Nicknames: Mira
Titles: Unholy Wind, End of the Road
Other Info
Description: A black Elder Dragon with mighty wind attacks
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: Silenced Field
Other monsters in Relation: Fatalis, Kushala Daora
Elements: Dragon, FIre
Ailments: Nightmare
Weaknesses: Dragon on Chest
Signature move: Super Dragon Fireball
Creator: Imrik37
 MIrabulos is a new Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter U. It possesses powerful wind-based attacks as well as red lightning fireballs.


"A feared dragon that controls the wind. They purposely seek all that opposes them, hunting them down and destroying towns and cities. It is said that if a Mirabulos and a Kushala Daora met, the storm would cover the world."

Mirabulos is a jet black Elder Dragon with a pair of dark horns on its head. It has a posture similar to Fatalis on four legs. When enraged, the horns crackle with crimson energy. It is one of the few monsters to be able to inflict the Nightmare ailment, the other's being Nockturnus, its Subspecies and Pathogenic Bilados.


  • It's fireball attacks inflict both Dragonblight and Fireblight.
  • It has an attack where it rears on its hind legs and charges up a fireball similar to Dire Miralis that covers a wide area when released. This attack can cause instant death for essentially any armour with negative Dragon or Fire resistance.
  • When enraged, its bite will decrease a hunter's weapon's Sharpness.
    • This effect is doubled when a hunter has Dragonblight.
  • Mirabulos can be found in the Jungle's Freehunt (very rare), and is worth 1200 points if repelled, and 4500 if slain.
    • A black storm cloud is a good sign of Mirabulos' appearance.

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