Mizutsune (MHEX Series)
MHX-Tamamitsune Render 001
Nicknames: Mizu, Mr. Bubbles
Titles: Water Fox Wyvern, Bubble Fox Wyvern: (JPN Name)
Other Info
Description: see below
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Tropical and Temperate zones of Revalius and Aetherius.
Other monsters in Relation:  ???
Elements: Water
Ailments: Waterblight, Bubbleblight
Weaknesses: Thunder, Dragon
Signature move: Bubble Breath
Creator: Gojira57

Mizutsune (Vulpsewvyverna Bulliato) Is a Leviathan that was introduced in Monster Hunter Generations, but now makes an appearance in the Monster Hunter EX Series, starting in MHEX2. It is hunted in High Rank and above.

In Game information

MHEX2 Information
Icon Info
MHX-Tamamitsune Icon
A Leviathan that can use bubble attacks and a soapy substance, making this creature a slippery foe. It is rather passive, but if threatened, it will use it's swift movements and bubbles to it's advantage against threats.


High Rank

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Move Set

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In Revalius and Aetherius, Mizutsune are not known to be aggressive towards people unless threatened, even if the people in question go into it's territory. But if threatened, It will fight mercilessly using it's bubble and water attacks and swift movement.

Story appearances

Monster Hunter Hurricurse Series

A Mizutsune may or may not appear in Monster hunter Hurricurse 5: Revenge of Kesena

Monster Hunter Legacy of Hurricurse Series

See: Nero the Mizutsune A Mizutsune named Nero, will definitely appear in this sequel series.


【MHX】タマミツネ Tamamitsune 高音質(Long Ver10:26

【MHX】タマミツネ Tamamitsune 高音質(Long Ver.)【BGM】

Mizutsune Theme


  • When low on stamina, it's fins change from yellow to blue.
  • When enraged, it's fins turn red.
  • It will prey on Fish or Kelbi to regain stamina.
  • It's Soap like substance it leaves behind when moving will cause hunters and other monsters alike, except for Mizutsune, to slip and slide, hindering movement.
  • Bubbleblight, in MHEX 2 onwards, makes the hunter slip and slide around while moving, as if they were on the soapy substance, and can only be cured by using a cleanser.


  • Not only are Revalian Mizutsune's passive towards people, they seem to be rather patient towards them, but they do prefer to be left alone.
  • It's Scientific name means "Bubbling Fox Wyvern" Which is a reference to it's title of "Bubble Fox Wyvern"
  • Aside from Lagiacrus, Tamamitsune is Gojira57's favorite Leviathan
  • Tamamitsune is also Gojira57's favorite of the "Elite four", second favorite being Astalos.

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