Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) OST - Main Theme Opening theme full version03:12

Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) OST - Main Theme Opening theme full version

The song that John plays.

We watched as the horizon slowly dissapeared from sight, the treeline receding into oblivion. The blue ocean that surrounded our boat had a color of a beautiful creature that I knew as Lagiacrus. As we looked about for signs of danger, we would see a different sight every fewminutes: A harem of Ludroth on some rocks, a nest of a Lagiacrus, ad we thought we saw a Gobul sunning itself once. As soon as I mentioned this, Jonathan grunted and muttered some words under his breath.

"I've had plenty 'nuff a those critters. Don't let 'em see ya." He muttered irritatedly.

"Heh heh heh....Yeah, I won't. Besides, Gobul have bad eyesight-why do you think it waits beneath the sand and only attacks when right next to it's prey?" I replied.

He sat back in thought, realiing that I was indeed correct. As I sat down, I rummaged through my pack, looking for my lyre. Just as i found it, the captain noticed what I was doing.

"Gonna play a little music, aye?" He grunted.

"Uh-huh. On this little instrument that I made from Ceadeus parts. I calll it the Sea-God's Lyre." I said.

"Well, get to playing if you are, lad."

I started playing the relatively short tune. The very ocean seemed to calm and the boat stopped the churning. They looked at the blue harp like instrument dumbfoundedly. As I finished, I looked up and smiled.

"how...............Did you do that? Jonathan said.

"It's a mystical instrument. I don't know why it does that."

About an hour and a half into our trip, a heavy fog began to set. It got so bad that we couldn't see even with our lights on full power. I began to play, and still we had no mercy. We floated straight into a cavern where there was no fog, and the walls were lined with white gold torches.

"Greetings, children of fate.....I am the guide for your adventure into the skies, through the mountains, and withiin the ocean.. I speak to you through your minds, but you all hear me as a great voice...." A voice from the cave said.

"What do you want, bringing us into this dangerous cavern!?!?" Jonathan and me said.

"I am exactly what I said. I am bringing you to my lair right now, as we speak. I will board, and we may set off."

"Dare yuo try to board my ship without my permission!?!?!?" The Captain, our guide to the Lagiacrus Warrior said.

"Where are my manners....May I come aboard?" The voice asked.

"If you're a help, then certainly." He said.

We pulled into a dock where the boat stopped. A light of pure white began to emanenate from a hall. A great being stepped from the threshold. He was magnificent.

He wore a long golden robe ove his other robes. It was almost a gold thread lace, and streched to his feet. A long blue robe showed underneath, as a total clothing. On his chest was a plate of a green gem, and a silver thread. His can was of a brilliant silver, with the carved figurehead of a Fyrulosor.

"I am the voice of Fyrulosor. I am a great sorcerer. My name is Sylvyr. In my younger days, I was indeed the Fyrulosor Warrior, and a great gaurdian of the Stonesharp Spires, now called the Stony Spires. I was sent to ai you in finding several things, such as the Great City of the Flying Warriors. This city is hard to get to without a magnificent power, which only I wield. I also must guide you to the Riders of Tremrho, who made a promise years ago to help the Monster Warriors once they were united." Sylvyr said.

"You are.........The Legend of Fyrulosor himself aren't you!??!?!" I said excitedly.

"Yes." He replied.

So....why the cave?" I asked.

"It is charmed. For the fog, and as a hidden island which only certain eyes can see, thus hiding me. I have awaited here for years...."

"How old are you?" Jonathan asked.

"Nearly two hundred and thirty. Our kind are blessed with long life. My life expectancy is five hundred years, as is yours. And you might also wonder why I am not still te Fyrulosor Warrior. I was chosen from the three Elder Dragon Warriors to become the Great Counselor of The Warriors. Anobon was next in line and for this it is one of his mottives to destroy this world. One legend we keep dear is the Legend of The Dragon Counsel. We were appointed in a lost time ago to counsel the races in a mighty war that was foreshadowed and prophecized about. I came riginally as A Spirit, and a grat hunter. Ages ago, when the Counsel chose me to lead it, these forms combined into this one, taking my ability to hunt away forever." Sylvyr Said in his near melodic voice.

"Ahh....So can we leave now...?" I said somewhat impatiently.

"Let's go then! I've bee eager to get on the sea again myself!" Our captain said.

We pulled away from the cave back to the ocean. Now that we could see, we surveyed our surroundings. The cave was surrunded by small islands, very small, that had tiny plants of beautiful build on them. They had obviously been planted recently, in order to welcome us. We turned to the north, nto where the Lagiacrus Warrior's hideaway awaited. according to rumor and belief, it was a large stone island with many plants and some good earht around it. The home in itself was somewhat small with lots of storage for the Lagiacrus Warrior's many Thunder Weapons, made from both Khezu and Lagiacrus parts. The true house, in reality, was supoosedly a mixture of stone, wood, and reeds, making up a quite cozy and withstanding home.

On the horizon, we saw several spires of pure stony spiraling peaks stretching out of the water. They were a sign that The Warrior was close at hand. We looked into the telescope and saw another boat sailing close to the spires. A young woman, possibly even a young girl, dived from the boat, which had arrived near a collection of larger spires. She resurfaced and swam towards our boat.

"Ready your weapons, men....." Nagaru said.

"No. This is the Lagiacrus Warrior i think." I replied.

"Alright then, get a ladder ready." He said back.

"No need.....I can jump on to the boat, I think." The Lagiacrus Warrior said in her young feminine voice.

"Alright then...." Jonathan said as he lowered the side-gate to adequate height.

She was beautiful. Her armor was near form fitting, save for the chestpeice, helm, and part of the waistlet. It was an excellent LagiaThundros+* set, built for often swimming and being charged harshly with electricity. It reavealed her body shape and facial features perfectly, however. She looked about thirteen, my age (At this given moment, I'm fourteen. One year difference matters not.) and she had a lovely voice, a voice not borne of the sea but borne of the midwestern plains of Moga; this was indeed both a beautiful country to originate from and a beautiful accent to have. She was from the sea of course, but it was obviously her family was not solely of the Sea-People. Her swimming was elegant and reminded me of Lagicrus itself. It was shimmer of blue, and the glow of the ocean. It was true love, at first sight.

She jumped in and began telling us where the house was. She pointed one beautiful blue armored hand towards the stones across the spires of where we were. We sailed ever closer, and looked at the humble abode. It was large for an island house, and was built atop a frame of wood and stone. We boarded a floating mini-harbor and walked up to the house. I was in awe at the inside. Beautifully carved candles carved from sea-coral stood round, giving off differing shades of light. We walked slowly in towards the hallways.

"Sit, sit, you guys!" She said in her youthful voice, with her youth's words—not that I could brag.

We sat down and she lifted the Heaven's Thunder LongSword from her back. She placed it on a rack with several other thunder weapons: a Vortecal Hammer, the High Thundacrus Lance, the Volt Axe, the Lagia Sword, and the Lagiacrus Great Sword. Every Thunder weapon from Moga, at her hands. The very house seemed to flow with thunderous bursts of electricity.

She ventured into the hall, and turned a corner. We heard her rummaing through some papers. At last we saw her come out. This time she wore nothing except for her waistlet, basic chestplate, and underclothes, and carried a small faded scroll. She came in and sat down, her face gleeful at the people who were in front of her. She started unrolling the ancient writing.

"This scroll contains the Thunder Warrior Prophecy.. It is an anncient tale told by my people to the next generatioon of chosen warriors. It goes like this:

Thunder cracks and lighting flashes;

A wyvern's life's begun;

The great blue dragon, its teeth it mashes;

From Fire we shall run;

But for Thunder we shall bow!" She said in a great voice.

"Wow, that's interesting. Sounds a bit like my own Barroth Warrior Prophecy, which I will not indulge." I said.

After some time, we had disbanded, to go about our own devices. I personally knew I wanted to catch Tayler, to ask her to go sailing. She had walked off around the house, and near the small wooded area. I walked slowly and watched. A creature swam towards the area, leaving a blue trail behind it. It sparked the water and it slowly crawled up.

"Hello, Eledrion....." Tayler sighed.

"Greetings, Child." Eledrion stated.

"I need guidance...." She said.

"Heheheh...My child, you need not word from Dragon or Man. Your heart shall guide you, on this journey. I also feel one of the ancient Warriors feels greeat feeling for you." He responded.

She looked up at the beast. Her face was wet with tears. She was troubled, very much. She dried her face and began talking.

"Really? Okay, then, I'll try to find him or her then." She said, happier.

"Go strongly and do not falter, my daughter. That is my advice....." He trailed off.

"The one of your fate approaches. Good-bye, my Child." He quickly said and swam away.

I approached her and I leaned down. She glanced up and began to speak.

"Hi.....I was just...Ummm..." She began.

"It's alright. I saw you. I used to talk to Barontremor many a time. He was a bit rougher. to be certain..but he had a big heart, and he told me relatively the same thing." I responded.

" are you here?" She said.

"Well.. I was wondering.....would you like to....Go sailing around the islands with me? You know as" I said sheepishly.

"Yeah! Sure, just let me get my prettty armor on!" She said with a gleeful smile and a wink.

She walked back to the house and told me to wait outside. I went to get the boat ready. I chose a small sailer canoe built for three people. I was packing a bit of food into the canoe when Tayler came out. She looked dazzling in her new armor: It was a beautiful dress-like armor set, blue with green highlights. The waistlet and shestplate bent with her body, while her helm was actually more like a tiara. Her leggings were thin and blue, like her arm guards. She was beautiful, all in all.

" I look presentable?" She murmered.

"Yes! You llook beautiful." I said, stunned by her beauty.

We got in the canoe. I held her hand like a gentleman as she stepped in and sat down. I got in and turnned on the sails to the wind. We would be sailing slowly around the island for some minutes. We began talking as soon as we got settled.

"So where are you from?" She asked.

"I'm from a land that was lost once, the Great Plains. No one knew it existed till 20 years ago, when an explorer found a tribe of people who migrated from the mountain plains to a land near them. He investigated and found our tribe, and our ancient land. At our request, the Guild rarely sends in hunters, except for when something like a Calamitos is seen circling near. Our land lies close to the Ancient canyon, needless to say Calamitos venture there quite often." I said.

"i'm from around here. I've never seen Loc Lac, and i've never seen the Fatalis Armada. But I've seen the Flooded Forest...I was born on a landmass near the Wyvern Boneyard. It has no name. It sunk 11 years ago, when I was 7, during an earthquake. A Lagiacrus Elder named Eledrion rescued me from the depths of the ocean and my despair. He raised me because he knew i was the Lagiacrus Warrior. I assume my mom and dad are dead, probably killed, by the Rathalos and Rathian warriors....." She said.

"What's wrong with them?" I responded.

"They are evil in their hatred. They refused to return theoceans of the Volcano to us, and we warred. They won. And they hate us. I can't stand being around a Rathian or Rathalos. I wish we didn'ty have to get that damned Rathalos Warrior..." She said angrily.

"Don't be mad! It's ok. I understand. I'm not a fan of them either; they don't appreciate what we do for them and they never appreciate the fact that we are the ones who keep their positions secret. The Barroth as a species has always disliked them, so don't feel bad." I responded.

"So, when did you start training?" She asked.

"Uhhh......I want to say when i was 8. But my weapons i didn't fully aqcuire till i was 10. So there. By the way...I feel I should tell you how old I am...I'm 19." I said.

"OK, then...I began training at 9. I wasn't very powerful and electricity frightened me. So I eventually got over it and learned to cope with being charged. I secretly help the good hunters on Water Quests by delivering supplies far out in the boonies of the ocean. But about a year ago, I began to stay home a lot more often, waiting for you guys. Never thought I would meet someone like you though...." She said.

"Really? You didn't? Well, this IS the journey of the warriors....." I stated. By this time we had gotten to where we were somewhat comfortable with each other's presence in the boat.

"Hey! You know what I meant!" She said while pushing me away flirtatiously. She was an interesting character, that was most certain.

"What if I didn't?" I said back.

She rolled her eyes, smiling all the while.

She seemed to be an epitome of emotion. She was happy sometimes and angry others, but not a horrible imbalance. I smiled a little as I realized, for the first time in years, I had met someone who could make me happy with their very presence. This was great. She saw my smile and smiled herself. We talked for another half hour before going back to shore.

As soon as we were ashore, we went to our sleeping quarters—though-interestingly Tayler allowed me to sleep in her room, albeit on the floor. She clearly trusted me and was feeling our fate connection. This truly was an enlightening thought: No more loneliness, no more kept in thoughts, none of that. Now I had someone besides Jonathan i could share my feelings with. I smiled as I laid down my blanket by her bed. I kneeled, said a short prayer to Fyrulosor, my guardian spirit, and went to sleep.

The next morning was a short one. I woke up to find Tayler already awake and in the kitchen. As it turned out, she was quite the cook, and we had a wyvern egg fried, some Gobul meat, and some fried potatoes. She prepared them with a beautiful set of herbs and spices that tasted delicious. As we ate Nagaru began the preparations to set out. I was to share a cabin with Tayler, much to my liking. We went into the cabin after breakfast. I looked at my bed set: It was clean enough for me, but I noticed Tayler looked a little taken aback at the sight, so I took them to the top deck for cleaning. I got out a different set and pulled the bed out a little, big enough for me and Tayler to both sleep comfortably on. I turned out the lantern as we went above.

The entire crew was on their feet getting ready. As we all got on and braced for setout, Jonathan rang the bell for lift the anchor. The boat slowly pulled away from shore as we adjusted the sails and two of us pulled on the oars. We spent twenty minutes rowing around the old rocks and getting out. The entire time, Tayler stood watching the house she had built for herself disappear in the fog. I saw some tears run down her cheek. I gae her a hug, telling her that it was alright, when we settle down, we'll both build a house together for us. She smiled and wiped her eyes before giving me a long hug. We watched the house for another twenty minutes until it disappeared completely. Finally we were on the final Warrior trip.

To be continued in: Moga Knight Memoirs:Chapter 7

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