Nicknames: Milon
Titles: -
Other Info
Description: A Neopteron that feeds of rotten leaves and plants. It's very peaceful and only attacks when threatened. Has a special relationship to Pendrolar.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Caves of Arnin-Hol
Other monsters in Relation: Pendrolar
Elements: -
Ailments: StatusEffect-AttackDown
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Roll attacks
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It is similar to a millipede. A green Neopteron with red back and a tan underside which is very vulnurable to cutting damage. Milontark has two green antennas on the head and two excrescences on the hind that resemble the antennas to confuse predators. They have a hard chitin armor. Because of its size it won't be destroyed after killing it.


Average: 1006,5 cm


Milontark inhabits rocky terrain preferably dark caves in Arnin-Hol. Exemplary for these conditions are the caves in the Frantic Bay, the Thunderstorm Valley and the Equatorial Lava Fields.


  • The weakness is water, then fire.
  • Milontark are peaceful Neopterons that only defends itself when attacked.
    • It often uses roll attacks to repel or damage enemies.
    • The defense liquid it uses, decreases the attack of weapons by pasting them.
  • It feeds of rotten leaves and fruits.
  • This Neopteron's antennas are very sensible for air vibrations so it can perceive any presence of a monster or hunter very fast.
  • It's prey for bigger Neopterons and big Birdwyverns like Yian Garuga.
  • Milontarks have a good relationship to Pendrolar as they will support it even outside the caves, cooperate and attack threats with several individuals of them.
  • The chitin armor causes weapons with low sharpness to bounce off (to yellow sharpness).


  1. Roll attack
  2. Spraying defense fluid (Attack down)


Milontark Shell, Milontark Antenna, Monster Fluid

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