Moga Knight Memoirs Poster

The Poster for MKM

Moga Knight Memoirs may be finished, but it wouldn't have been possible without some people.

People Who Inspired Me

With his awesome Fanfic, he inspired the Transformation elements here. Kudos for you, CM255. ^-^

With his really awesome, epic, funny, sad, good, just overalll amazing fanfic, he isnpired, well, practically every one of the characters. These include Tayler, Jonathan, Fyrulosor, and Sylvyr. He also isnpired the Monster Warriors having respective cities/towns, though to a lesser extent. ^-^ :D

  • The authors of Monster Hunter Legends. Good little fanfic you got there. ^-^
  • Shigeru Myamoto. You created the Zelda series. and by effect, Anobon and Fatalithe. Love Zelda and everyhting about it.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien. You're dead, but your books are inarguably the best in the world at any momeent. Tolkien inspired many things in MKM, like Tremrho and Domhan.


Domhan is Irish for Earth.

Tayler is my real life ex-girlfriend, though for the purpose of this Fanfic she remains in the story as my counterpart, John's, fiancee.

Tremrho is based on Rohan.

Skyrinthe Skyland is based upon The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword's Skyloft and Loftwings.

The Flooded Forest and Loc Lac City are the only places that are canon-the rest are of my own creation, except for MLC's Central World (A CM255 Production xD)

There are a lot of LOTR references...but I don't even know where they came from XD

Character Inspiration

  • John: Based on me, with some attributes and things tied in from opinions I've heard of me (And what I know I am myself lol)
  • Jonathan: His name is technically my real name, but he's based primarily on some people I've known over the years, like my old history teacher, Mr.Wammack. Also, I could say people like my grandfather on my mom's side. Also based slightly on Gigas, from TWST.
  • Levon: Based on an old friend from 8th grade. We're still friends, don't get me wrong, we just don't talk a lot.
  • Callie: Based on another friend of mine, named, well, Callie. One of my best friends evar. xD
  • Sylvyr: Based on Guretosutomu, from TWST, Kaepora Gaebora from TLoZ:OoT.
  • Nagaru: Based on....Nothing really. Nagaru is pretty original.
  • Fyrulosor: Based on Guretosutomu also, along with Auru from TLoZ:TP
  • Domhan: Based on Aragorn from TLoTR Series, and Rusl from TLoZ:TP

That's all for now. WIsh me luck in The Moga Liberty Chronicles!

CeadeusSlayer 23:46, October 5, 2012 (UTC)

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