Megatherium is a Pelagus boss appearing in Monster Hunter: The Minegarde Epic. It is found in the Lost World and rarely in the Great Forest.

Description and behavior

Like its namesake, Megatherium is a large ground sloth. It is brown in color and is around the size of the largest Congalala individuals. Despite their intimidating appearance, they do not attack unless provoked, similar to Espinas.

When weak, Megatherium will limp, and its attack power will increase by 1.5 times.


  • Claw swipe: Megatherium will slash at the hunter with its claws. This causes a low to medium amount of damage.
  • Triple swipe attack: Megatherium will slash at the hunter three times. This causes a high amount of damage.
  • Charge: Megatherium will charge at the hunter. This causes a medium to high amount of damage.
  • Tornado swipe: Megatherium will spin around, trying to swipe at the hunter with its claws. When the attack ends, Megatherium will trip. If all of the swipes hit the hunter, this will cause a very high to fatal amount of damage. This is Megatherium's signature move.
  • Throwing attack: Megatherium will pick up the hunter and throw them. This causes a medium to high amount of damage.
  • Rock throw: Megatherium will pick up a rock and throw it at the hunter. This causes a medium to very high amount of damage, depending on the size of the rock thrown.
  • Poison swipe: Megatherium will soak its claws into poisonous pond water, and then attempt to swipe the hunter with them. This causes a high amount of damage if not cured. Megatherium can only do this in Area 11 of the Lost World, and only at night.

Elements and weaknesses

Megatherium has no element, though its poison swipe attack can cause Poison affliction. It is weakest to Thunder and Dragon.


Low Rank

  • Megatherium Hide.
  • Megatherium Claw.
  • Giant Bone.
  • Megatherium Poison Claw.
  • Megatherium Rib.

High Rank

  • Megatherium Hide+.
  • Megatherium Talon.
  • Hrd Monster Bone.
  • Megatherium Toxic Talon.
  • Megatherium Slashing Rib.
  • Monster Bone+.

G Rank

  • Megatherium Qlty Hide.
  • Megatherium Dagger Clw.
  • Massive Bone.
  • Megatherium Venom Talon.
  • Megatherium Blood.

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