Metroid/MH Crossover: Aetherian shriekbat
Titles: Aetherian Exploding Vermin
Other Info
Species:  ???
Habitats: Torvus Bog, Agon Wastes
Other monsters in Relation: Tallon Shriekbat, Ice Shriekbat
Ailments: Fireblight
Signature move: Divebomb explosion
Creator: Gojira57

Aetherian Shriekbats are a species of Shriekbats that live in Agon Wastes, and Torvus Bog. Like normal Shriekbats, the Aetherian Shriekbats have high internal body temperatures, and often explode after divebombing at potential threats to their swarm, or after being killed, and thus have no carveable parts. However, They do, unlike the Tallon Shriekbats, have the chance to drop "Aetherian essence" after they explode, in the form of a shiny.

In Game info

Like Tallon Shriekbats, Aetherian Shriekbats have high internal body temperatures, and will explode upon divebombing intruders, or if killed. But unlike Tallon Shriekbats, They will drop Aetherian Essence when they explode, which is used to craft Aetherian Weapons.


  • The Chances of an Aetherian Shriekbat dropping Aetherian essence depends on how it died. a 10% chance if it successfuly divebombs at the hunter, and a 50% chance if killed by a hunter.
  • They will divebomb at large monsters in the area.
  • Aetherian Essences are required to craft Aetherian Weapons.

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