Metroid/MH Crossover: Tallon Shreikbat
Nicknames: Shriekbat, Bat
Titles: Exploding Vermin
Other Info
Species:  ???
Habitats: Ancient Ruins, Lava Caverns
Other monsters in Relation: Ice Shriekbat, Aetherian Shriekbat
Elements: fire
Ailments: Fireblight
Signature move: Divebomb explosion
Creator: Gojira57

Tallon Shriekbats are a minion monster of the ??? class first introduced in the Metroid/ MH Crossover pack in Monster Hunter EX. It was the first minion monster of the ??? class to be revealed in Monster Hunter EX. It is unknown how they ended up on the monster Hunter world along side their relatives.

In Game info:

Verminous creatures that live in many enviroments. Their body heat is extremely high. They are territorial, and will dive-bomb at intruders, exploding on contact. they will also explode if killed before they hit, making carving impossible.


  • As stated in the above text, carving the Shriekbat is impossible.
  • They will give a shrieking call before dive-bombing at the hunter.
  • They will also divebomb at large monsters that enter their territory.
  • It first appeared in Metroid Prime.
  • They will inflict fireblight onto hunters they explode on.

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