorry about that. But nothing touches MY NINA."

"I understand. I'm the same way about Tayler." I said confidently.

"Yes, yes, we're all super protective of our loved ones, let's get on with the Barren Desert, shall we?" Blazscale said irritatedly.

"Yeah, guess we should." I said.

We began to walk again, after taking the meat off of the Plesioth.

The Desert was slowly but surely changing as we walked; it was becoming greener, sturdier on the soil, and quite cool. As we walked for another half hour, there was a thick layer of grass, and far ahead we could see the tip of what looked like a castle.

"The Military Bastion!! Finally!!" I cried out.


As we began to almost run towards the Military Bastion, Tayler began to breathe heavy. She was clutching her abdomen and walking slowly.

"Tayler? You alright? John! Get the hell over here!!" Jonathan said worredly.

"Are you alright? What's wrong??" I said in the same tone.

"...ow....ugh...I...I think I'm going into labor...." Tayler said slowly. The blood ran from my face as I turned.

"HURRY THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!" I cried with anxiety.

The Military Bastion was close and getting closer. We were now only about a half mile away. Tayler was at a jog, but losing speed quickly as her energy left her. Eventually, she almost collapsed on the ground. I went and picked her up, hoping and praying with all my heart that Tayler and Nina remained safe; Tayler was in labor and Nina was knocked out cold. Eventually I got tired of trying to hold people.

I summoned my power in my arms and tore a 20' square chunk of earth from the ground, with Nina and Tayler sitting on it. I carried it on my back with my hands, desperate to get them there. Someone in the Military Bastion was watching us, and was agape at us by the time we were there...

But by that time, I had changed into a Barroth to more easily support them. The person was agape, but smiling, when we got there.

When we arrived, I transformed and began to speak.

"Please...let us in.....This girl here...the one in pain, awake, is in labor...she is my girlfriend and the mother of my first child...please, kind man of the Central World, let us in!!" I cried out in a panting voice.

"...Yeah, sure. But I want names quickly, alright? I'm Taka. Just like you, I'm a shapeshifter...But I haven't used the power in a long time, ever since I promised not to use it. Who are you guys?" Taka said

"Hello, Taka, if I heard the name correct, this here by me friend on our journey of the Dragon Warriors. It's a Doragokuni legend that I doubt you've heard. But I sure as hell know your legend! The one of the shapeshifter that saves the world....well, we're sorta that equivelant. I'm Jonathan; the kid over there is this generation's Barroth Warrior as I am the past's Barroth Warrior, his name is John, the girls on the mat of earth are named Nina and Tayler. Nina is knocked out cold on the right and Tayler's the one in labor on the left. The one wearing the strange Rathalos armor is Blazescale II, and the man with the old grey beard wearing the uncommon clothes is Fyulosor-" Jonathan said in reply.

"WHAT!? FYRULOSOR!? I've heard of that thing! It's some sort of pseudowvern elder dragon, right!?" Taka cried out in surprise.

"More than that, child. I am the Emperor of the Wyvern Counsel, I simply use a human and pseudowyvern form to blend in. You are in the presence of a god." Fyrulosor said with dignity.

"Now, let us in!!" Tayler said in a scream.

"Yes, of course..." A different man said.

"UGH!!!!! WE'LL GET INTRODUCTIONS DONE LATER!" Jonathan cried out, walking into thew now open gate.

We walked into the room, and Tayler requested all people out of the room except for me.

"....Hold my hand, John..." She murmured in pain.

I did so, and we were sitting there for a few minutes—maby even an hour—before anything really happened. When something did happen, she cried out and yelled at me to turn away.


Ten minutes later, the new baby boy was in her hands, cleaned in heated water from the clean Military Bastion and dried with reed and paper towels. Tayler was crying tears of both pain and joy. I got to hold him for a moment.

"So what's his name?" I asked.

"I'm thinking.....James Senshi." Tayler said with a little whimper.

"I like that name.....James Senshi........" I said slowly.

The others walked in the door. Nina was now standing and fully awake, and she got to hold James first out of all of them. Her and Tayler were really good friends now, contrary to what I believed the situation would be. Next, the rest got to hold him. They each got a turn.

After we were done, Tayler asked if she could go to sleep. She was indeed tired, naturally. I laid down beside her, and we talked for a long time before settling asleep. We thought about how we could rebuild the Town of Tremrho and live there with our children.

The next day, we got up and were told that there was going to be a training battle. These were apparently customary for the tenants, or training hunters, of this place. Before we could, however, the fighters wanted to speak to us. Taka came and introduced us to them all; Taka, Hornt, Illeera, Taahnn, Mylie, and Relcia.

"Hi! Welcome to the Military Bastion...Do you know where you are exactly?" Relcia said, introducing herself at that same time.

"Um...Central World, right?" Blazescale said sarcastically.

"No need for attitude, but yes, this is the Central World. These hunter trainees right here are from Mediatas Village. I'm Bronton, the "General" so to speak, of the place. I train the hunters. And your names, I want after the introductions with these guys are done." Bronton said.

"Hi there, I'm Illeera. I am, of course, a female huntress training here." Ileera said.

"I'm Hornt. But you can call me Hornt. Because you don't deserve to call me anything else, from what I can see here, which isn't much...." Hornt said, laughing. After finishing the sentence, however, he earned himself a sharp slap from Tayler, who was irritated at the comment.

"Someone's a little mean, huh??" Hornt said, much to my distaste.

"I would seriously recommend stopping your mouth, now." I said under my breath. The young trainee backed off, but not before sparing me a particularly nasty look.

"I'm Relcia. Welcome to the Military Bastion and the Central World!!" Relcia said.

"And I'm Taahnn." Taahnn said.

"So, introductions from them are done. Now for you guys." Bronton said.

"I'm John, Barroth Warrior." I said.

"I'm Tayler, Lagiacrus Warrior, and as you know, recent mother." Tayler said

"My name is Fyrulosor, God of Wyverns. I rule over the Wyvern Council in Poterenea's place. She assigned me the position." Fyrulosor said dignified.

"I am Jonathan, Elder Barroth Warrior.." Jonathan said.

"Faedin is my name." Faedin said.

"I am Blazescale II. I am the Rathalos Warrior." Blazescale said.

"Very good, very good. Now, would you all like me to take you to watch the battle?" Bronton said.

We agreed and were led to the massive battlefield's seats. They would be fighting a Glauturna; the same owl-pseufowyvern that the group had battled before in the woods. We watched the wyvern in its cage, pacing around angrily.


The pseudowyvern, powerful and craving blood, stood great in the pen. He was calm and slowly losing the anger he had. When his bright, yellow eyes rested on Relcia, however, he felt intense rage build up in him. As his rage built, his eyes automatically glowed red, and his pupils shrunk down to almost nothing. He was now almost blind, but Taka didn't worry - he still had his great hearing.

He screeched, the sound tearing from his lungs and ripping through the very minds of the puny humans cowering below him. The Glauturna then pounced directly at Relcia, talons reaching, aching for the kill.

Reacting instantly to the Glauturna's attack, Mylie shot a Clust S at it, which lodged in its side and then exploded violently, throwing it off to the side with a shriek. As it crashlanded some distance away, Relcia's eyes teared up. The narrow brush with death reminded her of Taka rescuing her from the Nargacuga.

Kiem charged with his Rugged Lance, and Kread heaved his Siegemund at the monster's right foreleg. Neither were quick enough, as the Pseudowyvern jumped aside and then swiped with its spiked tail. Kiem blocked the strike and Kread swung again, this time carving a deep wound in the Glauturna's side. A shrill hoot of pain tore through the air. [3] Taka's theme - Beware the Shape-shifter!Added by Cottonmouth255 Ryka quickly jumped in with her poisonous Shadow Saber, but that was also dodged. The great bird-like creature suddenly shrieked, the sound forming a sonic pulse aimed directly at Ryka. She blocked in time, but the impact caused her spine to tingle and her arm to grow numb.

Still raging, the Glauturna heard the familiar sound of Relcia's Dual Swords slicing through the air. It aimed a talon swipe in the direction of the noise, but out of nowhere, Illeera threw a Sonic Bomb. The bomb exploded with a shrill sonic tone, tearing through the Glauturna's brain. Since it was relying completely on hearing in its enraged state, the Pseudowyvern stumbled at the noise and fell over on its back.

Relcia, Taahnn, and Kread all charged, weapons held high. The Glauturna wouldn't be able to react in time, as it was too busy flailing its legs in the air, trying to get to its feet in its panic. However, at the very last second, the Glauturna stopped panicking, carefully planted one of its talons in the grass, and flipped itself right-side up. All three attacks missed, and the Glauturna knocked all three aside with a tail attack.

Illeera quickly shot three arrows its way, all of which were coated in Sleep Coating. All three hit their mark, the tough back scales of the Pseudowyvern. However, the reaction she got out of the monster was not what she had been expecting.

Usually, three direct hits with sleep-inducing arrows would cause instant unconsciousness. Impossibly, the Glauturna struggled, trying to fight off the sedative. Its movements grew sluggish and drowsy as it slowly succumbed to the drug, but still it fought. Kiem realized that this would be the only reaction that they would get, and he repeatedly stabbed the Glauturna with his Lance.

The pain snapped the owl-like wyvern out of its drowsiness. It instantly slashed out with a talon, hitting Kiem and flinging him back a few meters. His Blangonga helm was knocked clean off and he scrambled to recover it. As he did so, the Glauturna moved to take advantage of his distracted state.

As the Glauturna was preparing to deliver a fatal peck, Relcia quickly moved in between Kiem and the still-enraged wyvern. The Glauturna paused, as if it were shocked. For a second, it almost seemed to calm down and forget its rage. Then, its eyes began to glow again as it shot sonic blast after sonic blast at her, all of which were, somehow, deflected by swipes of her Raven Tessen.

The wyvern increased its firing speed, causing Relcia to become exhausted. Knowing the end was near, the Glauturna stopped its assault and instead released one long, loud screech that blended into a beam of sonics. Relcia was unable to fight the beam, and was blown back, stunned very badly from the sheer noise of the attack.

Instantly, the Glauturna was upon her. Its cruel beak seized her by a leg, ripping through the flesh. She screamed almost as loudly as the Pseudowyvern as it shook its head wildly, whipping her back and forth. Bronton himself gasped at the sheer brutality of the monster as it continued. Eventually, something would either be ripped off or snapped like a twig.

Out of nowhere, three arrows sped directly at the Glauturna. Once again, all hit their mark, impacting against the Glauturna's underbelly. The effect was instantaneous. Already weakened by her earlier sedatives, the Glauturna slowly stopped its attack and let go of Relcia, unconscious and losing blood fast, as it crashed to the ground, fast asleep.

Bronton entered at this point.

"Illeera, Mylie, take Relcia to her bed. Ryka, send for a medic. I'm going to get this creature into its cage. You've had enough for one day." Bronton said wearily.

As the sleeping Pseudowyvern's eyes slowly became yellow and their pupils widened again, Bronton, Kiem, and Kread all dragged it into its pen and securely locked the door. We watched the entire scene with awe. But we noticed Taka was missing from the scene.


We were led down and we got to talk to the folks for the first time as a group. \

"So, what exactly is the legend of the Shapeshifter in your land?" Taka said excitedly.

"Well...Just like here, a boy with many friends borne of the wyvern race is given and uses a great power to save the world from the monster war. We know of this." I said slowly.

"Yes, that's the legend-But I've never seen you around Doragokuni anywhere." Jonathan said.

"Probably becase I've never traveled there." Taka said.

We continued to talk until we were to tired to talk anymore, and we then went to bed.

TO BE CONTINUED In............Moga Liberty Chronicles 11:Leaving the Military Bastion and All Hope For Safety

The next morning, we woke up groggily. Tayler's body was still aching, and probably would for days, from what she said. Nina and Chishiki were up long before us, havign gotten used to the Central World's time from living there for so long. They were in the meeting room, waiting for us and drinking coffee with Taka and the others.

"You guys, we have to go. And now or soon. We won't be able to get to the Abyssal Canyon if we don't hurry." I said.

"Yes, let's be going. Ready, guys?" Nina said.

Everyone replied affirmatively. We said our goodbyes, and gathered the food given to us before continuing.

As we left, the Military Bastion looked sad to us. Somehow, the place felt like it was quite dark.

As we walked away, the land began to shake and tremble. We were now on a plain to the east of the Barren Desert, outside of the Military Bastion. Suddenly, a Terralos jumped out of the soil and appeared in front of us. We shrieked and jumped back; a Terralos in this area was unheard of! Fear Wyverns as a whole weren't known to exist here. We drew our weapons and looked at the gem on it; the Terralos Gem.

The creature was up for our challenge. It began to battle us with a powerful swipe from its tail, knocking us to our feet. He then turned around and sweapt a massive paw into us, knocking us across the area. Faedin decided she had enough; uttering a feminine growl, she jumped up and landed on the Terralos, her longsword stabbing through the creatue's back. It turned ad began to swipe at ther, but she stayed on, attaching a cable to the weapon, and swingin on to the nose of the creature. She then ripped her Long Sword, using the cable, to her hand, and stabbed the dragon's head and neck. It roared, angry that it was losing to such tiny creatures.

I used the distraction to perform a Barroth Warrior maneuver known as an Earthen Super Charge, and stabbed through the great wyvern's neck. It began to spurt blood like a broken hose. The creature roared in pain and dismay. It fell over, slain.

We walked towards the gleaming gem, hands at our sides. We leaned down and looked at the mighty black and green gem on its chest. Nina took her swords out and began talking.

"Let me do the work here....this requires elegant and precise sword slashes. So I'm a bit more able than you guys." She said confidently.

She then began to slash madly at the gem, leaving perfectly deep and intricate shapes on the gem. As it formed the shape of a tree with two rocks around it, the gem loosened. Finally, with a mighty downthrust, the gem tumbled out on to the ground, allowing us to pick it up. The Terralos gem was finally ours. Now we had only two more locations to venture to and we could slay Fatalithe. This was the biggest goal for us.

We had to continue walking, however. The Central World was still with us, and we had three miles to go before the official border, the Abyssal Canyon. Then, we had to descend into the town of Kurai, an ancient city built by the Yami-Buzoku tribe to protect them and the Ancient Cistern. It was in the very bottom of the Abyssal Canyon.


We began to approach the great iron fence. The mighty thing lomed afront us, black smoke rising from the Abyssal Canyon; a sign that they were burning shadowed sould for the Ancient Cistern's overfill. This would be simply so the Ancient Cistern didn't become a thing of its own and create new monsters and things. It also fueled the town.

I walked up to the fence gate and beat my fists on it.

"Goddamnit all, locked....And this is the only way." I said angrily.

"Hmm...John, mind if I try? Of course you don't. Hee hee!" Tayler said jovially.

She picked up her gun and loaded it with a massive bullet. She pulled a lever and a fuse lit in the barrel. Ten seconds later, the lock blew off like a Qurupeco in a tornado. We pushed open the gates and descended into the black darkness.

TO BE CONTINUED IN........Moga Liberty Chronicles 12:Descent into Hell

We began to walk down the long staircase in fear. The place was thick with fog and smelled horrid. Several spirits of the dead walked as if still living; they weren't ready or had been forced from their graves and resting places, never to return in their lifetime.

When we finally began to descend into the Abyss, we slowed and held our breath in fear. We were walking right into a giant brick and metallic area, with black flames rising. To the right we could see someone speaking and a massive crowd, and to our left, the Canyon wall. We walked out of the building, through fog, into a surrisingly well lit glowing area. We watched the speaker and proceeded.

The Theme of Kurai Town Anobon's Psychopathic Rampage theme10:55

The Theme of Kurai Town Anobon's Psychopathic Rampage theme

Theme of Kurai Town/Anobon's Psychopathic Rampage theme

We walked down into the Abyss City, weapons at the ready. We saw Anobon dressed in his now typical black robe, white cloaks and cloths, and grey patterned dressings, giving a speech to the entirety of the crowd. He spoke with a hearty voice in the Ancient Language. We listened intently at what he said and our faces grew a sickly pale with the realization that they knew we were here and had been expecting us. Tayler shifted her child to her right arm and gave it to Nina, asking her to take him away to the Fortress City before the battle ensued. She nodded and jumped away. Ten minutes later, she returned, telling us that the child was now at the city, safe with Domhan.

“Abisu no machi e yōkoso! Watashitachiha, chikai subete no basho kara kite, tōku doragon'u~oriāzu ga watashitachi o sanka sa seru! Dewa nai karera no tanoshimi ni, ga. Kurai no kono machi no tame ni, karera wa hijō ni burei jikkō no te de karera no owari o mitasanakereba naranai. ... Soshite, kono tame ni, wareware wa saishūtekini jinrui no korera no yakkaina dani no saishu rūru o motte, tanoshimi ni sakebu. ... Hijō ni Kare wa shihai-sha to shite eraba reta to shite Fyrulosor to mikata rēsu. Karera wa Fatalithe ga kare no fukushū o, subete no ningen to Fyrulosor o hakai surudarou to keikoku shite ita... Ka, sukunakutomo, karera no kuni o hikitsugu. Soshite, korera no doragon'u~oriāzu impedementta... Ima, karera wa watashitachi no ikari ni chokumen shinakereba naranai! Doragon'u~oriāzu ga shinu to shite abisukaunshiru to Fatalis arumada no menbā wa, tatte, mitekudasai!” Anobon said with glee.


We watched as the dark creature turned and looked at us as if he had been staring at us the entire time.

“Welcome to Kurai….Dragon Warriors…..” Anobon said darkly. He looked up and down at me and the others. “Not the humans I saw last time…No, you’re much changed…..” Anobon continued.

“You shan’t win!! I’ll DIE before you achieve victory this time!!” Jonathan said.

“You WISH to die!? Very well then, Abyssal Lightbringer! Come closer, and soak our thread of fate in blood!” Anobon cackled with glee.

With a flurry of blades, they began battling. Anobon dodged several sharp sword strikes, before attempting a roundhouse kick at Jonathan. Jonathan fell back with an ungraceful grunt, and wiped his mouth of blood. Anobon began to slice and hack at Jonathan’s armor, putting black dents in the hard surface of the Earth-Wyvern armor. As we approached the scene, Anobon looked toward us and grinned. Suddenly, black stakes fell down from the sky, piercing the dark earth with their sharp, bloodied ends. A red magical screen of power asserted itself upon us. We slammed our fist into the wall, angry at the demon who simply couldn’t allow us our life.

They continued battle. Jonathan managed a great spin attack, slamming his dark blackish brown blade into Anobon. Anobon cried out in frustration and pain. He retaliated with a sharp uppercut punch to Jonathan’s chin, knocking him onto the ground and knocking a tooth out. Anobon walked towards him, not willing to end the torture just yet. As Jonathan got up, we watched blood drip from his mouth and he fell to his knees.

“…Honestly. I was expecting more of a battle. You are truly pathetic, Jonathan Pawachikyuu…I expected to have to punch and kick my hardest to endure your presence…You aren’t even worth keeping alive!! So I’ll do you a favor, and kill you quick.” Anobon said with a cackle.

All of the sudden, Jonathan jumped up and came down with a mighty Earthen Bolt Kick-The signature of the Earth Warrior, and a hidden skill of the Abyssal Lightbringer. Anobon fell to his knees, regretting saying that badly. He rose and licked his blade of blood.

“Let’s dance, bitch of light…” Anobon yelled angrily.

“You underestimate me bad, Anobon Kurai. You think lowly of me….You’re gonna pay big fuckin’ time, amigo.” Jonathan screamed.

They again engaged in battle. Jonathan slammed his sword into Anobon’s chest, leaving a deep cut within the gem there. Anobon replied with his blade, twirling it speedily and then jumping up and descending with a deep shadow slash to Jonathan’s back. He twirled around and left another hit on Jonathan, gleefully laughing. Jonathan raised his mighty Earthen Might Blade above his head and slammed it on the ground, not only producing a massive earthquake but also leaving a deep cut in the earth. Anobon fell on his face, ethereal blood oozing from his multiple wounds. He looked up with a demonic grin and licked his hand of the blood, holding in it a bloodied bone; Sylvyr’s bone. He licked it with glee and smiled at us.

“Wha? The little assheads sad for their guide? Aww, poor little shits…..” He giggled. We punched at the wall and he laughed.

He was losing his game; that was what was different with him. He was cursing much more and using more powerful moves. His cloak was even horribly dirty. He was clearly angry, and irate, but he had also lost his care for his elegant clothing. The robe was tearing at its seams. Jonathan was clearly intent on taking advantage; he readied a slash of pure light and slashed Anobon with it, the blade cutting right through him, Anobon flailing through the air and then falling to his face. Jonathan jumped up and flipped three times, summoning a dark bolt of energy from the Ancient Cistern. The blades filled and glowed with the massive amount of power and as he slammed the blades right through Anobon’s chest, the dark power exploded away and misted into oblivion, before coalescing into one form and rushing vehemently into Anobon’s two massive stab wounds where Jonathan’s blades rested within.

Jonathan jumped away and let his blades rest within Anobon’s body. Anobon stood up and looked angrily at Jonathan, irate that he lost the battle.

“This…… no….t….the……e…nd………I…shall…….haunt you…..You shall live foreve…..r…in a sea….of blood and…..darkness…I shall win the eternal battle!!” Anobon moaned slowly. As he started to say something else, his ended breaths impeded him from finishing, and he fell to his knees with a thud.

“Nooo………..I….CAN’T………..LOSE!! I…cannot!!” Anobon cried.

“Well…..You have. Sorry to say. OH WAIT! NO I’M FUCKIN NOT SORRY!” I angrily shouted.

Anobon faded away in a mist. A rather tiny and puny gem fell from his chest. The Dark Abyssal Heart. We kicked it away, angry. We then lightened our moods, upon realizing what we had just accomplished.

“It’s over….It’s all finally over……….” Tayler said with sobs.

“Yes…..over it is…….And now……….We can finally go our separate paths…… Sadly, actually.” Fyrulosor said.

“I’m not known to say much….But this has been the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you guys for this….I’ll really miss our adventures…..But may the Legend Of The Dragon Warriors be told in the Land of The Skyrinthe for eons to come!!” Blazescale II said.

We shared a group hug, happy that the Legend had been carried out, and we were done.

Or so we thought.

TO BE CONTINUED IN….Moga Liberty Chronicles 13:Fatalithe’s Judgement.

We looked eerily at the glowing Ancient Cistern. Kurai grew dark suddenly. All of the sudden, several dark creatures swam and jumped through the black smoke that billowed from the building we had entered from while Fatalithe walked out. He glared at us and where Anobon was standing when he still lived.

“So…..You slayed Anobon? Very curious indeed. For he was believed to be invincible to all but me…” Fatalithe said with curiosity.

“…We….Did indeed…..Shall you be next..?” Jonathan said in a panting breath.

“Hmph! You believe me weak, Abyssal Lightbringer? Ha! .....Humans are all creatures of folly… But I commend your misplaced courage, human. You stand as paragon to your kind, human…But it matters not. For though you slay Anobon, you are nothing more than a flea to the likes of me!” Fatalithe said angrily.

“You misjudge us, dingbat. You’re the one who is miscalculating and being arrogant. We can just as easily slay you as we did Anobon!” Jonathan muttered.

“Stop this! If you’re going to fight the fabled battle, get on with it! For we have not time to stand waiting!” Fyrulosor said.

“No…I have bigger fish to fry, as they say, what with the Abyssal Lightbringer able to take the power of the Ancient Cistern for his good…And I also still wish for total rule, you may have guessed.” Fatalithe angrily grumbled.

"Hmph! If you don't even achieve victory here with this army of dark beings you've forced on us time and time again, how to you hope to conquer the other regions!? Moga, The Central World, Minegarde, the Land of The Wyrms ans most call it....How? It is simply impossible, Dark one. You have not the men or wyverns left." Chishiki and Fyrulosor said, strangely at the same time.

"Ha! I have all the wyverns I need, in fact. I can breed as many black magical creatures that I choose, if I use my castle and the power of The Cistern. You know not my strengths. And as for those lands....Hmph. The Central World knows no boundaries for small monsters, but Elder Dragons are a different story; I can easily take them over. Moga? Stupid fools! I already have taken it over, in reality! Minegarde?! I'm native dragon of Minegarde...I might have a little trouble, but I'll survive. The only land I might worry about is The Land of The Wyrms. For one of equal power dwells there, and I do not wish to encounter such a foe, who is similiar to me. I shall rule, you shall see!!" Fatalithe said angry.

He swung his blade to the left and right and the area exploded in greyish blue fog, along with Fatalithe. We jumped towards the scenario but we weren’t fast enough for the Demon King.

We looked at each other and at Anobon’s blade. I looked joyfully at Tayler and began to talk.

“Well….At least Anobon is finally dead!! We don’t have to worry anymore, Tayler!!” I cried.

“Yeah….Anobon is dead…..AND WE HAVE KURAI BACK!!!!!!!!!!!” Nina cried with tears of joy.

“And now….All that is left is Fatalithe….But he should be no issue. We have proven our might. But where could’ve he gone…” Fyrulosor said.

“…I don’t care right now. I’m enjoying my first good romantic moment with the father of my child….And I am content. I love you, John….Know that….Even through this journey…We’ve had each other…..Just know I love you.” Tayler said with a sigh.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re all reeeal happy. Now, how about a high five from the Rathalos—Or should I say “Fire Wind” Warrior.” Blazescale II said.

We all high fived and turned. Already the citizens were cleaning up the town.

This was all nice and good, but it wasn't time to give each other high fives quite yet. Fatalithe was intent on returning to his castle and summoning the entire soul force of the Ancient Cistern, and using it to try to rule the world, a feat never attempted. If it was accomplished, no place had hope. We were in deep shit, as they say. But this wasn't the end, no, of course not. Now, we could get out of this dark place and then to the Northern Mountains, where there were supposedly a pair of people who had engineered a way to get to the Blazing Mountain in time to prime our gems.His name was un released, but we didn't really care. As long as we made it in time, we were fine.

TO BE CONTINUED IN.........Moga Liberty Chronicles 14:The Northern Mountains

We watched around us as the ground lit up and a piece of earth was beginning to levitiate. It had water powering it upwards, and fire coming from around it. As we approached the surface, the forces improves and we were launched on to land, finally. We turned to the mountain range ahead. I looked at it and realized; the place was almost barren in a narrow trail to the right of our position.

I transformed into a Barroth, and let them all climb on me. Blazescale, however, chose to fly ahead and scout the area to me.

The ground was rocky and hard, but I endured. We hadn't encountered any creatures yet, so we were lucky on that token. But on an opposite side, we were growing tired and the sky was darkening. As we walked on, we approached a small wooden cabin that had been abandoned. We decided to sleep there for the night.

The cabin was very different on the inside. Small noises echoed and could be heard; it was a terrifying place. We chose a room, apparently a living room, and stayed there for the night. Blankets were found around an old couch left deserted with the house; they were old, but surprisingly, had no mold nor tattered places found on them. We eventually laid down and went to sleep, restlessly.

Around 2:00 AM, We heard loud noises of something falling and walking. We began to hear moans and groans from the lower areas. We woke up and took out our weapons; the doors slammed shut with iron gates.

The Battle Theme of The Undead02:45

The Battle Theme of The Undead

The creatures walked up the staircase and we looked around, terrified. The creatures screamed and howled at usl, leaping in lust towards our figures. We viciously chopped at them and they began to flinch and decrease in number; we responded with increasing our attacks.


Ala-Kurai looked slowly at the gem which was once Anobon. She picked it up with her black armored hands and caressed it. She placed it in a blade and stabbed it in the ground; in a black flash of light, the blade grew to Anobon, al beit a weaker and angrier version.

"Do not fail me now, Anobon Kurai. We share black blood. You have failed your kind once now; you get once more, this time, before I myself slay you afront the filth of humanity. Hmph! You have not known their true strength, however." Ala-Kurai said in a commanding yet very feminine voice.

"Yes, my master. I swear I shall slay these pests in your honor." Anobon said honestly.


We eventually slayed all of the demonic creatures, and the cabin opened. As soon as we walked out, Anobon jumped down from the sky.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword - Lord Ghirahim's Theme-012:10

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword - Lord Ghirahim's Theme-0

The Theme of Anobon

Anobon looked at us, thrilled to see our forms again. Granted, he was lesser this time.

"HA! You honetly thought you slayed me!? Of fuckin' course not. You're simply not bright, huh? No, you've underestimated me far to much now. But I digress......You surely are going to the Peak, no? Well, how about I help you...How about...I DROP KICK YOU TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAINS!?" Anobon said with glee.

"How do you still live!?" I angrily shouted.

"Hmph! My master....She still lives...My true master, who is only a sister to Fatalithe.....I serve under the Alatreon Revolt now....And by effect....Ala-Kurai. Wing of Darkness." Anobon said, letting to admittedfly beautiful wings sprout from his back.

He walked slowly around, tainting us with the long dragonic and feathered wings. He caressed the long feathered tips bbefore turning on us again, bloodlust in his dark eyes.

Nina and Chishiki's theme as a pair D02:23

Nina and Chishiki's theme as a pair D

Nina and Chishiki-A Thunderous Duo

"I've been waiting on you fools for three days! Com'on! I wanted more. Don't make me throw a tantrum.." Anobon said, teleporting behind Nina.

"And have to kill this poor little girl....." Anobon said with glee.

"Aw HELL No!" Chishiki said.

As Chishiki jumped towards him, Anobon teleported bth of them to a cliff above us. He let Nina lean towards us, to a most certain bloody death, impaled by massive spires. Anobon licked his blade of blood; Nina's blood. He had slasdhed both of her legs, leaving small but long bloody scars that spelt the words "アビスサクリファイス". Abyss Sacrifice. She was visibly crying and struggling, to no avail. She fell to her knees as Anobon cruelly dragged her backwards. He then launched her off the platform, screaming and crying.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chishiki said, jumping forward. Anobon remained on the cliff, laughing like a psychopath. Chishiki rushed at her, jumping up in a flip and catching Nina. He landed on his backside, in pain, but Nina was safe.

Anobon stood and licked his blade again. He cakled madly. He jumped down again, but not before sending his blade through Chishiki's arm, nearly severing it, right through the Chakra and light Helioroth-Fatalis Light Abyss Armor. Chishiki cried out and dropped Nina, her hard helm tarnishing as it slammed on a stone. She was visibly crying, and couldn't get up.

Chishiki took off his gaunlet and a part of his sloeeve, and placed it like a bandage over the wound. He then patted and carressed Nina, worrying vehemently about her condition. He placed a small towel on her wounds, dripping with some sort of liquid.

"We set out immedately." I said, looking at the bloodshed.

"How!? In Nina's condition!?" Chishiki said in disbelief.

"I said, We set out immediately. Now go. Nina must heal on the journey or risk another wound; it's your choice, and either way it is your hide, not mine. But I'll help you with her, if you would like." I said in a commanding voice.

"Okay..." He replied.

I poured a smalll amount of my specialized healing mixture, hastening the healing of the multiple stab and bruise wounds. We turned, hauled everyone up to attention, and me and Jonathan began walking up the path, again as a Barroth to hasten to walk.

TO BE CONTINUED IN......Moga Liberty Chronicles 15:The Peak

The Peak of the Northern Mountains loomed eerily ahead. We were still walking at a brisk pace, hoping to get to the peak before dusk. There was someone there who knew all about a brand spankin' new technology, Personal Hunting Aircraft, or PHA's. We would have to go quickly to get to him before he ran out of fuel.

"How long is this trip!?" Chishiki blurted out, annoyed and weak.

"Long enogh, ha." Jonathan said with the best a Barroth could manage as a luagh.

The peak was aprroaching our vision, however. In the distance, the supposedly hidden hangar began to emerge. This contained the PHAs.

As we finally reached the peak, we retransformed and set the people down on the platform. We climbes up hastily, on to the large wooden platform. A man was standing against a wall to the other side of the platform, waiting for us.

"Greetings. My name is Uingusu Hyoko. I live in this place on the highest peak of the Northern Mountains, known by natives as Tobuyoko. It is an ancient town built around the magnificent terraced lands of this place. A great blue water rushes through, and a strong breeze is always present. Makes it perfect for flight." Uingusu said.

We introduced ourselves one at a time. He looked us up and down, sizing us up with his piercing eyes. We were visually inspecting the rather large man ourselves. He was about 6’ tall, with a large, but not, fat, build. At his left side was a holster, and in it a chrome gun with a blackish pair of polished Alatreon Horns on it as a sight. He had dark black hair, and a small beard that reached from the sides of his ear to his knobby chin that was also dark black. The man possessed large, bushy eyebrows, that sat vividly atop a pair of strangely red eyes. He talked with a confidential air about him, as if he knew everything about whatever subjects he talked about-and in reality, he did.

“So, you’re here for a Personal Hunting Aircraft, huh?” The bulky hunter said.

“Yeah, we’ve heard about them, and we want in on the action!” I said jokingly. I had certainly become more laid back in time.

“Very good, very good. Let me show them to you.” Uingusu replied happily.

He walked over to a large cable mechanism, connected by a gear and shaft to a massive wheel atop a truss built structure. He began to pull the lever on the flywheel of the mechanism, and a large roof began to show itself and open. We stepped back in awe as the large dome structure in front of us began to separate into different sections.

“Well, come on in. This is my hangar for my PHA’s. I store them here, and that roof can open up when I pull that lever and open it to allow me to access the chambers within. I can also use a door within my home, of course.” Uingusu said proudly.

“So, can we get one??” I asked giddily.

“Well, of course! But you need to know about their workings before you take a flight. First off, the controls.” He said, crawling in to the cockpit and motioning us in to it.

“These are the steering levers, and the lower middle one is the altitude control. Pull it back towards you to go up; push it forward to descend. The levers for steering also work on a direction sensitive basis. Finally, there are the oil meters and fuel meters. They’re right there on the dashboard.” Uingusu said, looking around the plane and pointing out controls.

“Want to test fly it?” He finished.

“Certainly! I’ll go first, if I can.” I said bravely.

He loaded me on and gave me the key, showing me where to put things when I started flying, and showing me how to fly in detail.

“Now, remember; these hold two people. You can fit some luggage in to the back, however. Just make sure it’s dead weight, not something that can move. I’ve always preferred to put fuel tanks in there for long journeys. Which reminds me, where are you flying with my crafts?” He said slowly.

“Well…It’s a place called The Blazing Mountain. It’s where our journey will conclude. There, we’ll climb the mountain, and drop in to the ancient Altar of Power our Spiritual Stones of Doragokuni. It’ll give us the power to slay Fatalithe.” I said assuredly.

“I like it. It’s an awesome plan. But how are you so certain these planes can take you there?” He said.

“I’m not certain. I don’t have full trust in them. But they’re the best I can do. There’s far too much danger on our own. Don’t these things have weapons, also, by the way?” I said.

“Yes, they do indeed. And that’s a good mindset you have there. I like you, kid.” He replied, showing me the weapons; two large Ballista Guns. There was also some sort of Wyvern Fire Slug launcher. We were certainly not going out unprepared!

I boarded the plane and turned the engine on. It roared with steam and billowed with smoke. I smiled, happily, and got jittery as the tittering engine on its tight hinges. This was truly awesome.

TO BE CONTINUED IN.....Moga Liberty Chronicles 16: The First Flight

The aircraft began to move forward at a slow pace. The nose began to point upwards as I grabbed tightly on to the steering and lift controls, while still attempting to stay balanced against the forces.

As soon as I got to the cruise level, Uingusu sent a message to me over the teleradio device. I picked up the receiver and listened.

"Well done, John! Now, how about you fly around, get used to the controls." He said in a static voice.

I turned the levers to the right, the wings bending the desired diresction along with the rudder turning to a high angle, causing my aircraft to turn sharply to the left. I readied a Ballista spear and placed my hand on the large, metallic, black aiming mechanism, before placing my head at eye level and aiming it at a target set up on the mountain side. With a hard grip, I pulled the trigger, sending a large, long, and unbelievably sharp spear into the air, and through the target. I hoorayed in giddiness. Aiming the nose of the craft upwards, I began to fly quickly across the mountain again, watching my fuel and oil carefully.

When I landed, they allowed all the others to fly in the planes; they all thoroughly enjoyed their flights.

After the flights were done, I began to ask about the planes.

"Say, what are the planes made out of, anyway?" Was my first query.

"Hm....Most of it is quality Bathycite Ore, and there is also a lot of Carbodragonite Alloy in it. The plates are made of stiffened and streched Deviljho hide and shells." He answered expertly.

"Interesting, I was thinking it was Dragonite ore and Machalite ore instead." I said.

"Nooo. Those were tried, but they failed miserably, and weighed far to much for very little value..My idea shifted to different metals as a result." He replied.

"What is the fuel!?" Jonathan cried after getting off the plane.

"Ah ha ha! I was waiting for someone to ask!! It is made of a special mix or Rath Wyvern Flame Sac liquid and liquid from an Alatreon's mouth that allows it to create fireballs." He said.

"Whoa, that's some interestin' chemistry thar...But I don't reckon I can say much more than that, seein' as you went way beyond my Felyne's knowledge of chemistry." Jonathan said in a laugh.

We continued to talk through the night, laughing occasionally at something onew of the people would say, or taking an awkward moment of silence. One particular comment insighted a playful appiarition from Tayler, in which she pretended to be an airplane while sitting at the table, following a comment about hwo someone never thought they would see a Lagiacrus fly.

The next day was a short one for us. we got up, gave our thanks, and boarded our planes. In about ten minutes, our trip to the Blazing Mountain was underway.

TO BE CONTINUED IN..............Moga Liberty Chronicles 17: Crash Landing With The Mohran Tribe!

The planes went on slowly, their hot burner areas surging with unbearable heat, and the steam from the tanks billowing out from the smokestacks. We smiled at the amazing intelligence of the designer of these magnificent craft, who spent the time and was kind enough to give us them.

The craft certainly weren't pretty, we had to give them that. We had taken to calling them "Jho-Planes" Because of their bad looks. But they had a comfortable build, they had a nice construction, and the trip was good.

Until we noted a severely bad change in the motor's sound. They started flaming, and the dark grey metallic plating covering the steam pistons and burners began to bend and fly off, the explosions starting to utter from the massive engines powering the craft. Eventually, one of the engines on mine fell off! I began to plummet hopelessly into the desert below our position. I tried to pull the nose away from certain death, or at the most hopeful, a crash, but the elevators remained still, the hard (or so we thought) Alloy bars beginning to break and fall apart, the rust of my position at the head of the team (and in the most clouds) beginning to take its painful effect.

The desert approached my craft, its large, sandy, yellow arms reaching greedily to my craft. Just before falling, I managed to lift the plane up slightly, the landing gear crushed as soon as the massive craft fell on to the sand. I fell out, rolling several times and falling to my knees in pain. The others quickly landed, as their crafts were still in flight-ready condition.

Tayler jumped out and ran to me. I reached out my hand and she tried to pull me up, to no avail. I lied down, my eyes fluttering. Tayler dug out a small vial of liquid from her pouch and put some in my mouth, much to my detest. I spat, but still could not find the strength to drag my heavy and tired armored body up from the plains.

About that time, some people walked up from the north of our position. They all wore large suits of Jhen Mohran armor, with Gaun Dao Long Swords on their backs. They all looked ancient, with dark sandy eyes and a bushy mustache, along with beards of assorted sizes and eyebrows that looked upon us with glaring eyes. The tallest looked up and down at us after walking through the others.

Mohran Tribe Theme04:29

Mohran Tribe Theme

The Mohran Tribe Theme

He looked much different than the others. His beard was blackish grey, and came down to his chest. The large man had green eyes that pierced us with their stare. He grinned as he saw me. My mind was racing as he reached out at me.

He grabbed my hand and put a hand under my back, and lifted me up slowly, blood dripping from my face, my eyes bloodshot. I looked at my now dirtied Barroth armor; upon inspection, I realized I dropped my helm near the aircraft, which was now sitting sideways on the sand. As I walked over to the large, brown and soiled piece of armor, I picked it up, but then I shifted my attention to the massive beast beside the plane, righting it in seconds.

It was Jhen Mohran.

TO BE CONTINUED IN............Moga Liberty Chronicles 18: The Beast of The Sands

I looked in awe at the supposedly hostile Elder Dragon. In my history with them, they were mean creatures who hated intrusions. They would attack any and all intruders with much power, crushing entire Sand-ships in single moves. The massive creature was now trying to help, righting my craft with his horns, which beared large decorations.

In fact, the entire creature was decorated. It had many large panels on its back, sitting bolted on its back. The creature also bore large cables on it, and a flag bolted to its back. The beast was their transportation, that was clear.

"Are you fixated on our Jhen?" The man said.

"Um...Yes....Also, I don't believe you told us your name." I said with curiosity.

"I am Sunabutora. I am chief of this clan, known as the Mohran clan. We are a proud tribe of desert people. We live in the Fortress to the east of here, called Yosai by us and others. Please come with us to the fortress, and we shall care for you until you can continue the journey. Although, you may have to go by boat..." Sunabatora said.

"That is all well and good, but enough of the talk. Does it not fuckin' occer to you that we got a kid here with a face drippin' with fucking BLOOD!?" Jonathan said annoyedly.

"You would do well to be kind, Jonathan." Sunabatora said with a glaring eye.

"Oh, fine. But please help us!!" He replied quickly.

Sunabatora ordered us all atop the Jhen Mohran. As soon as everyone had boarded it, he headed to the south, where a small sandstorm looked as if it was developing.

The creature we rode was amazing. Even for Jhen Mohran, it amazed my eyes as they stared upon it; I had never seen something this truly loyal and devoted before. I was in awe the entire trip, when I wasn't comfortably walking around the deck.

That was when I noted something; this thing was extremely stable, and felt almost as if we were drifting on a small bed of air. This creature's entire life was engineered, almost! It was like walking on a city that floated, was my opinion. I have never and will never forget it.

When we got to the fortress, I began to look with dismay at it. Heavily armed and guarded, by people unidentifiable as male or female, and patrolled by creatures bearing strange armor on boars. There were guns lined up on the upper reaches.

But the actual place's architecture truly amazed me. It was built entirely out of large arches and squares, all composed of the stone found near the building, and seemingly carved into the cliffside where it was made.

We got off the large Jhen Mohran and walked inside the lowest door, Sunabatora guiding us. He led us into a large room with a table inside, with a hall to the left. As we walked down the hall, we began to notice something; the light got darker, and torches became common. Our presence grew to be deeper and deeper inside the fortress walls.

We eventually got to the a part in the hallway in which the hall became narrow, and led off with doorways to bedrooms, four for the whole of us. We were given the keys and special badges that showed we were not intruders, and allowed to rest.

I took a room far in the back left, Tayler following short behind me. We fell fast asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows, almost.

Before we would sleep, however, our guides awakened us to dine with them in the Deeping Hall. We were lead deeper through the hall, through massive doors that showed no sign of existence save the event of their opening. Inside the doors was a great room, with a large table set up upon it; Sunabutora sat upon the far end on a great chair, and watched us with kind eyes. All around, his servants bustled about, readying our meal.

When finally all was readied and we were made to sit in the chairs near Sunabutora, all was fair and was good to smell. Many a thing had been lain upon the table, including samples of Rhenoplos steak, Bullfango bacon, Duramboros steak, and many other rare and beautiful and fair meats. There were a many great breads and wines as well, all laid with such precision that you could see the very desert's beauty within them.

The next day, we woke up to a bright day with little sandstorms. We were told that we now had materials to build our boats, and that we were to start immediately. Which we did.

Our materials were many; we had a bounty of wood, with clay, tar, and metals at our hands (With a blacksmith to boot). Our boat was going to be large, and propelled by steam this go-around, as we still had the old airplane engines.

As I began to bolt together the armature for the engine and the actual engine, Tayler walked up and pointedly alarmed me that our hosts had been sitting in a conference for the last half hour, talking hurriedly about a massive beast, called, from what they heard, a Guran Mirousu. We looked in fear at each other, knowing the meeting of one of those foul beasts would be our demise. I went back to my job after a few moments of hushed whispers, angry that we were faced with such news at such a time.

After about 5 hours of building, our craft was done.

It had eight propellers and engines, each mounted with the engine parts above the water with a crankshaft turning the propellers underwater. The pistons were mounted horizontally, with another gear mechanism made to transfer their energy to the propeller mounts. The boiler was on the lower deck, if it could be called that, and contained not only the boiler but a fuel tank as well. The front of the ship had a large row of seats, big and comfy for our enjoyment. We had also built wheels on the underside, so we could roll it out into the sea.

We set out after giving our goodbyes and being given some food and water-along with some sort of bread. "This bread shan't falter in neither heat nor cold, but water does not do it good nor does fire or stone. Set naught upon it and leave it unbroken and unblemished and it shall remain good for many months, if need arises. Further, if I may compliment my own folk, the taste is unarguably better than that bread of the City of the Fortress, the likes of which you have tasted and are unlikely to be pleased with after dining in our house." Our guide told us before setting us out of the fort doors. Now, we were hopefully on our way to the Blazing Mountain.

TO BE CONTINUED IN............Moga Liberty Chronicles 19: A Sea of Blood

The Disastrous Sea, as it was now called, loomed ahead. We cowered back in fear, a horrendously scary aura emanating from the entire place.

As we approached the shoreline, the skies grew darker with every step of our camel like Kyameroth and we slowed down, the sad feel of the place bearing down on us.

As we finally got to the coastline, we noticed something strange...this sea was surprisingly devoid of the legendary Elder Dragons known as Guran Miraosu. We began to lower our boat into the silent water as a shadow fell over us.

It was the monster. Guran Miraosu. It had crawled over here from a cavern to the east of our position; we looked on it with awe as it stared. It decidedly thought it had seen enough of us, and let out a large, loud, and extremely booming beast's roar, before lurching at us. We raised the boat up quickly as the monster dove in to the harbor dock. We drew our weapons and jumped into the water to start fighting it.

"I think I saw one of these once!! Aim for the lava spots on its back!!" Chishiki said loudly.

"Alright!!" I shouted back, heading for one with my Barrosheller.

As I got to the spot, I aimed a series of careful strikes at the already blood colored areas on the creature's back, creating multiple slashes on them. Tayler had taken out from her stores her Heaven's Thunder Long Sword, and had begun a series of Spirit Slashes on the dragon, drawing its attention briefly. I took this opportunity to summon a spire of earth; I picked it up, using it as a vaulting pole to get me on top of it. I proceeded to slam it into the Guran's face, stunning it briefly.

Meanwhile, Nina and Chishiki had gotten to work on it with their Darkness Light powers, in unison. The Miraosu had taken no notice, fixated only on us. I continued to slash with my long sword, to no avail. Eventually, i realized our efforts with simple hunter's weapons were futile, as I sheathed my weapon. I began to let a flurry of earthen stones fly from my hands like non returning boomerangs. The creature looked to its side, the hard stones piercing its hide and causing blood splatters. Then, it truly roared in pain as Blazescale, sitting on a boulder to the west, shot a magnificent beam of fire into the beast's mouth. It cried out and its head fell on the shore, tired and defeated.

I walked up to it, both of us breathing heavily. I looked at the head and almost shed a tear. This Elder Dragon had only known pain, pain from millions of people trying to kill it. It also bore large bolts in its back; it had been used and abandoned by its owners, and it had been a beast of burned (Albeit a massive one) before it was abandoned. It was sad, weak, and cowardly, both emotionally and physically, to an extent. I also noted the spots on its back; and as I looked on, I realized that this was the creature we had ran off so long ago. I remembered something; I had thought it was a child. It was now clear that we hadn't seen it in its best form until now. In my sadness and anger at thosse who would use and mistreat a great beast such as this, i decided to put it out of its misery. I used the powers of Earth, summoning a massive spike from the dust floating around, and stabbed the thing in its head. It cried out, but smiled best it could as it died.

TO BE CONTINUED IN..........Moga Liberty Chronicles 20: The Journey of A Lifetime

The large boat of ours slipped slowly into the water of the Central Sea. As we hopped in and began to take our places, the skies cleared; a sign of the dead Guran Miraosu. We pushed off from the shore with a mighty push of the oars. The sea, streched out in front of us like an unimaginably long tablecloth, was truly beautiful.

As we sailed far upon the sea, with our mighty boat at our command, the skies began to darken with the palette of mother nature's sky artist, and the command of sleep began to overtake us. We saw a large island on our horizon; we approached the landmass slowly, in the case of danger possibly waiting. There was none, and we pulled the ship up to the harbor that awaited us. It was surprisingly well kept, and we could see something popping up from behind the brush.

As we walked around the brush, trying to find a way into the stone structure that loomed ahead. As we reached the northern end, we finally found a way in, and trudged unwillingly through the cold stone arch.

It was cold, barren, and windy. That was the first thing we noticed. Nothing changed as we walked through the abandoned building's courtyard, the large expanse seemingly one massive plain of dirt. The building itself seemed to be a castle; we could tell from the numerous towers and large rooms. As we walked into the first room, after climbing a wide staircase, we began to smell horrid stenches, that dissipated as we left the courtyard and entered the room.

It was extremely dusty and the air was murky. We sat our supplies down as we found where some beds had been strewn about, probably by people in our same position before. There was also a chest in the back. We got out the bedsheets left scattered around the room, and cleaned them before laying them on the beds and trying to go to much needed sleep.

But it was not meant to be, for any of us. I slowly got up as I began to hear cracks of thunder, and put on my armor and some pieces of over coating armor lying around before taking some leftover supplies from the red box in the corner and walking out.

Outside, the skies were red and storms brewed. I could hear brush and trees alike restlessly shaking in fear. Their irate laments were echoing through the barren courtyard, leaves occasionally conjuring tiny tornadoes in the breeze. I could hear some noise in the background that sounded depressingly unnatural for this area. They sounded like massive trees flowing through the air. My mind rushed, thinking of many different things the angering sounds could be; my mind eventually drifted to Fatalis.

I looked behind me to confirm my fears. Atop the castle, on the tallest tower on the back, walked a Fatalis, with a shape sitting mounted atop its back. The creature turned its black, demonic head towards me, and lifted up from its great perch to begin flying towards me. I had not any time to lose as I rushed the door, kicking it in with great force upon arrival.


They all rushed up, hearts pounding and minds racing, imagining what the mighty beast sounded like, smelled like, felt like...they all had different imaginations of the mighty beast. They grabbed their armor and weapons hastily and ran outside.

Outside, the Fatalis waited on the skies, flying leisurely toward us, and eventually landing on the ground with a mighty heart downing thud. We slowly began to draw our weapons, but dropped our arms at the figure we recognized sitting atop the Fatalis.

Fatalithe, Dark Dragon God. The mighty demonic man sat with a smug expression on his dirtied blackish face, his great red hair tied with a metal piece and a crown on his head, forming a hairstyle reminiscent of cornrows. He raised his blade in an intimidating fashion, horizontally but with a slight angle, and made his mount rear back, like some sort of black shadowed Pegasus. We drew our weapons out again, prepared to fight the mighty creatures.

I began the battle with a jump at the dragon, towards a front leg. My large blade, despite it's near instantly fatal edge, did almost nothing to it, as the creature took no notice and slowly walked towards Jonathan, its massive wings folded in but moving at strange angles, as if it was trying to dig up the air ever so slowly in front of it. It eventually turned to look at me as I performed an uppercut sweeping maneuver, lurching the sword into a bone in the creature's leg. It sweeped at me with its massive clawed right appendage, throwing me like a tennis ball into a wall. I cried out as I realized I was being held in place by something; I limply hung by a series of bloodied chains, barbs pointing towards me menacingly. They dripped with my blood.

Meanwhile, Nina and Chishiki were at work using their Dark and Light powers in unison. Eventually, Chishiki managed to propel Nina atop the creature's head, proving to be a major distraction, throwing the creature to the ground after a series of repititive hits.

As the creature came down, Nina and the rest of them began to slash wildly at the dragon, blood beginning to ebb from the wound it had on its head. Blood was pooling on the ground. The creature shook Nina off its head, and then charged at Faedin, who was just noww getting her armor on. She dodged, and I hopped baack into battle.

The dragon turned quickly at the sight of me getting off of the chains. Faedin had since aimed for the long tail, to try to offer us some help in the way of distractions. Her swift and sharp sweeps pierced the creature's hide, but it took no notice. Fatalithe did however, and threw a long knife-like blade at her, leaving a massive gash on her arm. She cried out and bravely began again. Her long sword was leaving its mark.

The Fatalis had enough of us. It swept at me with its claws, trying to rip me out of my hard outer skeleton and into its jaws of certain death. Instead, it simply launched me across the area. It then turned on the pesky nuisance it knew to be Faedin, and, with a grim but gleeful demonic smile from Fatalithe, it charged the fallen Ancient Rathian Warrior, spearing her chest with its horns.

Blood came pouring from the crushed skin and bone underneath the now destroyed mail and plates, the remains of the armor scattered about. As she tried to get up, her breaths went hushed; she had lost too much blood. Her lungs were collapsing fast. As crushed bone began to show, the Fatalis slowly lowered its head, and Fatalithe jumped off of its back. He laughed grimly and plunged his sword casually into the beaten girl's chest, as if she was butter, and his blade was a hot knife. She coughed and kicked at him, but he quickly ended whatever remained of her life with a sharp kick to the chin, breaking her jaw and snapping her neck.


Fatalithe looked at him, before jumping back atop his Fatalis and attempting takeoff. However it was their turn for their luck to go awry, as Jonathan powered up. The murder of his beloved Faedin, the very woman he lived for, was unbearable; he was empowered with rage. The Barroth Warrior, in a fit of true angst, summoned a massive bolt of black lighting, solid shadow, even more pure than dragon element, and sent it rippling through the Fatalis. As it crashed back down, me and Jonathan raced towards it to finish it off; in the end, we both stabbed our blades through its head, severing an artery and causing blood to spray and eventually leak out like a slowly deflating hose. The creature tried to stand as it summoned its last breaths, but fell back as it lost the final roots of life, toppling to the ground. Its rider jumped from its back and spared us an extremely dark look, before teleporting away in a black flash of ethereal shadow.

"...I'm sorry, man...I truly am." I said.

"......We're gonna kill that mother fuckin' cunt if it be the last thing, we evar do!! I hear the blood of Fatalithe can heal what its owner destroys...Let's just test that out.." Jonathan said, walking off slowly to the bedroom again, after grabbing Faedin and pouring a super-preservative on her. She wouldn't fade, now.

We slept the night away slowly in the bedroom, Jonathan keeping a close watch on the surrounding area. There was nothing, however. Jonathan still was very hawk-eyed at the area, and demanded we take the locked chest in the back of the room on our trip. Eventually, we set off again, and we never looked back as our brilliant ship set off from the harbor.

TO BE CONTINUED IN........Moga Liberty Chronicles 21: A Mountain of Blazes

The Blazing Mountain approached our boat, making a fiery presence on the horizon. It was immense, and it could be seen from the sea. That was how large it was.

Our boat finally reached the harbor after what seemed like an age. The ground was soft, but not liquid or solid either one, and it had a squishiness to it uncharacteristic of a volcanic area. We picked up our supplies from the ship and tied it to the harbor, to ride it only when we finally got the Gems brandished in the Flame of Dragons.

The Mountain now loomed ahead, and already we walked among stalagmites left from ages ago. The ground was now acidic and hard, with pebbles everywhere. A cave stood with its mouth agape about a meter ahead; we proceeded with caution into the damp and groggy natural cavern.

There was little in the cave save for the sloshing strange sounds of Giggi squirming around in the cavern walls. These places were always harboring great amounts of unimaginably disgusting monsters, from Gigginox and Ghastolace to Slidrome and Shellectriserpent. We toddled slowly in the cavern, trying to get through fast and safely, but sadly failing both items on that agenda, for by the time we saw light, we had several cuts and bruises from falling down and tripping over the blade and hammer like stalactites and stalagmites, and the few monster attacks we had weren't helping either.

The light began to show throughout the cavern, showing us what we had been through thus far...

Jonathan was scarred from many a heated battle. Blazescale had the least wounds and scars, though there were a fair few. Tayler still had her beautiful look, though she had a long scar on her from god-knew-where. Nina was the worst, however. The red letters cut deeply into her legs still shown brightly, and was ever a reminder of Anobon's hatred and psychosis. Chishiki had broken his shoulder in battle, but had not shown it; in the beautiful light of the cave entrance, we saw the wound. I had many scars as well; I had scars from many years of dragon and monster hunting, and from the battles I had been involved in.

As we walked out of the cave, a warm blast of calm air met us at the end of the entrance, inviting us out of the cold cave and into the warm area of the volcano. A small trail led away on a strange angle towards the mountain's peak, and towards our liberation. I began to guide my team towards it, and we began the trek up the mountain.

As we walked, the lava became less common, but a different color and more volatile. We were extremely wary of the red liquid of burning death. The caves became less populated and farther in between, and eventually, they were completely gone as we slowly ascended the strong willed, lava-coated, fiery burning Blazing Mountain Volcano.

The peak was upon us. Its massive fiery fingers of lava stretched at us. A sound reached our ears as we noted the massive peak flaming up; it was the mighty sound of an eruption. We looked back at the trail; it had already been swallowed by lava. We ran quickly, trying to cover ground as best we could. Eventually, we came upon a staircase, stretching long into the ground.

"WELL THIS WAS A FUCKING BRIGHT DESIGN!!" Jonathan said irritably.

We scrambled into the staircase as a truly booming sound of eruptions came yet again. They continued to resonate throughout the cavern, as we dropped down.

We walked forward, towards what we saw to be an altar. It had three distinctly shaped holes made into the black marble like stone, and three long shapes extended from the other side into the volcanic pit. As we approached it, to our amazement, our gems found their way into the air, floating towards the altar. They assembled into their respecitve shapes, and slammed down into the holes. An otherworldly commanding voice in our head told us to raise our swords; we did as commanded, and the volcano TRULY busted into spasms of eruption. The respecitve colors of red and black, blue and silver, and brown and green, for each of our gems, came into our blades in colored beams of concentrated power; our blades grew into straight long swords, short enough to hold in one hand but long enough that the stood nearly two foot from being long as we were tall.

We looked in amazement at them, their power visible even as it wasn't tangible. The volcano calmed and we were invited by that ethereal voice to a glowing white portal, where thie figure waited.

It was Faedin. She had come back as a spirit to aid us. She slowly explained herself and the whole story, before transporting us to the base of the volcano. She followed us to the boat, but as soon as we boarded, she faded away again.

It was then that the Dragon Warriors set off to Fata Castle, the new castle that stood in place of Loc Lac city.

TO BE CONTINUED IN.......Moga Liberty Chronicles 22: Fata Castle

James Taylor-Our Town04:06

James Taylor-Our Town

The Theme of Destroyed Loc Lac

We were sailing quickly towards a massive billowing pillar of smoke, visible from our position out to sea. Evil-looking wyvern like birds circled the ancient pillars that had stood for hundreds of years, now being used as supports for the castle. The massive pillars now stood against the approaching skyline with a dominant and angering presence, long ropes and flags flowing at its sides.

The harbor was dead and broken, its ancient and withered bolts and nails falling apart with rust. All of the boards and metal railings hung dimly clinging to the superstructure, beginning to rot away and garnering a smoky color from so many years of use and months of exposure to smoke. We feared to touch them.

The walk to the castle wasn't as hard as we expected it. The castle was large, in fact, it was immense; large gates hung from massive hinges on pillars in front of us, noticeable as soon as we walked into view of it. The area surrounding was covered in thick fog and ancient bones, both human and beastial, from the prolonged wars over the ages. A thick with muck pond ran the length of the building, creating a foul stench everywhere.

"Certainly ain't one fer the pretty stuff, eh men!? A ha ha ha!" Jonathan laughed.

The inside was worse, we noticed as we walked across the truly broken down and busted up drawbridge. It hadn't been repaired since the last battle by the Mohran tribe, which ended with neither side gaining a win or a loss, and thus neither side remained to give concession of property to the other side-it was a tie, so to speak. Anyway, back to the castle. The bricks were all solid stone with dusted sand and marble on them. The steps seemed to crawl with moss, and the soil crunched beneath our feet.

As we approached and climbed the last of the steps, we heard a massive resonating sound, a bash and boom, of a hammer against a tree. We looked around hurriedly, not in any rush to be made dragon food now. We then heard the sound of a hammer like surface on stone; and from the brush behind the castle bursted a massive beast, amazing us and making us dive for survival. The creature pawed the ground before rushing us.

The charge it performed was unmistakably well aimed and timed, leaving us little way to dodge. We managed by performing our own maneuvers, escaping the beast with a good length of leeway for us. As it reared itself on its hind legs, I began my own attack on the beast, stabbing harshly at it with my Barrosheller Long sword, leaving a sharp laceration on its magnificent hide. Nina joined in with her dual swords, chopping locks of hair from the beast. However, the creature wasn't going to take what it knew happened to others at the hand of her; it instantly reared backwards and fell on her, righting itself immediately and proceeding to slam its right claws into her, causing blood to temporarily fog the air. She screamed and went limp, as Chishiki looked at her and burst into action.

Chishiki seemed to know this creature's nature, and he had a sad look on his face with every hit. He was attacking solely with his light powers, letting the wondrous beams reflect off of the creature and into it, inducing howl after bloody pained howl in response. The beast looked with hate at Chishiki, before leaping backwards. It began to paw the ground, and before Chishiki could aid himself, the monster speared him in his side, blood coloring the air red for about two seconds. He yelled at the beast to let him go and drop him, to no avail.

Eventually, Chishiki managed to pull himself off and pull the creature by its horns onto the ground, ushering a screech and howl from its bloodied fangs. The creature righted itself, preparing a hip check; Blazescale finally put himself to use stopping it, using a mighty blazing wall of flames to burn the creature and hold it back as it slammed its weight against it. The creatured howled in pain, angered at its meager attempts to demolish these people.

In its last breaths, it glared hatefully at us, leaving an especially angry glance for Chishiki.

"That......Was.......Um........That was the Kemonoryū. It is a dark beast formed sorely out of hate....And a spirit. The man in that body was my brother......Long ago, in a fit of hatred and anger, and especially power, he assassinated our father and mother, and split our kingdom into parts....The parts becoming known as Minegarde, Moga, Pokke, and the Central World. He was from the ancient family of barbarians, with a slight change in the story...Doragokuni came away from Moga, being a larger and more expansive area. However, the Central World remained a place in its own.....It was led at one point in time many hundreds of years ago by a tribe of barbarians. I am a descendant of that tribe, as was Kemonoryū. He broke up the kingdom.......In Moga was where the kingdom's breaking happened, however......And the rest of the tribe lives on somewhere. But an interesting thing about them is, many, such as Kemonoryū, live and die on power, and sorcery. we've heard of a man named Tartu from this tribe living somewhere...we know not where, however. This monster must be burned.......And only burned by me, for that shall erase his evil from the ground here." Chishiki said, looking pointedly at Blazescale at the end.

"Sure, I have a great way for you to burn him..." Blazescale said, igniting a relatively large and powerful fire on his arms, before compressing it and handing it like a piece of chocolate to him.

Chishiki slowly burned the corpse, letting the smoke drift off and watching the grass and area return to normal, if it could ever be called that. At least the grass and plants were green, though.

The castle tower's inside was immense. It stretched at least thirty floors high. It was cool and calm inside, though every room was dark black, and several had humanoid skulls hanging over them. There were visible human skeletons lying many places, and sometims a bloody body could be seen falling many stories from the top rooms, clearly the result of Fatalithe's interrogation and brainwashing methods. We began to climb the large staircase, that stretched many floors to the top, and ending in a visible room.

At the end of the staircase, we finally found what we sought for so long. It was Fatalithe's door, that led to the throne room where he surely sat smugly awaiting us. We opened the giant iron door and thrust our way in, ignoring the stored weapons and supplies.

TO BE CONTINUED IN......................Moga Liberty Chronicles 23: Death of Something Truly Evil

The steps of death were upon us. Large vines stretched and grew up the large pieces of massive masonry, decorated with gems and marble at the sides, and stretching back on us to the opposite direction, leading to an open air throne room. We walked up the stairs, our hope descending mental mountains and hills with each step, but our resolve climbing like an enraged ape.

As we stepped atop the last step of the long staircase, we looked up before cleaning our faces briefly with hand rags. Sitting vividly laid back on a golden stone throne was Fatalithe, his sword stabbed into the brickwork next to him. He was the sameas we knew him, but with alterations, such as a large crown atop his head.

"...So. You have decided to seek me out and test your luck with life at the edge of my black blade. I find your lack of faith in my skill disturbing. But very well....Continue to make your way towards me, if you believe your skill so great." Fatalithe muttered.

"Yer goin' to DIE, this time, you fuckin' ass hole. I want to see yer blood splatter' all o'er the floor!" Jonathan growled viciously.

"You...The Abyssal Light Bringer of legend. I'll enjoy beating you to your death most of all..." Fatalithe quickly replied.

"I shall slay you......And your reign shall be no more." I said in a detached tone.

"...I laugh at your pity displays of bravery, human. But it matters not, for I shall achieve victory nonetheless. Your death and life now is the only thing stopping me from achieving my lifelong goal...." Fatalithe started. Before finishing, he summoned the same red and black pillars that we had seen at the Abyssal Canyon, separating me and Jonathan from Fyrulosor and the others. Fyrulosor again transformed into the blade of the King's Zweihander, and it rushed at me. Fyrulosor commanded me from within the blade, commanding me to use it well and not to falter, and that I would require this blade to slay Fatalithe.

"...Which is ruling this world....And all others. All lands....They shall be in my possession. This includes the Central World...Doragokuni....Moga...The Land of The Wyrms....Minegarde...Pokke.... I will rule over all life....And reduce all that oppose me to dust and ashes. The only question remaining now is ow long you will remain standing before I fell you, end your life.....Try to keep it challenging for me, will you?" Fatalithe said, lowering his voice and changing it into a growl at the last sentences.

And with that, the battle became born as the area transformed from a beauiful and wonderful castle throne room to an ethereal domain, with black and red skies with vehemently circling clouds, and water about an inch deep everywhere. The water n Fatalithe's side was red as blood, I noticed; my side was a clear color, reflecting our natures. As the land transformed, he did also. He now stood relatively the same, but had a shell and tail like appendage stretching from his back. It resembled Rathalos' plates somewhat, and the tail was at least 6 feet long. His back and tail-parts arched over his neck somewhat, giving him not only an eerie posture, but a terrifying presence.

Fatalithe meandered leisurely towards us, blade raised horizontally to prepare for parrying away any potential attacks from our small swords. Me and Jonathan looked at each other in fear, and briefly decided which of us would battle him. He chose me.

Fatalithe continued walking at me. with one hopeful glance, I started the battle truly with a forceful downstrike, that, sadly didn't connect with the dark form's body. He simply laughed and slammed his massive blade through my chest, sending me onto my side. Surprisingly, I survived the attack, but was out of breath. The sword clearly wasn't designed or was under magical influence to only bruise me and cut me very little, and send me flying every time he hit me with it.

I quickly replied with my blade at the attack, using my power to slash his chest. The white wound gleamed for a second before receding back into black skin. I watched in amazement as he laughed lightly and sent me back on my face with a sharp kick to the chest. Following my return to balance, I slashed at the demonic man with a flurry of well aimed sword strikes, but to no avail, for Fatalithe batted them away like small flies flying in and out.

I dodged his next blows with a short hop to the side, and continuing my body into a roll behind him. I jumped quickly to my feet and slashed at Fatalithe; this time, I hit him three times, and the mark I made was visible. I realized something: when I hit him, it would dissolve into the black skin without leaving nary a scar. But, if I managed to slash the same place multiple times, it would leave a mark, and draw blackish blood from his body. I would also get a better response from him, with the noise of a grunt or pained roar.

I jumped backwards, allowing Fatalithe to turn back to facing me. I raised my blade at him, challenging and tempting him. The dark creature rushed at me, blade raised at his back, prepared to raze me with the now flaming sword. I cowered back, and pointed my blade forcefully thrusting at the dark man. Surprisingly, Fatalithe knocked me away, my blade staying in my hand, but forcefully jerking it across the area and into the ground. He walked up to me, and slammed his blade into my head with the flat; I though it was death approaching me. My breathing was heavy, and I was near passing out; at the last moment of light, Jonathan slammed his Barroth Warrior sword into Fatalithe, more than hard enough to make the large shadow y man in front of me leap forward and fall on his face. I rolled up and slashed weakly at the man. To my surprise, he got up slowly and looked at me with hate, as the wound bled.

To my surprise, the bestial man then decided he would attempt to send me to my death instantly, performing a massive sword uppercut, proceeded by a forceful kick. He then ended with a slash downwards, which would have ended my life had it connected. I managed to dodge however, and I jumped quickly back. I noticed, however, that in fact his ethereal blade did connect, as I had a blood marked slash on my chest, near my heart. I decided that was the final cut he would make on me. I used an ancient technique known only to those who shared the blood of the Fyru Hero and the Spirit of the Beast, the Death's Spear. I spun quickly with my blade, and leaped upwards at an angle, leaving three slashes on him. I then ended the attack by plunging the blade through him, inciting a loud scream and a dull thud as the Shadow Lord, the King of Darkness, Fatalithe, fell to his knees. I sheathed my weapon as I picked it back out of his now bloodied and scarred chest.

" not the end. Though you fight like no man or beast I have ever set blade against... It is not the end. I shall rise again... Your descendants are eternal bound to this curse. A reincarnation of my hatred shall rise someday...And your future family and descendants will be forced to wander a blood soaked sea of death for all eternity!!" Fatalithe murmured in his final breaths.

As he did, he fell to his knees. His body began to seemingly dissolve right into the air, and in roughly five minutes, his body was totally dissolved. Then, seemingly out of the aether, a black smoke formed and collected around my blade. A subconscious command made me lift the blade; as I did so, the blackish smoke gathered in it.

"Master John...I have confirmed the eradication of Fatalithe, the King of Darkness. His conscious being has been soaked into the King's Zweihander...And is now sealed away. Fyrulosor said.

The surreal world we were in began to look like the castle. The pillars began to reform, and the water around us evaporated. The occasional stones coalesced into one solid building, the floor of the castle, and we slowly returned to Fata Castle.

"...Does this mean....It's....over?" Tayler said slowly. I ran and hugged her, eager to see her after the battle. I was crying tears of joy as I murmured in her ear. "Yes...It is." I said. Jonathan picked up the Zweihander, and passed it over Faedin's preserved body several times. It did nothing. Fyrulosor began to speak to him. "My friend....It will not work. It takes....Many years... and a living Fatalis scale for healing to work. I am deeply sorry..." He said slowly. "...Don't be...I got time, I do. I get me time, to wait fer my lady. I'll have her set somewhere nice, and beautiful, and I will come to her when she awakens. " Jonathan said.

"So...We should probably head back home, right guys?" I said.

"...Yup, indeed." Is the reply I received.

"..Then let's get the hell outta here!" I said happily.

We walked out of the castle, and strangely, right in to the Fort Village yards.

"...I have led you far. I have led you...But no more. Now, I lead you home...And home, you shall stay, if all plans go well. Let us meet again in another life...ALl of us." Fyrulosor said slowly, with a sad tone.

We looked and stifled tears as his body dissapeared into oblivion. We looked up, and saw an image of him in his Pseudowyvern form, looking well at us.

And so ends the Moga Liberty Chronicles. Continued in the next adventure... The Divine Darkness.

The steps of death were upon us. Large vines stretched and grew up the large pieces of massive masonry, decorated with gems and marble at the sides, and stretching back on us to the opposite direction, leading to an open air throne room. We walked up the stairs, our hope descending mental mountains and hills with each step, but our resolve climbing like an enraged ape.

As we stepped atop the last step of the long staircase, we looked up before cleaning our faces briefly with hand rags. Sitting vividly laid back on a golden stone throne was Fatalithe, his sword stabbed into the brickwork next to him. He was the sameas we knew him, but with alterations, such as a large crown atop his head.

"...So. You have decided to seek me out and test your luck with life at the edge of my black blade. I find your lack of faith in my skill disturbing. But very well....Continue to make your way towards me, if you believe your skill so great." Fatalithe muttered.

"Yer goin' to DIE, this time, you fuckin' ass hole. I want to see yer blood splatter' all o'er the floor!" Jonathan growled viciously.

"You...The Abyssal Light Bringer of legend. I'll enjoy beating you to your death most of all..." Fatalithe quickly replied.

"I shall slay you......And your reign shall be no more." I said in a detached tone.

"...I laugh at your pity displays of bravery, human. But it matters not, for I shall achieve victory nonetheless. Your death and life now is the only thing stopping me from achieving my lifelong goal...." Fatalithe started. Before finishing, he summoned the same red and black pillars that we had seen at the Abyssal Canyon, separating me and Jonathan from Fyrulosor and the others. Fyrulosor again transformed into the blade of the King's Zweihander, and it rushed at me. Fyrulosor commanded me from within the blade, commanding me to use it well and not to falter, and that I would require this blade to slay Fatalithe.

"...Which is ruling this world....And all others. All lands....They shall be in my possession. This includes the Central World...Doragokuni....Moga...The Land of The Wyrms....Minegarde...Pokke.... I will rule over all life....And reduce all that oppose me to dust and ashes. The only question remaining now is ow long you will remain standing before I fell you, end your life.....Try to keep it challenging for me, will you?" Fatalithe said, lowering his voice and changing it into a growl at the last sentences.

And with that, the battle became born as the area transformed from a beauiful and wonderful castle throne room to an ethereal domain, with black and red skies with vehemently circling clouds, and water about an inch deep everywhere. The water n Fatalithe's side was red as blood, I noticed; my side was a clear color, reflecting our natures. As the land transformed, he did also. He now stood relatively the same, but had a shell and tail like appendage stretching from his back. It resembled Rathalos' plates somewhat, and the tail was at least 6 feet long. His back and tail-parts arched over his neck somewhat, giving him not only an eerie posture, but a terrifying presence.

Fatalithe meandered leisurely towards us, blade raised horizontally to prepare for parrying away any potential attacks from our small swords. Me and Jonathan looked at each other in fear, and briefly decided which of us would battle him. He chose me.

Fatalithe continued walking at me. with one hopeful glance, I started the battle truly with a forceful downstrike, that, sadly didn't connect with the dark form's body. He simply laughed and slammed his massive blade through my chest, sending me onto my side. Surprisingly, I survived the attack, but was out of breath. The sword clearly wasn't designed or was under magical influence to only bruise me and cut me very little, and send me flying every time he hit me with it.

I quickly replied with my blade at the attack, using my power to slash his chest. The white wound gleamed for a second before receding back into black skin. I watched in amazement as he laughed lightly and sent me back on my face with a sharp kick to the chest. Following my return to balance, I slashed at the demonic man with a flurry of well aimed sword strikes, but to no avail, for Fatalithe batted them away like small flies flying in and out.

I dodged his next blows with a short hop to the side, and continuing my body into a roll behind him. I jumped quickly to my feet and slashed at Fatalithe; this time, I hit him three times, and the mark I made was visible. I realized something: when I hit him, it would dissolve into the black skin without leaving nary a scar. But, if I managed to slash the same place multiple times, it would leave a mark, and draw blackish blood from his body. I would also get a better response from him, with the noise of a grunt or pained roar.

I jumped backwards, allowing Fatalithe to turn back to facing me. I raised my blade at him, challenging and tempting him. The dark creature rushed at me, blade raised at his back, prepared to raze me with the now flaming sword. I cowered back, and pointed my blade forcefully thrusting at the dark man. Surprisingly, Fatalithe knocked me away, my blade staying in my hand, but forcefully jerking it across the area and into the ground. He walked up to me, and slammed his blade into my head with the flat; I though it was death approaching me. My breathing was heavy, and I was near passing out; at the last moment of light, Jonathan slammed his Barroth Warrior sword into Fatalithe, more than hard enough to make the large shadow y man in front of me leap forward and fall on his face. I rolled up and slashed weakly at the man. To my surprise, he got up slowly and looked at me with hate, as the wound bled.

To my surprise, the bestial man then decided he would attempt to send me to my death instantly, performing a massive sword uppercut, proceeded by a forceful kick. He then ended with a slash downwards, which would have ended my life had it connected. I managed to dodge however, and I jumped quickly back. I noticed, however, that in fact his ethereal blade did connect, as I had a blood marked slash on my chest, near my heart. I decided that was the final cut he would make on me. I used an ancient technique known only to those who shared the blood of the Fyru Hero and the Spirit of the Beast, the Death's Spear. I spun quickly with my blade, and leaped upwards at an angle, leaving three slashes on him. I then ended the attack by plunging the blade through him, inciting a loud scream and a dull thud as the Shadow Lord, the King of Darkness, Fatalithe, fell to his knees. I sheathed my weapon as I picked it back out of his now bloodied and scarred chest.

" not the end. Though you fight like no man or beast I have ever set blade against... It is not the end. I shall rise again... Your descendants are eternal bound to this curse. A reincarnation of my hatred shall rise someday...And your future family and descendants will be forced to wander a blood soaked sea of death for all eternity!!" Fatalithe murmured in his final breaths.

As he did, he fell to his knees. His body began to seemingly dissolve right into the air, and in roughly five minutes, his body was totally dissolved. Then, seemingly out of the aether, a black smoke formed and collected around my blade. A subconscious command made me lift the blade; as I did so, the blackish smoke gathered in it.

"Master John...I have confirmed the eradication of Fatalithe, the King of Darkness. His conscious being has been soaked into the King's Zweihander...And is now sealed away. Fyrulosor said.

The surreal world we were in began to look like the castle. The pillars began to reform, and the water around us evaporated. The occasional stones coalesced into one solid building, the floor of the castle, and we slowly returned to Fata Castle.

"...Does this mean....It's....over?" Tayler said slowly. I ran and hugged her, eager to see her after the battle. I was crying tears of joy as I murmured in her ear. "Yes...It is." I said. Jonathan picked up the Zweihander, and passed it over Faedin's preserved body several times. It did nothing. Fyrulosor began to speak to him. "My friend....It will not work. It takes....Many years... and a living Fatalis scale for healing to work. I am deeply sorry..." He said slowly. "...Don't be...I got time, I do. I get me time, to wait fer my lady. I'll have her set somewhere nice, and beautiful, and I will come to her when she awakens. " Jonathan said.

"So...We should probably head back home, right guys?" I said.

"...Yup, indeed." Is the reply I received.

"..Then let's get the hell outta here!" I said happily.

We walked out of the castle, and strangely, right in to the Fort Village yards.

"...I have led you far. I have led you...But no more. Now, I lead you home...And home, you shall stay, if all plans go well. Let us meet again in another life...ALl of us." Fyrulosor said slowly, with a sad tone.

We looked and stifled tears as his body dissapeared into oblivion. We looked up, and saw an image of him in his Pseudowyvern form, looking well at us.

And so ends the Moga Liberty Chronicles. Continued in the next adventure... The Divine Darkness.


MLC Epilogue:Nina and Chishiki

MLC Epilogue:Uingusu Hyoko

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5 Years after Fatalithe's Death

I stood at attention on the pier to the west of my city, Fort Town. My eyes travelled across the horizon, waiting to see several vessels appearing. My hearing picked up a sound, the voice of my wife Tayler came from behind me. As I turned around to answer the voice, the boats began to appear in my vision. She began to speak.

"So... Whatcha doing?" She asked.

"Waiting for the traders. They're here to bring goods and take some of the old things we've been tearing down to trade.." I replied.

"OK, well... We've been asked to go on a hunt, I signed us up." She said excitedly. "Awesome! What's the wyvern?" I asked quickly.

"If I remember, it's a simple Rathalos. I just got my Heaven's Thunder Long Sword upgraded to.... Brilliant Lighting Blade!! The Smithy apparently got in a bunch of new weapon blueprints." Tayler replied happily.

"I think I'll see if he can do anything with my Uragaan Great Sword... This should be good." I said jokingly.

We walked at a brisk pace towards the Artisan's hut, running through the doorway as quickly as our bulk allowed. I left my weapons on the counter, and began to talk to the Wyverian.

"So, is there anything you could do for an Uragaan weapon?" I asked slowly.

"Aye! I been waitin' on somebody to ask. I got a new Great Sword structure print, and it's an Uragaan equipment codex! I'll be glad to upgrade yer great Sword, if you'd like." The Wyverian said.

"Yeah! I think I'll take an upgrade... Let me get the materials." I replied.

I walked off to my house, going to find the materials needed. After some time of searching, I found what I was looking for; a Uragaan Chin, 10 Uragaan Scales, and a Uragaan Ruby. I loaded the materials on the back of our new ass, Stablehoof.

At the Artisan, I watched my weapon get recrafted, into something much better; a Uragaan Grand Slash.

"Alright, then. Like it?" The Artisan said.

"Yup! Thank ya much!" I replied.

I walked out and walked quickly to the Quest Board, where Tayler awaited me. I looked at our contract in her eager hands; it was signed for a Black Rathalos. As I looked at it, I slowly began to look at Tayler with a bewildered look.

"I thought you said it was a normal Rathalos...?" I said, un-amused.

"It was!! They changed it!!! Not my fault!" Tayler said.

"Ok, I understand..." I said.

"Get ready, this'll be lots harder. Black Rathalos are, if I remember right, only weak to Thunder. Their Dragon defense is low, but not terribly so, like the normal one. We'll have to be extra careful.." I finished.

"OK, let's set out." She replied excitedly.

We approached the Hunting Guild's Boat fleet, eager to get on one and get to the hunting ground quickly. Apparently, this species of Rathalos favored a newly discovered area known as the Dragon Mountain, and the Moga Desert known as the Sandy Plains. We were going to the Dragon Mountain.

To be continued in: The Divine Darkness 2: The Black Rathalos

The Legend of Zelda Theme (Orchestra)06:21

The Legend of Zelda Theme (Orchestra)

Main theme

The Dragon Mountain; a desolate mountain peak in the middle of Moga. We looked around at the little plant life that grew up around us; there were mushrooms, trees, bushes, and lots of other things. However, they seemed to be very wweak and their color was old an faded. The old base camp was rotted [partially, and the bolts seemed to be rusting out of their places.

We grabbed our supplies from the box and left Base Camp, heading for Area 7, where the creature was said to eat and sleep. Tayler used her Armor Skill, Detector, to ascertain its position. We walked and eventually ran towards the paths up the mountain, trying to access the area abefore the Rathalos decided to move.

Finally, we grabbed on to the last foothold on the final rock wall that separated us and the Black Rathalos. As we vaulted over it, and tried to catch our breath, we found that we were standing right behind a stone that stood aas a good sight barrier between us and the beast. We could see it, from our position, however.

It was massive, for certain. It was at least twice the size of any normal Rathalos; it had a wingspan that seemed to span 30 feet! Its hide was covered in black scales, and its chest was riddled with spikes that made it reminiscent of an Alatreon. We stood and watched in awe as we noted what it was eating. It stood over the fresh carcass of a recently slain charred Diablos, chewing it and every so ofen letting out a huff of flame onto the meat, singing it or burning away needless obstructions from its meal.

We grunted and jumped as we began to battle the beast. It turned towards me, as if I was a Jaggi, and growled. I slashed quickly with my blade, trying to scar its face; the creature howled in pain, but no blood fell, and it roared. I covered my ears, cringing in the waves of intense sound. As soon as I had my wits gathered, I turned to the wyvern, and began a series of slashes with my Great Sword; the Stone element within it caused te creature to temporarily rear back and fall on its legs in fatigue and cramp.

All the while, Tayler had gotten to work on the tail. She sliced at it wquickly with her amazingly fast and long Thunder LongSword. The creature turned at her, letting a guttural growl loose from the bottom of his hellish skin. She covered her ears briefly, and the wyvern took full advantage, slamming its tail directly into her side. She went sprawling forward, but luckily I had just tripped it up.

The Rathalos looked up mournafully as I began to deliver a crippling blow to the head. It narrowly dodged the strike, the blade wedging itself instead in its chest. The wyvern howled in pain, and drug itself up. It roared ferociously, going into rage mode. It lunged atus, a bad decision. I slamed my blade hard against the large right wing of the creature, a bloody gash stemming from the fierce blow. The demoic Rathalos stumbled and fell. I allowed my power to grow in my arms, and as soon as it was fuly charged, I put myfull power on an amazingly powerful low to the head.

The wyvern looked at me, moaning with sadness.

Black Rathalos' Sadness02:47

Black Rathalos' Sadness

Sorrow of a Black Rathalos

"Please...Allow me...To thank you. For ending my mortal suffering... But I ask of you... Can you... Heal my... Soul..? I wil tell you an ancient and important secret.. if You can...release...My soul..." The Black Rathalos said.

I felt sorry for the creature. KNowing it was a mistake in the genes, an accident ordained...Was heartbreaking. I brought out my lyre, and played a song on it. Within minutes, the creatures body began to glow and a wyvern-like shape left its body, descending atop the tangible corpse. It smiled at us and began to speak.

"As I said...An ancient legend, as a song, passed from the Wings of Old.

Time rests on ancient wings

A land of wyverns blessed by gods

Death within life of the great

Greatness rests in the tomb of the dead

A good soul lies where it shan't be seen.

Bring it to life with the song which I sing.

This is a grand soong passed through my family for generations. I pass it to you now. May it guide you. And now for that secret... There is a goung woman named... Ala Kurai. She moves with evil, with a motive to revive Fatalithe and warp the destiny of which you and Nina Hyokura are a great part of." The Black Rathalos stated.

" so?" I said.

"She aims to slay you both, and re-seal a great sword in Doragokuni with a dark force. She then will resurrect Fatalithe, and a great war shall ensue....Unless...You can stop her. Nina must accompany you, for only light can extinguish darkness. " The Black Rathalos muttered.

"...So...We have to go on yet another long trip?!" I yelled.

"Yes, but this time...You aren't needed as a true monster Warrior. You may carry your equipment. Go now..." The Black Rathalos finished.

We watched the creature's spirit float into oblivion, and we headed back to Fortress Town.

To be continued in.... The Divine Darkness 3: The Entry of Doragokuni

As our weapons clanged against our armor's back, me and Tayler began to walk through the masses towards Nina's house. She stood against the door, holding her new child, Sabrina Hyokura. We rushed up to her, panting. I began to speak and Tayler sat down on one of the small wooden chairs, tired from rushing through the people.

"Nina...I come a trip...." I started.

"To where??" Nina asked.

"...Doragokuni...The Sacred Forest area." I sputtered.

"..And I'm guessing I have to, riiight?" She replied.

"...Ye...Yes....*Gasp*" I breathed out. I waited until I had caught my breath before continuing.

"Well...I also had a dream last night. Let me tell you about it." I began.

So there I was. The whole area I was in was massive...but not boundless. From above me came the metallic screech of an Alatreon as I began to move around; however, from the left of it came a beautiful voice. It told me to... Awaken. It alerted me that I would have something to do as soon as I fell asleep tonight. It also told me, while fighting the Alatreon's gleaming darkness, that you were vital to the journey. In the end of the dream, it defeated the Alatreon. I then awoke, and got out of bed.

"Whoa...So...This journey to save the kingdom. Is it....Hm...Well...Is it controlled at all by the Guild? I've heard some shitty things about the guild lately." She muttered.

"Not at all. Get ready..." I said.

We left her home, heading to the market. Tayler had groceries to buy, I had to pick up some potions and such. After buying what we needed and handing our Zenny to the cashier, we went back home so we could get supper, go to bed, and I could get ready.

Later that night, I had the ethereal voice contact me again. I awoke suddenly after hearing it. To my surprise, the white and blue garbed figure was motioning me toward itself, and it moved quickly through the house. I ran after it, trying to figure out its motives behind not only summoning me, but also waking me up. It led me outside, and to the back of the house; it then, to my amazement, opened the sealed cave behind the house that supposedly lead to nothing but an ocean, and the old railings. Instead, it had a staircase and pathway that led under the island, and around the under-rim. It was a grand view of the sea, and we were always stepping over what seemed like pieces of Moga history. We eventually found our way to the northern side, and a cave entrance where I never noted one before. We entered, and a brilliant light filledmy eyes.

As I gained my sight back, I looked at the blade in front of me. It was large, but not immense. It was like a sword from a sword and shield, but slightly longer and thicker. It was also straight, as opposed to being curved. It let out an otherworldy light.

"Greetings. I am Seishin, Spirit of the Masuta Sword. I require you to pull this blade from the stone sheath it is encased in." The spirit began.

I gripped the blade, and pulled with all my might. I looked on in amazement as the blade slipped out and a sheath appeared with me for it. After a lengthy explanation, the blade was mine and I stored it.

The next day, I awoke to find a ship ready to take me and Nina to Doragokuni. It was a trading ship destined to go to the northernmost border of Doragokuni, and be unloaded. We would then set out to the southern reaches in chase of a flame that had the power, when used with the light of Helioroth and the Masuta Sword, to seal Fatalithe from all forces to knowledge.

We stepped on the ship and watched the horizon disappear in the moonlight, which came surprisingly quickly. The night and day passed fast; we were soon approaching the harbor and stepping off of the ship onto dry land.

The land in front of us was magnificent. Massive monsters could be seen looming ahead, creatures such as Aptonoth the size of blimps and even in the stream within the valley visible to us, we saw a Meduroth! We walked in awe a the sights to the house on our right. Our dwelling for the day would be this abandoned home, converted to a small (Actually, tiny) Guild Ouptost. We'd be discussing the trip and preparing for it today, and our true trip would start tomorrow.

The next day, we walked out of the house with our equipment on our backs and supplies in the packs of our armor. The walk down the hill was almost nothing, but it did force our feet hard into our greaves, causing us great aches within our legs.

At the bottom of the hill, we were offered a temporary rest among the few circles of trees providing shade. We walked to their branches and stood under them, eventually lying down. It was visibly summer; the birds stood at attention on the limbs, many small insects chirped sand made small little noises among their clans.

The valley was filled with brush from ages past, and manu herds of animals thundered past on their way to green pastures. The fauna scattered was unbelievably divers. We saw many Aptonoth walking past, occasionally letting out a few thundrous roars as they fought.

Out of nothing, we heard chains rattling and the unsheathing of a GreAT Sword approaching. We readied our weapons, putting them in shielding positions as we watched. Through the crowd of irate bovine Herbivored came a man dressed in some sort of weak-looking sarmor and wielding a Satanic Fire Great Sword. He looked at us wildly, as if surprised we were here. We looked up at the sky, realizing what time it was after seeing a hunter dressed in cold weather clothes. It was twilight.

Travis Tritt - Where Corn Don't Grow (The Restless Kind)03:29

Travis Tritt - Where Corn Don't Grow (The Restless Kind)

Theme of Miles Sterling

As the man approached, we got a much better look at him. His armor was still a mystery, but I identified the arm gauntlets, boots, and small other parts as definite Solangstos Z Armor. A visibly heavy chain was latched around his left waist, part of it swooping down and the rest going around the waist. The chain held the unter's well filled item pouch. His armor didn't clank so much as we thought; rather, it was simply his blade and chain, which (Believing a monster to be with us) He had hastily unsheathed and rattled.

"...What y'all bunch of city folk doin' round these parts? Dont you know it's damn right dangerous around here??!" The man demanded.

"For one, I'm not as city as you think. Two, we know it's dangerous. I ain't got a choice. It's come here to Doragokuni, my native Clan land, or let my loved ones fall victim to a deadly being of destruction who has threatened humanity since time began." I muttered.

"Ah! Well then, if you ain't here jut for some quick cash...Maybe an introducin' is in order, am I right?" He said, jabbing the end of his great sword into the soil and laughing.

"I'm John, Barroth Warrior." I said.

"And I'm Nina, Light Warior. Actually....Abyssal Light Warrior. But mostly Light." Nina said with a giggle.

"Hey, I been hearin' bout you folk! You sealed up that Fatarim guy, right? I'm Miles Stirling, by the way. Good to meet you." He siad loudly.

"Yes...That's us. We need to strengthen the seal, though... We must find an ancient flame located in the depths of a souhern Forest, which holds a glorious spring fueling a white flame of power. If I can find it...Fatalithe will be sealed for eternity." I said.

"Well, enough jawing...We'll have to set out soon. I know the way to this place...I'm a traveler around these parts." Miles said.

"Come on, now, we'll make a camp in the Wyvern Bog!" Miles said while leading us forward.

The way to the "Wyvern Bog" was wet and mushy. The actual place itself was, as they say, the Good Ship Misery. We tripped constantly over the old rotting corpses of dead wyverns. Miles was jumping quickly through the old skeletons, without grunt nor groan. We marveled at his amazing strength compared to us.

He eventually came to a dry spot in the jungle, and he began to gather logs and sticks. We sat around trying to make a fire and skin some small Jaggi I had slain along the way, while Miles tried to make a shelter.

To Be Continued in The Divine Darkness 4: Crossing The Wyvern Bog

The shelter was coming along nicely. We could see Miles had been doing this for years. I placed another slice of meat on the frying rock as I began to speak, slowly seasoning the cooked meat as I did.

"So... Why are you so eager to help, anyway?" I asked slowly.

"Hmph, I didn't tell you what we're gonna do on our trip, did I? Well, shoot...That ain't good, 'cause now I have to surprise you both. We're gonna stop off at a little village on our way to that flame, a vllage called Kitai Village. It's my home... And I want to see what ever one's been tellin' me has happened with my own eyes. That's my payment, if you haven't figured out." He replied modestly.

"Sounds...Good...But why are you away from there? Hunting mission gone awry, bad luck, moving away, what?" I questioned.

"...You wanna here what I got to say 'bout my life? Well, fine and dandy, but it ain't no play in roses." He repied.

"Go on." Nina finally spoke up.

"Well...When I was about...Eh...I'd say 16, my dad was talkin' to me about huntin' and farmin', the entire family business. I had started thinkin' about a life away from all the work and tiresomeness of farmin', and so I asked him the question that changed my life...I said, "Daddy, don't you ever think..or dream of a life without the rolling hills of crops?... A life where... Just, a life where felvine don't grow, and Aptonoth don't graze"? And he just sat there, holding his best Great Sword on his lap, with a whetstone in his hands. When he finally did speak, his eyes were hard and cold, but understanding. He replied with "Son... Have I never told you that I ain't never ate a piece of meat I didn't grow or kill? I ain't never ate no vegetable that I ain't cut down myself, unless spices count. I am too used to this life to change...Plus, it don't matter how long or wonderful yer journey in life is if you don't enjoy walkin' those paths. I enjoy farming and hunting... But I know you are wanting to see the world...So...I tell you what. Go get the Great Sword in my bed room, the Devilish Flame. Remember the upgrades, Demonic Flame and Satanic Flame. Go with an armor of your choice, and take one thousand Zenny from our small account... Have a journey. I ain't stopping you." were his words. I felt real guilty, though, after he looked at my awestruck face and went inside to get the equipment himself. He gave it to me and I went, reluctantly. I didn't know where to go...But I went to Minegarde, and Moga, and all them places. My latest city was here in Doragokuni, Dorago Port." he began.

"'ve been to all those places? ...Damn, you sure beat us." Nina said.

"I wasn't done. I've went to those places, plus some little known others. Like the Military Bastion in the Central World, and the city of Hyoku in the Wyrm-Lands. I ave met Taka of the Central World, and Gale Nagare. Both are good friends of mine. But.. Let me tell you now, you ain't gonna like your journey if you ain't enjoying your life. Remembr my words." He finished with a smile and nod.

As we finished talking, and were going to begin eating, we heard a resonating crash through the jungle. In front of us suddenly stod a wyoung woman clad in black armor and strange insignias. She flipped her helm up and grinned evily.

"Why, hello there! I'm everyone's favorite demon girl, Ala Kurai! I see you managed to find Miles too! Hiya, Miles!" She giggled.

"Who in the NAME OF HELL ARE YOU!?" I cried out.

"I just said that, silly!" She replied giddily, teleporting right behind me and back again in the space of two seconds.

"...Ok...So what or who do you work for and what do you have to do with us!?" Nina yelled.

"She's Alandaria Kurai, a seemingly normal girl who's realy a demon, don't trust a damn word out of that bitches mouth!" Miles said.

"Damn, Miles, I thought you had more decency then to curse at a LADY!" She cackled.

"You're a lot of things, you bitchy old whore. A lady ain't one of 'em." Miles angrily spewed.

"Ugh. I get pregnant... By another man... And you bitch and gripe like an old hag. Yeah, I'M the bitchy one." She muttered in response.

"Yeah, you are. See, me and Alandaria were married afer datin' fer four years, a long while ago. Like, ten years ago. And then, she goes and starts being some sort of fuckin' whore, like the in bred trash she made out of, a nd gets pregnant, so we get a divorce. This old cakling witch aint left me the hell alone since." Miles said, clearing our suspicions.

"Ugh, yeah, and Miles here gets all angry, as if he didn't see it coming. Fuc this, I'm done being a nice demon to him..." She said, turning around and swingin her long, black saber towards the man.

Miles barely had time to react as he threw his Satanic Flame bGreat Sword in front of himself. I ran in with my weapons, slashing a gash in the side of her armor. Nina threw her swords in an arc, slashing two identical cuts in the young woman's back. She turned around hurriedly and looked at us with hatred.

She began slashing rapidly at me, in an attempt to throw me off guard. Nine grabbed her dual swords in reply to this show of blades, swinging them up quickly and entering demonization. As she did so, Ala Kurai was thrown on her ass quickly, before suffering a gash in the chest. Nina dropped her blades in fatigue, in time for Miles to kick Alanadaria away. He helped us up and to our feet, and we watched the girl as she began speaking.

"Erck... You might have won this time around... But this will happen again..." She began, warping right beside Nina as she finished the sentence.

"But I tell you...It's a shame you aren't evil, you're a beautiful girl...." Alandaria said slowly, kissing her on the cheek while holding her tight in grip.\

"Let go of me, you lesbian cunt!" Nina screamed.

Ala Kurai looked coldly at her, and warped off. Nina wiped her cheek as if it was poisoned. She looked bewildered at me. I forced a smile at her, and I practically read her mind on what she said next.

"If we meet again, that bitch is going to rape me or something!! My damn, what the HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS WOMAN!?" She yelled.

"Just...Hide you, I guess..." I replied haphazardly.

"Fine." She muttered.

The next da, the swamp was strangely dry. We gathrred our things and left early, hoping to get to the Forest of Hope before sunset. We managed to cross in through the area quickly, leaving good time to find and access the forest.

To be continued in... The Divine Darkness 5: Forest of Hope

The Forest of Hope; long had we heard legends about the grand monsters here, especially the great elder dragon known as Solangstos. The entire area was filled with canyon like areas, with trees groing out of them and a few trees, bushes, and mushrooms growing out of the ground in the miniature short walled canyons.

The walk through the paths in the rolling rooted hilly lands was tiresome. We were batting away vicious creatures at every turn. We came upon a small pack of Jaggi as we approached a new type of tree, a massive Wyvern Oak. The Jaggi, led by one smallish Great Jaggi, were teasing and tiring a small Aptonoth separated from the herd as it walked into a forest. We looked at the Jaggi, thinking about how much we could use from killing both the aptonoth and Jaggi. Eventually, Miles walked out in to the open, brandishing his blade as he did.

The Jaggi growled and barked at him as we went to work on the Aptonoth. We made short work of the large herbivore, slaying it in one minute. We then concentrated on the Great Jaggi. Miles had made several slashes on its back, revealing smoldering scars where the dragon flames had scorched it. I kicked at the smaller hounding Jaggi, making a dent in their population with my Uragaan Great Sword.

I grimaced with remorse as I felt the always gruesome feel of blade against spine as my Great Sword sliiced through the backbone of a small Jaggi. The sword's end fell to the ground as it exited the massive wound spurting blood on the young raptor. I picked myself and the sword back up after suffering an attack from the Great Jaggi and my own remorse at my actions.

Nina quickly sliced her dual swords to the side, cutting into the hard faces of the pack of raptors surrounding her. The swords sang through the air as she inserted them with force into the mouths of the Jaggi. Blood dripped on to the ground, staining red the grass. Finally, we were able to concentrate on the Great Jaggi.

I slammed the spikes of my Great Sword into the bones of the Jaggi's shoulder. The creature growled at me before sending its tail flying into my armor. I grabbed it, ripping a spike from the body part. The Great Jaggi yowled and hip-checked me, rendering me dazed. Finally, Miles ended the creature's miserable life with a forcefuul blow from the Satanic Flame.

I got up, disoriented from the blow. I carved the Jaggi as best I could, falling over my own legs as I stepped on to the carcass. Nina and Miles grabbed me to prevent me falling on the creatures. I eventually regained my power and we continued on.

The forest grew darker as mighty trees began to loom at us. The air was thick with the scents of large animal masses. We heard birds chirping all around us. To the south, we came upon a creek. At this creek we saw an amazing sight; a Qurupeco eating while some Solangstos puppies fed themselves. Occasionally, the Qurupeco would nudge hem towards a certain food; it was clearly caring for them.

This was an interesting thing about te Qurupeco. It naturally had an impulse to care for young animals without a family. These certain Qurupecoes could be very docile. We walked up to it and it looked at us, curiously. Miles placed his hand on the creature's beak, speaking softly to it.

"It says he ain't gonna hurt us if we don't hurt him, so leave 'eem be." Miles translated.

We began to pet the creature and it extended a wing down, inviting us to take a flight. We looked at it in amazement, entranced at this intriguing Bird Wyvern. Despite these strange events, we climbed on, and the creature lifted off. It carried us far, it seemed; over the creek, through some caves, and to a small light forested area. It dropped us off, and we were on our way.

We came upon a chasm with a nice, sturdy bridge over it. A sign over the bridge read Kitai Village. We crossed the cham and walked into the village, glad to be with civilization.

To be continued in The Divine Darkness 6: Kitai Village

Kitai Village Theme06:14

Kitai Village Theme


We walked into the clearing of land over the bridge. The sights, sounds, and smells wer great to witness after so long in a bog and emptyish forest. We saw rolling hill, surrounded and bordered by mountains, in every direction. A small path ran through the town, leading to some houses, and a creek drifted slowly through the area.

The trees were thinner here, and many stood near houses. They offered cool shade to the 75-degree weather, though it wasn't needed. We walked up to a house, Miles taken aback at the sight. It was an old house; the frame and walls were faded and rotting, ever so slowly. The bricks, where there were some, were growing old and cracking. A set of Great Sword racks stood ajar on the porch.

"This.... This is the place I useta know as home... I'd hate to see it like this, I alwas thought. I have to, huh? That ain't right...How did it even get this bad, anyway..?" He askled rhetorically.

"Damn...It was really great once, huh?" I replied slowly.

"Ah...Yessir, it was. Had lotsa things 'round these parts that were great. Dammit...Destroyed." He muttered.

We walked into the house after Miles. He hit his hands against the wood of the door, angrily loosening a hinge. The inside of the house was worse than the outside; rotted boards made up the floor, old carpet littered the broken furniture, and windows were broken all around the place. We sighed at the sight, seeing Miles get near to tears.

We approached the bedroom slowly. Inside, we nearly fainted as we saw the sight within. Two people sat on the bed, dead for years. In their hands, they held small knives and their arms were banded together with a rope. In bloody letters, there was a messgae spelled out. Hylian_A.png It meant A, as in, Alandaria. She had murdered them and tied their hands together.

We walked to the inn, to get a good night's rest. The building was large, and built partially out of hard stone and wood beams, composed into a climbing structure that lept up the mountain, it seemed. Inside, it was warm and comfortable, with beautiful furniture made from Qurupeco skins and Solangstos parts. We looked at each other bewildered as we noticed the increasing number of Solangstos material items.

We bought a room and went to it. As we approached the doorway, we were greeted by a small team of Felynes carrying some servings of food. We took some Herbs, trading them some Felvine for them. The room we were staying in was large and round, located on one branch of the hotel we were staying at.

The next morning, we got up and left the village. We had a long way to walk before Doragokuni Castle, where we would find a map to the great flame that would improve my sword.

To be continued in ... ... ... The Divine Darkness 7: Doragokuni Castle

We walked slower as the castle loomed stormily ahead. We knew it was storm clouds gracing the stone walls, but we grimaced at the sight nonetheless.

We approached the door of the walls, and pushed them open. To our surprise, it was like a totally different world; the castle town grounds were filled with bustling people running and walking about the town. All were carrying something heavy or light in their hands and arms; it seemed as though all people here had a place to be.

We walked through the masses and around a corner to a small place that had a door leading into a building. We entered the door, having received a letter telling us to find and enter the bar on the east side.

The large room was filled partially with drunks of the town, having drunken so much wine and whiskey that they couldn't see straight. There were also soldiers in the back, talking over a large map. We walked up. As we did so, a young girl approached us, holding up her hand and showing us the emblem on the back.


"I am Safaia. Safaia Kasai. Don't ever call me by my last name. I see you've met my relative, Miles... How've you been doing?" Safaia began.

"I'm fine, thanks." Miles said gruffly.

"Well, good ta hear. I was sent here from the Furuki Mountains to help you guys. I'm one of the most skilled sorceresses and ninjas you'll ever meet, if I'm not the most. I was taught the art of war by several skilled friends of mine. One of them was Altair... Um... I forgot his last name.. but he was a great ninja in a different land.. Another was a young man named Taka in the Central World. The symbol on my hand, and the gesture I've performed, are both symbols of the Datai Race, a race of skilled ninjas that once flourished in this land. I am the last of our kind. So don't let me die." She said, ending with a smirk and waving the bottle of whiskey in her hand.

We looked at her for a while before responding. She was about five foot and three inches tall, small for her apparent age. She had small brown eyes, but at the same time they penetrated the soul of their viewer, looking into their every deed. Her skin was lightly tanned, where it wasn't covered by a blackish, blue, and purple armor. Her skin, from what parts we could see, was a tanned color with small marks on the joints and pads of hands.

She took another swig of her drink before beginning another drunken sentence. "So, what's your names?" She muttered.

"I'm.. John...." I said slowly, unsure of myself.

"I'm Nina." Said she, taking in a breath.

"OK, then, well, I'm Safaia Kasai, as you know. I'm... 13... And... I guess that's it!" Chirped Safaia.

We sat around a table and talked for a while, after and while eating and drinking. She had a lot of stories for a young girl. When we finally did depart for her room, it was late night and the way was hard. However, she lived in a good place on the west side of town, that happened to be located under the main streets.

As soon as we walked into the house, we were hit by the scent of old wood and bricks. The furniture was old, but she seemed content. We slept with her that night.

The next day, we set out to venture through the desert, the final destination before Wyverntooth Mines and then Castle Flame, where the Flame of Doragokuni awaited. The desert was immense, located to the west of Doragokuni Castle; it had massive sand dunes everywhere and old ruins at every turn.

To be continued in....The Divine Darkness 8: The Kawaki Desert

The Kawaki Desert stretched out lengthily into the distance. Our first steps in the rather arid place were energizing, but as we walked, the steps became harder and slower. The sands shifted beneath our feet and the ancient ruins everywhere even further impeded our progress. The heat and sun wasn't an aid either.

The longer we walked, the longer the sands stretched. About twenty minutes into the walk, the sand began to shift like a mole-tunnel in front of us. We knew near-instantly it was a Tremoroldos, Scourge of The Flowing Sands. It jumped out of its tunnel as soon as it reached us. The creature looked us over calmly before crawling back into the sands and jumping out fully.

It began its assault with several short blasts of sand from the horned bill stemming from the shelled neck. The blasts landed in front of us, tempting us to draw our blades. We did so and lurched at the creature, slamming the blades into the flesh of the Sand-Worm. The creature swam around us until it managed to gather a sand wall around us and we were trapped within it. It then coiled around us for the kill.

It was black. That was the first thing we noticed about the large cave below the sands. The worm slept around a stalagmite, its large horns pointing towards us. The webbing sticking to our armor broke not, the tight knots and weaves holding to the rustic vambraces and greaves. It was not the Tremoroldos that spun this web; it must've been something much worse.

And indeed it was. The Neopteran crawling toward us was known only by one fell word; Death by Shadow, or Shadoshi in the Elder Languages. It was known to live in harmony with the Tremoroldos, having a well known relationship where the Tremoroldos would hunt things and leave them in a cave with this creature, where it would also then sleep. The Shadoshi then drunk the blood of the prey and left the meat to be devoured by the worm; this way neither creature died.

The creature almost reached us before Nina freed herself. She threw her blades in an arc into the web, cutting us loose and scarring the creature's face. It screeched a blood curdling minute, and began launching venom bursts at us. Miles let his Great Sword down on the creature's back, leaving a nasty gash on it.

The demonic arachnid traveled towards me, heading for my blade. I quickly slashed into the fangs of the beast, tempting it to jump towards me. As it did, I swung my blade again into the Tremoroldos, awakening and badly injuring it. The spider let me go and we ran; we watched also as the two beasts clashed. In the end, they both died, but not before the Shadoshi had its fill of the blood of the Tremoroldos.

The exit of the cave lead right to the end of the desert, save for a few extra miles we'd have to walk. We decided to sleep under a mesa formed by overhanging stone from a massive cavern-like formation. There was enough wood to start a fire, and a stream ran through it.

The next day, we made it to the end of the desert. Long ahead of us stood stagnant the Yaminuma Swamp, an ancient murky bog of small plants and little evolution, where many things remained primitive and basic. Our trudge through it would lead us to the Great Flame of Doragokuni and the end of this adventure; it was imperative that we got past it.

Yaminuma Swamp03:22

Yaminuma Swamp

The theme of Yaminuma Swamp

We walked slowly into the woody swamp. Our walk increased to a trot, then a run, as the spirit of the woods really fell into us. That's when our spirits really rose, matching the fun and light soul of the woods and swamp as we ran through the paths.

Finally, we came to a small river. Without looking back, we jumped in, knowing nothing of the deepness nor dangers of such a river.

The water was deep and clear, and the temperature was excellent. As we swam, the river took us to a small lagoon where we managed to swim out. Here, we climbed through a cave, entering the final stretch towards the Great Flame of Doragokuni. Each of our lanterns were lit and we were slowly finding our way through the path; eventually we came out and looked at the hidden fortress-like area for signs of an entrance.

And there it was. Atop a smallish hill, there was a large round tower, which surely contained the entrance. As we walked towards the building, the ground began to quake and large torches rose from the ground, lit with a blue, red, and green fire.

The Battle02:49

The Battle

Then the demonic monsters came. They came in a massive gauntlet of bodies, rushing us and attempting to steal our equipment. We tried fervently to ward them off and slay them quickly enough, but our efforts were in vain.

As the moment of end seemed to appear, we heard a scream and a bright white flash filled our eyes. A great shape came down and slashed many of the creatures around us, before turning around and sending four Datai Starknives through the throats of about eight of the goblin-like things.

Finally, Safaia (The Datai ninja that had jumped to our aid finally) used an ancient spell to eliminate the rest of the creatures. She turned to us.

"So... It seems I have to go now, guys. My time at your aid is over. Sorry!! Bye, now!" Safaia yelled, throwing a ball on the ground that emitted a bright flash and allowed her to jump away from us forever.

"... She's gone..." We muttered in our own ways.

We walked into our destination, finally there after so many months of adventure and trials.

To be continued in... The Divine Darkness 10: The Great Flame Awaits

The Great Flame Fort Theme01:49

The Great Flame Fort Theme

The fortress of The Great Flame stood dark in front of us. We walked slowly in and began running down the steps. The first room we came to was filled with flame; we simply ran through it and continued on, though we had a few minor burns.

However, the next room contained a Dark Barroth; we attempted dodges and dashes in our mad tries at avoiding it, to no avail. Miles and me managed to land several hits with our Great Swords on the creature, before I decided I had enough of it. I then drew my other sword, the one I was to improve with the Great Flame, and thrust it through the chest of the Barroth.

However, this creature was bound and determined to take us down. He lept in with a fell strike at us, sending his tail slicing through us. Miles threw his Great Sword into the tail of the creature and the tail began bursting with blood. The creature whimpered and fell, dying. We continued on.

Finally, we were at the last room. We tan as fast as our legs would carry us to the gate leading to the Flame's pedestal. As soon as we reached it, I drew the Masuta Sword and Seishin came out, allowing the flame to overtake her. She commanded me to thrust the sword into the pedestal. I did so, and the room behind us erupted.

"Mah ha ha ha ha.... RRAH HYA HYA HYA!! I've found you all at last." Came the voice of Ala-Kurai.

"You... Shadow-Girl of the Dragons... Hatred multiplied..." Nina murmured.

"Hee hee heee, you remember me!! How sweet!" Alandaria laughed.

"You shan't live another day, demon of Doragokuni." Said Nina confidently.

"And who's gonna slay me? You? Your little friend? Sure as hell won't be Miles." Said Alandaria.

"It will be me." Said Nina, rushing Alandaria at the same time.

Their blades crashed and a blast of light and darkness issued forth. We turned for a few minutes, wishing not to watch the battle.

Alandaria began with a few short slashes across the chest of Nina; these were quickly dodged, much to Alandaria's pleasure as she sent several blazing shadowstar knives through Nina's side. Nina just cringed and threw her longsword towards Ala-Kurai.

Then, the unimaginable happened. Anobon jumped down from out of nowhere and dragon-kicked Nina. Ala-Kurai smiled and pointed viciously towards Nina, Anobon's command to kill her. As he walked demonically towards the young girl, Nina rose in an ethereal bluish-white and black light, in a crucified-like position. As she did, a massive wave of power issued forth from her and sent Anobon and Ala-Kurai to their knees.

She descended and walked to them.

"You dirty stupid bastards." She laughed, before plunging the sword into their chests.

Finally, it ended.

Alandaria's Death Theme03:45

Alandaria's Death Theme

Ala-Kurai was kneeling and coughing blood. As she lifted her sword one last time, it slammed into the ground and disappeared. She giggled a few times and dissolved into nothingness, never to be seen again.

We drew my blade out, now improved and finally able to conquer the other blade in Moga.

Much to our surprise, we were suddenly transported back to the resting place of the King's Zweihander. I walked up to it and drew the Masuta Sword. I looked at everyone and they nodded. With a final, revered strike, I sent the Masuta Sword into the King's Zweihander, making permanent the seal on Fatalithe. I walked away, feeling my job was done. I laughed as I went.

As I walked towards my friends and family, I fell to my knees.

"It's all over... Finally... It's all over..." I cried out.

"Yes.... It's over.... Finally." Nina and Tayler said in unison.

This is... The End.

Moga Knight Trilogy: The End

And thus ends the Moga Knight Trilogy. [4] Fatalis Demon Lord true form. Also Demis'es artwork. I do't own pic.Added by Ceadeuslayer27*Spikershoot: Small handguns that have three barrels loaded with spikes in front of a gunpowder charge, and empowered by some kind of monster fang.

=Author's Notes=

The story may be finished, but it would have been LOADS harder without these guys.





= But a VERY BIG (Pun) THANK YOU TO BASS21, UKANTOR, and COTTOMOUTH25 Especially, for their edits!!! =

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