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Nicknames: Miraa.
Titles: Opera Phantoms(With Narga), Concert Ghost.
Other Info
Description: A Bird Wyvern with the ability to turn invisible.
Species: Bird Wyvern.
Habitats: Swamp(Old), Jungle(Old), Elder Swamp, Elder Jungle.
Other monsters in Relation: Qurupeco?.
Elements: Water
Ailments: Attack Down.
Weaknesses: Thunder.
Signature move: Invisibility.
Creator: YukiHaze
Miraage is a bird wyvern appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier: Old World.


Mirage has the typical Bird/Flying Wyvern body build, its body is covered in soft light gray scales and mostly covered in silver feathers.

When it's calm, it will walk much like a New World Qurupeco, but when fighting it will run and walk in a manner similar to that of Flying Wyverns, and when enraged it alternates between this and a "Pseudo Wyvern" movement, this is possible due to its bones.

The main ability of Miraage is invisibility, much like a Chameleos, Miraage can go invisible, the only way to detect it is with a sonic bomb, which will render the monster as a colorful noise for 5 seconds after the bomb exploded, monster roars also activate this effect.

Regarding attack power, Miraage's beak is strong enough to faceplant stone floors without breaking, something which it likes to do a lot, it usually runs over hunters and "dances" on them, when using the Pseudo Wyvern stance it is much faster, it has a water sac, which requires Miraage to live near water, it can use water jets and special mucus.


Aside from common Bird/Flying Wyvern attacks such as tail spin and flying, it also has some other attacks:

Invisibility: Miraage does a peculiar dance and goes invisible, when enraged, the dance is skipped.

Run-Over: It runs over the target and starts dancing, for the unlucky hunters that are still below it while it dances, the attack will do full damage.

Faceplant: Hits the floor with its beak.

Water Jet: Fires a water jet from its throat.

Attack Mucus: If it hits a hunter, attack will decrease, if it hits a boss monster, their attack will increase.

Rage Only Moves:

Water Out: Miraage fires a water jet while dancing, causing the water to move around erratic patterns.

Waterplant: Performs the Faceplant but stays a little longer in the ground, if the hunter steps on the spot, a jet of water will come out.

Dances (Can perform at any time):

Attack Dance: Gives an attack boost to other Bosses (or hunters, if it fails to perform correctly).

Defense Dance: Defense boost for other Bosses (or hunters).

Invisibility Dance: Other Bosses will go invisible after hearing for 20 seconds, only performed in one quest in G-Rank ("The Opera Phantoms", featuring Miraage and Nargacuga).


  • Miraage is based on the New World Qurupeco.
  • The way it can achieve invisiblity for himself and for the Nargacuga in "The Opera Phantoms" is unknown.

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