Nicknames: Taris
Titles: Poison Blade Neopteron
Other Info
Description: A Neopteron that is known for its great camouflage abilities and poisonous blades. Marnotaris is the ultimate ambush predator and it's impossible to escape its claws.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Forested Areas like the Bamboo Forest
Other monsters in Relation: Ultramarine Marnotaris
Elements: -
Ailments: 25px, StatusEffect-AttackDown
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Gas spit
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It looks similar to a mantis. Marnotaris has a similar size compared to Yian Garuga (from beak to tail) and has two dark green scythes. The body is more a brownish lime green. It has spikes all over the body. The Neopteron's wings are underdeveloped and it can't fly.


Average: 1195,14 cm

Biggest size measured: 1590,98 cm


Marnotaris inhabits forested areas in which their camouflage takes good effect like the Flooded Forest, the Primeval Forest, the Moor and the Bamboo Forest.


  • The weakness is earth, then water.
  • In Rage Mode its eyes turn from light green to bright orange and it becomes faster and stronger.
  • After it uses its jump attack or 3-combo-attack it gets stuck in the ground.
    • When Marnotaris is exhausted it stucks in the ground for a longer amount of time than normally.
  • The monster has an as good camouflage effect as Chameleos but appears when it attacks a hunter the first time.
    • When it's in another area as the hunter it hides away again. Marnotaris can't be seen with Autotracker when it's invisible.
  • It feeds of small monsters (mostly Neopterons).
    • Marnotaris eats everything it can catch and eats its prey while it's still living.
  • It uses similar attacks as the Shogun Ceanataur but has several own attacks.
  • It has poisonous blades and can spit an attack decreasing gas.
  • They are known to be cannibalistic eating the smaller opponent. The normally smaller male get often eaten after they mate by the bigger female.
  • About the smaller male Marnotaris is not much known. They seem to be very evasive using their camouflage.
  • Breakable parts are one eye, the blades (both) and the mandibles.
    • A broken blade cannot inflict poison anymore.


  1. Charging attack similar to Shogun Ceanataur (when target is out of range)
  2. 3-combo attack hitting with the right scythe then the left and then both
  3. Jump scythe attack
  4. Spit gas
  5. Bite
  6. Pin attack (it tries to catch the target with its arms and eats it)


Chitin Armor (can be carved from every boss Neopteron), Marnotaris Leg, Marnotaris Scythe (only when broken), Compound eye (can be a reward from every boss Neopteron, when broken), Marnotaris Mandible (When broken), Marnotaris Antenna

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